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Aandeel ArcelorMittal AEX:MT.NL, LU1598757687

  • 25,585 28 jan 2022 17:39
  • -1,460 (-5,40%) Dagrange 25,350 - 26,815
  • 9.709.940 Gem. (3M) 5,8M

ArcelorMittal Juni 2021

1.242 Posts
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  1. KijKhumGaaN.... 9 juni 2021 18:48
    Ach mensen hou toch op met dat gezwam over dividend, er is toch niemand die dit aandeel neemt voor het dividend op dit niveau, het is op dit moment alleen een signaal dat het bedrijf weer gezond is en er goed voor staat.
    Zie de investering index.
    Voor de rest, als iemand op 27,xx verkoopt en weer op 26,xx weer koopt denkt die dat die het wiel uitgevonden heeft schijnbaar, terwijl dat gewoon handelen is, simpel.

    The outlook change recognises the very strong results in the first quarter of 2021 and our expectation of a very helpful market environment during 2021, at least, suggesting a further significant improvement in credit measures,” said Goetz Grossman of Moody’s.

    If ArcelorMittal achieves financial values that are appropriate to an investment grade credit rating and handles it wisely, especially by not buying too many of its own shares, this could lead to a higher credit rating in the coming quarters, the evaluator promised.

    For the time being, the rating for ArcelorMittal remains at Ba1 !

  2. Joshua 9 juni 2021 20:25

    Jestbread schreef op 9 juni 2021 15:51:

    Je had een fortuin kunnen verdienen als je elke dag tussen 15:30 en 16:00 een dikke turbo short zou nemen. Wat een ellende elke dag weer.

    Kon gelukkig met nog een winstje uit mn short positie gaan en iets later op een lager punt weer mooi long gaan. Ik ben dus gelukkig optijd voor de dividendjes. Twijfel of ik deze of volgende week nog iets van opties zal schrijven of niet.
  3. forum rang 7 *voetnoot 9 juni 2021 21:06

    max2 schreef op 9 juni 2021 21:00:

    Anderhalf procent hoger op dit moment aan de overkant. Iemand een verklaring ??

    Beste @max2

    Verklaring waarom AM het hier de afgelopen 3 dagen zo ‘slecht’ doet?

    Geen verklaring, onzekerheid op de beurs. Omhoog/omlaag, rentes, corona?
    Aan de adviezen ligt het niet.
  4. Against all odds 9 juni 2021 21:06

    max2 schreef op 9 juni 2021 21:00:

    Anderhalf procent hoger op dit moment aan de overkant. Iemand een verklaring ??

    Kijk maar eens naar de koers van Cleveland Cliffs (op dit moment bijna + 17,75%), Arcelor Mittal is nog steeds groot aandeelhouder in Cleveland Cliffs.

    Maar we moeten eerst maar even afwachten waarop Arcelor Mittal in de USA sluit EN of hij deze mogelijke koersstijgingen ook morgen op de AEX kan volhouden.

    Veel succes met alle posities
  5. Against all odds 9 juni 2021 22:26
    Spijtig dat Wall Street vandaag het niet kon volhouden, en ook Arcelor Mittal het meeste van de winst weer moest inleveren.

    In ieder geval positief dat vandaag de koers op Wall Street In ieder geval getoond heeft dat het sentiment snel kan omslaan en Arcelor Mittal erg snel kan stijgen als het sentiment omslaat.

    We zullen moeten afwachten hoe morgen de koers reageert op deze ontwikkelingen, maar voor mijzelf ben ik blij dat in ieder geval er nog veel veerkracht in de koers zit.

    Iedereen veel succes

  6. forum rang 10 voda 10 juni 2021 06:01
    Vandaag maar een nieuwe poging om in de winst te geraken? Aan de Yankies ligt het niet.

    Beursupdate: AEX op Wall Street

    Door ABM Financial News op woensdag 9 juni 2021
    Views: 4.124

    (ABM FN-Dow Jones) Op Wall Street zijn woensdag zes van de acht AEX-genoteerde fondsen ten opzichte van het slot in Amsterdam lager gesloten. Aegon was met een verlies van 0,8 procent de sterkste daler. ArcelorMittal was met een winst van 0,5 procent de sterkste stijger.

    Aegon (-0,8%)
    ArcelorMittal (+0,5%)
    ASML (-0,3%)
    ING Groep (-0,2%)
    Philips (0,0%)
    RELX (-0,5%)
    Royal Dutch Shell (-0,5%)
    Unilever (-0,6%)

    Euro/dollar: 1,2178

    Op basis van de bovenstaande koersuitslagen zou de AEX index, die sloot op 722,71 punten, zijn geëindigd op 721,36 punten.
  7. forum rang 10 voda 10 juni 2021 07:30
    EU & US to Set Deadlines to End Steel Tariffs

    According to a draft communiqué, European Union and United States are set to commit at a summit in Brussels on 15 June to end their transatlantic metals and aircraft trade disputes and call for progress on a new study into the origins of COVID-19. The draft commits to ending a long-running dispute over subsidies to aircraft makers before July 11 and setting a December 1 deadline to end punitive tariffs related to steel and aluminium trade dispute. Despite pressure by US steel industry groups to keep the Section 232 national security tariffs the draft said "We commit to work towards lifting before 1 December 2021 all additional or punitive tariffs on both sides linked to our steel and aluminium dispute."

    Former Latvian prime minister and EU’s Executive Vice President & Trade Commissioner Mr Valdis Dombrovskis told a session of European Parliament in Strasbourg "As a trust and confidence building measure, we have to deescalate and solve EU US trade disputes. EU hopes that the visit by Mr Biden would help achieve decisive progress on solving a steel tariff dispute as well as a two-decade spat over subsidies to plane-makers Boeing and Airbus.”

    A US EU deal in May to avert escalation of the dispute left these in place while the two sides negotiate for six months to address global excess metals capacity largely centered in China.

    The seven page draft aims to show concrete results of the new dawn hailed by EU leaders when US President Mr Joe Biden took over from Mr Donald Trump in January.

    The tit-for-tat battle began in June 2018 when Trump imposed tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminium from Europe, Asia and elsewhere. EU responded with counter-tariffs on 2.8 billion euros worth of US products, including bourbon whiskey, jeans, orange juice and Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  8. forum rang 10 voda 10 juni 2021 07:51
    WiSaNo Study Confirms CO2 Neutral Sponge Iron for Green Steel

    World's leading steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal is driving the transformation for green steel and, with funding from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, has commissioned a study to investigate the technological and economic framework conditions under which green steel can be produced in the future. Now we have the results. Professors Marc Hölling and Hans Schäfers of Competence Center for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency CC4E at the University of Applied Sciences HAW in Hamburg analyzed in the study "Wind Steel from Northern Germany" WiSaNo how CO2-neutral steel is efficient and efficient in electric arc furnaces can be produced sustainably with sponge iron on a hydrogen basis.

    They concluded “The most advantages are offered by the production of sponge iron near the coast with transport to steelworks inland. The associated CO2 avoidance costs are in the order of 200 euros per ton of CO2 in relation to an integrated blast furnace. However, these costs are well above the profit margins of the steel industry, so that suitable funding and control instruments must be developed by politics in order to enable the steel industry to be decarbonised.

    The researchers at HAW have examined different concepts for CO2-free steel production, each with an annual production volume of one million tons of rolled steel, in order to enable easy scaling. A comparison shows most of the advantages for flexible, hydrogen-based DRI production near the coast and transport to an existing steel mill location inland. The production of CO2-free DRI directly enables a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In the next step towards climate-neutral production, it would be possible to switch to green electricity, including energy storage, so that the entire process becomes CO2-free. Thanks to the energy-intensive direct reduction near the coast, the costs for network expansion and storage can be kept moderate.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  9. forum rang 10 voda 10 juni 2021 07:57
    Labour Dispute Resolved at ArcelorMittal Canada

    ArcelorMittal Mines and Infrastructure Canada confirmed that its workers ratified the agreement in principle reached between the company's management and the negotiating committees of the five local unions of the United Steelworkers. The labour dispute that began on May 10 has ended in accordance with the back-to-work protocol agreed to by the two parties. The new four-year collective labour agreement will provide stability for both employees and all the company's partners.

    ArcelorMittal subsidiaries ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada GP and ArcelorMittal Mining Canada GP are two complementary entities operating on Quebec's North Shore. AMIC ensures the transport of concentrate between Mont-Wright and Port-Cartier, and operates a seaport in Port-Cartier to transport and ship AMMC's products to four continents. AMMC produces iron oxide concentrate and pellets for the steel market. The two companies employ approximately 2,500 people.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
1.242 Posts
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Koers 25,585   Verschil -1,46 (-5,40%)
Laag 25,350   Volume 9.709.940
Hoog 26,815   Gem. Volume 5.769.513
28 jan 2022 17:39

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