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Aandeel AMG Critical Materials N.V. AEX:AMG.NL, NL0000888691

  • 23,200 25 apr 2024 15:24
  • +0,160 (+0,69%) Dagrange 22,940 - 23,580
  • 41.091 Gem. (3M) 241K

AMG januari 2018

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  1. forum rang 6 Tom3 18 januari 2018 19:14

    easy56 schreef op 18 januari 2018 16:54:

    Lithium: Bad Analysis and Rumors......
    Gepubliceerd op 17 januari 2018

    Albemarle is nu 8% lager. Kennelijk is er toch ergens paniek uitgebroken ondanks bovenstaand artikel. AMG kan dus ook nog lager. Waar zou de bodem liggen?
  2. Stephan010 18 januari 2018 19:54

    Tom3 schreef op 18 januari 2018 19:14:


    Albemarle is nu 8% lager. Kennelijk is er toch ergens paniek uitgebroken ondanks bovenstaand artikel. AMG kan dus ook nog lager. Waar zou de bodem liggen?
    Is niet alleen Albemarle.
    LAC zelfs -14.72% lager vandaag
  3. Wil Helmus 18 januari 2018 20:04
    Weet niet of dit al geplaatst is hier:

    Why Lithium Stocks SQM, Albemarle, and FMC Dropped as Much as 6.6% on Tuesday
    Lithium pricing concerns drove the stocks of the big producers down.

    Shares of big lithium players, Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (NYSE:SQM), or SQM, Albemarle (NYSE:ALB), and FMC Corp. (NYSE:FMC) dropped 6.6%, 4.1%, and 3%, respectively, on Tuesday. For context, the S&P 500 edged down 0.35%.

    While these daily declines are notable, they're a drop in the bucket relative to the stocks' soaring returns in recent years, driven by booming demand for lithium to make lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). For the two-year period through Tuesday, shares of SQM (the world's second largest lithium producer), Albemarle (the top lithium producer), and FMC have returned 290%, 176%, and 177%, respectively, versus the broader market's 54% return.

    Here's what you should know about Tuesday's action in the lithium space.
    SQM's possible big lithium output boost triggered price concerns

    SQM could soon receive permission from Chile's state-run economic development agency Corfo to boost its annual production of lithium considerably more than the market was anticipating, Reuters reported over the weekend. (Tuesday was the first trading day after the release of the news, as the U.S. markets were closed on Monday.) If and when this comes to fruition, the law of supply and demand tells us that lithium prices should be under some pressure. Lower-than-expected lithium prices have the potential to negatively impact lithium producers' revenue and profits. 

    SQM and Corfo have been locked in a disagreement since 2014 over whether the chemical and fertilizer company is fulfilling its contractual obligations related to its lease of the government-owned Salar de Atacama, home to some of the world's most valuable lithium deposits. (Albemarle also has a lease for "mining" lithium from brine at the Atacama salt flat in the Atacama desert of northern Chile.) The key point of contention is whether SQM is underpaying royalties it owes, though its compliance with environmental regulations is also reportedly under dispute.

    Citing newspaper La Tercera, Reuter's said on Saturday that Chile's government wants Corfo to resolve its dispute with SQM when the two sides meet at an arbitration hearing on Wednesday, Jan. 17. SQM and Corfo failed to reach an agreement in October, with Corfo demanding that SQM end its lease early, Reuters reported at the time. That would be catastrophic for the company, as SQM generates the bulk of its profits -- 61% of its consolidated gross profits in the first nine months of 2017 -- from its lithium business, with Atacama currently its sole source of the mineral.

    Under the expected new agreement, Corfo would reportedly raise SQM's annual lithium production quota to 180,000 metric tons through 2030. SQM currently produces about 50,000 metric tons of lithium per year, according to Morningstar analyst Seth Goldstein, who wrote on Tuesday that the firm's "lithium supply and demand model had assumed SQM would produce slightly more than 100,000 metric tons of lithium by 2025."

    The bottom line

    The SQM news is material, as it has the potential to impact lithium prices, so investors should monitor the arbitration situation. 

    One lesson from the SQM-Corfa dispute has to be that companies that rely on leasing valuable assets don't have full control over their destinies. Albemarle owns two of its three lithium sources, with one a joint venture, though its leased Atacama operation is its biggest source, while FMC Corp. owns its source, the Salar del Hombre Muerto in Argentina.

  4. Joop213 18 januari 2018 21:14
    Dus vanwege één leverancier die in 5 jaar de productie verdubbeld gaat het nu zo omlaag? Volgens mij ging de vraag verveelvoudigen dus dit zal het probleem niet zijn. AMG verdubbeld de productie ook maar dan sneller.
    Lithium aandelen zijn gewoon gigantisch gestegen dus zoekt men een aanleiding om winst te nemen. Een tussentijdse correctie is alleen maar gezond voor de koersvorming.
  5. Sarza 18 januari 2018 21:40
    • Lithium producers including FMC Corp. (FMC -4.4%) and Albemarle (ALB -6.9%) are sharply lower after Chilean peer SQM (SQM -1.6%) ended its dispute with regulator Corfo over royalties of the battery metal.
    • Two firms, Wells Fargo and Credit Suisse, believe the selloff in FMC and ALB in overdone; Wells calls the impact on FMC's 2018 lithium results "de minimus, negligible, whatever euphemism you want to use for small," adding that SQM's Chilean production assets perhaps eventually could be nationalized, which could the amount the company is willing to spend.
    • At ALB, however, lithium and advanced materials accounted for 46% of the company's sales and 62% of its profit during Q3.
    • Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank upgrades SQM to Buy and raises its stock price target to $70 from $52, noting that the agreement with Corfo enables the company to expand annual production.

  6. [verwijderd] 18 januari 2018 23:10

    Ahead Of The Pack: What Sets Energy Innovators Apart?

    For example, some of us believe that beyond 2030, structural changes in the auto and power industries will cause a diminishing role of fossil fuels (particularly oil and coal) and an increase in renewables and natural gas.
    Vraag naar lithium,cobalt......zal voorlopig alleen maar toenemen.
    Opstart periode nwe mijnen van exploiratie naar vergunningen,bouw fabriek en produktie gaat zomaar8- 10 jaar overheen.

    Dus extra produktie huidige producers zal de lithium prijs m.i niet dramatisch
  7. Joop213 19 januari 2018 04:19

    gerrit 69 schreef op 18 januari 2018 22:02:

    Wanneer promoveert AMG naar de AMX, want dat zou voor de koers een opsteker zijn.?
    Bij mensen/bedrijven/instituten met geld is dit bedrijf allang al in the picture. Let maar op. Anderzijds zal het zeker niet negatief zijn natuurlijk, maar reken maar niet op een bijzondere boost. Promotie naar de AEX zou wel uit maken vanwege de mandjes aandelen m.b.t. de AEX opties. Die zijn helaas afgeschaft voor de AMX vele jaren geleden.
  8. Petex 19 januari 2018 08:40
    Ik hoop terug om hoog vandaag, maar zou me helemaal niks verbazen als we weer flink down eindigen en dus door de bodem heen gaan.
    Niet leuk om te zien, ook al is het op papier, maar ik heb nog steeds vertrouwen lange termijn. Tussendoor traden met dit aandeel heb ik geen zin in en tijd voor en daarvoor is eea te onbetrouwbaar.
534 Posts
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