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TomTom Volkswagen relationship

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  1. [verwijderd] 31 december 2021 12:45
    Let's talk about the collaboration between TomTom and Volkswagen and the press release about it. These views are my own (see disclaimer below)

    All press releases involving TomTom and VW are here

    The interesting paragraphs in the latest press release are these:

    By leveraging the Volkswagen Group’s global fleet size and making use of its data, CARIAD will continuously improve the quality and coverage of the navigation services. By 2030, CARIAD aims to connect up to 40 million vehicles globally to Volkswagen Group’s Automotive Cloud.

    “By partnering with TomTom, we are taking another step towards transforming Volkswagen Group cars into an automotive experience that seamlessly integrates into the driver’s digital life,” said Francisco Moreno, Head of Navigation at CARIAD. “With TomTom’s trusted support and expertise, backed by the Volkswagen Group’s extensive connected fleet, we will bring many exciting innovations to market that will contribute towards a safer, more time-efficient and intuitive driving experience.”

    Co-development of additional innovative solutions is in progress. The first models to showcase the next generation navigation technology will be electric, hitting the road in 2023. These models will benefit from EV range and routing accuracy that is far more precise than anything available today. The development of other pioneering features including lane level navigation and lane dependent traffic as well as a more advanced and personalized EV experience are also underway as part of this cycle of continuous innovation.

    So what exactly is described here?

    First, that part about the fleet of Volkswagen. In the long run 40 million cars that contribute to a better navigation experience. Does TomTom need those data for traffic? No, except maybe for that new lane-based traffic. Subsequently, not only lane traffic is discussed, but also lane navigation . So you need digital maps for that with lanes that continuously update. Those are in HD maps. That’s where you really need that swarm data from Volkswagen. And CARIAD has been talking about converting VW data into HD maps for a long time, but it doesn't have the skills, people or technology. TomTom does, with a real-time transactional mapmaking platform that allows for each edit to be a single transaction. Even HERE does not have that technology.

    So are there any hints in the press release that TomTom and CARIAD will cooperate on HD maps? Yes there are. The joint press release by TomTom and CARIAD press says they will be innovation on “future products” which is a broad statement, that could be anything. But it also states that this innovation is about "safer" and “more comfortable” experience. That’s when you talk about HD maps and how they support safety systems and comfortable rides. The same language is used when CARIAD itself talks about HD maps and the 'swarm' of connected cars: ‘safety and convenience’.

    Adding another dimension with HD maps Making the most of sensor diversity also means making use of HD maps. We need to use all information available to us to offer greater safety and convenience. HD maps add a fourth dimension and allow the vehicle to receive information beyond the range of traditional sensors. They can provide predictive and anticipatory data, allowing the vehicle to benefit from the knowledge of the wider fleet, such as in the case of danger spots. They contain a lot of technical information, such as appropriate driving speeds for approaching turns in the road, as well as information on the availability of functions at certain locations. Already today, we’re collecting swarm data from nearly 7 million kilometers – roughly the size of the street network in the European Union – every single day. We want to increase that tenfold by 2025.

    So how will TomTom support CARIAD / Volkswagen Group with HD maps? This can be done in two ways. In a supplier relationship or in a joint R&D relationship. In a supplier relationship TomTom offers HD maps, sells them to CARIAD and receives data from the Volkswagen swarm to keep the HD maps fresh and up to date. That’s not the kind of relationship TomTom and CARIAD have signed. CEO Harold Goddijn mentioned this is not a typical supplier-customer relationship but a joint effort and deep collaboration to jointly develop new products (as also stated in the rest of the press release).

    So the collaboration on HD maps will be more in line with how TomTom cooperates with Baidu. TomTom offers Baidu all the tools and cloud and communication and know-how to create HD maps for China. Once Baidu starts selling those maps, tomtom will receive a fee for the sales. Remember that the TomTom technology you talk about has costs hundreds of millions to develop and also years to master. In a sense TomTom has become to Chinese maps what ASML is to chips. They offer tools.

    So my personal view is that CARIAD will be creating HD maps for the entire Volkswagen Group (VW, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, SEAT), but they will need help and technology from TomTom to get there. This was already in the stars. Volkswagen acquired Hella Aglaia - a camera technology company - and integrated it into CARIAD. The timing: Volkswagen acquired this company shortly after TomTom and Hella Aglaia succeeded in HD maps crowdsourcing.

    First, we delivered the TomTom HD Map to a vehicle via TomTom AutoStream. HELLA Aglaia’s camera achieved perception using machine learning for detection and classification of lane dividers and traffic signs. Then, centimeter-level localization was completed by correlating the lane and sign observations with the TomTom HD Map. Lastly, real-world change detections in the form of Roadagrams were sent to the TomTom cloud. Created by TomTom, Roadagrams are accurate crowdsourced map snippets from car sensors. The Roadagrams are aligned and aggregated, and then compared with our HD Map. Detected changes in the map are processed and added as new map attributes, such as new traffic signs. And finally, TomTom AutoStream delivers the HD Map updates back to the vehicle. The benefit In short: Faster, more accurate HD map updates for safer automated driving.

    So where does this leave HERE technologies?
    They lost Volkswagen as an opportunity to create HD maps, due to a lack of progress on technology. The other two German OEMs (Daimler and BMW) are luxury brands who do not have the same volume of data. HERE will be a supplier of SD (standard definition) maps for some time to come, but is not a partner in ADAS and autonomous driving for Volkswagen Group and CARIAD.

    Disclaimer: this is my personal perception and view when reading the CARIAD - TomTom press release between the lines and other events like the Hella Aglaia acquisition. Also remember that the very first research on HD maps was between TomTom and Volkswagen. That was dating back to 2014 The acquisition of HERE kind of blurred the TomTom-Volkswagen relationship, but it seems to me it is back in full effect.

  2. [verwijderd] 31 december 2021 18:55

    *JustMe* schreef op 31 december 2021 12:45:

    The acquisition of HERE kind of blurred the TomTom-Volkswagen relationship, but it seems to me it is back in full effect.

    And also the relationship TomTom - Bosch has revived, after Bosch took a small stake in HERE, but is looking for a way out. Bosch is now an integration partner of TomTom Indigo.
  3. forum rang 7 pwijsneus 11 januari 2022 20:42
    Ik begrijp dat Volkswagen in de race richting autonomous driving de hulp inschakeld van partners. Dat er bij Mobileye wordt aangeklopt is duidelijk;

    Echter het persbericht onlangs had ik eerder verwacht dat TomTom hier een rol in zou spelen, het gaat namelijk over ADAS;

    VW plans to globally deploy Mobileye's crowd-sourced mapping data to improve features like lane-keeping assistance, making it the first automaker to globally apply the innovative "swarm data" for mapping. Ford, meanwhile, is deepening its strategic partnership with Mobileye in a number of ways. Among other things, the auto company plans to use Mobileye technology to deploy hands-free driving features in future cars.

    The new deal with Volkswagen will entail the broadest application yet of Mobileye Roadbook -- a crowd-sourced, cloud-generated database of highly precise, high-definition maps. The crowd-sourced "swarm data" comes from Mobileye-equipped vehicles globally. VW is now using that data to improve its Travel Assist feature. For example, where available, lane-keeping assistance will be provided in many areas without visible lane markings. The Roadbook-enhanced Travel Assist feature will be available soon in Volkswagen, Škoda, and Seat electric vehicle (EV) models based on Volkswagen's MEB platform.

    "It's a clear advantage of using real driving data over maps," Dr. Herbert Diess, chairman of the board for Volkswagen Group, said after testing the new Travel Assist features. "Everything works well, and the car is basically following this car without any intervention from my side."

    • Mobileye is joined by VW, Ford and Zeekr at CES 2022 to announce new programs based on Mobileye’s mapping, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) tech.
    • With Travel Assist 2.5, Volkswagen Group leverages Mobileye’s crowd-sourced mapping technology to enhance ADAS comfort features like lane-keeping/centering in VW, Škoda and Seat brand vehicles.
    • Mobileye’s long-standing relationship with Ford deepens into strategic collaboration to add Road Experience Management™ (REM™) mapping technology to a future version of Ford BlueCruise and bring Level 2-plus (L2+) hands-free ADAS solutions across multiple makes and models.

    Wat betekend dit voor TomTom?
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