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  1. Forum 28 nov

    Alleen goed nieuws

    Door: Moneyman2020 Forum: Koffiekamer

    Blessing in the sky: Omicron variant may be very positive news for the world if new Covid mutation kills off more lethal Delta coronavirus Marc Van Ranst le variant Omicro...

  2. Forum 19 nov

    Megacrash op komst

    Door: Moneyman2020 Forum: Koffiekamer

    Austria imposes full lockdown, Germany may follow, as COVID grips Europe BREAKING: Bavarian state premier Söder announces three-week lockdown for districts with 1000+ incidence...

  3. Forum 25 sep

    nieuwe financiele crisis

    Door: Moneyman2020 Forum: Koffiekamer

    The consensus is that Evergrande Group won’t push China toward a Lehman-style financial crisis. But some aren’t so sure. Here’s your Weekend Reading

  4. Forum 20 sep

    Slecht nieuws

    Door: Moneyman2020 Forum: Koffiekamer

    China Evergrande Is a Big Problem for the Market. These Charts Show Just How Big. - MarketWatch

  5. Forum 14 jul

    AMC entertainment Holdings

    Door: Moneyman2020 Forum: Koffiekamer

    I see the bag holding is in effect for $AMC. It was inevitable. Impressive effort tho, they were able to keep the price elevated for a good month, about 4x as long as $GME in Jan. Not to mention the absurd $300b in tr...

  6. Forum 14 jul

    2011/2021: TOTAL economic MELTDOWN

    Door: Moneyman2020 Forum: Koffiekamer

    Mark Zuckerberg has sold Facebook stock almost every weekday this year Looming Stagflationary Debt Crisis by Nouriel Roubini - Project Syndicate

  7. Forum 02 mei

    hoera, we krijgen oorlog ...

    Door: Moneyman2020 Forum: Koffiekamer

    Majority Of French Agree With Military Generals That Nation Is Nearing Civil War, New Poll Finds A new poll has found that a majority of French people support the sentiments expressed in a letter signed by active duty...


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Coronavirus echt gevaar? Koffiekamer - 29 aug 2021 22:01 1

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