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NANO One Materials 2021

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  1. Musiclover 12 oktober 2021 21:27

    nine_inch_nerd schreef op 12 oktober 2021 15:24:

    NANO doet mee.

    18th October
    EV Battery Technology
    3pm London
    Focusing on some of the latest innovations, this session will feature insights from key players in the EV Battery space.
    Ulderico Ulissi, Battery Research Lead, Rho Motion

    James Cookson, Research Manager, Johnson Matthey
    Alex Holmes, COO, Nano One Materials Corp.
    Robert Privette, Business Development Manager, Umicore

    Heel verstandig schuiven ze nu ook andere personen naar voren om e.e.a. uit te leggen. Ik heb Alex Holmes al eerder gezien, heeft een goed verhaal. Zo heb ik hem horen zeggen dat de laboratoria 3x zo veel capaciteit hebben en het personeelsbestand is verdubbeld. Dus: Go, Nano One, Go!
  2. forum rang 7 4finance 14 oktober 2021 10:49

    Musiclover schreef op 13 oktober 2021 19:23:

    Ik zie de afgelopen week positieve bewegingen bij Nano, dubbele of driedubbele dagomzetten en stijgende koersen. Het lijkt erop dat er meer belangstelling is. Ook vandaag + 5%
    Heb bescheiden positie Lightwave en POET technologies.
    De ontwikkelingen bij NANO kunnen heel snel gaan. De beoogde partners presenteren vanavond NL tijd 20.00 uur gezamenlijk. Dat KAN het startsein zijn om de koers verder omhoog te zetten. Ik ben zeer positief gestemd over NANO ONE. Hier is gewoon tijd nodig.

    Regelmatig wordt naar mij gewezen dat ik dit soort nieuwe economie zou "hypen". Dat is zeker niet het geval. Ik zit in NEL ASA, NANO ONE, POETF en Lightwave al langere tijd toen de aandelen nog zeer laag stonden. Start-ups hebben alle een groot risico. Ik heb met alle 4 inmiddels een aardige winst.

    Ook bij alle 4 nog steeds aan het bijkopen als de koersen wat terug zakken. Kortom; bij start-ups horen risico's ;-) Je neemt ze wel of niet. De keuze is aan een ieder persoonlijk.

    Succes alle met NANO ONE de komende tijd.

  3. forum rang 9 nine_inch_nerd 1 november 2021 08:23
    Hello Subscribers,

    Today, we launched a new video explaining how M2CAM (Metal direct to Cathode Active Material) could transform the lithium-ion battery supply chain. Please click on the link or photo below:

    M2CAM Video:

    Nano One’s innovations are intended to drive down cost, waste, energy, and carbon footprint in the battery supply chain and thereby align with the objectives of automotive companies, cathode producers, miners, investors, and global net-zero initiatives. Metals cost thousands of dollars per tonne less than metal sulfates, ship with 4-5x fewer emissions and if used with M2CAM, could eliminate the environmentally costly disposal of sulfates during cathode production.

    Coated Single Crystal Video:

    The M2CAM video complements last year’s coated single crystal video which explains the durability advantages of coating single crystals.

    These technologies are potentially transformative, and both enabled by Nano One’s patented One-Pot process. As EV adoption takes hold, the opportunity is to leapfrog established ways and differentiate our supply chains for an economically favourable and environmentally sustainable future.

    Nano One is changing how the world makes battery materials.

    Sit back and enjoy!


    The Nano One Team
  4. forum rang 9 nine_inch_nerd 2 november 2021 11:13
    How one company is changing the way battery supply chains work
    With the UK already focused on transforming our road vehicle population to electric vehicles, we are beginning to also see that such a revolution in the way energy is consumed by drivers will not be easy to achieve. It is a great idea in principle, but the logistical effort to build the batteries required is a huge undertaking for the automotive industry.

    There is no doubt that sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are accelerating globally and that vehicle manufacturers are investing heavily in regional supply chains and gigafactory networks to make this ambition a reality. But the demand for vehicles is rising faster than pre-pandemic forecasts predicted, and this is already creating bottlenecks in the supply chain.

    The US Department of Energy has also woken up to the need for the construction of efficient supply chains: there is an acute awareness of a dependence on Chinese production, with the US forecast to supply less than half the projected demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles on its roads by 2028.

    Part of this boils down to a lack of national strategy, but also shortage of the requisite raw materials. There is now increased focus on whether some of these battery materials can be efficiently recycled. Scrutiny is being applied to the environmental footprint of the battery manufacturing process.

    The lithium-ion battery supply chain is still too clumsy and too environmentally unfriendly, and governments are aware that this needs to change. There are many costly attributes involved – e.g. shipping – not to mention the manufacturing time.

    Nano One: ahead of the curve on the battery challenge

    One company that has been ahead of the curve on the battery challenge for some time now is Canadian-based Nano One (TSX-V:NANO / FRA:LBMB). It specialises in developing more efficient ways to harvest energy from battery materials. When you have economies looking hard at how they can do more with less in the battery space, technology like this – called by Nano One its One Pot Process – is starting to look like gold dust.
    Nano One is still a small company but it works with big partners. It owns the technology it licenses, including innovations that are intended to drive down cost, waste, energy and the carbon footprint in the battery supply chain. It is getting interest from automotive companies, cathode producers and indeed governments, having attracted funding from both the Canadian government and the province of British Columbia.

    One of Nano One’s potentially transformative technologies is M2CAM. It officially launched this technology in February of this year. It allows cathode materials to be made directly from metal, using nickel, manganese and cobalt metal powder feedstocks, rather than metal sulfates or other salts. The idea here is to shorten the carbon footprint that exists between the mining industry and the battery and vehicle manufacturers.

    M2CAM uses 20 times less water as part of its process which reacts in a furnace and comes up with the goods much more quickly than the current wasteful processes.

    Nano One has patents pending for M2CAM and says its preliminary test results are showing battery capacity is already up to 5% higher than cathode materials currently made from metal salts.

    M2CAM technology can drive down costs and environmental impact

    M2CAM effectively eliminates the need for the costly and energy-intensive conversion of nickel, cobalt and manganese to sulfate, and lithium carbonate to hydroxide. It means there is no need to ship large quantities of water and sulfur, which lowers the energy, emissions and costs of shipping by a factor of 4-5x.

    Other costs are also eliminated, like making what is called precursor cathode active material, or handling a waste stream.

    “OEM’s want ‘clean nickel’ and that refers to the mining, refining and logistics of getting the product to the place where it will be consumed,” says Robert Morris, a strategic adviser on battery metals with Nano One. “Metal producers should have an ESG and premium advantage over sulfate and other non-metal producers, if their nickel can be used directly in the production of cathode materials.”

    Miners and refiners use a costly and energy-intensive crystallization process to convert nickel, for example, into nickel sulfate (NiSO4.6H2O, 22% nickel, 78% waste) which weighs 4-5x more, before shipping to manufacturers. The metal sulfates are then mixed in a caustic process to form an intermediate precursor while generating 4-5x waste in sulfate and water. Lithium hydroxide (LiOH) is then added to the precursor in a prolonged thermal process to form the cathode powders before the final protective coatings can be applied.

    This supply chain is long and complicated with energy, carbon emissions, environmental waste, complexity, cost, logistics, shipping, and margins added at each stage.

    Why M2CAM is so important

    Nano One’s patented One-Pot process forms durable single crystal cathode powders and protective coatings simultaneously and M2CAM enables these materials to be made directly from metal powders. Metal powders are one-fifth of the weight of metal sulfates, avoiding the added costs, energy and environmental impact of converting to sulfate and shipping and handling of waste.

    It sounds complicated, but this creates added value for metals and aligns Nano One with the environmental, sustainability and cost objectives of automotive companies, miners, investment communities and governmental infrastructure initiatives alike. Just as importantly, it also means that the supply chains can be far more efficient than they have been previously. We anticipate there will be more focus on this in Europe as well as the US over the next few years and that Nano One’s technology will have a very important role to play.
  5. Musiclover 8 november 2021 17:46

    nine_inch_nerd schreef op 8 november 2021 16:47:


    Ene Paul Matysek, Chairman en Director van Nano (en in mijn ogen de man op de achtergrond) treedt toe tot First Cobalt
    Daarnaast heeft Nano natuurlijk productiecapaciteit nodig. First Cobalt wordt hernoemd tot Electra en wil de hele supply chain ex-china bedienen. Daar kan Nano inpassen.
    Het is maar een idee… ik zie ook al een paar weken de volumes toenemen.
  6. forum rang 9 nine_inch_nerd 8 november 2021 18:06

    Musiclover schreef op 8 november 2021 17:46:

    Ene Paul Matysek, Chairman en Director van Nano (en in mijn ogen de man op de achtergrond) treedt toe tot First Cobalt
    Daarnaast heeft Nano natuurlijk productiecapaciteit nodig. First Cobalt wordt hernoemd tot Electra en wil de hele supply chain ex-china bedienen. Daar kan Nano inpassen.
    Het is maar een idee… ik zie ook al een paar weken de volumes toenemen.
    Veel dank.
  7. bionerd 9 november 2021 09:26 Ziet er steeds meer naar uit dat ze het helemaal zelf willen gaan doen via JV partners. Alles in Canada/USA Supply chain van metalen tot het maken van de kathode. (First Cobalt/Euro Manganese) Wederom een nieuw blok tegenover de Chinezen. Pulead keek alleen maar naar besparingen. EU/USA veel meer naar de klimaat doelstellingen. Komende 6 maanden verwacht ik groot nieuws. Moet wel toegeven, dat het er twee jaar geleden nog niet zo rooskleuring uitzag als dat er toen al werd geopperd. Tevens verwacht ik niet, dat de voorspelling van de eerste omzet gehaald gaat worden. Het is van de site gehaald omdat de listing bij de TSX strengere regels bevat over forward looking statements. (directe info van IR) Ik denk wel dat de switch van license naar JV partners veel meer omzet en uiteindelijk winst gaat opleveren. Dit wordt ook gedreven door de regeringen die het zat zijn dat China leading is op batterij productie.

    Ik zou zeggen buckle up and enjoy the ride:)
  8. forum rang 9 nine_inch_nerd 9 november 2021 09:27
    Nano One Builds on COP26, Shifts LFP Focus to Domestic Markets and Joins Canada’s Accelerate ZEV Alliance

    November 9, 2021

    Vancouver, Canada (TSX: NANO) (OTC-Nasdaq Intl Designation: NNOMF) (Frankfurt: LBMB).

    • COP26 spotlights significant green energy start for the global market.
    • Once-in-a-generation chance to create and differentiate North American supply chain.
    • Nano One shifts LFP effort from China and Pulead to opportunities outside of China.
    • One-Pot process reduces cost and environmental impact of battery metal supply chain.
    • Nano One joins Accelerate, Canada’s zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) supply chain alliance.
478 Posts
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