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3D printing

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  1. Sub!et 7 september 2022 23:49

    mjmj schreef op 7 september 2022 14:51:

    ben benieuwd of deze toepassing ook bij nog andere metalen kan worden ontwikkeld....
    Toekomst zal het uitwijzen maar als het hun lukt ondanks de hoge gevoeligheid van Mg lijken andere metalen tot de mogelijkheid te behoren. De hoge nood aan diverse metalen, nodig voor de energie-transitie, kan in hun voordeel spelen.

    “ Metal recovery from dross is not widespread in the magnesium industry, due to the complexity of the process and the inherent challenges of working with magnesium – a very combustible and volatile metal that is highly reactive to oxygen (which is why magnesium powders are used in pyrotechnics and fireworks). PyroGenesis believes it has the solution to the specific challenges posed by magnesium, potentially opening up a large opportunity for growth.”
  2. Sub!et 8 september 2022 19:48
    Rio Tinto wordt vaak vermeld als mogelijke klant van PYR.
    In het onderstaand artikel spreekt men NIET over het gebruik van plasmabranders maar over regeneratieve branders.
    Rio Tinto to invest in aluminium recycling centre - 30 Augustus 22

    Op zoek naar waar PYR in dit plaatje past kwam ik uit bij enkele wetenschappelijke rapporten over deze branders, in de hoop een link te kunnen leggen.
    Plasma tot nu nog niet tegengekomen .Een recent rapport vermeld wel volgende :


    Uses of these burners (! regeneratieve branders ! ) have gone up in the recent years. For each and every different application we have been able to develop different burners ( ! misschien plasma !) with optimum designs. High temperature burners have become significant and indispensable part of industries.

    Dit zou kunnen verklaren waarom ons meegedeeld werd er heel snel kan gehandeld worden bij bestelling, daar enkel de brander geleverd moet worden in plaats van een volledig systeem.

    In een voorgaand punt wordt ook de link gemaakt naar andere gebieden waar PYR op focust :


    Industrial burner manufacturers have always observed that the eco-friendly regenerative
    burners are preferred over other burners in the industry. Most of the customers come from
    various sectors like petroleum, oil and gas, ceramics, iron, steel and automobile industries.
    There was significant reduction in NOx emitted and many tests were conducted to prove the
    Future prospects include extending these features to all other combustion facilities. It
    includes pulverized coal-fired boilers, high temperature chemical furnaces, and waste burning
    furnaces. Problem with these burners are that we can’t directly apply preheated air technology
    to them.
    We can’t constraint its uses to the above industries. We can find replacement for hot air with
    hot fluid which is utilized in the honeycomb regenerator and provides a better heat efficiency.
    If this is combined to a chemical reaction, it finds more application.

    30 Augustus 22
    Rio Tinto to invest in aluminium recycling centre -Rio Tinto will invest US$29 million to construct a new aluminium recycling facility at its Arvida plant.
    Jax Jacobsen

    The plant will be located in Saguenay, Quebec.
    Rio Tinto will use the recycled products into aluminium alloys.
    "Investing in new recycling facilities in Arvida is another step in our strategy to expand our offering of low carbon aluminium products and integrate the circular economy into our value chain," Aluminium Managing Director of Atlantic Operations Sebastien Ross said.
    "This will allow us to continue to meet our customers' growing demand for responsible and traceable products."
    Rio Tinto will remelt clean aluminium scrap from used vehicles and construction materials to produce recycled content. This content will be used in aluminium billets at the Arvida smelter, as well as other products, the company said.

    The recycling centre will be operational in the March quarter of 2024. Its initial capacity will be 30,000 tonnes per year, with construction expected to begin in October.
    The centre will have a remelting furnace with regenerative burners; Rio Tinto will install an automated scrap loading system in a building at the Arvida plant.
  3. forum rang 10 voda 16 september 2022 07:19
    Tapmaster Launches Stainless-Steel 3D Printing Division in Calgary

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    16 Sep, 2022, 6:42 am

    Calgary Alberta based Canadian Tapmaster has recently launched a new division under SumMetal Printing to provide rapid prototyping and short-run production to Albertan businesses and entrepreneurs. Tapmaster owns the only Desktop Metal Shop System printing in 316L stainless steel for direct contract use in Canada. Combined with state-of-the-art HAAS CNC Milling and Lathe capability, SumMetal can help get nearly any prototype off the ground. Being local to Alberta allows for shop visits and tours as well as quick turnaround for Canadian customers that have traditionally relied on cross-border services.

    The Desktop Metal Shop System is a binder jet style 3D printer. This unique technology allows for hundreds of different parts to be printed simultaneously with a much finer surface finish than DMLS technology. This allows for loads with multiple different parts, or short run production of final end-use parts. When complete, the parts produced are 99% dense and contain no impurities making them ideal for use in any environment where MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) or casting would be used. The high resolution of the printer also allows for parts to be made that would otherwise need to be machined. Fine pitch threads and small orifices are all able to be printed without post-processing in many cases.

    Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, binder jet printing has several key advantages:

    No tooling costs

    No setup time

    Little to no post-processing

    96 hour turnaround times are possible

    Founded in 1994 as Integra Dynamics, Tapmaster has created a leading line of hands-free faucet systems based entirely on water pressure. All Tapmaster products are manufactured entirely in Calgary. With the addition of new prototyping machines, Tapmaster created SumMetal Printing to make leading-edge technology available at a more affordable price to other Canadian businesses.
  4. Sub!et 18 september 2022 17:16
    HPQ Silicon Partnership Opens Up New Opportunities Within Europe Where Silicon is Critical Material
    1 dag geleden

    What did Mr. Bernard Tourillon, CEO of HPQ have to say?

    “ This partnership comes at a pivotal moment for HPQ. Without a dedicated technical team within HPQ, this could have limited our ability to exploit the opportunities available to us with the imminent start of our GEN3 PUREVAP™ pilot plant. Furthermore, having a research & development center in Lyon, France, opens up new opportunities for cooperation within Europe, a region which, unlike Quebec, Canada and the United States, has formally recognized that silicon is a critical, highly important and
  5. forum rang 10 voda 20 september 2022 08:41
    nidus3D Printed 2 Story Building in Ontario in Canada

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    20 Sep, 2022, 5:30 am

    While the US and Canada have seen several 3D printed buildings in recent years, until now all of these have been single-story buildings. Now Canadian 3D construction printing company, nidus3D, is proving, that there is much more to 3D construction printing, than just smaller one-story houses. The completion of the printing of this 2-story building in Ontario, marks the building as the first multi-story 3D printed building in North America. Nidus3D used the BOD2 printer from COBOD, the world’s leading company in 3D construction printing solutions, whose technology has already been proved in several countries and used to 3D print the first 2- and 3-story buildings in Europe. As another advantage of the COBOD 3D construction printer, the BOD2 can print with real concrete with a particle size up 10mm and 99% based on locally found raw materials. COBOD developed this low cost solution, which is called D.Fab in cooperation with the cement giant Cemex. The 2-story house is the second structure nidus3D built, the first being earlier this summer 2022. The building will have a studio on the ground floor and a residence above, and the area of the building will be 2,300 square feet of mixed-use space. One of the new innovative methods nidus3D developed in the project was a 3D printed horizontal beam printed on site and lifted into place by a crane. With the COBOD International 3D construction printing technology, nidus3D has set out to address the current housing gap in Canada. COBOD and nidus3D both believe this new way of building will be a game changer for the housing crisis.
  6. R dayhigh 21 september 2022 14:13

    PyroGenesis Announces Completion of In-House Audit of Its NexGenTM Metal Powder Production Facility by Global Aerospace Company

    MONTREAL, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PyroGenesis Canada Inc. ( (TSX: PYR) (NASDAQ: PYR) (FRA: 8PY), a high-tech company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “PyroGenesis”), that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes advanced plasma processes, high quality plasma atomized metal powder for 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and sustainable solutions which are geared to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG), is pleased to announce today that, further to its press releases dated August 31, 2022 and July 18, 2022, the in-person powder production audit at PyroGenesis’ metal powder production facility in Montreal was completed by a tier one global aerospace company (the “Client”).

    “We are extremely pleased with the results of the on-site audit which offered us an opportunity to showcase our facility, our staff, and our groundbreaking process to a leading provider in design, engineering, and manufacturing of aircraft, aerospace technology, and defense solutions,” said Mr. P. Peter Pascali, CEO and Chair of PyroGenesis. “The findings and recommendations suggested to us by the Client were thoughtful, valuable, and easily implemented. As you might expect the scrutiny was of the highest degree, and I wish to thank the entire team, who over many years, have contributed to this success. Once again, the philosophy that “slow is smooth and smooth is fast” is bearing fruit for both the Company and its investors.”

    As mentioned in prior news releases, this on-site facility and production audit is a significant step for the Company as part of the final phase of the Client’s qualification process, which has spanned over 18 months of investigative rigor towards becoming an approved supplier of metal powders to the Client and its suppliers. With this step completed, the Company is making requested modifications and adjustments in order to proceed with delivery of final samples of titanium powder for chemical and mechanical testing by the Client.

    “From the outset, we wanted to validate our product and our system with the best, under the hardest and the most difficult standards. We are proud to state that all of the Client’s findings are addressable and aligned with our expectations prior to the audit,” said Mr. Massimo Dattilo, VP, PyroGenesis Additive. “As we have stated in the past, given our unique manufacturing process that exponentially improves upon the world’s leading existing metal powder production process – which we invented – using high temperature plasma atomization, we expect to be in a position to capture a significant share of the global titanium powder market. Completing the modifications by the Client’s audit findings and moving to the final sample delivery stage with such a major global aerospace company is a huge step towards that goal. We continue to be on track for a Q4 2022 / Q1 2023 target for final submission and approval.”

    The goal of PyroGenesis’ Additive division is to become a leading supplier of plasma atomized metal powders to end- users of additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing, which include, but are not limited to, the aerospace, biomedical, and automotive industries. The Company believes that its NexGen™ metal powder production system, a single-step process that is unique in that it uses wire as a direct feedstock, will produce significant gains in production speed, particle size control, and cost.
  7. forum rang 10 voda 23 september 2022 06:42
    Researchers Uncover How to 3D-Print Strong Stainless Steels

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    23 Sep, 2022, 6:06 am

    For airliners, cargo ships, nuclear power plants and other critical technologies, strength and durability are essential. This is why many contain a remarkably strong and corrosion-resistant alloy called 17-4 precipitation hardening stainless steel. Now, for the first time ever, 17-4 PH steel can be consistently 3D-printed while retaining its favorable characteristics. A team of researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Argonne National Laboratory has identified particular 17-4 steel compositions that, when printed, match the properties of the conventionally manufactured version. The researchers’ strategy, described in the journal Additive Manufacturing, is based on high-speed data about the printing process they obtained using high-energy X-rays from a particle accelerator. The new findings could help producers of 17-4 PH parts use 3D printing to cut costs and increase their manufacturing flexibility. The approach used to examine the material in this study may also set the table for a better understanding of how to print other types of materials and predict their properties and performance.

    Despite its advantages over conventional manufacturing, 3D-printing of some materials can produce results that are too inconsistent for certain applications. Printing metal is particularly complex, in part because of how quickly temperatures shift during the process. NIST physicist Fan Zhang “When you think about additive manufacturing of metals, we are essentially welding millions of tiny, powdered particles into one piece with a high-powered source such as a laser, melting them into a liquid and cooling them into a solid. But the cooling rate is high, sometimes higher than one million degrees Celsius per second, and this extreme nonequilibrium condition creates a set of extraordinary measurement challenges. Because the material heats and cools so hastily, the arrangement, or crystal structure, of the atoms within the material shifts rapidly and is difficult to pin down.”

    The authors of the new study aimed to shed light on what happens during the fast temperature changes and find a way to drive the internal structure toward martensite. They found the right tool for the job in synchrotron X-ray diffraction, or XRD. In XRD, X-rays interact with a material and will form a signal that is like a fingerprint corresponding to the material’s specific crystal structure. At the Advanced Photon Source, a powerful light source at the Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, the authors smashed high-energy X-rays into steel samples during printing. The authors mapped out how the crystal structure changed over the course of a print, revealing how certain factors they had control over, such as the composition of the powdered metal, influenced the process throughout.

    While iron is the primary component of 17-4 PH steel, the composition of the alloy can contain differing amounts of up to a dozen different chemical elements. The authors, now equipped with a clear picture of the structural dynamics during printing as a guide, were able to fine-tune the makeup of the steel to find a set of compositions including just iron, nickel, copper, niobium and chromium that did the trick. Mechanical testing showed that the 3D-printed steel, with its martensite structure and strength-inducing nanoparticles, matched the strength of steel produced through conventional means.

    The new study could make a splash beyond 17-4 PH steel as well. Not only could the XRD-based approach be used to optimize other alloys for 3D printing, but the information it reveals could be useful for building and testing computer models meant to predict the quality of printed parts.
  8. Sub!et 27 september 2022 17:47
    Vandaag hun ATL bereikt ,niettegenstaande onderstaande vooruitzichten.
    Oslo : NTI NOK 3,04 (ATL = NOK 2,90)

    Norsk Titanium is a producer of aerospace-grade, additively manufactured, structural titanium components for commercial aerospace tier one suppliers. The company is distinguished in the additive industry by its patented Rapid Plasma Deposition™ wire-based process. Norsk Titanium delivers the world’s first FAA-approved, 3D-printed, structural titanium, providing substantial lead-time and cost savings to the aerospace, defense, and industrial markets. See more at:

    Norsk Titanium: First half 2022 – On track for achieving key milestones
    31 AUG 2022 07:00 CEST

    Key highlights
    - Printed materials for Airbus machine qualification, to be tested in 3Q 2022
    with completion expected in 4Q 2022
    - Developed initial Airbus A350 parts in preparation for industrial
    manufacturing trial starting in 3Q 2022
    - Completed full-scale testing with General Atomics and another US DoD prime
    - Supported US DoD prime contractor in ongoing qualification tests of RPD®
    - Received contract for development of a large structural component from US DoD
    prime contractor for use in specification development
    - Completed registration with the US Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
    - On track for final part development for Hittech in 3Q 2022 and initiation of
    serial production in 4Q 2022
  9. forum rang 10 voda 28 september 2022 08:31
    Framatome Installs 3D Printed Stainless Steel Part at Forsmark NPP

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    28 Sep, 2022, 6:26 am

    French multinational nuclear company Framatome has completed installation of the first 3D-printed, stainless steel fuel component at the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant, operated by Vattenfall in Sweden. In collaboration with KSB SE & Co, the ATRIUM 11 upper tie plate grids were designed, manufactured, and installed in Forsmark Unit 3 for a multi-year irradiation program. Located at the top of the ATRIUM 11 fuel assembly, the upper tie plate grid is a non-structural weight-bearing component that secures fuel rods and retains larger debris from entering the fuel assembly from the top. Upper tie plate grids are easily inspected, and samples are accessible for qualifying this new manufacturing process for in-reactor use as needed.

    During the conventional manufacturing process, upper tie plate grids are laser welded, using stamped comb-like sheets that require additional manufacturing steps and operator oversight. Additive manufacturing streamlines the manufacturing process and increases design options for enhanced functionality and improved performance.

    Framatome’s initiative to introduce additive manufacturing to nuclear fuel began in 2015 and is focused on stainless steel and nickel-based alloy fuel assembly components. In 2021, a 3D-printed stainless steel fuel assembly channel fastener created by Framatome in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory was loaded in a US commercial BWR nuclear power plant. Framatome fuel experts in France, Germany and the US developed this technology in close collaboration with customers worldwide.

    Framatome is an international leader in nuclear energy recognized for it’s innovative, digital and value added solutions for the global nuclear fleet. With worldwide expertise and a proven track record for reliability and performance, the company designs, services and installs components, fuel, and instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants.
  10. forum rang 10 voda 4 oktober 2022 08:50
    Primeur: Filippo Ganna valt werelduurrecord aan op racefiets uit 3D-printer

    Filippo Ganna valt komende zaterdag 8 oktober op een revolutionaire fiets het werelduurrecord aan. Fabrikant Pinarello heeft de tweewieler uit de 3D-printer laten komen en dat is een primeur.

    Sportredactie 03-10-22, 22:56 Laatste update: 03-10-22, 22:57

    De Italiaanse renner van Ineos Grenadiers onderneemt op de wielerbaan in het Zwitserse Grenchen zijn poging om de 55,548 kilometer van de Brit Daniel Bigham te verbeteren. Ganna is tweevoudig wereldkampioen tijdrijden. Hij raakte zijn titel vorige maand bij de WK in Australië kwijt aan de Noor Tobias Foss.

    Volgens Pinarello heeft de 3D-printer het mogelijk gemaakt om ‘vormen en elementen aan te brengen die met de gewone carbon-technieken niet denkbaar zijn’. Ineos noemt de Bolide F HR 3D de snelste fiets ooit ontwikkeld.

    Voor meer, zie link:
  11. Sub!et 5 oktober 2022 09:28
    GM Silicon EV Battery Mashup Makes Automotive History In US
    GM launches first-of-its-kind R&D collaboration on new EV battery with silicon-infused graphite anode for low cost, high performance.

    GM has just gone where no US automaker has gone before. Last week, the company hooked up with the EV battery developer OneD Battery Sciences to push its signature Ultium batteries to the next level. It is apparently the first collaboration of its kind between two US companies, and it should help drive down the cost of battery-powered mobility at a more rapid pace.
  12. Sub!et 5 oktober 2022 09:39
    eBook : HPQ Silicon: Reshoring the silicon metal market to North America

    This eBook explores how HPQ Silicon is working towards delivering sustainable and reliable silicon, by reshoring the silicon metal market from China to North America.

    Offshoring, including that of the silicon metal market, has played a critical role in global economic development over the last 30 years. However, it is plagued by environmental and labour-related issues. New and innovative technologies, such as reshoring manufacturing back to North America’s (NA) robust and regulated markets, would help reach the world’s plans for net-zero emissions.

    The decline of NA’s manufacturing sector has seen heavy industry relocated to less developed economies, meaning shipping goods internationally became more profitable. The bulk of industry – including the silicon metal market – is now concentrated in Asian markets, especially China.

    The sector accounts for around 2-3% of global emissions, which is more than individual countries contribute. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) estimates that due to growing trade activity, this number could rise to 17%.

    Offshoring heavy industry to these regions has contributed to a huge increase in manufacturing pollution, due to these environments running on heavy coal. HPQ is attempting to reverse environmental damage by developing the PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR), designed to pioneer new and clean silicon metal production in the western world.

    In this eBook, HPQ propose a new era of sustainable offshore marketing, by bringing silicon metal back to North America’s regulated markets. Topics include:

    The environmental impacts of China’s silicon metal market;
    Labour exploitation in the current market;
    HPQ’s ability to reshore the silicon metal industry; and
    The production of the QRR and its ability to produce clean silicon metal.
  13. Sub!et 6 oktober 2022 22:53
    October 6, 2022
    MONTREAL, Canada — HPQ Silicon Inc. (“HPQ” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: HPQ) (OTCQX: HPQFF) (FRA:?O08), an innovative silicon solutions and technology development company, would like to inform shareholders that a significant milestone has been reached in the ongoing GEN3 PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR) Pilot Plant testing program.

  14. Sub!et 6 oktober 2022 22:57

    PyroGenesis’ Gen3 PUREVAP™ QRR Pilot Plant is Installed, Commissioned, Powered up, and Moves to Operational Testing for HPQ Silicon Inc.

    MONTREAL, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PyroGenesis Canada Inc. ( (TSX: PYR) (NASDAQ: PYR) (FRA: 8PY), a high-tech company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “PyroGenesis”), that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes advanced plasma processes and sustainable solutions to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and address environmental pollutants, is pleased to confirm, that further to HPQ Silicon Inc’s (“HPQ” or the “Client”) press release of earlier today, the Gen3 PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR) pilot plant (the “Gen3 PUREVAP™ Pilot Plant” or the “Pilot Plant”) has completed the month-long power-up process and is initiating its ground-breaking one-step transformation of quartz into high purity silicon, for the testing phase.
  15. mjmj 8 oktober 2022 17:45
    Wat vinden jullie van deze:

    MONTREAL, Oct. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PyroGenesis Canada Inc. ( (TSX: PYR) (NASDAQ: PYR) (FRA: 8PY), a high-tech company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “PyroGenesis”), that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes advanced plasma processes and sustainable solutions to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and address environmental pollutants, announces today that, further to its press release dated October 28, 2021, the negotiation for the land-based system to destroy Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (“PFAS”) contract has been suspended and discontinued.

    On October 28, 2021, it was announced that PyroGenesis, after a competitive bidding process, had been selected to provide its plasma based thermal process equipment in a two-phase project geared to providing a land-based system to destroy PFAS. The first phase was to provide pilot testing. The second phase was geared to a full fabrication, furbishing and commissioning of a fully commercial land-based system.

    “This decision was made because we remained firm in our decision to not compromise nor hand over, to the Client, the intellectual property (IP) which we would have developed in Phase 1,” said Mr. P. Peter Pascali, CEO and Chair of PyroGenesis. “Furthermore, after continuous negotiations, it became clear that there was no guarantee that we would be granted Phase 2. Essentially, if we agreed to the Client’s demand, all the IP we developed in Phase 1 could be used by someone else in Phase 2. As a company who has invested decades in building its intellectual capital and assembling a team of world-leading experts, this was unacceptable to us on many levels, and not in the best interest of shareholders. It must be clear that we will always stand by our investors, and will not jeopardize long term benefits of the Company, no matter how good it might at first seem in the short term.”

    PFAS are man-made chemicals that have been widely used in consumer products in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, construction, amongst others, for many decades. Products that may contain PFAS include nonstick cookware, stain resistant coatings used on carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics, water resistant clothing, cleaning products, personal care and cosmetics products and any other product that resist grease, water and oil1. Because of their widespread use and strong chemical bonds and properties, which account for their persistence in the environment, PFAS are proving to be persistent pollutants that affect humans and wildlife, as they are likely to be exposed to these chemicals by consuming contaminated water or food, using products made with PFAS, or breathing air containing PFAS.

    “As disappointing as it may seem, the fact remains that PyroGenesis’ technology and expertise won a very competitive bid to destroy PFAS,” added Mr. Pascali. “Nothing can change that. The take-a-way is that it seems that using PyroGenesis’ plasma technology has a place in the destruction of PFAS. Sadly, we will not prove it out on this project, but rest assured, we are, as we speak, pursuing similar opportunities in the USA.”

    Ik vind het zelf een erg vreemd verhaal.
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