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2011/2021: TOTAL economic MELTDOWN

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Why debt will be the cause of the next stock market jolt

Goldman 'Bear Market Indicator' Nears Record High: "No Limit To The Stupidity Of Wall Street"

It’s Fraud & Theft, The Central Banks Get Special Set Of Laws To Steal Our Wealth: Mike Maloney

The Economic System Is Deteriorating At An Acelerated Pace

Keep Buying Silver & Gold - America's Last Chance

Understanding The Global Recession Of 2019

Not terrified of a recession? These stocks hint you should be

Bruno Le Maire: The eurozone will not survive without convergence

The European Central Bank Is in Panic Mode As The Economy Stalls
China Real Estate May Face ‘Year of Recession’

The potential global impact of a Chinese recession

Australia House Prices Could Drop 30% in UBS Recession Scenario

Drop in Credit Card Spending Could Signal Problems in Economy Built on Consumer Debt

MASSIVE Housing Bubble In China! - 50 Million EMPTY Apartments!

Why Markets Are Still Heading For A Crash

‘Bigger than anyone forecast’: Is the housing market downturn a crash? | The New Daily

10 Reasons It's Time to Be a Stock Market Bear
Stock market pessimists may soon have their day...

Begrotingstekort VS van 100 miljard dollar

(ABM FN-Dow Jones) Het Amerikaanse begrotingstekort is in oktober opgelopen tot 100 miljard dollar. Dit bleek dinsdag uit cijfers van het Amerikaanse ministerie van Financiën.

In oktober 2017 stond de teller op een tekort van 63 miljard dollar. De VS gaven afgelopen maand 353 miljard dollar uit, terwijl er maar 253 miljard dollar binnenkwam.

Echter aangepast voor kalendereffecten was het tekort 110 miljard dollar, 1 miljard dollar minder dan in oktober vorig jaar, aldus het ministerie.

Het fiscale jaar begint in de VS in oktober. Economen verwachten dat het tekort dit jaar oploopt tot bijna 1.000 miljard dollar.

Door: ABM Financial News.
Redactie: +31(0)20 26 28 999

© Copyright ABM Financial News B.V. All rights reserved
Oil Falls AGAIN as Global Economy Shows Impending Crisis Is Impossible To Avoid!

NEXT MARKET CRASH: 8 Ways to Prepare for Economic Collapse

China’s latest financial data paints a bleak economic outlook amid trade war

“Outlook Deteriorated Even More for the Eurozone than for Germany” (Despite NIRP?)

German Economy Shrinks For First Time In 3 Years As Car Production Collapses

Germany & Japan Face Recession Risk as Export Powerhouses Feel Trade War Pinch

Greenspan Sees Next Recession Driven by `Dramatically' Rising Debt

China’s Coming Recession Has Pushed Oil Below $60

Japan’s economy has a $5 trillion problem

John Rubino – At Some Point the Whole Thing Blows Up
Degroof Petercam: Global economy is cooling - The sharp equity sell-off in October suggests investors are coming to terms with the rise of downside risks. Chief among these risks is global protectionism.

11 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Starting To Slow Down Dramatically

De aandelen die ik zelf momenteel interessant vind zijn: Nio, General Electrics, Nvidia, Weir, Amazon, Tripadvisor, Booking, Fitbit, Square, Netflix, Tesla, Infineon, Wirecard, ASML, Ripple, Bitcoin, 21st Century Fox en Fiat chrysler. Allemaal op stijgen.
Vind iemand dat ik er nog wat mis of zijn jullie het daar wel mee eens?
de experts voorspellen morgen sky-high. complete bull dag. Tesla staat op 340 dus dan zou NIO op 10 een hele mooi aanschaf moeten zijn! ben ik van overtuigd.
Economic contractions in Japan and Germany raise a big question: Is the global economy entering a mature phase?

A Brexit Deal Has Arrived. Now the Chaos Begins.

Global slowdown: 3 of the top 4 economies are suffering

China’s coming recession has pushed oil below $60 – Analyst
China is the largest importer of oil

The Economic Collapse Of China! Nightmare Scenario For Beijing: 50 Million Apartments Are Empty

I Keep Warning... The Markets Are Entering "Liquidation Mode"

One By One, Asset Classes Are Entering Bear Markets

Sharp, Deep Crash Possible in Next Few Weeks

Greenspan Sees Next Recession Driven by `Dramatically' Rising Debt

House prices could fall 30 per cent in ‘deep recession’

China Deep Recession, Interest Rates, US Fed. Rick Ackerman

Elite Terrified of 1930’s Depression or Weimar Hyperinflation, At Some Point the Whole Thing Blows Up
Panic Sets In, The Financial Pundits Beg The Fed To Stop, The Plan Pushes Forward

This Is Why Everything Needs To Be Put In Place Before The Hammer Is Dropped

Central Banks and Governments Will Keep Issuing Debt Until the System Collapses

A Surge In U.S. Corporate Debt Presents a 'Key Vulnerability In The Economy,' Says JPMorgan

Risky Debt in Australia Could Magnify Potential Downturn, Central Bank Governor Says

It's The End Of The Welfare State

What are the economic implications of Brexit?

Swelling corporate debt piles are now global fund managers' major concern

Mortgage Rates May Hit 6% Sooner, as Fed Sheds Mortgage-Backed Securities, But What Will that Do to Housing Bubble 2 ?

The Fed Has Never Been Audited, The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming:Gus Demos

The Black Swan Just Hit Oil…Next Is Stocks

The Brutal Reality Of Brexit via @forbes

The next economic crisis could cause a global conflict. Here's why - Analyses - EBR:

Economic Crisis Approaching Fast | David Kranzler

9 Reasons America Will Have a Recession in 2019

How To Prepare For The Upcoming RECESSION And Propser Through It

The Fed’s Tightening Is Going To Tip Us Into A Recession Soon Enough

The Upcoming Recession Means the Bear Market Started

The Worst Is Still Ahead For Investors

The eurozone is having an identity crisis and Italy will bear the brunt

Brexit, Italy, trade: Risks piling up for Europe's economy

A messy Brexit is the last thing Wall Street needs

"The Outlook For The Global Economy Has Deteriorated": Oil, Copper And Lumber Are All Telling Us The Next Economic Downturn Is Here

Why Does America Have 13 Million Households That Don’t Have Enough Food To Eat?

UK Business Optimism Lowest Since 2009; Household Finance Outlook At 5-Month Low

The US building materials sector outlook has changed to stable from positive, as slower private #construction demand will lead to reduced organic operating income growth in 2019. Read more here:
Facebook is on track to post its longest losing streak ever, and some say there’s more pain ahead

Wells Fargo turns positive on gold, here's how high bull sees it going

MASSIVE Loan CRISIS! - The Debt Bubble Will BURST!

"It Will Be A Cold War": APEC Summit Ends In Unprecedented Chaos After Dramatic US-China Showdown

"The Outlook For The Global Economy Has Deteriorated": Oil, Copper And Lumber Are All Telling Us The Next Economic Downturn Is Here

We’re Already in a Bear Market - Analysts never admit we're in a bear market until we're out of it

All The FANG Stocks Are Now In A Bear Market And Facebook Investors Have Already Lost 39 Percent Of Their Paper Wealth

Goldman Sachs on 2019: Raise cash, get defensive and look out below if more tariffs happen

The homeless crisis is getting worse in America’s richest cities

Ray Dalio says it’s just like the 1930s for investors right now’

Apple Enters Bear Market After Second Goldman Downgrade In One Week

Nasdaq Futures Are Crashing As Apple Collapses | Zero Hedge

These 5 Tech Stocks Combined Have Lost More Than $800 Billion in Market Value


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