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  1. Column feb '21

    Why our ETFs now come with a temperature

    Door Connect Onderwerpen: Lyxor, Connect

    At Lyxor, we don’t just talk about climate change. We try to do something about it. This week, we took a major step along that path by becoming the first ETF provider in the world to publish temperatures for most of the indices underpinning our funds.

  2. Column jan '21

    Climate investing: if not now, when? If not you, who?

    Door Connect Onderwerpen: Lyxor, IEXConnect

    For all the ESG-challenges companies face today, there is one which unites them all – a challenge dwarfing all others in its urgency. ‘E’ for the environment. ‘E’ for the elephant in the room. ‘E’ for the emergency we all now face – the failure of our fossil-fuel civilisation to address climate change, writes Lyxor ETF.

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