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  1. forum rang 10 voda 31 mei 2011 16:57
    Op verzoek van poster de Volharder hierbij een nieuw draadje.

    Het vorige draadje was goed bekeken. Blijkbaar is er wel behoefte aan aanvullend, niet Arcelor gerelateerd nieuws. En natuurlijk de Arcelor nieuwsberichten zelf (als database draadje)

    Hier nog het linkje naar de oude draad, die over een tijdje uit het zicht zal verdwijnen.

    Veel leesplezier!


  2. forum rang 10 voda 31 mei 2011 17:05
    US Steel imports up by 21pct YoY in the first 4 months

    According to the government’s preliminary import data, US steel mill product imports grew 2.9% MoM in April 2011 over March 2011 and were up by 21.9% in the first four months of the year over the same period a year ago.

    Total steel imports in April were 2.553 million tons as compared to 2.465 million tons in March 2011, potentially a signal of greater demand in a manufacturing sector that had been reporting slower factory activity.

    Mr David Phelps president of AIIS said that "These import arrivals from non NAFTA countries reflect slowly improving market conditions at the beginning of the year."

    For the year to date through April 2011, imports increased from 7.377 million tons in 2010 to 8.960 million tons in 2011.

    Mr Phelps said that "We are gratified to see continued strength in the US steel market, as reflected by improving imports and domestic shipments through the four month data we have. While a current soft patch has reduced current order taking for imports and therefore expectations for import arrivals a few months out, actual consumption appears not to be much affected and we are optimistic that market steel conditions will re strengthen in coming months, to the benefit of both domestic and import suppliers to the customer base."

    The data shows that imported semi finished products increased by 54.6% in April 2011 as compared to March 2010. For the YTD period, semi finished imports increased from 1,541 million tons in 2010 to 2,050 million tons in 2011, a 33% YoY increase based on preliminary reporting.

    (Sourced from
  3. forum rang 10 voda 31 mei 2011 17:06
    ArcelorMittal SA joins legal action over mining rights at Sishen

    ArcelorMittal South Africa Limited said that it joined court proceedings started by Anglo American Plc unit Kumba Iron Ore Limited over prospecting rights at South Africa's Sishen iron ore mine.

    It may be recalled that ArcelorMittal SA lost its 21.4% stake in Sishen after failing to renew its rights by May 2009. The rights were then awarded to Imperial Crown Trading, a company partially owned by President Mr Jacob Zuma's son Mr Duduzane.

    Kumba, which holds the rights to the rest of the Sishen deposit, had also applied for ArcelorMittal South Africa’s portion when the steel maker’s rights expired under South Africa’s old mining laws. The Vanderbijlpark based steelmaker is Kumba’s biggest client.

    ArcelorMittal South Africa said in documents filed with the High Court in Johannesburg that "The Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act does not allow for the conversion of only a fraction of an old order mining right."

    ArcelorMittal SA on August 10th 2010 said that it offered to buy ICT for ZAR 800 million, subject to ICT keeping the prospecting rights, in a bid to restore a canceled supply agreement with Kumba. The case will be heard on June 2nd 2011.

    (Sourced from
  4. forum rang 10 voda 31 mei 2011 17:07
    EU clears ArcelorMittal buy of German coke producer Kokerei Prosper

    The European Commission authorized on May 27th 2011, the proposed acquisition of the German coke manufacturer Kokerei Prosper by ArcelorMittal Bremen Gmbh, a German subsidiary of ArcelorMittal.

    Kokerei Prosper is currently owned by RAG Aktiengensellschaft and produces coke sold to steel manufacturers, in particular ArcelorMittal Bremen.

    The Commission found that the transaction does not give rise to competition problems on the coke market since ArcelorMittal's competitors, who are supplied by Kokerei Prosper, will continue for the medium term, under existing contracts, to have access to coke manufactured by Kokerei. For the longer term, the expansion of one of the customers' HKM own coke ovens will be sufficient to replace supplies from Prosper.

    (Sourced from Europolitics)
  5. forum rang 10 voda 1 juni 2011 16:55
    Ayigobi hopes to stay within the fold of ArcelorMittal SA

    It is reported that the Ayigobi consortium hoped to remain the black economic empowerment partner of ArcelorMittal South Africa, despite a setback in the steel maker’s relations with key consortium members.

    Mr Sandile Zungu leader of Ayigobi consortium said that "As Ayigobi, we remain very keen to partner with ArcelorMittal SA."

    Mr Zungu was speaking after another twist in ArcelorMittal SA's long running pricing dispute with Kumba Iron Ore, this time a joinder application by the steel maker in which it has taken sides with arch rival Kumba Iron Ore by asking the North Gauteng High Court to set aside a 21.4% prospecting right at Sishen granted to Imperial Crown Trading.

    ArcelorMittal SA in 2010 announced a ZAR 800 million deal to buy ICT, subject to a due diligence investigation into, among other things, how ICT secured the Sishen rights, which the steel firm previously held.

    ArcelorMittal SA simultaneously presented Ayigobi as its BEE partner, with ICT shareholders securing half of a 21% stake in ArcelorMittal SA’s underlying assets, and some of their associates a portion of the other half, including President Mr Jacob Zuma's son Mr Duduzane.

    ArcelorMittal SA's due diligence into ICT is due to be completed around the end of this month, and there is speculation its contents may have influenced the decision to side with Kumba against ICT in the legal proceedings.

    ArcelorMittal SA has not made public the results of the due diligence probe. Spokesman Mr Themba Hlengani said the company was not commenting.

    Mr Zungu, who is not a shareholder of ICT, said that "We watch with interest the unfolding events around ArcelorMittal SA's relationship with Kumba and ICT, which is obviously outside of our scope of interest."

    Asked whether other Ayigobi partners would be prepared to remain in the consortium without ICT shareholders or their associates, Mr Zungu said that "That is a hypothetical question, I don't wish to comment."

    He said that the Ayigobi consortium's 25% share reserved for broad based partners had not been allocated and still needs to be finalized.

    After a public outcry against the deal in 2010, the Gupta family and Mr Duduzane Zuma announced they were donating to charity 70% of their share in the deal.

    There is talk of ArcelorMittal SA CEO Ms Nonkululeko Nyembezi Heita restructuring the BEE deal after it met with shareholder resistance, but it is unclear if ICT or other Ayigobi members would be involved.

    A BEE deal would pave the way for ArcelorMittal SA to secure mineral ore supplies in its bid to protect against high feedstock prices for steel firms.

    Mr Jagdish Parekh head of ICT said that "It would be very difficult to get comment from ICT on this purely because it's in court right now." He referred queries to ICT's lawyer Mr Ronnie Mendelow, but he was abroad.

    (Sourced from
  6. forum rang 10 voda 1 juni 2011 16:59
    Wie gaat het staal leveren?

    Hyundai Heavy wins USD 600 million deal for 3 LNG vessels

    Hyundai Heavy Industries Co said that it has won a USD 600 million deal to build three liquefied natural gas carriers.

    Under the deal with Dynagas Limited of Greece, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co will deliver the vessels by the end of 2013. The deal includes an option to build one more vessel. The ships can each carry 155,000 cubic meters of gas.

    Hyundai Heavy said that demand for LNG carriers is expected to recover from a years long slump.

    London based market researcher Clarkson Research Services estimated that global shippers are expected to place orders to build a total of 120 LNG carriers by 2015.

    Hyundai Heavy has won orders valued at USD 10.5 billion to build 42 ships so far in 2011, achieving 53% of its yearly order targets of USD 19.8 billion.

    (Sourced from

  7. forum rang 10 voda 1 juni 2011 17:08
    voestalpine announces FY 2011 results

    The voestalpine group achieved significant growth in sales and profits in the 2010-11 financial year compared to the previous financial year, generating the second highest sales figures in the company’s history. This positive development was the result of consistently strengthening economic dynamics over the course of the year and almost 100% use of all production capacity in the group, and was also boosted by the effects of ongoing efficiency improvements and cost optimization programs implemented across the entire company.

    Voestalpine's sales revenues increased by EUR 2,403.7 million or 28.1% to EUR 10,953.7 million as compared to the respective period in the previous business year, the second highest figure in the company’s history, only bettered by EUR 11,725 million in 2008-09.

    With an increase of EUR 1,076.3 million (+ 34.7%) to EUR 4,175.0 million, the Steel Division showed the most significant overall growth due to both an increase in volumes and higher prices.

  8. klaar 2 juni 2011 14:24

    voda schreef op 2 juni 2011 00:29:

    Arcelor?? Come back in juni...

    Come back in juni? Ik help je het hopen, want mijn verlies met AM is thans 9 keer zo groot als mijn maximale winst dit jaar. Zelfs in 2008 deed ik het nog beter.

    Let wel, in IEX Bull/Bear Enquête voor mei was AM de topper maar het uiteindelijk rendement die maand was - 6,7%!

  9. forum rang 10 voda 2 juni 2011 16:33
    Power price hike may push up steel costs in China - Report

    It is reported that National Development & Reform Commission may lift the power prices by an average of 1.67 fen per KW/H in 15 provinces since June 2011. Statistics show that the power consumption of China major large and medium sized steelmakers totaled 442.74 KW/H. Experts noted that since the price hike may push up the average steel cost by CNY 7.39 per tonne, it may hit a great blow on the high energy consuming industries like iron and steel industry.

    However large sized companies boast a higher amount of self generating power, which makes them less impacted than those medium and small sized companies.

    Opinions are divided on the actual impacts of the power price hike. Hebei Iron and Steel Group said that it has offset the increased steel cost along with the price hike with the increasing ratio of self generating power amount. But not all the steelmakers could make it like Xinxin Ductile Iron Pipes Co Limited, for instance, who owns no enough self generating power. A director of Strategy Planning Department of Xinxin noted that only 20% to 30% national steelmakers could generate power themselves to meet the demand. The power price hike presents its effect on the steel cost rise while the insufficient power supply may restrict mills’ productions.

    An insider of a steelmaker said that the power price hike may give impetus to the production cost increase and then cut the steelmakers’ revenues in a short run, but it has not shown itself now.

    However, it is reported that the rolling process consumes the largest amount of power in the whole steel making procedure, accounting for 26% of the total, which is a vital factor to be considered for the production costs. When it comes to the downstream rolling steel process, the power consumption may become higher.

    Mr Luo Bingsheng deputy party secretary of China Iron and Steel Association noted on the 8th session of Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum held recently that the power consumption of iron and steel industry occupied 11.5% and 15% of the total national and the industry power consumption respectively. Therefore, it is unavoidable to take power rationing measures on iron and steel companies due to their overcapacities and high increase of power consumption.

    The impacts of price hike on the iron and steel industry may demonstrate itself in the next 2 to 3 months. Mr Luo explained that the power shortage would appear when it entered summer consumption peak from June to October 2011 period. The power rationing measures to control the production could ease the oversupply in the domestic market.

    Statistics show that there are about 0.1 billion to 0.2 billion tonnes outdated capacities in iron and steel industry, which refers to furnaces with volumes no more than 300 cubic meters as well as converters and electric furnaces less than 20 cubic meters nominal volumes, with their power consumption per unit higher than the standards stipulated by national policies. Analysts pointed out that the discriminated power price hike and punitive prices would weaken the competitiveness of steelmakers with the outdated equipments in order to accelerate the elimination process. A great blow on steelmakers with high energy consumption and high ratio of low value added products could also benefit the restructuring of iron and steel industry.

    (Sourced from
    Visit for real time access to China steel news!
  10. forum rang 10 voda 2 juni 2011 16:34
    Steel industry health remains stable - BIR World Recycling Congress

    Recycling Today reported that delegates attending the Ferrous Division Meeting at the 2011 Bureau of International Recycling World Recycling Congress heard mostly positive things about the health of the steel and ferrous scrap industries.

    Reporting from the European perspective at the late May event was Mr Thomas Bird of Van Dalen UK Limited, Stratford Upon Avon in England. He remarked that the ferrous market in Europe has enjoyed bullish sentiment at times in the first half of 2011, but also has stuttered somewhat on occasion in reaction to world events.

    He continued that most recently, a view of a weaker market in May did not materialize, Mr Bird commented. Considerable volumes of tonnage were bought at the end of April and early May 2011. Prices for heavy melting steel increased to the high USD 460s and rebar levels for Turkish finished product were USD 710 at time of writing this presentation.

    Mr Bird said that "May saw healthy demand across the European Union, with inventories at mills running at relatively low levels. The market has taken a little bit of a breather in the last few days, but I do not believe this is anything but just that. Finished product demand remains healthy, and we are expecting demand for scrap to remain strong for the immediate future."

    Mr Ikbal Nathani of the Nathani Group of Companies of Mumbai reported that India's crude steel production has been growing from 60 million tonnes in 2009 to 67 million in 2010 to an estimated 75 million tonnes produced in 2011.

    However, Indian mill companies are producing or buying greater amounts of direct reduced iron feed their furnaces, opting not to bid up scrap prices in a competitive global market.

    Mr Nathani said that "India is blessed with natural raw materials, and thus is not dependent on scrap. Also, India's growing ship breaking activity at facilities in Alang is providing Indian consumers with superior quality HMS and re rolling scrap. There are around 100 vessels currently beached and being broken in Alang."

    Mr Andrey Moiseenko of Ukrmet Limited told delegates that Russia collected some 21 million tonnes of ferrous scrap in 2010 while Ukraine collected more than 6 million tonnes.

    Both government regulations and market conditions kept most of this scrap from being exported. New investments in electric arc furnace steel mills in both nations have strained supplies.

    Mr Moiseenko said that "Even one billet producer in Ukraine was stopped for a couple of weeks because of supply constraints, that has never happened before. Ukraine became a net scrap importer for one month, in February of 2011."

    Mr Blake Kelley of Sims Group Global Trade Corporation noted that scrap prices in North America declined in early May but were rebounding as the month ended. He said that "There are significant transportation problems, both on the inland river system due to severe flooding and high water conditions, while the railroad system is struggling to perform as a result of a fully utilized railcar fleet. Difficulty with both transportation modes is frustrating dealer efforts to complete delivery commitments."

    On the demand side, Mr Kelley noted that steel mills in the United States are running at about 73% of capacity, with flat rolled steel in greater demand than long products. Scrap export flows are also healthy. He said that "China and Korea have been aggressively buying and consuming raw materials. China reportedly purchased many bulk cargoes with shredded pricing around USD 480 CIF, South Korea has also purchased many cargoes with heavy melting steel prices flat in the mid USD 470s CIF."

    That information was confirmed by Mr Hisatoshi Kojo of Metz Corporation, who said that "In the end of April and early May, South Korea bought about 21 deep sea cargoes for May or June shipment, and China bought about 10 deep sea cargoes for June or July shipment."

    Mr Kelley noted that the world’s steelmakers are on pace to produce 1.54 billion tonnes of steel in 2011, a figure that is some 111 million tonnes greater than the 2010 output.

    Mr Kelley said that "An increase of this magnitude in steel production, and its corresponding increase in raw materials consumption, has made for an interesting beginning to the year. Seemingly, there is enough supply to cover that amount of demand."

    (Sourced from

  11. forum rang 10 voda 2 juni 2011 16:35
    ArcelorMittal breaks off talks with Vale on Brazil steel project

    Dow Jones, citing ArcelorMittal Brasil's president, reported that ArcelorMittal has broken off talks with Brazilian miner Vale SA on a possible participation in a 5 million steel slabs project that Vale aims to develop in Brazil.

    Mr Benjamin Baptista Filho, executive president of ArcelorMittal Brasil, on the sidelines of the Brazilian Steel Institute, or IABr, annual congress in Sao Paulo said “We're no longer in talks with Vale on this project. We're not interested."

    ArcelorMittal' was talking with the miner on the possibility of setting up a joint venture steel project in Espirito Santo state, southeast Brazil, where both companies already have operating plants and logistics facilities. The new USD 6 billion project, named Companhia Siderurgica Ubu, was to be based at Anchieta on the Espirito Santo coast for produce steel slabs for exports.

    (Sourced from
  12. forum rang 10 voda 2 juni 2011 17:15
    Top 4 Sources of Value for ArcelorMittal

    June 1st, 2011 by Trefis Team

    ArcelorMittal (NYSE:MT) is by far the largest producer of steel in the world. Formed in 2006 by the merger of two steel giants Arcelor and Mittal, the company produces over 100 million metric tons of steel annually and has operations in 20 countries on four continents. To give an idea of the company’s size, its steel output in recent years has been higher than the combined output of all three of its biggest competitors – BaoSteel, POSCO (NYSE:PKX) and Nippon Steel. ArcelorMittal also competes with other international steel companies like Tata Steel and U.S. Steel (NYSE:X).

    We currently have a $41.15 price estimate for ArcelorMittal’s stock, implying about a 15% premium to the market price.

    ArcelorMittal continues to add value by increasing self-sufficiency and producing more of its iron ore and coal requirements in house. Below, we take a look at 4 key sources of income which contribute to ArcelorMittal’s’ stock value.

    1) Long Carbon Steel Americas and Europe division – represents 29% of the company’s stock value

    This division is responsible for the production of tubular steel and long steel structures. The company has 15 production facilities in the Americas that are integrated and mini-mill sites located in 6 countries while in Europe production facilities are located at 17 integrated and mini-mill sites in 9 countries. In 2010, shipments from the long carbon Americas and Europe division totaled approximately 23 million tonnes.

    See the top forecasts for the long carbon steel Americas and Europe division

    2) Flat Carbon Steel Europe division – 25%

    Flat rolled products refer to the steel sheets and plates that are made by rolling processes. The production facilities for this division are located at 15 integrated and mini-mill sites located in six countries. In 2010, shipments from the flat carbon Europe division totaled 28 million tonnes.

    See the top forecasts for the flat carbon steel Europe division

    3) Flat Carbon Steel Americas division – 23%

    The various categories of the flat rolled products include hot rolled sheets, cold rolled sheets, coated sheets, semi-finished bars and plates and tin mill products. This division has production facilities at 8 integrated and mini-mill sites located in 4 countries. In 2010, shipments from the flat carbon Americas division totaled 21 million tonnes.

    See the top forecasts for the flat carbon steel Americas division

    4) Asia, Africa & CIS Steel division - 19%

    ArcelorMittal’s AACIS flat rolled and tubular products division includes steel sheets and plates as well as tubular items like pipes that are made by rolling processes and are sold in Asia, Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The division has 6 flat and long production facilities in 3 countries and shipped approximately 13 million tonnes of steel in 2010.

    See the top forecasts for the Asia, Africa & CIS steel division

    See our full analysis for ArcelorMittal

    Voor meer info, zie de link. Doen!
  13. forum rang 10 voda 3 juni 2011 14:17
    ArcelorMittal wil meedoen met Kumba-rechtzaak om prijsafspraak

    AMSTERDAM (Dow Jones)--ArcelorMittal South Africa ltd (ACL.JO), onderdeel van ArcelorMittal (MT.AE), meldt vrijdag dat het zich wil aansluiten bij de rechtszaak van Kumba Iron Ore ltd (KIO.JO) tegen het Zuid-Afrikaanse ministerie van Minerale Grondstoffen zodat de overeengekomen prijsafspraak met Kumba gewaarborgd is.

    "ArcelorMittal steunde haar partner om zo de rechten te beschermen op ontvangst van ijzererts tegen kostprijs plus 3%", met de divisie van 's wereld grootste staalbedrijf.

    "ArcelorMittal South Africa wil duidelijk maken dat zij, door zich aan te sluiten bij de aanklacht, in geen geval partij kiest", stelt de Zuid-Afrikaanse staaldivisie.

    Kumba vecht de beslissing aan waarin het ministerie van Minerale Grondstoffen heeft besloten om het bedrijf geen mijnbouwrechten toe te kennen in een deel van de Sishen-mijn, waarin Kumba meerderheidsexploitant is.

    De rechten waren voorheen in handen van ArcelorMittal, maar vervielen nadat de staalproducent verzuimde de mijnrechten om te zetten onder de regels van een nieuw systeem. Het ministerie kende de rechten vorig jaar toe aan het vrij onbekende Imperial Crown Trading in plaats van Kumba.

    ArcelorMittal South Africa had een afspraak met Kumba om ijzererts af te nemen uit de mijn tegen kostprijs plus 3%, maar toen de staalproducent zijn belang in de Sishen-mijn verloor stelde Kumba dat de afspraak vervallen was.

    Door Devon Maylie, bewerkt door Elco van Groningen, Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst; +31-20-5715200;
  14. forum rang 10 voda 6 juni 2011 17:47
    Aai, over het hoofd gezien...

    ArcelorMittal wil staalwalserij bouwen in Brazilie twv $1 mrd

    AMSTERDAM (Dow Jones)--ArcelorMittal (MT.AE), 's werelds grootste staalproducent, overweegt $1 miljard te investeren in de bouw van een nieuwe staalwalserij in Brazilie om te kunnen voldoen aan de groeiende vraag naar gespecialiseerde staalproducten in het Zuid-Amerikaanse land, meldt de Chief Executive Officer van de Braziliaanse divisie ArcelorMittal Tubarau.

    De fabriek zou op jaarbasis 3 miljoen metrische ton aan walscapaciteit toevoegen aan de Braziliaanse divisie van het staalbedrijf in het zuidoosten van het land per 2015, meldt CEO Benjamin Baptista Filho vrijdag.

    Een beslissing over de investering zal worden genomen in december 2012.

    Door Patrick Buis; Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst; +31-20-5715200;
  15. forum rang 10 voda 6 juni 2011 21:09
    UPDATE: ArcelorMittal wil meedoen met Kumba-rechtzaak om prijsafspraak

    (Update van eerder gepubliceerd bericht 'ArcelorMittal wil meedoen met Kumba-rechtzaak om prijsafspraak' om extra informatie toe te voegen.)

    AMSTERDAM (Dow Jones)--ArcelorMittal South Africa ltd (ACL.JO), onderdeel van ArcelorMittal (MT.AE), meldde vrijdag dat het zich wil aansluiten bij de rechtszaak van Kumba Iron Ore ltd (KIO.JO) tegen het Zuid-Afrikaanse ministerie van Minerale Grondstoffen zodat de overeengekomen prijsafspraak met Kumba gewaarborgd is.

    "We zijn opgetogen dat het Hooggerechtshof heeft erkend dat ArcelorMittal een direct en substantieel belang heeft bij de zaak, en dat het zowel noodzakelijk is als goed uitkomt dat het deelneemt als partij", stelt ArcelorMittal South Africa maandag.

    Eerder stelde het bedrijf al dat het niet zo is dat zij partij kiest door zich bij de rechtszaak aan te sluiten.

    Kumba vecht de beslissing aan waarin het ministerie van Minerale Grondstoffen heeft besloten om het bedrijf geen mijnbouwrechten toe te kennen in een deel van de Sishen-mijn, waarin Kumba meerderheidsexploitant is.

    De rechten waren voorheen in handen van ArcelorMittal, maar vervielen nadat de staalproducent verzuimde de mijnrechten om te zetten onder de regels van een nieuw systeem. Het ministerie kende de rechten vorig jaar toe aan het vrij onbekende Imperial Crown Trading in plaats van Kumba.

    Destijds heeft ArcelorMittal South Africa aangeboden Imperial Crown Trading over te nemen, een aanbod dat de staalproducent nog steeds in overweging heeft.

    Met Kumba had ArcelorMittal South Africa een afspraak om ijzererts af te nemen uit de mijn tegen kostprijs plus 3%, maar toen de staalproducent zijn belang in de Sishen-mijn verloor stelde Kumba dat de afspraak vervallen was.

    De prijsafspraak is nu onderdeel van een arbitragezaak die in mei 2012 op de agenda staat.

    Door Alex MacDonald (met een bijdrage van Devon Mahlie), bewerkt door Elco van Groningen, Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst; +31-20-5715200;
  16. forum rang 10 voda 7 juni 2011 16:48
    Aperam splitst Braziliaanse biomassa act. af van Arcelormittal

    AMSTERDAM (Dow Jones)--De producent van roestvrij staal Aperam sa (APAM.AE) meldt zijn biomassa-activiteiten in Brazilie afgescheiden te hebben van Arcelormittals (MT.AE) biomassa-activiteiten, meldt het concern dinsdag.

    Deze tak van het concern produceerde in 2010 220.000 ton houtskool.

    Het concern meldt van plan te zijn al zijn productie van roestvrij staal en de staalproductie in Brazilie om te schakelen van cokes naar houtskool vanaf eind juni.

    Eerder dit jaar werd Aperam afgesplitst van ArcelorMittal.

    Door Patrick Buis; Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst; +31-20-5715200;
  17. forum rang 10 voda 7 juni 2011 18:28
    Japan concludes negotiations of plates and hot coils for Korea

    TEX reported that one of the Japanese blast furnace mills has concluded the contracts on export of ship plates and hot coils for April to June 2011 quarter shipment with the major shipbuilders and re rolling mills of Korea. That mill has not disclosed the agreed prices but it is speculated that price of plates for June shipment is the high USD 900 CNF, near USD 1,000 and that of hot coils for June 2011 shipments is the high USD 800 CNF, just under USD 900.

    Business talks with the Korean customers started from early March 2011, the Japanese mills quoted their prices for both items looking at USD 1,000 FOB. The main reasons to increase prices were due to soaring prices of steelmaking raw materials like iron ore and coking coal. The Japanese mills saw that as the Korean mills were similarly affected by that price hike, they would get into line to increase the domestic prices with the Japanese mills.

    Lengthy negotiations for both items continued, and during negotiations, POSCO noticed price increase in all items by KRW 160,000 in late April 2011. As a result, POSCO's domestic prices became KRW 1,060,000 for plates and KRW 1,110,000 for hot coils. Those were quite similar to the prices quoted by the Japanese mills.

    However, in the Asian area, as prices of steel like cold sheets coils and galvanized sheets/coils were largely declined, its price level dropped similar to or below that of hot coils quoted by the Japanese mills in the export market. Consequently, negotiations by the Japanese mills floundered because it was very difficult for a re roller to purchase hot coils of Japanese make, produce cold coils, and then export. There were objections in Korea against POSCO's price increase and POSCO was said to look being isolated.

    As if the Japanese mill accepts the price level required by the re rollers, they might face the antidumping problem, they explained tenaciously the background of increase in price, and succeeded finally in settlement of price as the high USD 800 CNF, just under USD 900 which will become reference price to start negotiations for next quarter shipment.

    While, although the situation of plates under strong demand is different from that of hot coils, negotiations on plates proceeded also with difficulty. The Japanese mill explained tenaciously the background of increase in price on this occasion of negotiations too and also did to be too late for June shipment without settlement within May 2011.

    Accordingly, both agreed the high USD 900, near USD 1,000 for June 2011 shipment. With this, other Japanese mills are expected to make progress in negotiations on both items at once.

    (Sourced from TEX Report Limited)
  18. forum rang 10 voda 7 juni 2011 18:29
    Kumba owns full Sishen mining right - ArcelorMittal SA

    In a bizarre twist of events, ArcelorMittal South Africa told the North Gauteng High Court that as far as it was concerned Kumba's Sishen Iron Ore Company owns all of Sishen's mining rights.

    This it revealed during its bid to join Kumba Iron Ore's court challenge against Imperial Crown Trading, the current holder of a prospecting right over ArcelorMittal's previous 21.4% portion of the Sishen mine.

    However, AMSA, the local arm of the world's largest steel producer, remained mum on whether or not its ZAR 800 million conditional offer to acquire ICT is still going ahead. The steelmaker argued that it believed SIOC owns the full rights as under the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, which replaced the former Minerals Act and came into effect on May 1st 2004, the Department of Mineral Resources cannot grant partial or fractional rights.

    In other words when SIOC applied to convert its new order mining rights at the Sishen mine in respect of its 78.6% undivided stake in 2005 which was subsequently granted in 2008 according to AMSA's lawyer Mr Michael Kuper SC, it was on the assumption that it would mine the right exclusively.

    Mr Michael Kuper said that "MPRDA Legislation does not provide for the granting of partial rights if fractionalization was allowed assuming it were possible one would have to look at what SIOC had originally asked for, and what SIOC was given."

    He added that if one makes a careful inspection of SIOC’s mining plan it becomes clear that it was at all times applying for an exclusive right to mine at Sishen. Having been granted such a right argued Kuper, it was not possible in law for government to grant exclusivity and then further go on to grant fractionalization.

    (Sourced from
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Laag 14,096   Volume 7.800.309
Hoog 14,540   Gem. Volume 6.776.727
23 nov 2020 17:38
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