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SPAC - Special Purpose Acquisition Company

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  1. [verwijderd] 9 december 2020 16:40
    Zijn er hier mensen die in Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp hebben geïnvesteerd ? Gaan in Q1 over in Paysafe best een grote speler in de digitale betalingsmarkt, ziet er best interessant uit kan alleen nergens vinden hoeveel aandelen ze op het moment uit hebben staan, weet iemand dat ?
  2. JustLong 10 december 2020 18:57
    Zelf nog een kleine positie ingenomen in apxt. Zal voor jullie early adapters al veel te hoog staan gok ik. Maar die gaat nog veel hoger denk ik, al kan dat nog even wat weekjes duren.
    Qs de deur uitgedaan gistermiddag, die ging zo absurd hard gister bij de opening. Ruim 200% meegepakt, dikke prima.
  3. Wazza 10 december 2020 19:02
    Ik zit in THCB. Geruchten gaan dat ze fuseren met Microvast, een bedrijf in batterijen en accu's. Met de elektrificatie die bezig is en nog veel verder gaat zie ik daar heel veel toekomstperspectief in. Op 12,80 ingestapt. Op 30 ga ik eruit in de hoop om later weer goedkoop in te stappen.
  4. forum rang 9 nine_inch_nerd 11 december 2020 20:35
    QELL maakt een forse move...


    QELL (Unowned) - Qell Acquisition Corp - An idea for consideration

    Qell Acquisition Corp (QELL) is a recent SPAC IPO. Their plan is fairly simple: "invest in a high-growth business in the next generation mobility, transportation or sustainable industrial technology sectors." Our sense is that high specification EV bus maker (and more) Proterra fits that bill quite well. It's also possible they go in another direction - trucking has been mentioned by the CEO as a possibility - but Proterra would make sense for multiple reasons not the least of which being ties to management between the two firms and the fact that Proterra has all the hallmarks of company that is actually read to be a public company.

    Why Proterra? Some thoughts

    Qell's CEO, Barry Engle, is a well known entity with 5 years of experience at GM, last portion of which (April 2019 to August 2020) serving as President of GM North America. More on his bio here but we note Engle has mentioned the idea of Proterra as a possible target in this article.
    The CFO has worked in decarbonization and sustainability investment roles both of which are core values at Proterra.
    The rest of the board is full of heavy hitters in energy and transportation.
    And lastly, board member Ryan Popple, who once worked at Tesla in finance, held the CEO position at Proterra for five years. And he remains on the board there.
    We've tried to get in front of Proterra coming public before. We originally bought Hennessey (HCACU) with the thought that it made sense for them to bring Proterra public. HCAC instead has agreed to combine with Canoo where there will be a vote on December 21st. This combination was met with a collective market yawn. Until recently. Suddenly it's the flavor of the day with the setting of the vote date setting serving as the catalyst for the jump up in price. So we're happy with that. And we've done OK there having written up the Canoo story which we had also been following as soon as HCAC changed course.

    But Proterra is still out there. We expect whatever SPAC brings them public will see a warmer initial reception.

    A few basic thoughts on Proterra:

    The company was founded in 2004 to design and build electric buses (primarily mass transit, airport, and school),
    Their pace of growth has picked up sharply in the last couple of years:
    First bus delivered in 2009,
    50 buses delivered by 2013,
    100 buses delivered by 2015,
    And now over 1,000 delivered.
    Along the way they've also made improvements in charging (both faster charging and the way they charge), battery longevity, range, comfort, and safety.
    Proterra latest bus is their 5th generation, the ZX5, and it is the longest range EV bus on the market (with one 35 seat version capable of 250 miles and a larger one at up to 329 miles).
    Proterra also has a last mile delivery box truck in development in partnership with Freightliner.
    Proterra is more than just an EV Bus Company

    They build their own batteries and announced an expansion in battery capacity this week as they roll out their latest generation.
    They have an Energy Services segment including turnkey heavy duty fleet solutions (design, build, finance, operate, maintain). See video here.
    They offer Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicle electrification - EV Powertrains (drivetrain, battery packs, high voltage components). Note that one of the customers here is Daimler.
    Potential Trading vehicles:

    QELL - the common shares
    QELLW - warrant with a 5 year to expiration (from time of combination) right to purchase a common share at $11.50 (subject to adjustment).
    QELLU - units consisting of one share and one-third of a warrant.

    We don't know that QELL will be the one to land on the Proterra but it makes some basic sense along at least a couple of thought lines. And they have at least 23 months to arrive at some sort of business combination before needing to extend. Given the recent market in transportation and sustainability our sense would be they would land on something quite a bit sooner than that. We are likely to take the common and the warrants for the ZLT soon. Warrants should provide greater upside in the event of a well received deal and we'll probably take some common to hold as a core as well for when volatility dies back. Again, we took HCAC ahead of it's target selection and that has worked out pretty well so far on a concept we see as a harder sell to the broader investing public.
  5. forum rang 9 nine_inch_nerd 12 december 2020

    Djazz schreef op 10 december 2020 23:53:

    Iemand GIK?

    Kwam net een bericht tegen. Wel interessant. Plug Power wordt duidelijk genoemd als relatie. Geeft een andere inkijk en perspectief.


    Lightning eMotors Merger with GigCapital3, Inc.
    Investor Conference Call Transcript December 10, 2020
    Hello and welcome to the GigCapital3 and Lightning eMotors business combination announcement conference call. There is a presentation that was publicly filed with the SEC that will accompany today’s discussion. The presentation can also be viewed on GigCapital3’s and Lightning eMotors’ websites. Please refer to that as the guide for today’s call.
    GigCapital3 plans to file with the SEC a Registration Statement on Form S-4 in connection with the transactions and to mail a Proxy Statement/Prospectus to its stockholders containing information about the transactions. Investors are urged to read the Registration Statement and Proxy Statement/Prospectus carefully when they are available. The Registration Statement and Proxy Statement/Prospectus will contain important information about the business combination between GigCapital3 and Lightning eMotors and related matters. Investors and GigCapital3 stockholders will be able to obtain free copies of these documents through the web site maintained by the SEC at www.sec.gov. Copies of the Registration Statement and GigCapital3’s Proxy Statement/Prospectus may be obtained free of charge from GigCapital3 by directing a request to Brad Weightman, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, GigCapital3, Inc., 1731 Embarcadero Rd., Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303, or by telephone at (650) 276-7040.
    Please note that the parties may discuss forward-looking statements within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the federal securities laws, including the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements include, among other things, future results of operations, capacity, production and demand levels. Forward-looking statements are made based on the parties’ expectations and beliefs concerning future events and therefore involve a number of risks and uncertainties. The parties caution that forward-looking statements are not guarantees and that actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Potential risks and uncertainties that could cause the actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements are discussed in the Form 8-K which GigCapital3 filed this afternoon with the SEC. All forward-looking statements are based upon information available to GigCapital3 and/or Lightning eMotors as of the date hereof, and speak only as of the date hereof. The parties assume no obligation to update any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof, except as required by law.
    I will now turn our conference over to Dr. Raluca Dinu, GigCapital Global Founding Managing Partner and Board Member of GigCapital3, who will begin on slide 5. You may begin.

1.296 Posts
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