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Sopheon augustus 2020

101 Posts
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  1. [verwijderd] 9 augustus 2020 10:53

    tritace schreef op 8 augustus 2020 14:03:

    Trending: Innovation Management System Market Grow at Exceptional Rate During 2020 to 2026 – QYR | Planview, Brightidea, IdeaScale, Sopheon, Planbox, IdeaConnection

    LOS ANGELES, United States: QY Research has recently published a report, titled “Global Innovation Management System Market Report, History and Forecast 2015-2026, Breakdown Data by Companies, Key Regions, Types and Application“. The research report gives the potential headway openings that prevails in the global market. The report is amalgamated depending on research procured from primary and secondary information. The global Innovation Management System market is relied upon to develop generously and succeed in volume and value during the predicted time period. Moreover, the report gives nitty gritty data on different manufacturers, region, and products which are important to totally understanding the market

    Interessant: ....exceptional rate during 2020-2026
    tritace, goed gevonden.
  2. tritace 9 augustus 2020 14:08
    Erg interessant artikel van begin augustus. Mogelijk (een deel van) de verklaring van de recente stijging. Overigens zijn de commentaren op het artikel ook lezenswaard.

    This one looks interesting.

    SPE has led its niche for c20 years and spends millions every year to maintain its strong market position. This R&D investment should drive future profitable growth.

    The business model shifts towards SaaS, higher recurring revenues, and cloud-based infrastructure could be attractive company-specific share price catalysts. A predictable and less volatile revenue stream makes for a more valuable business for shareholders.

    Yes, SPE underperformed in 2019 but underlying trading momentum seems robust and the recent share price weakness could be a good long term entry point. You can argue that the very reason SPE missed expectations back in 2019 is due to a change in business model that makes the entity more valuable to long term shareholders.

    There’s no doubt that SPE looks expensive according to conventional metrics but I would argue that there is growth in the pipeline and current figures are temporarily depressed.

    The group’s financial health is robust and improving, it is cash generative, and the pipeline is strong.

    If SPE can get back to 2018 levels of profitability - which as far as I can tell seems quite likely given the group’s operating history, market position, and continued R&D investment - then that would put SPE at 870p on a PE ratio of 13.4x.

    What’s more, it’s entirely possible that SPE surpasses this high water mark and can grow comfortably beyond its current £90m market cap. There are risks of course as with all small caps, so DYOR. What happened in 2019 could happen again, and there is always the risk of a bigger operator coming out with a serious competing product

    This hasn’t happened yet though (as far as I know) and it looks as though SPE has all the right ingredients to become a significantly larger company in time. As always, interested to hear what others make of this company's prospects.
  3. Bertus S 10 augustus 2020 14:47

    tritace schreef op 9 augustus 2020 14:08:

    Erg interessant artikel van begin augustus. Mogelijk (een deel van) de verklaring van de recente stijging. Overigens zijn de commentaren op het artikel ook lezenswaard.

    This one looks interesting.

    Op verzoek van Tritace het artikel als bijlage, zonder "in te loggen"..............

    Bertus S.
  4. tritace 10 augustus 2020 20:41
    Interessant commentaar op bovenstaand artikel.

    1: Richstead
    9:43 am
    What is a targeted vertical? I find some of the jargon confusing. Post tax profits have hardly gone anywhere since 1999 despite the improved cash flow.

    2: Tonysaparito
    Wed, Aug 5, 2020
    Hey Jack..another excellent article..Whenever, I learn of a new company as I did with Sopheon (LON:SPE), the first thing I do is take a look at the company website..Mence , may be brilliant and so may SPE but Old Warren would never invest in such a company ..You only have to spend 10 minutes reading the company blurb to realise that, if you were on Mastermind as asked : Tell me what Sopheon (LON:SPE) does ? , you could not answer the question, ..yes, I know it helps food companies with product innovation but for ordinary folk, this is a difficult business to fathom.

    Anyone who invests in it deserves a medal because it’s too complicated and clever to really understand, whatever the numbers say .. for idiots like me.

    3: blueskyventurer
    Tue, Aug 4, 2020
    Again Jack,

    I do love the detail and usefulness of your report. I just want to add to what you have already outlined.

    Sopheon (LON:SPE) is in a pretty fragmented market and has a fairly small market share. Sopheon(5%), Planbox (25%), HYPE Innovation (10%), Brightidea (12%), Innolytics (6%), Qmarkets (5%), plus other. ( I suspect it will eventually be a takeover target at some point)

    Sopheon (LON:SPE) has withdrawn guidance in May making it difficult to take a view on future revenues.

    SaaS model transition can be quite painful for companies as the trading current revenues for future revenues while maintaining the same level of cost. I've tabled a view below and graph valuations of this transition for Sopheon (LON:SPE) .


    I brought a significant interest in 2017 and was happy to sell out in 2019 when the shift to the SaaS revenues model was described.

    I agree with Jack this is long term compounder but it may take a couple of years for the SaaS revenues model shift to play out. (One to watch for me).


  5. [verwijderd] 13 augustus 2020 10:10

    Bertus S schreef op 10 augustus 2020 14:47:

    Op verzoek van Tritace het artikel als bijlage, zonder "in te loggen"..............

    Bertus S.
    berenbergbank, 5juli 2019, 407.000 aandelen, en nogeens 31december 2019, 523.000 aandelen.
    ze staan niet op de sopheon side, bij het overzicht van aandeelhouders. terwijl ze ruim over de 9% in sopheon zitten.
  6. [verwijderd] 16 augustus 2020 12:31

    marblesthegame schreef op 10 augustus 2020 18:41:

    Dat Berenberg zoveel aandelen bezit was mij niet bekend.
    Van de ruim 10 miljoen aandelen zijn er nog 1,7 miljoen vrij.
    hoi marbles,
    daarom vind ik ook zo vreemd, dat berenberg niet op de sopheon side staat. bij het inversteerders lijstje. dat grote aandeelhouders lijstje is bijgewerkt tot 30 juni 2020.
  7. marblesthegame 17 augustus 2020 19:11
    Voor zover bekend

    Full name of person Full name of shareholder

    Myrtledare corp / rivermore Rock (Nominees) Limited 2428711 23,81%
    universal investment gesellschaft 516681 5,06%
    shaker financial 433433 4,25%
    ancora 225470 2,21%
    thomas j herzfeld 53866 0,53%
    blue bell private wealth 257935 2,53%
    scotia inc 21643 0,21%
    walleye trading 56696 0,56%
    fin architects 625 0,01%
    morgan stanley 17786 0,17%
    berenberg bank 407900 4,00%
    berenberg european micro cap 523000 5,13%
    first manhattan 10000 0,10%

    Barry Mence 2228537 21,84%
    Stuart Silcock 520318 5,10%
    Arif Karimjee 82493 0,81%
    Andrew Michuda 84155 0,82%
    D. Metzger 5000 0,05%

    aandelen in vaste handen 7874249

    totaal uitstaande aandelen 10202138

    vrij 2327889 22,82%
  8. marblesthegame 21 augustus 2020 09:03

    Last week, CGT reported on how global snacking giant Mondelez International, Inc. was partnering with Sopheon to transform its innovation and commercialization processes and portfolios. The two companies are set to collaborate in an accelerated deployment program that is expected to enable Mondelez to go live with Sopheon’s SaaS-based Accolade platform and replace two global legacy systems before the end of the year.

    welke 2 systemen zouden dat kunnen zijn?
  9. marblesthegame 24 augustus 2020 09:22

    hunky schreef op 24 augustus 2020 09:12:

    hoi marbles, ik weet het niet, zo te zien niemand hier. mischien dat we donderdag daar iets over horen.
    Dat zullen we niet gaan horen, maar hoe mooi zou het zijn als Sopheon even 2 grote concurrenten buitenspel heeft gezet.
    Ben benieuwd naar de cijfers.
101 Posts
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