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  1. Forum 04 nov

    Forum Affimed geopend

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Affimed NV

    I am invested at $3.30 You will be aware of the below Response to AFM13 was correlated with an increase in NK cell activation and tumor infiltration, demonstrating that AFM13 modulates the NK cell population and that ...

  2. Forum nov '18

    MDxHealth nieuws 2018

    Door: SJURVM Forum: MDxHealth

    quote:SJURVM schreef op 31 oktober 2018 22:38:I am curious to know who the buyers are these days? Speculators? Insiders? If it is all soon and gloom why but next shares?If it is all doom and gloom why buy the shares? ...

  3. Forum dec '17

    MDxHealth Nieuws 2017

    Door: SJURVM Forum: MDxHealth

    2016: $29,9702017: $39,560 @ 32% lower end of growth forecastDiff: $ 9,590 including the $12m sale to ExactH1 2017 : $24,260 Net of the $12m Exact sale = $12,260H2 2017 : $15,300 So there is growth in H2 v H1. Howeve...

  4. Forum sep '17

    Eindejaarskoers 2017

    Door: SJURVM Forum: MDxHealth

    EredivisieChasse_Patate: € 5,74 ( = 20% stijging in 2017 )de speurneus: € 5,85Bassie: € 5,98saidoze: € 6,25poliki: € 6,56Ronn.: € 6,75rider13 € 6,85Brammeke: € 6,95Pokerface € 7,00Breugell: € 7,35I love Melbourne € 7,...

  5. Forum dec '16

    MDxHealth nieuws 2016

    Door: SJURVM Forum: MDxHealth Delen Asset Management increased its position in MDXH by 312000 shares by 30/11/2016....Also Dekabank from Germany seems to have bought some 70K shares.All very interesting

  6. Forum dec '16

    Galapagos december 2016

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Galapagos

    Pfizer was fined yesterday for increasing 2400% their epileptic drug.Its not just Valeant who plays this game.So its normal that Trump makes a comment about the industry and its practices.

  7. Forum okt '16

    Galapagos 2015: de inhoudelijke discussie

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Galapagos

    Or even more cynical thinking:Onno pricks the balloon so that the shar pric goes back down to a level where Gilead can buy at a more reasonable price for later on spinning-off the research side of Galapagos to the man...

  8. Forum sep '16

    ArGEN-x NV 2016

    Door: SJURVM Forum: arGEN-X

    quote:whoiam schreef op 19 september 2016 14:22:Waar zien jullie dit aandeel staan tegen eind dit jaar,The average target price from analysts is € fast we get there I dont know.News about ARGX-110 will show t...

  9. Forum jul '16

    Galapagos in juli 2016

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Galapagos

    quote:grapesharvester schreef op 30 juli 2016 23:00:[...]The tax ruling eliminates 80% of the turnover from filgotinib from the taxable base, so 35 million taxable profits would imply 5x higher income annually (withou...

  10. Forum jun '16

    MDxHealth Miljarden Strijdtoneel

    Door: SJURVM Forum: MDxHealth

    For those who like to crunch numbers and have key ratios to follow for MDXhealth. The efficiency ratios have to improve thats for sure!

  11. Forum mei '16

    Galapagos in Mei 2016.

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Galapagos

    After the FDA confirmation for 200mg will there be a review of price targets during the next few days?This is the confirmation we were all waiting for,no?

  12. Forum apr '16

    Galapagos April 2016

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Galapagos

    Sell in My and go awayDont come back till St Leger DayLondon in the summer was a little odorous and pestilential so people went out to their contry houses all over the Britain. they then drifted back to London after t...

  13. Forum apr '16

    Galapagos Shareholders

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Galapagos

    quote:SJURVM schreef op 25 april 2016 13:46:a new addition: Cam mistake. The position was @31.03.2015 and not 2016 as I read it.

  14. Forum mrt '16

    Galapagos maart 2016

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Galapagos

    Interesting article from a faithful of Gilead.In particular his comments about the savings to the US Healthcare and the Income tax contribution to the US Treasury by t...

  15. Forum mrt '16

    Galapagos 100 euro per aandeel

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Galapagos

    quote:springinhetveld schreef op 17 maart 2016 23:54:Yes baby yes, 100€ lets go. Groovy baby!Ps. Inspirator had vorig jaar een draadje over zijn koersverwachting voor MdxHealth. Hete iets alsan 15€ naar 47€. De Mdx ko...

  16. Forum feb '16

    Galapagos februari 2016

    Door: SJURVM Forum: Galapagos

    The YTD for the NEXT Biotech is -22.94%Whereas Galapagos YTD is -32.18%So there is some catching up to doMaybe with the Full year results there will be some news on progress with FDA documentation/ CF discussion and o...


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