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Gold World Spot (USD) IND:XAUUSD.FXVWD, XC0009655157

  • 1.799,13 25 okt 2021 06:14
  • +6,77 (+0,38%) Dagrange 1.792,20 - 1.799,49
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Nova Minerals is een interessant bedrijf

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  1. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 11 oktober 2021 08:38
    1 October 2021

    Bonanza Grades at RPM North Including 132m @ 10.1 g/t Au

    Broad zone of high-grade gold intersected in drilling at the RPM North Prospect

    ? Drilling at RPM North Prospect returned spectacular results including (refer Figure 1 & 2):

    ? RPM-005
    o 373m @ 3.8 g/t Au fr 7m
    o 287m @ 4.8 g/t Au fr 7m
    o 241m @ 5.7 g/t Au fr 7m
    o 187m @ 7.3 g/t Au fr 34m
    o 153m @ 8.8 g/t Au fr 68m
    o 132m @ 10.1 g/t Au fr 89m
    o 123m @ 10.8 g/t Au fr 95m
    o 98m @ 12.6 g/t Au fr 95m
    o 86m @ 14.1 g/t Au fr 123m
    o 3m @ 32.8 g/t Au fr 181m
    o 2.6m @ 35.6 g/t Au fr 128m
    o 2.4m @ 41.8 g/t Au fr 125m
    o 2.4m @ 50.3 g/t Au fr 161m
    o 3m @ 97.8 g/t Au fr 169m

    (RPM-005 returned an overall average grade of 3.5 g/t Au over 400m from surface within the
    RPM North mineralized zone)

    ? Work program now being planned for the next round of drilling to expand and prove-up RPM
    North, and the test gold zone with a much larger footprint at RPM South as soon as possible
    in 2022.

    ? RPM North drilling completed with 3 holes pending. The goal is to delineate a Maiden
    Resource by late 2021 and advance the prospect through the development pipeline.

    ? Maiden drill program now completed at RPM North with all rigs moved back to Korbel Main
    to maximize infill and extensional drill data for upcoming MRE updates.

    ? These results complement previous impressive drill results from RPM North (ASX: 9
    September 2021) and further demonstrate high grade continuous mineralization from

    ? RPM-002
    o 128m @ 1.0 g/t Au fr 31m
    o 42m @ 1.5 g/t Au fr 74m
    o 12m @ 2.0 g/t Au fr 102m
    o 6m @ 2.7 g/t Au fr 108m
    o 3m @ 3.0 g/t Au fr 86m

    Page 2
    o 3m @ 4.1 g/t Au fr 108m

    (RPM-002 returned an overall average grade of 0.6 g/t Au over 274m from surface within the
    RPM North mineralized zone)

    ? RPM-001
    o 37m @ 1.0 g/t Au fr 224m
    o 6m @ 4.2 g/t Au fr 224m
    o 3m @ 7.0 g/t Au fr 227m

    (RPM-001 returned an overall average grade of 0.3 g/t Au over 326m from surface within the
    RPM North mineralized zone)

  2. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 11 oktober 2021 08:38
    ? Historical (2012) diamond drill hole SE12-008 returned results of (ASX:17 September
    ? 177m @ 0.8g/t
    ? incl.120m @ 1.0g/t
    ? and 50m @ 1.8g/t at RPM

    ? Reconnaissance rock chip samples define an expanded high-grade footprint of priority at
    North and South zone targets within the RPM Prospect (ASX: 22 October 2020)

    ? Rock samples included high-grade gold results:
    291 g/t, 103 g/t, 13.1 g/t, 9.3 g/t, 9.0 g/t, 8.8 g/t and 5 g/t

    ? Aggressive Infill and Extension drilling are ongoing at Korbel Main, currently focused on SE
    high grade feeder zone with the goal of substantially increasing the 4.7Moz Resource (ASX:
    7 April 2021)(Refer Table 3) and upgrading the resource in size and confidence to expedite
    Project Feasibility Studies.

    ? Geological reconnaissance crew completed field work and unlocked further High-Grade
    IRGS Au and Polymetallic Au-Ag-Cu targets within the Estelle Gold District (ASX: 20
    September 2021 and 23 September 2021)

    ? Assay results pending for over 10,000m of drilling from both Korbel Main and RPM

    ? Snow Lake Resources update due shortly
    NVA CEO, Mr. Christopher Gerteisen commented:
    “RPM once again delivers company making results. The tenor and continuity of these drilling
    intersections is most impressive indeed. These broad zones of high-grade confirm our geological
    interpretations which identified RPM as a high priority target. The RPM deposit is shaping up to be
    a very large high grade IRGS style gold system that remains wide open with results from 3 drill holes
    to be reported in the coming weeks. Once all results have been received, we will be able to send
    the data to the independent consultant to prepare our Maiden Inferred Resource for RPM North.
    Furthermore, we are now planning to have at least 2 drill rigs at RPM in the next round of drilling

    Page 3
    with a rig designated for what looks to be the much larger RPM South gold zone, which we believe
    will converge with RPM North at depth.
    This marks a major milestone for Nova Minerals. RPM is now confirmed to be the second significant
    project development area at Estelle and will be a key component of our ongoing resource
    development work on our path towards production at the Estelle Gold Project. This is what unlocking
    a district looks like, and we will continue to do so with Korbel and RPM representing only 2 of 15
    known prospects with the wider Estelle Gold Project claims. In addition to these, there are numerous
    unnamed colour anomalies across our 324km2 claim block.
    The reconnaissance exploration teams had another successful field season in 2021, with their
    efforts leading to at least two further significant discoveries. The Stoney prospect represents an
    extensive Polymetallic Au-Ag-Cu Stacked Vein System which adds another dimension to the Project
    potential beyond gold. The Train-Shoeshine area uncovered what appears to represent another
    Intrusive Related Gold System. Both prospects returned broad zones of high-grade across the
    spectrum in surface rock samples (ASX:20 Sept 2021, ASX:23 Sept 2021). We will continue to
    systematically advance these prospects and continue with our successful recon exploration
    programs in search of further discoveries as we move forward.
    The drill program at Korbel will continue for the rest of the year, and we look forward to bringing
    shareholders further results as they become available. In time, we expect to define multiple new
    shallow gold resources that will further support our goal of aggressively growing the resource
    inventory as we continue to move towards gold production at the Estelle Gold Project. Remember,
    we are on the fast-track towards production- that is our goal. We currently have 4.7Moz at the Korbel
    Main deposit, which represents just the beginning of our Estelle journey with the global resource
    inventory expected to increase significantly in the near term, especially now with RPM’s Maiden
    Resource expected later this year.”
    Nova Minerals Limited (ASX: NVA, OTC: NVAAF, FSE: QM3) is pleased to announce bonanza
    gold results at the RPM North Prospect, within the Company's flagship Estelle Gold Project located
    in the prolific Tintina Gold Belt
  3. J & B 14 oktober 2021 08:07
    [quote alias=J & B id=13741213 date=202110140758]
    Hej zwarte ridder,

    Om dit bedrijf aan te prijzen als bonanza resultaten dan ben je gebakken lucht aan het verkopen

    Highgold mining zijn bonanza cijfers
    Intersects 578 g/t Au and 2,203 g/t Ag over 6.4 m

    Dit noemen ze high grade cijfers van nova, bij deze is het rechtgezet
  4. J & B 14 oktober 2021 17:22

    J & B schreef op 14 oktober 2021 17:16:

    Ik zou maar eens op hun site kijken dan lol

    Meters met veel meer high grade + bonanza cijfers ( echte) geen fake zoals nova

    Het gaat om wat in de grond zit , hoeveelheid meters maar ook de percentage high grade telt van waarde

    Mss ook belangrijk de beurswaarde van het bedrijf ... is er potentieel om te stijgen of staat de beurswaarde reeds te hoog
  5. J & B 14 oktober 2021 18:21

    J & B schreef op 14 oktober 2021 17:22:


    Mss ook belangrijk de beurswaarde van het bedrijf ... is er potentieel om te stijgen of staat de beurswaarde reeds te hoog

    Voor alle duidelijkheid , ik vind je investering in nova minerals zeker wel een goed bedrijf !!!

    vele zouden maar kunnen dromen van deze resultaten

    de marktwaarde is voor mij al iets te hoog om nog te investeren
  6. J & B 15 oktober 2021 10:35

    J & B schreef op 14 oktober 2021 17:22:


    Mss ook belangrijk de beurswaarde van het bedrijf ... is er potentieel om te stijgen of staat de beurswaarde reeds te hoog

    Kijk ik even naar het project en de marktwaarde , vanaf 0,10 aud lijkt mij een goede prijs om te kopen

    Want denken jullie ?
11 Posts
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