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  1. [verwijderd] 13 juni 2007 16:20
    Bedrijf is laag geprijsd ( 0.87 ) en stuurt een brief naar de aandeelhouders. De moeite om de volledige tekst te lezen in onderstaande link.

    Misschien iets voor de toekomst als alles verloopt volgens plan. ( a market potential of $15 billion )

    CEL-SCI Corporation Releases Letter to Shareholders
    Wednesday June 13, 9:40 am ET

    VIENNA, Va., June 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The following letter is being released by CEL-SCI CORPORATION (Amex: CVM - News) to its shareholders:
    Dear Fellow Shareholders:

    So far 2007 has been an excellent year for CEL-SCI and its cancer product Multikine®. In January we received the US FDA go-ahead for the Phase III clinical trial with Multikine, a huge achievement for any drug, yet an even bigger achievement for a completely new type of drug such as our Multikine. We followed this up with a $15 million commitment to finance the Multikine manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland and another $15 million in equity financing in April. In June we announced that we received orphan drug status from the FDA for Multikine. This designation brings many substantial benefits to the Company. I believe that the opportunity ahead for CEL-SCI is so compelling that I have continued to purchase CEL-SCI stock in the open market.

    In talking to investors it has become clear to me that few investors understand the enormous impact that our Multikine will have on the treatment of cancer if we can confirm in our Phase III study the impressive survival results we have seen in our Phase II trial. I believe that a background summary on Multikine is helpful for that reason.

    Market size: The current Phase III clinical trial pits Multikine plus
    the standard of care treatments against the standard of care treatments
    alone. A win for the Multikine treatment group would mean that every
    patient with advanced primary head and neck cancer is supposed to get
    Multikine. This would translate into a market potential of $15
  2. [verwijderd] 29 januari 2008 00:32
    CEL-SCI Corporation Releases Letter to Shareholders
    Monday January 28, 9:25 am ET

    VIENNA, Va., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The following letter is being released by CEL-SCI CORPORATION (Amex: CVM - News) to its shareholders:
    Dear Fellow Shareholders:

    Our Company underwent a wonderful transformation last year from an intermediate stage company in its development to a late-stage biotechnology company. We are now one of a very select number of companies that have a completely novel medicine with blockbuster potential ready to go into a Phase III clinical trial. Our position is further enhanced by the fact that we are well capitalized and that we are building our own manufacturing facility close to Baltimore, Maryland. This facility will be capable of producing between $500 million and $600 million worth of Multikine® cancer drug per year, with the ability to triple production within about one year. The construction of the facility is scheduled for completion in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

    Company highlights of 2007:
    -- FDA clearance of Multikine for Phase III clinical trial in head and
    neck cancer
    -- Raised U.S. $15 million
    -- Multikine granted Orphan drug designation in U.S.
    -- Started build-out of manufacturing facility for Multikine to support
    upcoming Phase III study and commercial sale
    -- Started planning and pricing of our global clinical trial designed to
    lead to marketing approval for Multikine

    We expect 2008 to be another very positive year. We plan to contract with one or more Clinical Research Organizations to run our 800 patient Multikine Phase III trial which we expect to start in the last quarter of 2008. It will be run as an open label study (a study in which it is apparent which patients receive Multikine versus those who do not). The open label design will give us the opportunity to get early indications of how successful our study will be.

    We look forward to moving into the new facility later this year and we anxiously await the first indications from the open-label Phase III clinical trial with Multikine in advanced primary (not yet treated) head and neck cancer, representing a large unmet medical need and a disease in dire need of new and non-toxic treatments.

    Thank you for your continued support. We invite you to visit our new website at to learn more about our breakthrough work in empowering immune defenses to defeat cancer.

    Sincerely yours,
    Geert Kersten Maximilian de Clara
    Chief Executive Officer President
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