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Aandeel Galapagos AEX:GLPG.NL, BE0003818359

  • 24,260 19 jun 2024 14:49
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  • 40.573 Gem. (3M) 87,3K

The Origins of Galapagos: veiling 10 gesigneerde boekjes voor goed doel African Parks

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  1. [verwijderd] 20 juli 2019 14:34
    Yes, leuke frase over filgotinib fase 2a:

    A doctor from the clinic in Moldava, where we ran some tests, contacted Galapagos: "Please, ask Piet to call me back. It's very urgent".

    Piet: "My heart sank. Only bad news tends to be urgent. I was prepared for the worst when I called back."

    Doctor: "I don't know what you are giving to my patients, but within a week I can tell who's on the medicine and who's not as soon as they enter my clinic."

    Piet:"Please, say again?"

    Doctor:"I have never seen anything like this before. One third of my patients feel much better in a week's time, another third in two weeks' time. Amazing." Two-third of the patients were indeed on filgotinib, the other third on placebo.

    Two months later, test results were very good. A real WOW moment. The moment when the pharmaceutical companies all got interested and wanted to become a partner. Eventually we took AbbVie to dance, and what a dance it was....
70 Posts
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