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Aandeel Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals OTC:ARWR, US04280A1007

  • 80,740 15 jan 2021 22:00
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  1. forum rang 4 Wil Helmus 4 augustus 2020 20:03
    Kan nog druk worden de komende maanden:

    $ARWR catalyst June'20 begin clin dosing of ARO-ENaC and HiF2; EASL (8/27-8/29) HBV updates; Fall'20 6-mos biopsy data from open-label AAT trial; ESC (8/29-9/1) and NLA'20 (12/13-12/16) add'l ANG3 and APOC3 data; YE20 initial data from ARO-HSD, CTA for second lung tgt for COPD;

    En dan mis ik nog onze wildcard ARO-COV. Spannende tijden
  2. forum rang 5 Hulskof 6 augustus 2020 07:52
    Interessante post van onze vriend BioBoyScout op het Yahoo forum:

    What a call. I didn't expect the triple covid attack approach - I'm guessing this should now start resonating; would be nice to get some more specifics and visuals from Arrowhead on their website. I feel honored and humbled to be included in the call. It was interesting to find out that the orphan drugs are on the table when it comes to partnering. I was curious, as I believe that there's been a lot of competitive pressure from Vertex.

    I was hoping to find out more specifics on HIF2 dosing and when it will begin - I actually thought that it would have been announced today, oh well. Hence, I will wait until HIF2 or ENaC begin dosing before updating my price target.

    I'm a bit curious about the ATM. I have a feeling that some institutions want in without their purchase moving the stock 5%, only to see it drop the following day. I also have a feeling that it's an indication that there's much better news to come - we shall soon see.

    Zou dan wel eens de laatste kans kunnen zijn om relatief goedkoop in te stappen...
  3. mvdln 6 augustus 2020 08:57
    Na het lezen van de CC heb ik zin om bij te kopen. Daar gaat het om, rotsvast vertrouwen in de bedrifjsvoering. Het slot van de CC vat het samen:

    As we have discussed Arrowhead has a lot going on in all of the following stages: one, platform development and expansion into new extra-hepatic tissues, such as lung, tumor, muscle and other cell types; two, early discovery as evidenced by several COVID-related programs, ARO-JNJ1, 2 and 3 and other undisclosed programs; three early development such as ARO-LUNG2, ARO-HIF2, ARO-ENaC and ARO-HSD; and four, emerging mid to later stage developments such as ARO-AAT, ARO-APOC3, ARO-ANG3, and partner programs JNJ-3989 and AMG 890.

    This is a very large pipeline with enormous opportunity for a company of only 200 people that currently only burns between $30 million to $35 million per quarter and has a market cap less than $5 billion. This again speaks to Arrowhead culture of finding a way forward and not allowing bureaucracy, or legacy processes to block innovation.
  4. forum rang 7 4finance 6 augustus 2020 14:03

    Stock81 schreef op 6 augustus 2020 13:22:

    Dit is het enige aandeel in mijn porto waar ik zonder al te veel nadenken bijkoop op dips. Ik ben het oorspronkelijk aantal stukjes dat ik van plan was om te kopen al ver voorbij. Dan voel je dalingen wel sterk in je porto, maar de run richting 100 en meer... wordt zalig.

    Bij mij hetzelfde. Vanaf $52 naar $43 tikt flink aan met 8k stuks aandelen ;-) Ik wacht rustig af.
3.019 Posts
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