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Ripple - XRP - nieuwe verdienmodellen noodzakelijk voor bancaire sector

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Frederik C.
De komende dagen zal de interesse in XRP en Ripple gaan toenemen...Mooi stuk van Hodor, oud-gediende, die nieuw-gedienden bij de hand neemt...;-)

These new XRP-curious individuals were hungry for any information they could get their hands on. I wrote several blogs to help educate people that were new to XRP about the basics of its characteristics, technical features, and market statistics. These blogs did a couple things in combination, and it's wise to publish a refreshed version of that blog now, since it appears that the crypto market is accelerating as the second SWELL Conference approaches.
Frederik C.
Ripple for Good Supports Education and Financial Inclusion with $100 Million Commitment
So what’s the bottom line? Simply put, Ripple is a mission-driven company committed to creating positive change across the global economy. Our vision is to enable the Internet of Value, a world where money moves like information does today for as many people as possible. This goal guides everything we do, from technology development to customer deployments to our workplace culture to Ripple for Good, our newest, and in some ways, boldest, endeavor.
Frederik C.
Ripple is focused on creating an interconnected world, says Marcus Treacher
As a solution, he stated that the company turned its head towards Inter Ledger Protocol [ILP]. Marcus stated:

“An interesting model that we are really big fans of that we’ve actually adopted is the Interledger model. The idea is that you take the design of the internet for information and you kind of recreate that using cryptography in a kind of blockchain connected way.”

...En inmiddels weer #2,stijging zet door....
Frederik C.
Financial Times: Japanese banks to offer instant money transfers using blockchain
The MoneyTap app does not use Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency, which is meant to be a cheap and universal bridge currency, providing an alternative to the expensive nostro and vostro accounts of correspondent banking. But Mr Okita said this option would be open in future to any banks that wanted to use it.
Frederik C.
xRapid is going into commercial production. @mercury_fx_ltd, @Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union will be the first to make on-demand cross-border payments on RippleNet using #XRP.
“The traditional international wire experience fails to meet today’s expectations from a price, speed and ease-of-use perspective. Blockchain technology, and specifically Ripple’s xRapid product, resolves all three of these challenges simultaneously. Catalyst Corporate, through our subsidiary companies’ technology platforms, will leverage the XRP digital asset to transfer money across borders instantly on behalf of our 1400+ member credit unions. We have signed a production contract and are currently building out our plan.” – Brad Ganey, senior vice president and COO, Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union.

Ripple’s cryptocurrency product goes live for the first time with three financial firms

Key Points

Ripple said xRapid, which uses cryptocurrency XRP to carry out international transactions, is now commercially available.
The development marks the first time XRP will be used in commercial application by financial services firms.
Chief Executive Brad Garlinghouse was set to announce the news at Ripple’s annual Swell conference.
één en ander

Joshua41 schreef op 3 okt 2018 om 14:27:

Volgens mij gaan we binnen de 2 weken naar de 0.75 euro

Op basis van...???
Cryptomarkt lijkt me nog moeilijker te voorspellen dan gewone markt.
Neem Ripple: goed nieuws en waarde naar beneden.
Frederik C.
Experts: “Ripple’s XRP gaat dit jaar stijgen tot 1 dollar”
Garçon, directeur van het crypto-derivaten-platform Amulet: “I definitely agree with that assessment. The price had already pumped to $0.75 before xRapid’s release. If Ripple’s partners start utilizing XRP during their day to day operations before the end of the year then I think $1 is a modest price point.
Frederik C.

één en ander schreef op 3 okt 2018 om 14:54:

Op basis van...???

..Zou zomaar kunnen op dit nieuws (van'n uur geleden)...of eigenlijk wishfull nieuws

"whether provided by the private sector or the Reserve Banks."

As part of its overall mission, the Federal Reserve has a fundamental interest in ensuring there is a safe and robust U.S. payment system, including a settlement infrastructure on which the private sector can provide innovative faster payment services that serve the broad public interest.
Frederik C.
Ripple Has a Ton of Doubters. This Exec Is Trying to Change Their Minds
The White House in particular seems to be thinking about what it means to have 80 percent of bitcoin mining taking place in China and a majority of Ether mining taking place in China. When you look at XRP, there is no mining, so from a foreign-control aspect or from an environmental aspect, XRP is a very different beast. And in conversations we’ve had with the administration, they seem to get that and think that might matter.

How high up in the administration have you gone, as far as talks go?

I’m Episcopalian, and the joke is we don’t talk about God or money, but we have lots of both. So we haven’t said who we’ve talked to. But we’re in regular talks throughout Washington, and we meet with regulators as well as politicians. We’ve got a whole team that’s devoted to doing that, not just in the U.S., but worldwide. Our regulatory team, they jump on planes like their pants are on fire.
Ok, we zijn nu al meer dan 3 weken verder en mijn inschatting was duidelijk voorbarig.
Frederik C.
Mooie nieuwe site die een mooi overzicht geeft!

An independent and exclusive home for XRP. Please visit for XRP information, prices, charts, data and news, translatable into 100+ languages.
Frederik C.
Saudi/UAE digital currency goes live in Q1
"Saudi central banker says the goal is to scale the Ripple-backed project for cross-border payments.(...) A handful of commercial banks from both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are also participating. Ripple was brought in by SAMA to provide the technology."
Frederik C.
Bijna 5 jaar na mijn eerste post...Goed rapport van Accenture met zelfde titel...Grappig...Nieuwe verdienmodellen noodzakelijk!....'t gaad ECHT snel komende periode!!
How our four winning bank models map to actual market evolution

Banks can grow by accelerating their move to digital
The shift to digital-driven growth is an immense challenge, requiring many difficult decisions by risk-adverse bankers in the face of uncertainty.

Vandaag: "A year ago Ripple was signing a new customer every six weeks. Now we’re signing one every six days. It’s a really dramatic difference in terms of what’s happening, but I think it’s still so early because we’re still selling it."

Mooi interview met Cory Johnson: From Cab Driver To Crypto Visionary: Cory Johnson’s Ripple Story
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