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  1. forum rang 10 luchtschip 6 mei 2021 22:45

    Ondanks wapenstilstand een ziekenhuis getroffen door Russische mortier en machine geweren aanval.


    Moving on from bombing hospitals in Syria, Russia’s now bombing them in Europe.

    On May 4th, Ukrainian military reported the hospital at Krasnohorivka was hit by mortar and machine gun fire. In their daily report published May 5th, the OSCE map detailing ceasefire violations confirms the town was hit – The OSCE ( Organisation for security and Co-Operation in Europe) are likely to visit the hospital, and we should get an update on their observations later in the week.

    Fortunately none of the 45 patients or hospital staff were injured. Currently the hospital is used to combat COVID-19, so it’s battling both a global pandemic and the unwelcome attention from Russian shells. Some 30 windows were said to be damaged, along with walls, trees, power cables and the above ambulance.

    Located behind Ukrainian military positions defending the town, this looks to have been a deliberate targeting of the hospital. Remember, both sides have been dug in here since 2015 and everyone knows the layout of the land and exactly where military positions and hospitals etc. are located. In addition, in the Petrovskyi district of Donetsk city, Russia’s forces occupy several large mine slag heaps – this height advantage enables them to better observe and target Ukrainian held Krasnohorivka and nearby Marinka.

  2. forum rang 10 luchtschip 7 mei 2021 12:02

    Ned Price, woordvoerder van het US Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken :

    Secretary of State, Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, Antony Blinken has concluded his visit to Kyiv. The US-Ukraine Partnership is strong and dynamic, and the United States supports a democratic and free Ukraine with its territorial integrity secure.
  3. forum rang 7 ffff 7 mei 2021 12:12
    Currently the hospital is used to combat COVID-19, so it’s battling both a global pandemic and the unwelcome attention

    Ennuh,,, Luchtschip....... Als JIJ nu in Oekraïne was, zou jij je daar dan laten inenten.

    Je blijft toch een speciale...... Over alles een mening, maar als je aan jou de eenvoudige vraag stelt: Waarom wil je op die vraag geen antwoord geven, reageer je als de meest geraffineerde, sluwe diplomaat......

    Weet je, Luchtschip....Bij diplomatie hoort op zijn minst hoor..... en wederhoor. En ook al ben jij zo nu en dan niet gediend van " wederhoor", bij een ( diplomatieke) discussie hoort dat wel erbij. Je geeft op zijn minst..... een antwoord. Anders krijgen we een zeeslag tussen Frankrijk en UK om wat kilo's vis. .... Al was dat eigenlijk wel weer genieten!

  4. forum rang 10 luchtschip 7 mei 2021 22:44

    In een snelle vogel vlucht met een UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone langs de Russische loopgraven in Oost Oekraine

    Remarkable Ukrainian military video showing a highspeed, low-altitude UAV flight along Russia's forces positions. Identifies what is said to be (green) launchers used to fire POM-2 anti-personnel mines & 1 rather startled soldier.

    video 0:51 minuut
  5. forum rang 10 luchtschip 7 mei 2021 22:54

    Wapenstilstand in Oost Oekraine.

    Desondanks 2 dode Oekrainse soldaten wegens Russische beschietingen.

    May 6th: Russia's Forces Kill 2 Ukrainian Soldiers

    The price for defending democracy rose yesterday.

    Today Ukraine’s military report details increased number of firing attacks by Russia-led forces on May 6th. This upsurge led to the death of 2 Ukrainian soldiers and saw a third severely wounded. Covering frontline events on May 5th, the OSCE had already reported a higher volume of fire, including use of heavy artillery.

    Now why this sudden firing increase? Well I’d say you’d get good odds for linking it to US Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to Ukraine yesterday – Putin wanting to remind president Biden that Russia still occupies a big chunk of Ukraine. My assessment is the increase will continue for a few more days and likely tail off again later next week.
  6. forum rang 10 luchtschip 11 mei 2021 18:48

    Ukraine's SBU has raided the home of Viktor Medvedchuk, an influential politician who is co-chairman of the largest pro-Russian political party. More importantly, he's a personal friend of Putin, who is godfather (Peet Oom) to Medvedchuk’s daughter.

    here's an official statement from Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova; she's accusing Medvedchuk (and his partner Taras Kozak) of treason and "looting national resources of Ukrainian Crimea."

    zie tweede tweet in de link.

    Wanneer Rusland de Krim en Oost Oekraine bezet heeft kan samenwerken met Rusland beschouwd worden als landverraad.

    Er wordt een stevige tik uitgedeeld richting Vladimir Putin

  7. forum rang 10 voda 17 mei 2021 08:54
    US May Terminate Probe on CTL Plate Imports from Russia & Ukraine

    TASS reported that according to a statement the US International Trade Commission published in federal register, United States may terminate previously suspended investigations on imports of carbon steel plate from Russia and Ukraine. US ITC said "The Commission hereby gives notice of the scheduling of expedited reviews pursuant to the Tariff Act of 1930 to determine whether revocation of the antidumping duty order on cut to length carbon steel plate from China and the termination of the suspended investigations on cut to length carbon steel plate from Russia and Ukraine would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury within a reasonably foreseeable time.”

    On November 3, 2020, the US Department of Commerce announced the launch of the procedure for revising the status of suspended anti-dumping investigations in relation to carbon steel imports from Russia and Ukraine. In early March, the US Department of Commerce argued that the termination of the suspended investigations could lead to a resumption of dumping with an average margin of up to 185% for Russia and up to 237.91% for Ukraine.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  8. forum rang 10 voda 19 mei 2021 08:22
    Ukraine’s Steel Production in Jan-Apr 2021 up by 7% YoY

    Ukrainian steel makers association Ukrmetalurgprom said that Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises in January-April this year have increased the production of general rolled products by 7.4% compared to the same period last year to 6.414 million tonnes. In the first four months of the year steel production has increased by 7.2% to 7.138 million tonnes, pig iron by 9.1% to 7.075 million tonnes,

    In April, 1.680 million tonnes of rolled products, 1.847 million tonnes of steel, 1.762 million tonnes of pig iron were produced, while in the previous month 1.575 million tonnes of rolled products, 1.779 million tonnes of steel, and 1.805 million tonnes of pig iron.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  9. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 20 mei 2021 14:18

    luchtschip schreef op 20 mei 2021 14:12:

    AFP News
    Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday that the lifting of US-imposed sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would represent a win for Russia

    zie 2de tweet
    Nord Stream 2 is een mooie stimulans voor Oekraïne om snel over te schakelen op zonne- en windenergie.

    'Ieder nadeel hep z'n voordeel'.
  10. forum rang 6 A Mao 20 mei 2021 15:06

    luchtschip schreef op 20 mei 2021 14:12:

    AFP News

    Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday that the lifting of US-imposed sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would represent a win for Russia

    zie 2de tweet
    Ja dhu, die is niet blij.
    Word 2x genaaid door Biden.
  11. forum rang 10 voda 11 juni 2021 09:25
    Metinvest to Build Cold Rolling Complex at Ilyich Steel Mariupol

    Ukranian steel maker Metinvest is launching a major construction project for a cold rolling complex at Ilyich Steel in Mariupol. It will consist of a continuous cold-rolling mill combined with a pickling line, as well as three state-of-the-art lines for zinc, aluminium zinc and polymer coatings. Project investments will exceed USD 800 million for the first phase. In 2025, after the completion of the project’s first phase, the mill will be able to produce around 1.2 million tonnes a year of highly competitive cold-rolled and galvanised steel, as well as polymer-coated steel. The production capacity will include more than 400 thousand tonnes of cold-rolled coils, more than 600 thousand tonnes of galvanised coils and more than 140 thousand tonnes of polymer-coated coils.

    The project’s second phase includes building a new annealing furnace department, skin pass mill and coil slitting line, as well as the new galvanised coil coating line. After the second phase is completed, the annual cold-rolled production capacity will exceed 1.6 million tonnes. The new cold-rolled steel production technology will allow Metinvest to enter the premium galvanised and colour-coated coil product segments.

    Metinvest will engage a major foreign contractor with experience in similar projects and it has signed a contract with Italy’s Danieli Group as technology provider. The new shop will feature highly efficient gas cleaners that meet the latest Ukrainian and European environmental standards. This equipment will ensure that the emissions of harmful substances remain 1.5-3 times lower than the maximum permissible norms in Ukraine. It will also reduce fuel consumption by 20%.

    The project’s second phase includes building a new annealing furnace department, skin pass mill and coil slitting line, as well as the new galvanised coil coating line. After the second phase is completed, the annual cold-rolled production capacity will exceed 1.6 million tonnes.

    In addition, the new facility will create more than 230 new jobs.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  12. forum rang 10 luchtschip 6 september 2021 16:17

    The MH17 trial resumes this morning at the high-security courthouse at Schiphol.

    For the next three weeks, we will be hearing from the relatives of the victims.

    Court MH 17 op twitter :

    De zitting gaat verder op maandag 6 september 2021 om 10:00 uur. The hearing will resume on Monday 6 September 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CEST.
  13. forum rang 10 voda 7 september 2021 09:20
    EBRD Helps Upgrade Kyiv District Heating System
    By Strategic Research Institute on Sep 07, 2021 10:00 am

    The residents of Kyiv will benefit from upgraded and more reliable provision of district heating and hot water supply thanks to a EUR 140 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to Kyivteploenergo, the heating and hot water utility serving the Ukrainian capital. The loan will finance the modernisation of existing combined heat and power plants and selected boiler houses as well as the installation of a new dispatching and monitoring system. The EBRD funding will be co-financed by a joint contribution from Kyiv municipality and Kyivteploenergo of at least EUR 26 million to finance the district heating network replacement. This new equipment will be fully compliant with the EU Industrial Emissions Directive.

    The improvements will enhance energy and resource efficiency as well as the quality and reliability of heating and hot water supply to residential and non-residential customers. The investments will result in annual savings of more than 193,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent and 25,000 cubic metres of water yearly.

    The project will be part of Kyiv’s Green City Action Plan. The municipality is currently developing a comprehensive investment programme promoting decarbonisation and sustainability. The plan is part of Kyiv’s commitment to improving the urban environment and people’s lives under the EBRD Green Cities initiative, a sustainable urban development programme that Kyiv joined in 2019.
  14. forum rang 10 voda 23 september 2021 08:54
    Ukrainian Coal Power Plants are Dirtiest in Europe

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    23 Sep, 2021, 6:30 am

    Euromaidan Press reported that hat eight of the ten dirtiest European coal power plants by particulate matter emissions are in Ukraine, 12 of 30 by sulphur dioxide emissions and 9 of 30 by nitrogen oxide emissions. But the most astonishing fact is that the state continues to subsidize them, instead of investing in new generation methods. However, many of Ukraine’s coal power plants are old and cause significant emissions of sulphur dioxide SO2, nitrogen oxides NOx and other chemicals.

    Ukraine is often neglected in global energy reports as compared to dragons such as China. Interestingly, Ukraine still formally complies with its international obligations regarding emissions, and lies in the middle of a global trend towards more renewable energy. But it should be compared with its progressive European neighbours, not with the main world polluter China. Currently, Ukraine, Turkey, and Western Balkan countries are competing in coal power air pollution in Europe, followed by Germany and Poland

    According to a report by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air claims SO2 and NOx contribute significantly to higher levels of lung diseases in Ukraine.

    According to the report by Ember, global wind and solar generation rose strongly in 2020 by 15% (+314 Twh), accounting for almost a tenth (9.4%) of the world’s electricity last year, doubling from 4.6% in 2015. However, last year rapid development of wind and solar generation slowed down in Ukraine because of difficulties with balancing day- and night-time generation from solar power plants – an issue less relevant to fossil or nuclear power generation. This is why the government reduced green tariffs on Ukraine’s market, causing a number of lawsuits from electricity companies. The future of wind and solar generation in Ukraine is unclear. At the same time nuclear and many coal power plants are 35- to 65-years-old and already pose a huge environmental threat.
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