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  1. forum rang 10 luchtschip 6 december 2021 23:46

    Natasha Bertrand, @CNN reporter covering the White House and national security. :

    "Pretty damn aggressive" sanctions package in works by US & Europe should Russia invade Ukraine, sources say. 1 option "very much on the table": disconnecting Russia from SWIFT international payment system & denying Russian energy producers from debt markets

    "Pretty damn aggressive" sanctions package in works by US & Europe should Russia invade Ukraine,

    sources say. 1 option "very much on the table": disconnecting Russia from SWIFT intl payment system & denying Russian energy producers from debt markets.

    Biden readying sanctions against Putin's inner circle ahead of this week's key call

    US officials are currently weighing a wide set of sanctions on Russia meant to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin from launching an invasion into Ukraine, according to people familiar with the discussions.

    They include new actions against members of Putin's inner circle and on Russian energy producers, and one potential "nuclear option" -- disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT international payment system used by banks around the world.

    The officials said final decisions hadn't been made on whether and when to apply the new sanctions, and said the Biden administration is currently in talks with European partners — many of whom have closer economic relationships to Russia — in the hopes of coordinating action.

    A senior administration official said Monday the US was prepared to take "substantive economic countermeasures" meant to inflict "significant and severe economic harm on the Russian economy" should Putin go ahead with a military escalation in Ukraine.

    "We believe that there is way forward here that will allow us to send a clear message to Russia there will be genuine and meaningful and enduring costs to choosing to go forward -- should they choose to go forward -- with a military escalation," the official said, briefing reporters ahead of Biden's planning video call with Putin on Tuesday.

    The official declined to specify what economic sanctions were under consideration, but said the US had engaged in "intensive discussions with our European partners about what we would do collectively in the event of a major Russian military escalation."

    People familiar with the discussions said new economic sanctions could target a variety of sectors, including energy producers and Russian banks. The new sanctions could also go after Russia's sovereign debt.

    They are also likely to go after top Russian oligarchs, limiting their ability to travel and potentially cutting off access to American banking and credit card systems.

    Officials have also been weighing disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT international payment system, upon which Russia remains heavily reliant, according to two sources familiar with the discussions. This is being considered a "nuclear" option. The European Parliament passed a nonbinding resolution in the spring calling for such a move should Russia invade Ukraine, and the US has been discussing it with EU counterparts.

    There is also serious discussion underway about denying Russian energy producers from debt markets in case of an invasion, per a senior administration official.

    "We have put together a pretty damn aggressive package," the official said, and have warned Russia that if it invades Ukraine the US and Europe together will impose the worst economic sanctions that have ever been imposed on a country, outside of Iran and North Korea.

    But there are concerns that Russia may be retaliate against any move by the US or its allies, including weaponizing its energy production.
    "The fear is Russia then tries to retaliate by holding back production," a senior US official told CNN.

    President Joe Biden referred to the possible actions on Friday, telling reporters he was "putting together what I believe to be the most comprehensive and meaningful set of initiatives to make it very, very difficult for Mr. Putin to go ahead and do what people are worried he may do." And Secretary of State Antony Blinken has referred to "high impact economic measures" under consideration to punish Russia. Biden and Putin are set to hold a video call on Tuesday.

    The Kremlin on Monday described reports about potential sanctions as "information hysteria," Russian state news agency Tass reported.
    "This is not news, but rather a continued information hysteria that we observe in the media these days," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, according to Tass.

    New US intelligence findings estimate Russia could begin a military offensive in Ukraine in a matter of months as it amasses up to 175,000 troops along the border, a startling escalation that Biden has warned could lead to severe consequences.

    Speaking last week, Putin signaled he would call for specific agreements that would rule out any further NATO expansion eastward and deployment of its weaponry close to Russia's borders. Should Putin tell Biden on Tuesday that NATO must not admit Ukraine as a member -- as he is expected to do during the two men's secure video conference -- Biden is not likely to accede to the demand.

    "We don't think talk of redlines is helpful, and as the President has said, we're not going to operate according to that logic of accepting anyone's redlines," a senior administration official said a day ahead of the call.

    The latest developments come after months of steady increases along the Russia-Ukraine frontier that have alarmed US and Western officials and led to tense conversations between American diplomats and their counterparts.

    CNN reported Friday that Russian forces have capabilities in place along the Ukraine border to carry out a swift and immediate invasion, including erecting supply lines such as medical units and fuel that could sustain a drawn-out conflict, should Moscow choose to invade.

    Officials said the current levels of equipment stationed in the area could supply front-line forces for seven to 10 days and other support units for as long as a month.

  2. forum rang 10 luchtschip 7 december 2021 05:08

    Biden Putin gesprek

    Voorafgaand aan dit gesprek heeft US Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Antony Blinken telefonisch gesproken met President van Oekraine Zelenskiy

    >>Blinken bevestigde de US steun voor soevereiniteit, onafhankelijkheid en territoriale integriteit aangaande Russische agressie in de regio.

    >>Beiden waren het eens over een vredevolle diplomatieke oplossing van het conflict in Donbas en het volledig herstel van de soevereiniteit over zijn internationaal erkende grenzen inclusief de Krim

  3. forum rang 10 luchtschip 7 december 2021 18:51

    West could cut Russia from SWIFT, sanction Nord Stream, Latvia ( Leland ) says

    SWIFT is het wereldwijde banksysteem

    The West must send a strong message to Russia to deter it from invading Ukraine, including cutting Russia off from the SWIFT payment system, sanctioning the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and strengthening NATO's eastern flank, Latvia said on Tuesday.

  4. forum rang 10 luchtschip 7 december 2021 18:56

    The U.S. will push Germany to stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project if Russia invades Ukraine

    >>White House will push Germany on the pipeline in that scenario
    >> Pipeline is part of a potential package of deterrent measures

    President Joe Biden’s administration is seeking a commitment from the new German government that it would halt the project under such circumstances, one of the people said, asking not to be identified talking about confidential discussions.

    Biden held a high-stakes video call Tuesday with Putin, with the pipeline one of the measures being discussed by the U.S. and European allies as providing potential leverage with the Russian leader. That’s as he again masses troops near the Ukrainian border and the U.S. and NATO fret about the possibility of an invasion in the early part of next year. Putin has denied his intention is to start a war.

    Other possible options under discussion include sanctions on Russian banks and exports of the country’s commodities. The aim is to agree on a package that is comprehensive, quick to implement and economically painful enough that it serves as a true deterrent.

    In a briefing Monday on Capitol Hill, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland faced push-back from senators who said the U.S. was limiting its options with Putin by not providing more weaponry to Ukraine and failing to stop Nord Stream 2, according to two people who asked not to be identified discussing the private meeting.

  5. forum rang 10 luchtschip 7 december 2021 19:46

    Angstvallig stil in Moskou na het gesprek tussen Biden en Putin

    Een uur verder en Moskou geeft geen briefing over het gesprek. Nog niet eerder gebeurd na gesprekken tussen Putin en een Amerikaanse President

    Eerily quiet after this Biden-Putin call. An hour on and Moscow is not briefing the media. That’s a first.

  6. forum rang 9 ff_relativeren 7 december 2021 21:05
    Mitch McConnell, de minderheidsleider der Republikeinen in de Senaat, gaat toch Joe Biden helpen om het Schuldenplafond-probleem op te lossen. McConnell stelt een eenmalige procedure voor, waarbij met 60 Senaatsstemmen een mogelijkheid wordt gegeven dat de Democraten na goedkeuring van die procedure, met 51 stemmen het Schuldenplafond mogen verhogen.

    De pro-Trump Senaatsleden lieten onmiddellijk weten dat er zeker NIET wordt geholpen om met 60 stemmen zo een procedure mogelijk te maken. Het is dus maar de vraag of het voorstel van Mitch McConnell iets bijdraagt, of alleen een tijdrovende doodlopende weg zal blijken te zijn.

    Bron: .
  7. forum rang 10 luchtschip 7 december 2021 23:29

    video call Biden Putin

    Russische verklaring over het video onderhoud

    After almost three hours after the end of the video call, Putin came out with a statement, so far only in Russian. It states that the call was mainly devoted to the "internal Ukrainian crisis and the absence of progress in fulfillment of the Minsk..."

    Untypically, the Kremlin mentions that Biden "underlined the allegedly 'threatening' character of the movement of Russian troops close to the Ukrainian partners and mentioned sanctions that the US and its allies would be ready to undertake in the case of further escalation."

    "Vladimir Putin responded that the responsibility must not be transferred to the shoulders of Russia, since it is NATO that is carrying out dangerous attempts to seize the Ukrainian territory..."

    "Therefore, Russia is seriously interested in receiving credible legal guarantees that exclude the expansion of NATO to the East..."

    The Kremlin report is long, but it is uncommon for the Kremlin to report anything negative that the opposing side has said. The Kremlin conclusion is that the Russia-US dialogue must continue. No word about any role for Ukraine in that conversation.
    Tough from both sides.

  8. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 december 2021 08:30

    video call Biden Putin

    US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, die bij het gesprek aanwezig was

    Biden zei tegen Putin, "ik kijk je recht in de ogen en zeg je dat wanneer je het waagt Oekraine verder binnen te vallen zullen wij ernstige maatregelen nemen.
    De maatregelen ( sancties ) die de US ( onder Obama nam na de inval van Rusland in Oost Oekraine en de Krim ) in 2014 nam, zijn slechts een voetmassage in vergelijking met de maatregelen die we nu zullen nemen.

    Video 0:58 minuut

    2de tweet

    Biden kan Rusland afsluiten van SWIFT, het internationaal betalingen systeem tussen banken, afsluiten van internet, het NordStrom II project afblazen, sancties uitvoeren op personen en bedrijven

    Rusland is een net importer van consumenten producten als vers en gedroogd fruit, noten, groenten, vlees, kaas, wijn, alcoholische dranken, voedsel ingrediënten, verwerkt voedsel als specerijen, snacks en sappen.

    Dat stemt Putin tot nadenken, want bij voedsel tekorten komt het volk in verzet en kan Putin het veld ruimen

    zie eerste tweet

  9. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 december 2021 14:06

    House passes bill authorizing $770 billion in Pentagon funding and setting Defense policy

    The National Defense Authorization Act, the annual must-pass legislation that sets the policy agenda and authorizes almost $770 billion in funding for the Department of Defense, passed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday night.

    The bill now moves to the Senate, where it will likely be voted on later this week, before it can be signed into law by President Joe Biden.

    he final version of the bill, which leadership from both chambers have agreed to, contains

    >> changes to how sexual assault and harassment are prosecuted and handled within the military,
    >> a 2.7% pay increase for military service members and Defense Department civilian employees,
    >> $300 million in military aid to the Ukrainian Security Assistance Initiative, adding $50 million more than what was proposed in the budget request,

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