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Forumbericht 18 jan

Tomtom eerste kwartaal 2020...

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

Therefore, Tesla will take care of its customers in China by connecting its cars to the Chinese Baidu

Forumbericht 29 okt

oktober Wordt Tomtom beloond naar harde werken??

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

”Not to be outdone, Microsoft’s Azure Maps, a collection of geospatial services that use mapping data to provide geographic context to web and mobile apps, has been lightly refreshed. It now more tightly integrates wi...

Forumbericht 10 sep

September 2019: Op Naar Deals En 17.50 Koers

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

Azure ExpressRoute allows organizations to connect their on-premises networks with the Microsoft cloud over a private connection provided by a connectivity provider. These ExpressRoute connections offer more reliabili...

Forumbericht 29 jul

TomTom juli 2019. Mooi weer of weer mooi.

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

Changing these rules would pave the way for companies like Alphabet’s Waymo, Ford, and General Motors to release hundreds of thousands of fully automated vehicles on public

Forumbericht 07 mei

TomTom mei 2019 - EUR3,20 uitkering per aandeel

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

MappingAzure Maps, Microsoft’s ever-expanding suite of geospatial mapping, search, routing, and traffic services, has a new API: Azure Mobility Service. Starting in June, it’ll provide real-time public transit informa...

Forumbericht feb '19

TomTom februari 2019

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

Like virtually every big enterprise company, a few years ago, the German auto giant Daimler decided to invest in its own on-premises data centers. And while those aren’t going away anytime soon, the company today ann...

Forumbericht jan '19

TomTom Januari 2019

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

Milliarden frs autonome Fahren – Bosch wagt sich ins KI-Duell mit

Forumbericht nov '18

TomTom nov '18 BUY (of bye?)

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

I want investors and I want everyone to know that we are developing an autonomous vehicle service that means a whole lot more than the car, Marakby said. What that means is ... when we launch these cars its not just g...

Forumbericht okt '18

TomTom oktober 2018

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

“Japans Softbank, for one, announced its own, $2.25 billion investment in GMs Cruise subsidiary last May. Google signed on with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in May to develop the groups new infotainment syst...

Forumbericht sep '18

TomTom september 2018

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom“One of its most interesting announcements at last weeks massive Amazon hardware event was the Echo Auto, a small dongle that brings Amazons Alexa into your car. The Echo Auto c...

Forumbericht aug '18


Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

“The fact that these cars only drive in known, mapped areas means they know their location with vastly more accuracy than GPS offers. The car knows where crosswalks and stoplights are. Its accurate to inches, not the ...

Forumbericht jul '18

TomTom juli 2018

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

“For more than a century, terrestrial-based signs and pavement markings have been used to communicate rules and restrictions to human drivers. Despite the occasional confusing intersection, missing or obscured sign, o...

Forumbericht jun '18

TomTom juni 2018

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom“Collaborating with leading technology companies such as Baidu supports our vision to become the world’s most trusted mobility company by leveraging new opportunities to build a...

Forumbericht mei '18

TomTom: Het is stil in mei...

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

Bericht van 23-04-2018“On a bright spring day in Amsterdam, car buffs stepped inside a blacked-out warehouse to nibble on lamb skewers and sip rhubarb cocktails courtesy of Lynk Co., which was showing off its new hyb...

Forumbericht apr '18

TomTom april doet wat hij wil

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

“De overeenkomst wordt getekend door staatssecretaris Mona Keijzer (Economische Zaken en Klimaat) en gouverneur Rick Snyder (Michigan). Dat doen ze op het hoofdkantoor van navigatie-leverancier TomTom in Amsterdam. De...

Forumbericht mrt '18

TomTom maart 2018

Door: PWaWa, Forum: TomTom

Unmanned vehicles will appear in regular traffic in three to five years, and people can soon travel in automatically-driven cars on expressways between Beijing and Shanghai while eating and singing, according to the C...


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