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  1. Forum 17 mei

    TomTom mei

    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    IndiGO partner Cerence Second quarter fiscal year 2022 results.First half bookings total $448 million, up 53% compared to 1HFY21Bookings include a significant business increase with a North American OEMSeveral Chinese...

  2. Forum 30 mrt

    TT maart 2022

    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    Continental has a plan to let drivers look around cornersA new product designed by German supplier Continental could give vehicles and their drivers several additional sets of eyes.Continental says its Collective Perc...

  3. Forum 30 mrt


    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    For the forex traderRussia sets fixed gold price as it restarts official bullion currency connected to gold.Is it possible that Europe will be forced to buy Rubles fr...

  4. Forum 29 jan

    Het Tom Tom Januari 2022 draadje :-)

    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    quote:Erg chebbi schreef op 29 januari 2022 04:49:Good to see Tim Cook is following TomTom so close. Cook is following 70 accounts. He is not following TomTom. Cook just uses the same hashtag. What are your plans ther...

  5. Forum 01 jan

    Tom Tom december 2021

    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    Lexus NX 2022 infotainment system explained.Something curious on 4:44, navigation is not standard but its part of a subscription cloud-based service called cloud connect.(monthly fee)Killing time till the new year sta...

  6. Forum 30 nov

    TomTom IndiGO

    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    I was only able to watch the short ride from the CEO in the mini electric car.compared to the earlier uconnect5 presentation in the Jeep it was visual a little disappointing. But thats from a consumer point of view. I...

  7. Forum 29 nov

    TomTom november 2021

    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    quote:pwijsneus schreef op 29 november 2021 11:06:[...]Denk je dat TT morgen gaat stijgen of dalen?Was traveling so reading back the posts from a few days ago, vendetta after vendetta good to see today is a more peac...

  8. Forum 30 okt

    TomTom Oktober 2021

    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    quote:beursbeurs schreef op 30 oktober 2021 10:24:[...]Dan zou bij het samengaan van TomTom en Here een fusiebedrijf ontstaan dat monopolist is in de (maps traffic) automotive branch. Zullen de mededingingsautoriteit...

  9. Forum 15 okt

    Conference call 14-10-2021

    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    JustMe thank you so much for the effort to summarize the webcast presentation.Might not yet be seen in the price at the moment but the forecast is there. Suggestion next time you partner with TomTom as a sign language...

  10. Forum 04 okt

    Wat gebeurt er met HERE?

    Door: SimonCA Forum: TomTom

    Justin interesting contribution. I keep it short as using English.The fact is that TomTom is sitting on a pile of money. For things like a buyback program, dividend, or small acquisitions the money is sufficient.Doing...


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Het Tom Tom Januari 2022 draadje :-) TomTom - 13 jan 2022 06:05 7
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Tom Tom december 2021 TomTom - 10 dec 2021 12:22 5
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