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  1. forum rang 10 voda 1 oktober 2020 15:39
    Daimler Buses India Producing FUSO Buses for Export Markets

    Daimler Buses India began production of FUSO branded 9-ton buses for export markets in October 2019. Since then, production of fully-built FUSO School and Staff Buses serving UAE markets has been continuously ramped up. Recently, Daimler Buses India reached its first milestone with the 100th FUSO bus rolling off the line at its Chennai plant. Apart from exporting fully built FUSO buses, Daimler Buses India also produces fully-built buses and bus chassis for 17 export markets. Since 2015, more than 3000 buses made in India have been delivered to export markets. The 9-ton bus models with front-mounted engines are manufactured at the Daimler India Commercial Vehicles plant in southeast India and are produced according to specific market requirements adhering to stringent quality processes.

    Meanwhile, Daimler Buses India has also launched a ‘Bus Care’ program to help its customers in India restart operations post-lockdown. Similar to other markets around the globe, the bus travel industry in India has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The free service campaign offers vehicle checks, driver training on COVID-19 preventive measures, distribution of personal hygiene kits, thermometers and disinfectant sprayers. So far, more than 1400 buses have been put back onto the road in 75 locations.

    Daimler Buses India started production in 2015 and has already more than 4500 BharatBenz and Mercedes-Benz buses running on Indian roads. Customers can thereby rely on a network of more than 230 sales and service touch points pan-India.

  2. forum rang 10 voda 5 oktober 2020 14:58
    Mercedes-Benz Electric Trucks eActros Starts Work at Remondis in Cologne

    Battery electric Mercedes-Benz eActros have started practical testing at Remondis in Cologne. The leading company for recycling and water management as well as municipal and industrial services is operating a 25-tonne truck with a range of around 200 kilometres in its waste management business as part of the so-called waste container service – the transportation of new, defective or repaired waste containers. In doing so, the fully-electric eActros also drives along routes that are off-limits to conventional trucks. The batteries of the eActros are recharged overnight at the Remondis depot in the city’s Rodenkirchen district. Remondis is testing the eActros together with its sister logistics company Rhenus as part of a joint project for testing alternative drives.

    One of the many findings gained during the practical tests in the first test phase is that the range of the eActros of approximately 200 kilometers has proven to be absolutely realistic, regardless of load, route or topography. The eActros is in no way inferior to a conventional truck in terms of availability and performance in urban traffic, on highways or on overland routes. The cooling system for the cargo and the air-conditioning system , both electrically operated, functioned without any limitations in both extreme heat and winter conditions. Drivers are very pleased with the continuous availability of torque across the entire speed range. They also particularly mentioned the truck’s quietness in operation and the pleasant, smooth driving experience. Furthermore, if the truck is driven with foresight, electrical energy can be recovered through recuperation, i.e., motor braking. It is then rarely necessary to use the brake pedal.

    The W.BO swap body from Schmitz Cargobull for dry-goods transport is a smooth-wall box in steel construction with various equipment options such as double-decker system and roller door, and a keyhole system as standard equipment.

    The eActros is based on the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz Actros. In addition, however, the vehicle’s architecture is completely geared to electric drive and has a high proportion of specific parts. Two electric motors close to the rear-axle wheel hubs provide drive with an output of 126 kW each and a maximum torque of 485 Nm each. This results in 11,000 Nm each after the transmission ratio, providing a performance equivalent to that of a conventional truck. Lithium-ion batteries with 240 kWh supply the energy for the eActros. Depending on the available charging power, the batteries can be fully charged within two hours (at 150 kW).

    The development and testing of heavy-duty electric trucks in distribution transport is receiving support from Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment and Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (, as part of the Concept ELV project.

  3. forum rang 10 voda 5 oktober 2020 15:01
    Mercedes-Benz eScooter for Last Mile Connectivity

    As a mobility service provider, Mercedes-Benz develops sustainable concepts for many aspects of mobility. Now, with the eScooter, Mercedes-Benz is going one step further, bringing to the market an emission-free solution for those last few miles of the journey. The Mercedes-Benz eScooter was designed with one thing in mind: longevity. The use of high-quality components and materials enables a mileage of over 5,000 kilometres. Thanks to its low weight and intuitive folding mechanism, the eScooter can be easily transported in the trunk or taken on public transport and scores top marks for range, safety and design.

    The eScooter, which Mercedes-Benz is launching in collaboration with Swiss micro mobility specialists Micro Mobility Systems AG, is stylish, strong and convenient. It enables the Stuttgart-based automotive manufacturer to meet the need that many customers have for flexible, individual mobility solutions, particularly in urban transport.

    The elegant black design, with Mercedes-Benz and Micro co-branding on the steering column, appeals to aesthetes who want to stand out from the crowd and use a product that has been thought through in detail. The electric motor, with maximum 500 W power, quickly accelerates the eScooter to the 20 km/h permitted in Germany, and the 7.8 Ah battery gives a range of up to 25 km, ensuring that users can travel not only with speed and agility, but also in comfort and safe. The kickboard is wide and has a non-slip coating, with plenty of space for both feet. The eScooter has front and rear suspension and is fitted with 20 cm diameter rubber wheels that effortlessly handle uneven surfaces like cobblestones.

    The retractable steering column is smoothly adjustable to the rider's height. The ergonomically shaped handlebar features an accelerator on the right and brake on the left, plus an integrated bell. The centrally mounted display shows the speed, battery level and riding mode at a glance.

    For braking, the eScooter has a rear drum brake and a foot brake on the protective plate. The front and rear lights are suitable for use in road traffic, along with the side reflectors make it possible to ride any time, even in the dark.

    A useful additional feature is the connectivity with the Micro app. The Mercedes-Benz eScooter connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone, which can be attached to a bracket on the handlebar. Valuable information provided to the driver with about speed, distance, travel time and battery charge status can be accessed via the app. The integrated navigation system also shows the shortest route to the destination on the display. In addition, various functions such as light or driving mode of the eScooter, can be managed directly via the app.

    The eScooter has an intuitive folding mechanism, which can be operated with just a press of the foot. The handlebars also fold down for convenient transportation before riding those last few miles. This means that it will fit into even a small trunk and can be taken easily on any type of public transportation, as additional bonus with its light weight of around 13.5 kg.

    The eScooter charges in around 3-3.5 hours using a standard domestic socket, and reaches 70% charge in just over two hours. Mercedes-Benz is also planning to offer a Bluetooth® connection and a boot docking station in its vehicles, which will enable charging during the journey.

  4. forum rang 10 voda 5 oktober 2020 15:03
    Mercedes-Benz adds Avantgarde Series Stroller

    Good news for parents who want a sporty, practical and elegant mobile base for their children: In 2020/2021 there will be new additions to the Mercedes-Benz strollers. This Avantgarde series, a cooperation between the Stuttgart automotive company and the German premium manufacturer Hartan, appears in four brand new designs. The AMG model has been completely redeveloped and will be available in two different designs.

    Driving performance is demonstrated by the new generation of the AMG model stroller developed by Hartan and the Mercedes-Benz Design Team. The evidence in this regard is provided by the new generation of the AMG model developed by Hartan and the Mercedes-Benz Design team. Large swivelling wheels with suspension for any terrain make the stroller a convenient companion not only on familiar paths, but also for off-road activities. The standard-fit parking brake, the height-adjustable push handle, the central arresting system and the five-point safety belt with shoulder pads ensure maximum safety on any terrain. Thanks to the ultra-compact folded dimensions, which including the seat unit are just 69 x 58.5 x 31 cm, there is also space for the Mercedes-AMG stroller in the boot of sporty vehicles.

    Optically, the super sports stroller among the baby carriages convinces with its high-quality refined rims, which match the original AMG cross-spoke rims and the “Microfaser DINAMICA" seat covers used in AMG vehicles, which are characterized by their functionality and durability. With the new DESSIN, there are two colours to choose from: black and graphite. While the deep black version underlines its uncompromisingly sporty character with red decorative stitching on the grips and protective bar in leather look, the graphite grey model shows its dynamism through its imitation of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 racing car with its green stripes on the roof and the green seams. The graphite grey chassis also picks up on these colour accents.

    Despite all the sporty refinements, the children do not have to forsake maximum comfort. The seat is reversible and equipped with a safety click system, allowing the child's position to be changed with one hand from facing the big wide world to facing the smile of its parents. The backrest reclines in several stages to horizontal sleeping position and the footrest is flexibly adjustable as well. A retractable canopy with a sun visor and a ventilation zone ensure comfort in any weather.

    To ensure that the AMG baby carriage is a reliable companion from the very start, the range of accessories includes a particularly light and dimensionally stable premium folding carrycot in a matching design with double topstitching in identical colours. And because a comfortable lying position is extremely important for the baby in the first few months, the baby shell is equipped with a standard Softline climatic mattress, extended lying surface, floor ventilation and an adjustable carrying handle to avoid top-heaviness.

    Also available as an accessory is a stylish changing backpack in AMG design. This sporty accessory scores points with its well thought-through interior compartments and versatile use. For smaller items such as a cell phone, keys, wallet or bottle, the AMG baby carriage comes with a practical Bag2Go, which can be easily attached to the push handle or carried as a shoulder bag.

  5. forum rang 10 voda 6 oktober 2020 14:47
    Verkoop autoconcern Daimler toont herstel van crisis

    Gepubliceerd op 6 oktober 2020 14:35 | Views: 78

    DAIMLER AG NA O.N. 05 okt
    47,90 +1,03 (+2,20%)

    STUTTGART (AFN) - De verkoop van het Duitse autoconcern Daimler, moederbedrijf van Mercedes-Benz en Smart, is aan het herstellen van de coronacrisis. Volgens Daimler werden in het derde kwartaal wereldwijd 625.675 personenauto's van die merken verkocht, een stijging van 1,2 procent in vergelijking met een jaar eerder. Over de eerste negen maanden van dit jaar is nog altijd sprake van een verkoopkrimp met meer dan 13 procent.

    Volgens Daimler werd met name in China goede zaken gedaan met de verkoop van zijn hoofdmerk Mercedes, met een plus van ruim 23 procent. In Europa was nog een lichte min te zien. In Noord-Amerika ging het om een sterkere verkoopdaling. De verkoop van Mercedes op de Duitse thuismarkt zat wel in de lift.

    Het bedrijf uit Stuttgart hield dinsdag zijn beleggersdag. Daarbij werden nieuwe strategische plannen aangekondigd. Daimler wil een leidende speler worden op het gebied van elektrisch rijden. Zo komen er elektrische varianten van de sportieve auto's van dochtermerk AMG, de luxueuze limousines van Maybach en de terreinwagens van de Mercedes G-klasse.
  6. forum rang 10 voda 13 oktober 2020 15:06
    Automated Parking at Stuttgart Airport for Mercedes Benz S Class

    Bosch, Mercedes-Benz and the parking garage operator Apcoa want to introduce driverless and highly automated parking at Stuttgart airport in the future. To this end, the automated valet parking system co-developed by Bosch and Mercedes-Benz is to be made ready for commercial operation. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is already geared up to accommodate it as the world’s first production vehicle to feature the technology required for future infrastructure-based AVP. As an option, customers can buy the appropriate pre-installation for what the company calls the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, which makes the S-Class capable of receiving a smartphone command to drive itself to a reserved parking space.

    The P6 parking garage at Stuttgart airport will serve as the pilot for the planned commercial automated parking service. Here, the companies will test how the vehicle technology onboard the S-Class interacts with the intelligent Bosch infrastructure and APCOA FLOW, the digital platform provided by the parking garage operator Apcoa. This platform makes the whole parking process ticketless and cashless. In the airport parking garage, preparations are currently underway to begin piloting the planned automated valet parking service. The aim of this trial with new S-Class vehicles at Stuttgart airport is to ensure that interactions between the vehicle, infrastructure technology, and parking garage operator run smoothly and are optimized for the customer.

    To facilitate this new one-touch parking function, a spacious drop-off and pick-up area will be set up directly behind the entrance to the P6 parking garage, giving AVP users a convenient place to leave their vehicles. As they comfortably make their way to the terminal and check in, their S-Class will park itself in the basement, guided by information from the infrastructure technology. In other words, users no longer need to worry about maneuvering or having to squeeze out of their cars when the space they have finally found proves to be too narrow.

    For the test phase that is about to start, P6 will initially have two spaces available for self-parking vehicles. More spaces will be added when driverless parking becomes standard as planned in the future and as demand increases.

    The pilot parking garage at Stuttgart airport will be a premiere for new Bosch video cameras that can identify vacant parking spaces, monitor the driving aisle and its surroundings, and detect obstacles or people in the aisle. Until now, lidar sensors have been used for this purpose. A dedicated control center in the parking garage then calculates the route the vehicles need to take to reach an available space. Thanks to the information that the cameras provide, it is also possible for cars to drive themselves around the parking garage, even on narrow ramps, enabling them to move between different stories. The in-vehicle technology autonomously converts the information from the infrastructure into driving maneuvers. If the cameras detect an unexpected obstacle, for example, the vehicle safely performs an emergency stop.

    APCOA FLOW, the parking garage operator Apcoa’s digital platform, will also play a key role in driverless parking at Stuttgart airport. Drivers are already using the platform to help lighten the burden of parking. This ranges from making firm reservations for a parking space, to contactless entry into the parking garage, and to fully automated payment, invoicing, and contactless exit. The system recognizes the customer’s vehicle and the barriers open automatically, making a ticket and trip to the ticket machine redundant.

  7. forum rang 10 voda 14 oktober 2020 14:51
    Mercedes-Benz Expands Electric Car Range with 6 New EQ Models

    The new generation of electric vehicles in the luxury and executive segment is based on a custom-developed architecture, which is scalable in every aspect and can be used across model series. The wheelbase and track as well as all other system components, especially the batteries, are variable thanks to the modular design. The vehicle concept is thus optimised to meet every requirement of a future-oriented, battery-electric model family. This vehicle architecture makes it possible to build Mercedes-Benz electric cars from saloons to large SUVs.

    The EQS will allow customers in the luxury segment to fully benefit from all the advantages of an all-electric architecture with respect to space and design. With ranges of up to 700 km (according to WLTP), the EQS meets the requirements on a progressive saloon in the S-Class segment in this respect as well. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz remains faithful to its recipe for success in production, and designs its vehicles and factories to be able to build different models flexibly on the same production lines. The electric vehicles also use pioneering cross-sectoral technologies from Mercedes-Benz such as, for example, the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) control and display system or the driving assistance systems.

    Mercedes-Benz will introduce the all-electric architecture in 2021. At the same time, the company will continue to electrify the most successful platforms. In addition to the EQC mid-size SUV (EQC 400 4MATIC, combined power consumption: 21.3-20.2 kWh/100 km; weighted CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)[1] and the all-electric EQV people carrier (EQV 300, combined power consumption: 26.4-26.3 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)1, customers in the compact car segment can look forward to two all-electric SUVs, the EQA and EQB. Their progressive design identifies them as members of the all-electric product range. Production of the EQA will commence before the end of this year.

  8. forum rang 10 voda 14 oktober 2020 14:54
    French Metropole Rennes Orders 92 Mercedes-Benz eCitaro and eCitaro G Buses

    The Metropole Rennes has signed a declaration of intention to buy 92 Mercedes-Benz eCitaro fully electric city buses. The planned order consists of 59 articulated and 33 solo buses. They are due to be delivered between 2022 and 2025. The energy storage batteries for the Rennes city buses comprise eight powerful latest-generation lithium-ion battery packs. Pantographs enable intermediate charging outside the depot and thus extend the range. The extensive safety equipment of the buses is impressive. Preventive Brake Assist, the automatic braking assistance system, and Sideguard Assist are particularly noteworthy.

    Rennes is the capital of the French region Brittany. More than 200,000 inhabitants live inside the city, and when the suburbs are included there are approximately 400,000 people. The city has an advanced public transport network the thoroughly modern public transport network Star-Network. It includes a fully automatic subway, about 70 bus routes, school bus services and also bicycles and electric bikes for hire. Rennes wants its bus fleet to be completely electrified by 2030.

    The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro, a very quiet city bus introduced in 2018 with fully-electric drive and locally emission-free, is an important step towards improved quality of life in towns and cities. Recently Mercedes-Benz extended the Citaro family with the articulated eCitaro G. The new eCitaro G is the first city bus in its category anywhere in the world to be equipped with solid-state batteries. The articulated bus has a range of up to 220 kilometres in favourable conditions with average demands on speed, topography and load along with straightforward climatic conditions. Mercedes-Benz supplies the bus to customers’ specifications: the eCitaro is based on a highly flexible module concept of solo and articulated bus, and with a range of batteries and charge technologies.

  9. forum rang 10 voda 16 oktober 2020 07:05
    Daimler verwacht prognose te kunnen verhogen

    Gepubliceerd op 16 oktober 2020 00:38 | Views: 434

    Daimler 15 okt
    46,84 -1,44 (-2,98%)

    DAIMLER AG NA O.N. 15 okt
    46,60 -1,49 (-3,10%)

    STUTTGART (AFN) - De Duitse automaker Daimler denkt zijn vooruitzichten voor heel 2020 binnenkort opwaarts bij te kunnen stellen. Het moederbedrijf van Mercedes-Benz presteerde in het voorbije kwartaal boven de eigen verwachtingen. Door een sneller dan voorzien herstel van de autoverkopen in combinatie met kostenbesparingen, valt het bedrijfsresultaat veel hoger uit dan kenners hadden verwacht.

    Op basis van voorlopige cijfers meldt Daimler een bedrijfsresultaat (ebit) van bijna 3,1 miljard euro. Onder analisten was de consensus dat dit resultaat in het derde kwartaal op 1,9 miljard euro uit zou komen. Ook de vrije kasstroom viel hoger uit dan verwacht.

    Daimler schreef in het tweede kwartaal nog dieprode cijfers. Onlangs meldde het concern al dat vooral in september de autoverkopen sterk opleefden. Het bedrijf, dat volgende week zijn definitieve kwartaalcijfers presenteert, houdt nog wel een slag om de arm. Bij de positievere vooruitzichten gaat de automaker ervan uit dat er geen nieuwe volledige lockdown komt.
  10. forum rang 10 voda 16 oktober 2020 07:25
    Daimler overtreft marktverwachtingen

    Daimler AG
    46,835 0,00 0,00 % Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (Xetra)
    Daimler AG
    46,78 0,00 0,00 % Gruppo Borsa Italiana
    Daimler AG -OTCPK-
    $ 55,10 -1,43 -2,53 % OTC USA

    (ABM FN-Dow Jones) Daimler heeft dankzij een sterker dan verwacht herstel in september de kwartaalresultaten boven de consensus uit zien komen. Dit bleek donderdagavond uit de voorlopige cijfers over het derde kwartaal van de Duitse autobouwer.

    Het aangepaste bedrijfsresultaat (EBIT) kwam uit op 3.480 miljoen euro bij een marktverwachting van 2.498 miljoen euro. De vrije kasstroom bedroeg 5.139 miljoen euro bij een consensus van 2.973 miljoen euro.

    Daimler schreef de meevallende resultaten, naast een goede septembermaand, toe aan een goede discipline op het vlak van kosten en het beheer van de kasmiddelen.

    In het derde kwartaal ontving het bedrijf ook een dividend van 1,2 miljard euro uit de Chinese joint venture BBAC en kende het een positieve bijdrage uit het werkkapitaal.

    Daimler maakt de definitieve resultaten op 23 oktober bekend en voegt daar dan ook een nieuwe outlook voor 2020 aan toe. De autobouwer liet al weten te verwachten dat het positieve momentum ook in het vierde kwartaal zal aanhouden.

    De koers van het aandeel Daimler sloot donderdag 3,0 procent lager.

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  11. forum rang 10 voda 20 oktober 2020 15:48
    Electric Mobility Becomes Transparent with a Transparent Mercedes Benz EQC 400 4MATIC

    With a transparent EQC 400 4MATIC, trainees of Mercedes-Benz render the innovative technology of the electric car visible. The left half of the vehicle was left in the original condition and the right half was fitted with cuts in the vehicle body and in the floor. This offers a view of otherwise concealed components such as the battery, for example. Cutaway models of individual components, a simulation of the charging process by means of LED chase lights and a virtual overlay of the high-voltage battery on a tablet PC complete the elaborate exhibit.

    Some 40 trainees from the occupational groups vehicle mechatronics specialist, interior fitting specialist, construction mechanic and tool mechanic were involved in the project. The employees come from the Sindelfingen, Bremen and Rastatt locations. Including the interruption due to COVID-19, this team worked for about a year on building a transparent EQC from a donor vehicle and a body shell. At the same time, they created a host of cutaway models of individual components such as on-board charger, cockpit, bumpers or headlamps. They were integrated into the large showpiece. This practical work on an electric vehicle allowed important learning content to be imparted to this year's trainees.

    Charging and discharging of the battery is simulated by means of LED chase lights along the charging peripherals of the vehicle. The original screens of the EQC were reprogrammed to allow displaying and playing of explanatory images and videos. In addition, an augmented reality application on a tablet PC allows virtual overlaying of the high-voltage on photos of the EQC.

    During this process approximately 15 metres of LED fibre optics and around 50 metres of wiring to power the LEDs are installed. Over a 36-hour period, 3 trainees used up 8 grinding discs to cut 5 apertures in the bodywork. In addition, 23 woven abrasive belts were used up to deburr the cut edges. The painting and polishing work took a total of around 50 hours. Two Arduino microcontroller boards with 3 relay shields for control of the LED strips and locking, and the LED display on the charging socket. The programming code has a total of around 500 lines. The trainees took 21 hours to turn the three light bands at the rear into one; a further 18 hours was needed to turn two tail lights into one using a Dremel and jigsaw. Preparing the reversing camera took 10 hours. Two "Next Unit of Computing" mini-PCs by Intel with 2 video converters were used to reprogramme the monitors - the programme code has around 1500 lines.

    All in all, the team came together in around 650 minutes of online conferences. Each morning another 20 minutes were spent on digital shopfloor management.

  12. forum rang 10 voda 23 oktober 2020 08:14
    Daimler verkoopt minder auto's maar verhoogt winst

    Gepubliceerd op 23 oktober 2020 08:07 | Views: 0

    DAIMLER AG NA O.N. 22 okt
    47,80 +0,05 (+0,09%)

    STUTTGART (AFN/BLOOMBERG) - Het Duitse autoconcern Daimler heeft de winst het afgelopen kwartaal vergroot ten opzichte van dezelfde periode vorig jaar, ook al zijn er minder auto's verkocht. Dat komt doordat het moederbedrijf van Mercedes-Benz flinke kostenbesparingen heeft doorgevoerd. Ook profiteerde de autobouwer ervan dat de Chinese economie herstelde van de coronacrisis.

    Daimler heeft de verwachtingen voor de rest van het jaar verhoogd en rekent erop dat het bedrijfsresultaat (ebit) even groot zal zijn als in 2019. Daarbij gaat het Duitse bedrijf er wel vanuit dat de economische omstandigheden in de belangrijkste markten verder normaliseren.

    In het derde kwartaal verkocht het concern 772.700 auto's, 8 procent minder op jaarbasis. De winst steeg met ruim 22 procent naar 2,2 miljard euro.
  13. forum rang 10 voda 27 oktober 2020 16:05
    Ritter Sport Uses All Electric Mercedes-Benz eActros for Production Supply

    The battery-powered Mercedes-Benz eActros truck is now in use for the chocolate manufacturer Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co KG. The family-owned company, which specializes in square chocolate bars and is based in Waldenbuch near Stuttgart, is testing the eActros for production supply on the route between the Dettenhausen warehouse and the production site in Waldenbuch. Ritter Sport is using the eActros in flexible shuttle operation to ensure that hazelnuts, almonds, wrapping foil and other packaging materials from the warehouse in Dettenhausen, which is about seven kilometers away, are delivered for the production of chocolate products. The eActros also supplies the SchokoShop, Ritter Sport’s factory outlet at the company’s headquarters in Waldenbuch, with freshly produced chocolate from the factory next door. The 18-ton truck with a range of about 200 kilometers is equipped with a Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated swap body, which is also electrically operated and therefore emission free. The batteries of the electric truck are charged overnight on the Ritter Sport factory premises after the day’s tours.

    The cool swap body of the eActros used by Alfred Ritter is the W.KO COOL model from Schmitz Cargobull. It has optimized insulation for the energy-efficient transport of refrigerated goods. Its robust construction is ideal for intensive daily use. The purely electrically powered refrigeration unit operates completely emission-free and is specially designed for use in distribution transport. The vehicle bodies will be largely provided by Schmitz Cargobull also in the second test phase.

    Since 2020, the eActros has been in the second phase of its practical testing and will gradually be handed over to other customers as part of the so-called “innovation fleet.

    The eActros is based on the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz Actros. In addition, however, the vehicle’s architecture is completely geared to electric drive and has a high proportion of specific parts. Drive is provided by two electric motors close to the rear-axle wheel hubs with an output of 126 kW each and a maximum torque of 485 Nm each. This results in 11,000 Nm each after the transmission ratio, which is a performance equivalent to that of a conventional truck. Lithium-ion batteries with 240 kWh supply the energy for the eActros. Depending on the available charging power, the batteries can be fully charged within two hours (at 150 kW).

  14. forum rang 10 voda 3 november 2020 18:06
    Daimler en Google-zus Waymo gaan samen zelfrijdende trucks maken

    Daimler, het moederbedrijf van onder meer Mercedes-Benz, gaat samen met Waymo werken aan een autonome vrachtwagen. Het gaat om een Freightliner Cascadia-truck met extra sensoren die het bedrijf in ‘de komende jaren’ aan klanten wil verkopen.

    Autoredactie 28-10-20, 09:40 Bron: Tweakers

    Waymo is net als Google een dochter van Alphabet en dit bedrijfsonderdeel richt zich op het ontwikkelen van zelfrijdende auto's. Het gaat volgens Daimler bij dit smanwerkingsproject om een vrachtwagen die zelf kan rijden op basis van de SAE L4-standaard. Dit betekent dat de vrachtwagen bij bepaalde omstandigheden zelf kan rijden en dat de bestuurder niet hoeft in te grijpen. Daardoor zal de vrachtwagen bijvoorbeeld wel in of op bepaalde, voorgeprogrammeerde steden en snelwegen kunnen rijden, maar niet op nieuwe locaties.

    Voor de samenwerking levert Daimler de vrachtwagen en past Waymo deze aan met de autonome Waymo Driver-apparatuur. Volgens de meegeleverde afbeelding krijgt de Freightliner Cascadia-vrachtwagen aan de voorzijde boven de voorruit een balk met onder meer twee LiDAR-systemen. Aan weerszijden van de grille komen twee sensoren, vermoedelijk radar- of camerasensoren.

    De twee partijen leveren de aangepaste Cascadia voorlopig alleen voor de Amerikaanse markt. Daimler en Waymo onderzoeken nog of andere vrachtwagens en markten ook mogelijk zijn. Volgens Reuters heeft Waymo gezegd dat het nog even zal duren voor de autonome vrachtwagens op de weg rijden. Toeleveranciers moeten bijvoorbeeld de benodigde rem- en stuursystemen nog ontwikkelen en leveren, stelt Waymo-topman John Krafcik. Krafcik heeft het over een ‘superlange tijdlijn’.

    Naast de overeenkomst met Waymo, werkt Daimler zelfstandig aan een autonoom rijdende vrachtwagen. Waymo heeft in het verleden samen met Paccar, het moederbedrijf van Peterbilt en Kenworth, gewerkt aan autonome vrachtwagens. Tegen Reuters zegt Waymo met dat bedrijf nu geen overeenkomst te hebben.
  15. forum rang 10 voda 4 januari 2021 12:30
    Mercedes Benz Ludwigsfelde Produces 1.5 Million Commercial Vehicles

    The Mercedes Benz plant in Ludwigsfelde in Brandenburg has every reason to celebrate: 84 years after the site was founded, the 1.5-millionth commercial vehicle has rolled off the production line there. Since its establishment, the plant has built engines for various companies and, since 1965, commercial vehicles from various brands. The site of Mercedes Benz Ludwigsfelde GmbH, which is located there today, has a long and eventful history of providing mobility: it began as early as 1936 with the production of aircraft engines for the then Daimler-Benz Motoren GmbH. Commercial vehicles have been manufactured in Ludwigsfelde since 1965. And up to the reunification of Germany in 1991, IFA brand trucks were built in Ludwigsfelde.

    In 1994 the plant was taken over by Daimler-Benz AG and Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfelde GmbH was founded. Since then, vans of the Mercedes-Benz brand have been rolling off the production line there. The location occasionally also produces vans on behalf of other brands. The first van from the brand with the star to be built in Brandenburg was the Type LN2 in February 1991. In July 1996, series production of the Vario started, which remained in the product line-up until 2013. And since 2006, the Sprinter has been built in Ludwigsfelde.

    Production of the current third generation of the Sprinter started in Ludwigsfelde in March 2018. At the Brandenburg site, the open model variants as well as traction heads and so-called wind runners, chassis with no body panels, are produced. With the new release of this successful model, Mercedes Benz Vans has ushered in the digital age within this vehicle class. The latest Sprinter once again sets standards in terms of quality, safety, variability and also connectivity. It is fully networked, allowing customers to make use of seamless integration with existing systems. Today, the Sprinter is available in more than 1000 different variants solely taking into account body types, drive concepts, cab designs, body lengths, weights, load compartment heights and equipment variants. The Sprinter is produced at the plants in Dusseldorf, Ludwigsfelde, Charleston in USA and Buenos Aires in Argentina.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  16. forum rang 10 voda 4 januari 2021 12:31
    Mercedes Benz to Unveils MBUX Hyperscreen

    For Mercedes Benz, 2021 marks the beginning of the next chapter in interaction between vehicle and user: the MBUX Hyperscreen takes the operation and display of infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions to a new level thanks to artificial intelligence. The large, curved screen unit lends the interior a unique aesthetic and extends along the entire width of the vehicle in front of the driver and front passenger for whom the digital experience is as emotional as it is intuitive and effortless. The Mercedes Benz User Experience, MBUX, Hyperscreen, which is for the first time optionally available in the fully electric luxury saloon EQS, is representative of the emotional intelligence of the entire vehicle and is highly capable of learning.

    The world premiere of the MBUX Hyperscreen grants insights into the MBUX Hyperscreen’s role as the digital core of Mercedes EQ’s top model, the progressive luxury saloon EQS. The digital communication format addresses journalists and multipliers and can be joined live on Mercedes me media. The world premiere will be broadcast on January 7. In addition, Mercedes Benz will showcase the MBUX Hyperscreen at the first ever digital 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place from January 11th to 14th. The Mercedes-Benz Press Conference starts on January 11. Next to the world premiere, Mercedes-Benz will also provide additional information in form of videos, graphics, press releases and images for download on Mercedes me media. The opportunity to engage in a digital dialogue with the Mercedes-Benz press team is also offered.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  17. forum rang 10 voda 14 januari 2021 12:33
    MBUX Hyperscreen in Mercedes Benz EQS

    Visually impressive, radically easy to operate and extremely eager to learn: the MBUX Hyperscreen is one of the highlights in the EQS. It represents the emotional intelligence of the all electric upper class model: The large, curved screen unit stretches almost the entire width from the left to the right A-pillar. In addition to its sheer size, the high quality, detail loving design also provides a wow effect. This aesthetic high-tech look is the emotional dimension of the MBUX hyperscreen. Added to this is artificial intelligence. With software capable of learning, the display and operating concept adapts completely to its user and makes personalised suggestions for numerous infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions. Thanks to the so-called zero layer, the user does not have to scroll through submenus or give voice commands. The most important applications are always offered in a situational and contextual way at the top level in view. In this way, numerous operating steps are taken away from the EQS driver. And not only him: The MBUX Hyperscreen is also an attentive assistant for the passenger. It receives its own display and operating area.

    Mercedes-Benz User Experience MBUX has radically simplified the operation of a Mercedes Benz. Unveiled in 2018 in the current A Class, there are now more than 1.8 million Mercedes Benz passenger cars equipped with it on the roads worldwide. The Van division is also relying on MBUX. A few months ago the second generation of this learn-capable system debuted in the new S-Class. The next big step now follows in the form of the new EQS and the optionally available MBUX Hyperscreen.

    The MBUX Hyperscreen is an example of digital & analogue design fusion: several displays appear to blend seamlessly, resulting in an impressive, curved screen band. Analogue air vents are integrated into this large digital surface to connect the digital and physical world.

    The MBUX Hyperscreen is surrounded by a continuous plastic front frame. Its visible part is painted in an elaborate three-layer process in Silver Shadow. This coating system achieves a particularly high-quality surface impression due to extremely thin intermediate layers. The integrated ambient lighting installed in the lower part of the MBUX Hyperscreen makes the display unit appear to float on the instrument panel.

    The passenger also has its own display and operating area, which makes travel more pleasant and entertaining. With up to seven profiles, it is possible to customize the content. However, the entertainment functions of the passenger display are only available during the journey within the framework of the country-specific legal regulations. If the passenger seat is not occupied, the screen becomes a digital decorative part. In this case, animated stars, i.e. the Mercedes-Benz Pattern, are displayed.

    For a particularly brilliant image, OLED technology is used in central and passenger displays. This is where the individual image points are self-luminous; non-controlled image pixels remain switched off, which means that they appear deep black. The active OLED pixels, on the other hand, radiate with high color brilliance, resulting in high contrast values, regardless of the angle of view and the lighting conditions.

    This electrifying display appearance goes hand in hand with emotionally appealing visualisation. All the graphics are styled in a new blue/orange colour scheme throughout. The classic cockpit display with two circular instruments has been reinterpreted with a digital laser sword in a glass lens.

    Thanks to its clear screen design with anchor points, the MBUX Hyperscreen is intuitive and easy to operate. An example of this is the display style EV mode. Important functions of the electric drive such as boost or recuperation are visualized in a new way, with a spatially moving clasp, and thus made tangible. A lens-shaped object moves between these clamps. It follows gravity and thus depicts the G-Force forces impressively and emotionally.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  18. forum rang 10 voda 15 januari 2021 09:46
    Mercedes Increases Partnership with Williams Racing for 2022

    Mercedes Benz has expanded technical collaboration with Williams Racing to include the supply of certain transferable components from 2022. Mercedes Benz Power Units have powered Williams Racing since the hybrid era began in 2014 and from 2022, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team will also provide gearboxes and related hydraulic components to Williams.

    Historically, Williams has built its own gearboxes and hydraulics in-house, however, the increased partnership will enable Williams to implement a more efficient design and manufacturing process in-house in the long-term, allowing the team to focus its resources more effectively in other performance areas. Williams will continue to design and manufacture other chassis parts internally.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  19. forum rang 10 voda 21 januari 2021 03:36
    Mercedes-Benz EQA: elektrisch ‘instapmodel’ kost 49.995 euro en haalt ‘straks meer dan 500 kilometer’

    Ook Mercedes-Benz meldt zich op het strijdveld vol compacte elektrische auto’s. De nieuwe EQA is de ‘batterijbroer’ van de bestaande GLA: hij komt al in de lente, kost minimaal 49.995 euro en krijgt later ‘een speciale versie die meer dan 500 kilometer per laadbeurt haalt’.

    Roland Tameling 20-01-21, 11:30 Laatste update: 13:03

    Net als veel andere autofabrikanten zet Mercedes-Benz steeds heftiger in op volledig elektrische modellen. Op dit moment kun je alleen nog de EQC (een middelgrote SUV) en de EQV (een luxere versie van de Vito bestelbus) kiezen als je een Mercedes zonder verbrandingsmotor wilt, maar daar komt over een paar maanden deze nieuwe EQA bij. Voorlopig is dit het kleinste elektro-model van het Duitse merk, dat naar eigen zeggen ‘binnen afzienbare tijd’ nog veel meer EQ-varianten presenteert, waaronder de EQB (op basis van de GLB, met zeven zitplaatsen) en twee luxe elektrische limousines in de vorm van de EQE en de grootste EQS.

    De EQA is gebaseerd op de bestaande GLA. De buitenmaten zijn vrijwel gelijk met een lengte van 4.46 meter, maar de elektrische versie krijgt wel een iets aangepast uiterlijk. Zo is de neus – naar voorbeeld van de grotere EQC – voorzien van een dicht paneel met een doorlopende lichtstrip, zijn er andere bumpers, speciaal ontworpen lichtmetalen wielen en krijgt de EQA een andere achterklep met ook hier een verlichtingsbalk die over de hele breedte van de auto loopt. De kentekenplaat verhuist bovendien naar de onderbumper, terwijl die op de GLA midden op de achterklep zit.

    ‘Meer dan 500 km’
    Mercedes meldt dat de EQA in verschillende varianten komt, waarbij de 250 het spits mag afbijten. Dat ‘instapmodel’ krijgt een accupakket met een inhoud van 66,5 kilowattuur waarmee de auto een verwacht rijbereik heeft van 426 kilometer volgens de officiële WLTP-meetmethode. Als 250 heeft de EQA een elektromotor tussen de voorwielen die een maximaal vermogen van 140 kilowatt (190 pk) en 375 Newtonmeter aan trekkracht levert, goed voor een begrensde topsnelheid van 160 kilometer per uur en een sprint van 0 naar 100 in 8,9 seconden.

    Niet veel later komen meer versies, waar Mercedes-Benz op dit moment nog een beetje schimmig over doet. Het merk geeft nog geen details vrij wat de prestaties en actieradius betreft, maar kondigt een versie aan met vierwielaandrijving (dankzij een tweede elektromotor achter) en een vermogen van ‘meer dan 200 kW’ – ofwel 265 pk. Bovendien staat er volgens Chief Engineer Axel Heix een ‘speciale, extra zuinige versie’ op stapel, die goed zal zijn voor een rijbereik van meer dan 500 kilometer. ,,We gaan nu nog niet verklappen wat er zo speciaal is aan die variant, maar hij wordt erg aantrekkelijk voor mensen die actieradius belangrijk vinden.”

    Niet heel snel laden
    Aan een openbaar laadpunt (zoals een wallbox thuis of een laadpaal langs de straat) kan de EQA standaard met 11 kilowatt laden dankzij een driefaselader in de auto. Dat is netjes, maar de beloofde snellaadsnelheid van maximaal 100 kilowatt valt op het eerste gezicht een beetje tegen. De veel goedkopere Peugeot e2008 haalt dat bijvoorbeeld ook, en in het duurdere segment waar deze Mercedes zich bevindt zijn er concurrenten die met veel hogere kilowattages kunnen laden.

  20. forum rang 10 voda 21 januari 2021 03:36
    Deel 2:

    Desondanks loopt de EQA niet al bij voorbaat achter op dit vlak, meent Mercedes-technicus Heix in gesprek met onze autoredactie: ,,We hebben heel veel werk gestoken in het koelsysteem van de auto. Daardoor zal hij de 100 kW veel langer aanhouden dan veel concurrenten, bij wie de ‘snellaadpiek’ eerder inzakt vanwege de oplopende temperaturen tijdens het laden. Door de goede techniek die wij in de auto hebben gebouwd, hoeft het niet meer dan een half uur te duren om de accu van 10 tot 80 procent op te laden.”

    Bovendien, zo belooft Heix, zit het navigatiesysteem van de EQA vol met slimmigheden die helpen om de route – inclusief laadstops – zo efficiënt en snel mogelijk te maken. ,,Zo berekent de auto zelf de snelste route, waarbij je vaak niet langer dan een kwartiertje hoeft te laden. Bovendien houdt het systeem rekening met het weer (hoe koud is het bijvoorbeeld), het huidige verkeer verkeer en het landschap waar je doorheen rijdt. Zodra de auto weet dat je de komende tijd bijvoorbeeld veel bergafwaarts zal gaan, neemt hij dat mee in de berekening.” Via het scherm in de auto kan je bovendien aangeven hoe veel procent accureserve je wilt overhouden in het accupakket, zodat je geen ‘reikwijdtestress’ hoeft te hebben.

    Compacte SUV
    In 2017 presenteerde Mercedes-Benz al een studiemodel voor de EQA, maar die had toen meer de vorm van de huidige A-klasse – een compacte, lage hatchback dus. Uiteindelijk koos het merk voor de hogere GLA als basis van de auto, vanwege het ruimteaanbod in het interieur. Axel Heix: ,,Omdat we een groot accupakket onder de auto moeten verwerken, zou dat bij een lage auto zorgen voor een krapper interieur. In de structuur van de GLA – een compacte SUV, red. – past dat pakket zonder noemenswaardige aanpassingen, zodat de inzittenden in de EAQ even veel hoofdruimte hebben als in de versies met verbrandingsmotoren.”

    Wel snoepen de elektrische componenten wat bagageruimte weg ten opzichte van de GLA’s op benzine of diesel. Waar die auto’s ruimte bieden voor 435 liter bagage in de achterbak, past er in de EQA niet meer dan 340 liter. ,,Wel kan de achterbank gewoon worden omgeklapt in drie losse delen, waardoor de elektrische auto vrijwel even praktisch en ruim is als de bestaande modellen.” Een extra bagageruimte onder de motorkap – zoals je bijvoorbeeld ziet bij Tesla’s of de elektrische Volvo XC40 P8 – biedt de EQA overigens niet. Opvallend is de (relatief) geringe meerprijs van de elektrische versie: de GLA 180 met benzinemotor kost al minimaal 46.973 euro, dan heb je met de EQA voor zo’n 3.000 euro meer een aantrekkelijk alternatief.

    Soepeler weggedrag
    Vanwege het accupakket – dat los zo’n 500 kilo weegt – is de EQA wel een stuk zwaarder dan zijn familieleden met een brandstofmotor, die rijklaar zo’n 1.400 kilo in de schaal leggen. Mede om die reden heeft de EQA een soepeler onderstel gekregen dan de GLA. Eigenaren die meer controle willen over het rijgedrag van hun auto, kunnen kiezen voor een optioneel onderstel met instelbare demping.

    Als één van de weinige Nederlanders mocht onze autoredactie al een stukje rijden met een voorseriemodel van de EQA, en tijdens die korte eerste indruk deed de elektrische Mercedes inderdaad ontzettend ontspannen aan. Het is tijdens het rijden duidelijk dat de vering het extra gewicht aan moet kunnen, maar het is prettig dat Mercedes-Benz een andere route kiest dan de meeste autofabrikanten. Die monteren vaak een extra stevig onderstel onder hun elektrische modellen, om te voorkomen dat de auto’s zweverig of zwaar gaan aanvoelen. Het nadeel daarvan is dat je vaak veel oneffenheden en richels in het wegdek voelt.

    De EQA is om te beginnen erg stil en slaagt er – op het eerste gezicht – beter in om ongewenste trillingen buiten te houden, terwijl de besturing wel prettig direct is. Daarbij profiteert de auto merkbaar van z’n lage zwaartepunt (de zware accu’s liggen immers dicht bij het wegdek) waardoor hij ook in snel genomen bochten niet teleurstelt. Zo snel als zijn grotere broer – de 408 pk sterke EQC – voelt hij zeker niet aan, maar bij de EQA 250 lijkt alles om souplesse en comfort te draaien. Voor een uitgebreide rij-impressie met de nieuwe Mercedes-Benz EQA zit er niets anders op dan te wachten op de marktintroductie later dit voorjaar.

    Voor foto's zie link:
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