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  1. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 16:25
    BBC update

    Five missile strikes reported in far western city of Lviv.

    Ukraine President Zelensky invited Macron to see for himself the acts of "genocide" committed by Russia.

    Russian troops restricting movement of people in Mariupol.

    People living in Luhansk region advised to leave

    uitgebreide update
  2. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 16:27
    En of de sancties werken

    #Russia can no longer buy components for anti air missile systems Buk and similar.

    Production levels fall close to zero. Eventually this will reduce attacks on Ukraine. But the sanctions must keep going
  3. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 16:32
    Canadian Ukrainian Volunteer op twitter :

    Mass desertion of Russian troops that have abandoned all their gear, boots included, most likely changed into civilian clothing and ran for their lives.

    Second best army in the world?

    Don't fucking make me laugh.

    video 0:15 minuut
  4. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 16:35
    Canadian Ukrainian Volunteer op twitter :

    "My name is Makar. Today is my 7th birthday. This is my house in #Mariupol. This is what #Russia does."

    The look in his eyes brought tears to mine.

    video 0:23 minuut

    Dit is in de omgeving van Kherson, zuid oekraine aan de zwarte zee
  5. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 16:49
    The Kyiv Independent

    UK Defense Intelligence: Mariupol resistance slowing Russia’s advance elsewhere.

    According to the latest update by the U.K. Defense Ministry, concerted Ukrainian resistance has severely tested Russian forces and diverted men and materiel.
  6. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 17:10
    The Kyiv Independent

    verslag over de situatie in Dnipro

    Dnipro is een stad waar bevoorradingen gecentreerd worden voor het Oekrainse leger dat bij de Donbas in oost Oekraine de Russen tegenhoudt

    Het merendeel in de stad spreekt Russisch, maar is tegen een Russische invasie van Oekraine

    Dit in tegenstelling van wat de Russen via propaganda willen doen geloven
    Russische propaganda vertelt dat de Russisch sprekende delen van Oekraine graag onderdeel van Rusland willen zijn.
    Integendeel dus

    We traveled to Dnipro, the city in eastern Ukraine that has been serving as a support center for Ukrainian forces in the east, to see how it is preparing for the anticipated Battle of Donbas.

    video 2:10 minuut
  7. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 17:24

    Cézan schreef op 18 april 2022 17:06:

    Rusland heeft donderdag gedreigd kernwapens te stationeren in het Oostzeegebied, indien Finland en Zweden toetreden tot de NAVO.
    Je vergeet uit het artikel te vermelden :

    Hoewel dat heftig klinkt, is er een gegeven dat het dreigement ietwat relativeert: Rusland heeft al kernwapens in de regio.

    Het dreigement stelt dus niet veel voor
  8. Cash was King 18 april 2022 17:25

    Cézan schreef op 18 april 2022 17:06:

    Rusland heeft donderdag gedreigd kernwapens te stationeren in het Oostzeegebied, indien Finland en Zweden toetreden tot de NAVO.

    Ze doen hun best maar! Ronald Reagan zei het al: “ Russia , it’s the evil empire.”

    Alleen met het mes op de strot bij het politiebureau wordt er geluisterd naar de redelijke eisen van het vrije westen. Nog hardere sancties naar dit schorem!
  9. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 17:57
    Op de Russische staats TV :

    Een heilige oorlog, die Rusland moet winnen, immers het Russisch goede tegen het kwaad in Oekraine

    Julia Davis, Columnist @TheDailyBeast, creator of the Russian Media Monitor :

    Deputy of the State Duma Vyacheslav Nikonov (a grandson of Vyacheslav Molotov) claimed: “In the modern world, we are the embodiment of the forces of good. This is a metaphysical clash between the forces of good and evil... This is truly a holy war we're waging and we must win.”

    video 1:00 minuut ( Engelse ondertiteling )
  10. forum rang 7 Succes 18 april 2022 18:20
    Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated several settlements around Izium

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated a number of settlements around the town of Izium in Kharkiv region.

    Oleksandr Motuzianyk, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, said this at a briefing, when asked a relevant question by journalists, Ukrinform reports.

    "Yes, I can confirm this. A number of settlements have been liberated by the Ukrainian military as a result of intense hostilities. But I cannot provide more information,” he said.

    Motuzianyk noted that the town of Izium and its outskirts in the Slobozhanskyi direction are the places of the largest concentration of Russian units.

    "They will try to start an offensive on the east particularly from there,” he added.

    The ministry’s spokesman also stressed that the Ukrainian army needs weapons.

    "Europe needs to understand that today Ukraine is not just defending its territory. It protects the territory of Europe and the whole civilized world," he said.

    As Ukrinform reported, the town of Izium remains the hottest point of the Armed Forces' resistance to the Russian invasion in Kharkiv region. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, in the area of Izium, the Russian invaders accumulated up to 22 battalion tactical groups. The Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully repel attacks, destroy enemy military equipment and manpower.
  11. forum rang 7 Succes 18 april 2022 18:53
    We need answers’: relatives seek Moskva warship’s missing crew

    For days after the Moskva cruiser sank in the Black Sea, Yulia Tsyvova had been desperately searching for information about her son Andrei.

    Like hundreds of other Russian families of the crew members, she had not been told whether he had survived the reported Ukrainian missile attack that had sunk the Russian flagship of the Black Sea fleet.

    Then on Monday morning she received a call from the Russian defence ministry. Her son was dead.

    “He was only 19, he was a conscript,” said Tsyvova, who wept as she spoke by telephone. “They didn’t tell me anything else, no information on when the funeral would be.

    “I am sure he isn’t the only one who died.”

    Family members of sailors who served onboard the Moskva are demanding answers as the ministry has sought to suppress information about what happened to the ship or its estimated 510-strong crew.

    The total number of dead, wounded and missing remains a state secret. Tsyvov’s death, which has not been previously reported, is only the second confirmed from the warship. Another three families have gone public saying they cannot find their sons who were serving onboard.

    Media reports suggest the number of casualties from the attack will be far higher, and the efforts to suppress information about the deaths have raised comparisons with the Kursk submarine incident that left 118 sailors dead and struck a blow to the prestige of a young President Vladimir Putin in 2000.

    “This regime has never been very transparent about casualties,” said Alexander Gabuev, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center, pointing to Russia’s military operations in Ukraine and Syria or the investigations into attacks at Beslan and the Dubrovka theatre. “A lot of this has precedence and it’s not something very new or very surprising.”

    New information on the young sailors who died will also renew scrutiny about the Russian government’s use of conscripts in battle, something Putin had explicitly denied was the case early in the war.

    The defence ministry was forced to admit it had deployed conscripts after some were captured in Ukraine in the first weeks of the war. It claimed it would no longer use them.

    But several parents of Moskva crew members have told the Guardian and others that their sons onboard the ship were indeed conscripts and not professional soldiers on contract.


    Shkrebets was one of the first to go public demanding answers about why his son was sent to war. “They said that the entire crew was evacuated. It’s a lie! A cruel and cynical lie!”

    His wife, Irina, told the independent Russian website the Insider that they had seen about 200 injured sailors at a military hospital in Crimea while looking for their son. The total crew of the Moskva was estimated at just over 500.

    “We looked at every burnt kid,” she told the Insider. “I can’t tell you how hard it was, but I couldn’t find mine. There were only 200 people, and there were more than 500 onboard the cruiser. Where were the others? We looked in Krasnodar, and everywhere else, we called every place, but we couldn’t find him.”


    Lees verder:
  12. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 18:56
    En of de sancties werken

    The Telegraph :

    When Russia invaded Ukraine, governments seized the prized assets of Russian oligarchs - superyachts.

    Now, the superyachts are accumulating in shipyards across Europe.

    What’s going to happen next?

    Sanctioned oligarchs include:

    Government official Igor Sechin, whose superyacht is moored in La Ciotat, France.

    Metals billionaire Alisher Usmanov, whose vessel Dilbar is trapped in Hamburg.

    Steel tycoon Alexey Mordashov, whose asset is stuck in Imperia, northern Italy

    The multi-million pound yachts are far from cheap to hold onto and cannot sit still indefinitely :

    bills are racking up for maintenance and mooring fees

    According to Peter Huerzeler, chief executive of yacht broker Ocean Independence,the superyachts still need maintenance

    “If there's no maintenance, then the asset loses its value very quickly," says Huerzeler.

    "There will be some reserves in place as pre-payments for the crewing companies. But the question is whether you can pay them and for how long"

    Benjamin Maltby, a shipping lawyer at Keystone Law, says the owners are still on the hook for these sorts of bills

    Maltby explains: "Ownership hasn't been transferred, only possession."

    "The yachts are said to be beneficially owned by people who have been sanctioned, so they are unable to pay their bills"

    Maltby explains that someone is needed to occasionally run the yacht's equipment, to make sure it doesn't fall into disrepair.

    The ships are barred from moving to a new port but will need to be run out of the harbour to test their engines

    Ultimately, the yachts could pose an environmental risk.

    Maltby says: "It would be completely irresponsible to not maintain the yachts"

    "If you don't look after a boat properly, the metals that come into contact with the water will get eaten away," Maltby says.

    "And this would take some time but eventually the boat will sink.

    "This is a massive pollution risk because they are holding tonnes of fuel”

    A sanctioned oligarch, however, is unable to pay for the services required to maintain their vessels even if they wanted to

    What happens next likely lies in the hands of the court.

    Read the full story
  13. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 19:19
    Ukraine was able to retrieve enough from the burnt-out remains of a downed Russian SU-35 fighter jet to give UK and US scientists promising intel. It’s a problem for Russia - but also for China.

    Russia and China nightmare as UK scientists analyse secrets of Putin's prized fighter jet

    BRITISH and American scientists are analysing the secret long-range targeting mechanism of Russia's most advanced fighter jet, sources confirmed last night.

    And their findings could make a "huge difference" in how the West conducts air-to-air combat with both Russia and China. Ukrainian troops shot down the Sukhoi Su-35S using short-range missiles two weeks ago. Specialists with the Ukrainian Air Force were able to retrieve vital and hitherto classified elements from its burnt-out remains and informed British intelligence.

    The systems were transported to the Government’s Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, in Wiltshire, where boffins, joined by two experts from the US Air Force, have spent ten days examining them.

    The initial assessment was deemed so promising that the systems have now been flown to Nevada, USA, for more forensic examination.

    Dubbed “Flanker” by Nato, the fighter jet was conducting a so-called Suppression of Enemy Air Defences (SEAD) operation when it was unexpectedly shot down near Izium, some 75 miles from Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine on April 3.

    Its pilot was captured after safely ejecting.

    The Flanker is Russia’s equivalent to the F-35 fifth generation multirole fighter which is currently used by the RAF and 14 other Nato nations - though it does not possess stealth technology.

    And the prospect of Nato powers examining its sophisticated inner workings will cause consternation among air force chiefs in Russia, which operates 47 of them.

    It has also sent shockwaves in China which, as Russia’s biggest defence partner, now boasts the world’s second largest fleet having signed a $2bn deal for 24 of the fighters in 2015.

    Though the aircraft was heavily-damaged, sources say enough remained of the targeting system for detailed analysis.

    This will be made easier by the discovery that the system - which, on paper, boasts the capability of spotting Nato's stealth aircraft 350 miles away - has many similarities to the F-35s, making it more easy to fully explore.

    The capture of tech is proving to be a spectacular own-goal for premier Vladimir Putin following the disastrous performance of Russian forces in the seven-week war.

    Not only can it leave systems vulnerable to Nato counter-measures, but so too could it jeopardise future arms sales to supplicant countries - a vital revenue stream for cash-starved Russia.

    Scientists at the DSTL are also examining remains of a T-90 - Russia’s most advanced battle tank, which fitted with an explosive reactive armour and a unique defensive Shtora-1 aids system- a Buk missile system, used to down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in 2014, and a Tor surface to air missile system.

    India operates 2,000 T-90s of different variants as well as the Buk, while Iran used a Tor to shoot down Ukrainian flight 752 in January 2020.

    But it is the £50m fighter jet which was the cause of most excitement.

    Justin Bronk, air power and technology expert at the RUSI think tank, said: “ Any potential opportunity to examine the radar components or electronic warfare pods on the downed SU-35 would be valuable as, even damaged, such components can confirm or undermine existing intelligence assessments about how they work.”

    Prof Alessio Patalano of the Department of War Studies at King’s College, London, said:"While this war has been predominantly a land campaign which has focussed on the least advanced and modernised elements of Russia’s military, we need to remember that Russia still has capabilities that contain the technological edge of great interest to the West.

    “The SU-35S isn’t a simple drone - it is a sophisticated and very advanced piece of machinery which took decades to develop. Once its tech is stolen, it isn’t easily fixable and you can be sure that, depending on what the UK and US discover, Russia will be worried."

    And that concern will be felt beyond Moscow, he said

    “Examining this system won’t just allow Nato to understand Russian capabilities. China has been worried since the beginning of operations in Ukraine precisely because this could happen,' he added.

    “Because China reverse engineers everything Russian sells it, it is likely to have included elements from the SU-35 in its other, indigenous, J-Class fighters such as its superior Chengdu J-20.

    “The West doesn’t have much insight into Chinese technology so, in terms of command and control and long range capabilities, this is a unique opportunity which could, potentially, make a huge difference.

    “If you know the frequency a system operates on, for instance, you can disrupt it.”
  14. forum rang 10 luchtschip 18 april 2022 19:35
    British Defense Intelligence assessment. :

    Russia’s military brass is “concerned” by the time it is taking to seize Mariupol

    Ukrainian resistance in Mariupol has forced Russia to divert more troops and supplies to hold their positions, slowing Russian advance elsewhere in Ukraine

    kaart met posities
  15. forum rang 8 het zwaard 18 april 2022 19:42
    Poetin eert brigade betrokken bij wreedheden in Boetsja
    Russisch president Vladimir Poetin heeft een brigade die volgens Oekraïne betrokken was bij de wreedheden in Boetsja, maandag een onderscheiding toegekend. Dat maakte het Kremlin bekend.

    Bron: BELGA
    Het gaat om de 64e gemotoriseerde fusiliersbrigade. Poetin heeft ze de eretitel van ‘garde’ toegekend wegens de "heldhaftigheid, doorzettingsvermogen, vastberadenheid en moed" van haar manschappen. "De bekwame en beslissende acties van al het brigadepersoneel tijdens de speciale militaire operatie in Oekraïne zijn een toonvoorbeeld van militaire plicht, moed, vastberadenheid en grote professionaliteit", schreef het staatshoofd.
  16. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 18 april 2022 19:47
    Putin honours his 'butchers of Bucha': Russian troops accused of horrifying war crimes in Ukrainian town are made 'Guards' for showing 'mass heroism, valour, tenacity and courage'

    Russia's 64th Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade received the honours from Putin
    The brigade is thought to be behind the mass civilian slaughter in Bucha, Ukraine
    Its members were honoured as 'Guards' for their 'mass heroism and courage'
    Putin's presidential decree recognised them for protecting 'state interests'
    It comes as Zelensky said Ukraine now has substantial evidence of Russian war crimes

    By David Averre For Mailonline

    Published: 18:16 BST, 18 April 2022 | Updated: 18:34 BST, 18 April 2022

    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday bestowed an honorary title on a brigade widely thought to be responsible for war crimes and mass killings in the Ukrainian town of Bucha.

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence intelligence directorate (SBU) earlier this month identified the 64th Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade of the 35th All-Russian Army as the primary unit responsible for the horrific scenes now synonymous with Russia's war in Ukraine.

    The 'butchers of Bucha' left a trail of death and destruction in their wake, and Ukrainian authorities are still working with an international team of forensic experts to examine the bodies and gather evidence of war crimes.

    But a presidential decree signed today by Putin has recognised all members of the brigade for their 'mass heroism' in defending 'state interests'.

    'For mass heroism, valour, tenacity and courage shown by the personnel of the brigade in combat operations to protect the Motherland and state interests, I decree the title 'Guards' upon the brigade,' Putin's letter read.

    The honours were bestowed despite Ukrainian intelligence suggesting the brigade has already redeployed to eastern Ukraine to the front lines of the conflict.

    The SBU suspects Russian leaders sent the brigade to the hottest spots in the hope they would be killed and therefore unable to testify in any future war crime tribunals.

    Putin's decree of honours for the brigade was made on the 54th day of Moscow's military campaign in Ukraine, which has forced 12 million people to flee their homes or country and sparked Europe's biggest refugee crisis since World War II.
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