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Aandeel ArcelorMittal AEX:MT.NL, LU1598757687

  • 21,830 17 jun 2024 17:37
  • +0,010 (+0,05%) Dagrange 21,480 - 21,910
  • 3.372.325 Gem. (3M) 2,7M

ArcelorMittal Februari 2021

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  1. forum rang 10 voda 12 februari 2021 06:07
    Beursupdate: AEX op Wall Street

    (ABM FN-Dow Jones) Op Wall Street zijn donderdag vijf van de negen AEX-genoteerde fondsen ten opzichte van het slot in Amsterdam hoger gesloten.

    Aegon (-0,43%)
    ArcelorMittal (-0,79%)
    ASML (+1,36%)
    Galapagos (-0,65%)
    ING Groep (-0,16%)
    Philips (+0,12%)
    RELX (+0,27%)
    Royal Dutch Shell (+0,08%)
    Unilever (+0,65%)

    Euro/dollar: 1,2136

    Op basis van de bovenstaande koersuitslagen zou de AEX index, die sloot op 664,34 punten, zijn geëindigd op 664,86 punten.

    Door: ABM Financial News.
    Redactie: +31(0)20 26 28 999

    © Copyright ABM Financial News B.V. All rights reserved.
  2. steef78 12 februari 2021 08:34
    vanmorgen de transcript gelezen van de call. Hieronder een verslag van wat Arcelor aangeeft rondom het dividend.

    Sure. Thank you, Seth. I would look at the capital return policy that we announced this morning as a very good starting point. We've talked about reinstating our base dividend at $0.30. That's -- our intention is that, that progressively increases. And simultaneously, we have added a variable component of free cash flow as our share buyback. On a combined basis, that's about 60% of free cash flow. We have not articulated any further deleveraging target.

    Our target is based on maintaining our investment-grade metrics as a cycle. $7 billion is the appropriate number based on the work that we have done. So the takeaway I would have from our release and our thought process is this is a very good starting point. And based on the discussions we have had with our stakeholders, shareholders as well as our Board, the feedback we have received that this is a good start. And I'm sure in the near future, we will be progressively increasing these payouts.
  3. steef78 12 februari 2021 08:34
    Later kwam er nog en vervolgvraag

    Christian -- SocGen -- Analyst

    Okay. Okay, thanks. And follow-up on a different subject. The 50% of free cash flow, which you -- would be used to do share buyback. In a scenario where your share price increases materially and perhaps the share buyback impact is less obvious, would you consider changing that for a dividend payment? Or reducing the buyback and increasing the dividend instead? Or is that purely committed to buy back?

    Aditya Mittal -- Chief executive officer

    Yes. Thank you for the question. We're not committed to the buyback in that sense. We remain flexible. The intent is to return capital to shareholders. Clearly, in a buyback, our shareholders can also participate by selling down their stake proportionately as well. But this remains a live discussion, and we're happy to engage and fine-tune the plan. But the fundamental takeaway should be that there's a progressive base dividend, i.e., by the word, progressive, we are signaling that it should increase in time. And on top of that, the remaining cash flow, 50% would be returned to shareholders.
  4. forum rang 10 voda 12 februari 2021 08:42
    ArcelorMittal's (MT) CEO Adit Mittal on Q4 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
    Feb. 11, 2021 10:06 PM ETAMSYF, MT...
    Q4: 2021-02-11 Earnings Summary
    EPS of $0.19 beats by $0.11 | Revenue of $14.18B (-8.57% Y/Y) misses by $1.97B
    ArcelorMittal (NYSE:MT) Q4 2020 Earnings Conference Call February 11, 2020 9:30 AM ET

    Company Participants

    Daniel Fairclough - Investor Relations

    Lakshmi Mittal - Executive Chairman

    Adit Mittal - CEO

    Genuino Christino - EVP and CFO

    Simon Wandke - EVP and CEO, Mining

    Conference Call Participants

    Alain Gabriel - Morgan Stanley

    Seth Rosenfeld - Exane

    Jack O’Brien - Goldman Sachs

    Jason Fairclough - Bank of America

    Alan Spence - Jefferies

    Phil Gibbs - KeyBanc

    Christian Georges - Societe Generale

    Carsten Riek - Credit Suisse

    Myles Allsop - UBS

    Ephrem Ravi - Citi

    Rochus Brauneiser - Kepler

    Grant Sporre - Bloomberg

    Luke Nelson - JPMorgan

    Bastian Synagowitz - Deutsche Bank

    Daniel Fairclough

    Good afternoon and good morning everybody. This is Daniel Fairclough from the ArcelorMittal Investor Relations team. Thank you very much for joining us today to discuss the Results for the Fourth Quarter of 2020.

    Present on this call today, we have Mr. Mittal, Executive Chairman; we have Aditya Mittal, CEO; and we have Genuino Christino, CFO; and we also have our Head of Mining, Simon Wandke.

    The focus of today's call is to discuss the results for the fourth quarter and the strategic progress we're making at ArcelorMittal. This was covered in-depth in a detailed presentation published alongside our results this morning.

    So, as usual, the format of this call will be some opening remarks followed directly by a Q&A session. As such, we should be able to complete this call in about 45 minutes. [Operator Instructions]

    With that very brief opening, I'll hand over to Mr. Mittal.

    Lakshmi Mittal

    Thank you, Daniel. Good day, everyone, and thank you for joining us on this call to discuss our results for fourth quarter 2020 and the strategic progress we have achieved.

    2020 was, of course, an exceptional year in many ways. What was not exceptional was the response of ArcelorMittal to the many challenges that we faced over the past 12 months. It is our organization's DNA to lead, to respond quickly and effectively to changes and challenges those -- effectively to changes and challenges that often occur in our industry.

    I'm immensely proud of all our people and what we achieved together in 2020. We start 2021 in a position of strength. Our markets have bounced back. Our balance sheet has never been strong. We have a more focused asset base with a defined growth plan and a clear strategy to drive our decarbonization goals.

    Most importantly, after many years of deleveraging focus, we are now in a strong position to reward our shareholders consistently. Returning capital is a clear priority of the new policy announced today.

    I have decided this is the right moment for me to transition to Executive Chairman. The Board unanimously agreed that Adit Mittal is a natural and right choice for the company's Chief Executive of what I believe is the most prestigious steel company in the world.

    Adit and I have worked closely together since he joined the company in 1997 and in recent years, we have been managing the company together. But this transition will be one of continuity and it will be seamless.

    Adit, would like to say a few words?

    Adit Mittal

    Sure. Thank you. Good morning and good afternoon everyone. As you have said, we have been working very closely together for many years and we will continue to do that.

    I'm personally very excited about what lies ahead. ArcelorMittal is full of incredible people, a company with excellent knowledge and capabilities and a company with tremendous potential. I'm also very proud of all our people and the character they have shown as we navigated the challenges of 2020. Given the circumstances, the company performed well.

    As you heard, we have a strong balance sheet, having paid down a lot of debt. We have reshaped our portfolio of assets, which gives us more focus. And through the experiences of COVID, we have uncovered more efficient working practices, which will underpin our competitive position going forward.

    From this strong base, we're well placed to undertake the work that will be involved in ensuring that ArcelorMittal transitions successfully to a low-carbon future. It is a great challenge, but also a great opportunity as it allows us to utilize the strength and breadth of our human and technology capital.

    Our role is to lead this transition and this will undoubtedly be a critical driver of ArcelorMittal's strategy in the coming years and decades. I believe we can do great things as a company.

    Today, we also announced Genuino Christino as our new CFO. You've all come to know Genuino well, I think. He has regularly attended our analyst calls for several years now, and he's also been meeting with many of our investors.

    Genuino and I have been working closely together in his capacity as Head of Finance and he has been instrumental in the progress we have made to reshape our balance sheet. He has proven his capabilities with a track record of achievement, and he really embodies the attributes that we look for.

    I will pause there now and hand back to Daniel to begin the Q&A session. Thank you.

    Question-and-Answer Session

    A - Daniel Fairclough

    Thanks Aditya. Thanks Mr. Mittal. So, we have a good queue in front of us and we'll take the first question, please, from Alain at Morgan Stanley. Please go ahead.

    Alain Gabriel

    Yes hi. Hi Daniel. Aditya, congratulations on your new role. You are now at the helm of a company that is probably in the best position it has been since the merger of Arcelor and Mittal back in 2006. But if I may ask you, in your new CEO role, putting your CEO hat on, what are the top three accomplishments that you plan to achieve in your first year in the role?

    Adit Mittal

    Okay. Fantastic. First of all, thank you very much. It's a real privilege and honor to be appointed the CEO of ArcelorMittal. As you know, Mr. Mittal and I have been working very closely. You've watched us for many, many years. So, the change is evolutionary, not revolutionary. So, I would think of continuity more than anything.

    But clearly, as a CEO, I'll be managing and overseeing the performance of the company and the development of our short and long-term strategy to create value for all stakeholders.

    Voor veel meer, zie link:
  5. [verwijderd] 12 februari 2021 08:45

    steef78 schreef op 12 februari 2021 08:35:

    Overall feeling is dat ze ontzettend positief zijn over de ontwikkelingen en qua schuld zitten ze op het laagste niveau sinds 2006 zo uit mijn hoofd.
    Dat was al bekend , ook gisteren dus dat zal de koers niet omhoog duwen helaas , verwacht vandaag de 19,25 te zien helaas , echter “hoop” ik ook op de weg omhoog , met name hoop
  6. forum rang 6 Jestbread 12 februari 2021 08:51

    voda schreef op 12 februari 2021 07:00:

    Credit Suisse handhaaft Neutraal advies op ArcelorMittal
    *Credit Suisse verhoogt koersdoel ArcelorMittal van 25,00 naar 27,00 dollar

    Bron Binck
    Neutral op een koersdoel van +50%. Het zal wel aan mij liggen. Hopelijk vandaag wat herstel voor Arcelor.
  7. forum rang 10 voda 12 februari 2021 08:59
    ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaker, plans to cut 20% of its office staff in a $1 billion cost-reduction plan, after posting higher than expected fourth-quarter earnings and boosting returns to shareholders. More here: (met video)
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