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Aandeel Fugro AEX:FUR.NL, NL00150003E1

  • 16,220 11 dec 2023 17:35
  • -0,030 (-0,18%) Dagrange 16,020 - 16,270
  • 293.881 Gem. (3M) 257,7K

Fugro - 2023 draadje voor iedereen succes.

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  1. forum rang 8 Calendar 28 september 2023 17:42

    Bergonzi schreef op 28 september 2023 17:16:


    thanks! nu nog even afwachten of en welk bod er volgt .. t forum hoopt op 10+

    jij had wat minder geluk met NN, maar als ik het goed begrijp is die daling te ver doorgeslagen en is dit juist een goed instapmoment, divi nu tegen de 10%?

    en terug on topic .. go Fugro! ;-)
    Volgens mij een no brainer. Gisteren nog wat NN bijgekocht. ;-)
  2. forum rang 4 JK Dutch 29 september 2023 09:50
    Effe de lijntjes dan.

    Na een korte verdere daling, stochastic draaide weer en de MACD leek erop te kruisen maar toch niet niet.
    Vandaag zien we dat de stochastic in elk geval weer intra day een koopsignaal afgeeft, blijkbaar hebben we een nieuwe steun rond de 14,35-14,41

    Eerste doel nu denk ik 14,90 - 14,95 als eerste weerstand,
  3. forum rang 5 nr36 29 september 2023 23:09
    A UK-based trade body representing companies operating in the UK subsea sector, Global Underwater Hub (GUH), received a visit from King Charles on Friday, September 29.

    GUH said it had provided King Charles with a tour of its premises in Westhill on the outskirts of Aberdeen, and showcased the vital work being undertaken across the sectors including offshore energy, aquaculture, defense, and telecoms.

    Upon his arrival, King Charles was welcomed by Neil Gordon, chief executive of Global Underwater Hub followed by introductions to key industry stakeholders, GUH board members, staff and representatives from member companies, and local school pupils.

    During the visit, King Charles took the opportunity to inspect the latest technology “all-electric” work-class submersible Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), built and developed in Newcastle by GUH member company Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD). He then viewed a live offshore operation in the Netherlands on a control station being carried out by one of Fugro’s Autonomous Surface Vessels which launched an underwater robot used for the inspection of subsea cables and pipelines.
  4. forum rang 5 nr36 30 september 2023 04:50
    High Speed Two (HS2) Limited, Phase Two - Framework Agreement for Phase Two Route Wide Ground Investigation
    A Utilities Contract Award Notice
    by HS2
    Find a Tender
    Framework (Works)
    10 year (est.)

    High Speed Two (HS2) Limited has awarded a Framework Agreement for the Phase Two Route Wide Ground Investigation (separated into 2 Lots). Lot 1 for the management and co-ordination of the packaging of GI works as well as the planning and implementation of GI site enabling works (Ground Investigation Partner (GIP)). Lot 2 for the acquisition of geotechnical, hydrogeological and geo-environmental data through surveys, the excavation and detailed logging of exploratory holes, and in-situ and laboratory testing, culminating in the production of factual reports (Ground Investigation Contractor (GIC)), some land of which will be in areas of historic mining. Ground Investigations may also be required and called off under the Framework Agreement as optional scope at other HS2 sites or by Contracting Bodies other than HS2 Ltd (see VI.3 below).

    Fugro Geoservices (Wallingford)
    Lot 2- Ground Investigation Contractor (GIC)
    Reference: c1000_3089
    Num offers: 9
    Value: £215,000,000 [share]
    Awarded to group of suppliers.
    Subcontracting opportunities are expected.
  5. forum rang 5 nr36 1 oktober 2023 04:47
    10:14am, Oct 1, 2023
    Australian technology moves from the outback to outer space

    An artist imagines a lunar base built around Australian remote technologies. Photo:
    Katelyn Catanzariti
    The sheer vastness of Australia and the crucial remote capabilities championed by its resources sector gave the nation the edge when NASA was deciding where to develop a moon rover for the Artemis space mission.

    Its researchers and developers are so accustomed to working with remote-controlled, long-distance fleet management and artificial intelligence to navigate oil and gas exploration in rocky terrain that producing technology that can be controlled from earth looked like a no-brainer.

    “Perth can be monitoring mine flights in the Pilbara which is, you know, 1500km, 1700km away. And to put that into context, the International Space Station is about 400km above earth,” says Leanne Cunnold, CEO of AROSE, an Australian consortium designing a prototype for the mission.

    ‘We have those capabilities’

    “Of course, the moon is a lot further but sure, you know, we have those capabilities.”

    Space exploration isn’t the strictly one-country endeavour it once was.

    The NASA space program in the US is cherry-picking the best of the best technology from nearly 30 contributing nations to give the Artemis moon mission its best chance for success.

    It chose Australia as its strategic partner to work on the rover due to the nation’s proven expertise in remote operations.

    AROSE is one of two Australian consortiums working on early-stage prototypes for an Australian-designed and built lunar rover for the Trailblazer program by the middle of 2024.

    If it’s successful, the AROSE team – led by Fugro and Nova Systems – will then build, test, deploy and operate the moon rover for the Artemis lunar landing, expected to take place at the end of 2026, from a newly built Australian Space Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC) in Perth’s CBD.

    The job of the moon rover will be to collect regolith – a sticky, abrasive and glass-hard shards of soil found on the moon’s surface – and transport it to NASA’s extraction facility on the moon.

    “It will extract the oxygen and this will be used for supporting sustainable human presence on the moon and then to go to Mars and beyond,” Ms Cunnold tells AAP ahead of World Space Week, which runs from October 4-10.

    But it’s no easy task, AROSE Director of Space Programs Newton Campbell adds.

    “Lunar regolith is pretty nasty stuff. It’s not like digging up normal dirt here on Earth,” Dr Campbell said in a statement.

    The lunar challenges

    “Since the moon has no atmospheric or liquid erosion properties it’s much sharper than soil particulates here on earth.

    “We’re just not used to dealing with that, even with what we deal with in the Pilbara.”

    The physical properties of lunar soil are primarily the result of the mechanical disintegration of rock, caused by the steady bombardment of meteorites over billions of years.

    Regolith is also composed of glass-like silica which forms a sharp “unforgiving” surface covered with a thin layer of electrically charged dust that sticks to any surface with which it comes in contact.

    Being so closely involved in the space mission is exciting for Australia, and for the world.

    Returning to the moon, to establish a sustainable presence with humans and robots working together, has the power to motivate future space scientists, engineers and technology specialists, Ms Cunnold says.

    And there is as much to be gained down here on earth.

    “There have been so many innovations that have come from space that positively impact our daily lives,” Ms Cunnold says.

    “GPS, satellite imagery for fire detection, crop optimisation and weather forecasting, et cetera … so what we are learning in space, you know, has an impact on us here on Earth.”
7.738 Posts
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Laag 16,020   Volume 293.881
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11 dec 2023 17:35

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