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  • 74,120 15 okt 2021 17:38
  • +2,090 (+2,90%) Dagrange 71,760 - 74,270
  • 3.144.140 Gem. (3M) 4,2M

Tencent Music Entertainment

417 Posts
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  1. Insider 3 juni 2021 15:57
    Polen Capital Management:

    With the valuation halved, we considered this non-fundamentally driven fire-sale as an opportunity to buy more of a great asset at an attractive price, and accordingly, added to our position. We were pleased to observe that Tencent Music management likely reached a similar conclusion, as it quickly reacted with a $1 billion USD buyback program.
  2. Insider 3 juni 2021 20:45
    Wall Street analysts forecast that Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE:TME) will announce sales of $1.26 billion for the current quarter, Zacks reports. Four analysts have issued estimates for Tencent Music Entertainment Group's earnings, with the highest sales estimate coming in at $1.30 billion and the lowest estimate coming in at $1.24 billion. Tencent Music Entertainment Group reported sales of $981.00 million in the same quarter last year, which indicates a positive year over year growth rate of 28.4%. The company is expected to issue its next earnings results on Monday, August 9th.
  3. Insider 8 juni 2021 09:40
    Tencent: Strong, Long-Term Strong Buy, Short-Term Hurdles Remain

    • Continued growth in revenues and profits and in capex plans going forward

      Its investment portfolio and growing international reach are its biggest positive vectors

      Company remains a good proxy for the Chinese economy and for Chinese international expansion

      Macro political factors remain a risk.
  4. Insider 8 juni 2021 09:48
    Tencent Music Entertainment Group - ADR (TME) receives a weak valuation ranking of 34 from InvestorsObserver's data analysis. The proprietary ranking system focuses on the underlying health of a company through analysis of its stock price, earnings, and growth rate. TME has a better value than 34% of stocks based on these valuation analytics. Investors primarily focused on buy-and-hold strategies will find the valuation ranking relevant to their goals when making investment decisions.

    TME's trailing-12-month Price to Earnings (PE) ratio of 40.8 puts it above the historical average of roughly 15. TME is a poor value at its current trading price as investors are paying more than what its worth in relation to the company's earnings. TME's trailing-12-month earnings per share (EPS) of 0.34 does not justify what it is currently trading at in the market. Trailing PE ratios, however, do not factor in a company's projected growth rate, resulting in some firms having high PE ratios due to high growth potentially enticing investors even if current earnings are low.

    TME currently has a 12-month-forward-PE-to-Growth (PEG) ratio of 2.95. The market is currently overvaluing TME in relation to its projected growth due to the PEG ratio being above the fair market value of 1. TME's PEG comes from its forward price to earnings ratio being divided by its growth rate. Because PEG ratios include more fundamentals of a company's overall health with additional focus on the future, they are one of the most used valuation metrics by analysts.


    TME's valuation metrics are weak at its current price due to a overvalued PEG ratio despite strong growth. TME's PE and PEG are worse than the market average resulting in a below average valuation score.
  5. Insider 14 juni 2021 13:32
    Why Tencent Music Is a Good Bet for Growth Investors

    Tencent Music has long outperformed other streaming services including Spotify Technology S.A. (NYSE:SPOT) in terms of profitability.

    The company is operating in one of the fastest-growing sectors in the technology industry and seems well-positioned to report strong earnings in the coming years as a result of its strategic investments.

    According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the global recorded music market grew by 7.4% in 2020 and total revenue came in at $21.6 billion. Streaming was the main driver of growth and reported an 18.5% increase in paid subscriptions. Commenting on industry dynamics, IFPI CEO Frances Moore said:

    Furthermore, an IFPI study highlights that record labels invested over $5.8 billion in artists in 2020 along with significant investments in marketing to ensure the growth of the industry in the coming years. These investments are likely to help the expansion of the digital music streaming industry.

    Statista projects the global streaming music market to reach $23 billion in 2021 and grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 9.69% through 2025. The average revenue per user is expected to grow to $36.81 by 2025. Although North America is projected to be the dominant region, the Asia-Pacific region is likely to grow at a faster rate due to a higher internet penetration rate and an increased inclination of the young population toward mobile apps.
  6. Insider 15 juni 2021 15:42

    Tencent Music has a proven history of solid growth and an increasing profitability trend. However, following the collapse of Archegos Capital Management, the stock has dropped sharply to relatively low levels. In addition, the company became an antitrust target by Chinese regulators due to its dominant position. The company's future outlook looks bright, given the high growth in paying subscribers.

    As per our valuation, Tencent Music Entertainment Group is currently undervalued with a potential 24% increase in its stock price. The current price might represent a good time to increase exposure to the company or add it to the investment portfolio. TME seems to be well-positioned and able to deliver strong earnings in the coming period. Nevertheless, many factors should also be considered, like the regulatory risk and the company's capital structure.
  7. Mill91 17 juni 2021 09:33

    Insider schreef op 17 juni 2021 00:09:

    Hedge Funds Have Never Been This Bullish On Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME)

    Grote toename hedgefondsen. Is dit positief of negatief?
    Is het bijvoorbeeld door de toename van hedgefondsen een kans dat net als bij AMC de koers ineens skyhigh gaat?
    Of wordt juist door hedgefondsen de koers gedrukt?

    Berichten veelal positief maar de koers vind (nog) geen weg omhoog, terwijl het gem. koersdoel op $25,- ligt.
  8. Insider 1 juli 2021 21:01
    Tech Stocks Ready For A Comeback: Tencent Music (TME)

    Streaming stocks are definitely a ripe opportunity at the moment. As AMC (NYSE:AMC) mania continues, the online music and video streamers have fallen a few spots down the watchlist.

    That said, Tencent Music looks compelling right now. Shares got shredded over the past three months, falling 50%. A big part of that was due to Bill Hwang and his Archegos Capital fund. Hwang, you may recall, took huge positions in a number of media stocks and Chinese companies, using huge amounts of leverage to bolster his positions. When his shares started to lose value, the banks called in his margin loans and everything got liquidated at fire sales prices.

    That includes Tencent Music, which was one of his largest holdings. Tencent, is something akin to Spotify or YouTube for the Chinese market. Tencent is a huge player there with its holdings in a huge number of verticals, including gaming and music. It has also made strategic moves, such as investing in record labels to help align its interests.

    In any case, after getting pummeled when Hwang’s fund blew up, TME stock sells for just 35x forward earnings and 5x revenues. That’s a bargain in today’s technology environment.
  9. Insider 2 juli 2021 17:24
    Tencent Music has joint labels with all ‘big three’ record labels (22-03-2021)

    The music streaming arm of Tencent is further tightening its ties with the “big three” record label companies, its major licensing partners. Tencent Music Entertainment announced Tuesday that it has formed a new joint label with Warner Music Group, following similar deals with Universal Music Group in August 2020 and Sony Music Entertainment in early 2018.
417 Posts
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15 okt 2021 17:38

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