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  1. Radikal 17 november 2021 10:52

    HydrogenPro sets up joint venture as basis for global fabrication plan

    17 November 2021: HydrogenPro AS (OSE: HYPRO) has reached an agreement with Tianjin HQY Hydrogen Machinery Co., Ltd. (“THM”) to create a joint venture, which will allow HydrogenPro to utilize THM’s electrolyser technology globally.

    The first step of the joint venture is to set up a 300MW annual electrolyser production capacity in Tianjin, China, thereby completing the first major step of HydrogenPro’s global technology and fabrication plan.

    THM will transfer employees, fixed assets and intellectual property to the joint venture, which will be 75 percent owned by HydrogenPro and 25 percent by the current owners of THM.

    “This transaction gives HydrogenPro full control over IP and core electrolyser technology that is key to our global fabrication plan. The joint venture will be very cost-effective and serve clients all over the world until our global fabrication set-up is completed, complying with all regulatory standards in the relevant locations. The next steps will be to establish footprints outside of China, based on technology and experience from the joint venture, to maintain cost leadership and to ensure high local activity in our end-markets,” says Elling Nygaard, CEO of HydrogenPro.

    THM has a long-standing history of producing electrolyser components, parts and systems as a supplier to the electrolyser industry in China and has over the past years expanded into assembly and sales of complete electrolysers.

    HydrogenPro’s total investment cost is approximately NOK 48 million, whereof approximately NOK 8 million has been pre-paid and the remaining capital injection is approximately NOK 40 million (1 RMB = 1.35 NOK).

    The board of the joint venture will consist of five representatives, with a majority appointed by HydrogenPro. HydrogenPro board member Jarle Dragvik will be chair of the joint venture board.

    The production facility will be located in Tianjin and will be equipped with new machines, which have already been purchased. It is expected to be ready for pilot production by the end of 2021. When fully operational, the facility will have an annual electrolyser production capacity of 300MW, with substantial room for further expansion.

    “We are very happy that THM’s technology and the hard work we have put into developing it will now be utilized in the new joint venture. We look forward to working with HydrogenPro to reach a global market and further develop the most efficient and competitive electrolyser technology,” says Wang Zhou, CEO of THM.

    HydrogenPro will leverage its new, improved and cost-leading electrolyser technology for large industrial hydrogen installations, reducing power consumption by 14 percent, thus giving a significant cost advantage compared to other technologies.

    “THM’s unique intellectual property and experience in the manufacturing of cost-competitive high-pressure alkaline electrolysers, makes them an ideal partner for HydrogenPro. When combined with our next-generation electrode technology from Denmark, we are able to significantly improve electrolyser efficiency, enabling hydrogen to be produced at the absolute lowest cost in the market for the time being. We regard this moderate investment in state-of-the-art production capacity to be in line with our asset light approach to developing a global supply chain,” Nygaard concludes.
  2. face in the crowd 19 november 2021 13:16
    Oh nee he, ben bang dat we de 16 Nok regionen weer gaan opzoeken. Gelukkig zijn de volumes laag. Afgelopen week kwam Pareto nog met een koersdoel van 30 Nok. Ben erg benieuwd wat de cijfers en misschien nog belangrijker wat de outlook zal zijn. Pas bij 15 Nok ga ik een plukje erbij kopen, maar voorlopig is het geduld, geduld en nog eens geduld. Fijn weekend alvast.
  3. face in the crowd 22 november 2021 08:30
    HydrogenPro AS (OSE: HYPRO) heeft vandaag zijn rapport over het derde kwartaal van 2021 gepubliceerd. Het
    bedrijf verhoogde zijn verkooppijplijn aanzienlijk, rapporteerde een belangrijke inkooporder
    en ontwikkelde zijn wereldwijde fabricagestrategie, kreeg controle over belangrijke technologie en IP en zette een productiefaciliteit op in Tianjin, China. "De onlangs aangekondigde investering in een technologie- en
    productiefaciliteit in China die voor 75 procent in handen is, is een belangrijke mijlpaal.
  4. Radikal 6 december 2021 16:25
    Fruitful discussions with local government in Tianjin

    HydrogenPro recently announced an investment in a 75 percent-owned technology and production facility in Tianjin, China. The company was shortly thereafter invited by the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce to their office to exchange information about the project.

    It was Mr. He Zhi Neng of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce who invited HydrogenPro to the meeting.

    “The Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce impressed us with their knowledge about hydrogen and the renewable energy sector. We met Mr. He and his team for a fruitful discussion that HydrogenPro really appreciated,” says Richard Espeseth, Chief Business Development Officer of HydrogenPro.

    HydrogenPro recently reached an agreement with Tianjin HQY Hydrogen Machinery (THM), which has transferred its electrolysers technology to a new company that is majority owned by HydrogenPro. The first step is to expand existing electrolyser capacity up to 300MW in Tianjin, thereby completing the first major step of HydrogenPro’s global technology and fabrication plan.

    Among several topics, the two parties discussed a 60,000-80,000 m2 plot where a future giga-factory may be located. Furthermore, they discussed how to reduce the CO2 footprint by powering the factory by solar panels.

    “The meeting took twice the scheduled time, as both parties had many ideas to share with each other. There was a clear intention to follow up with a new meeting to look into more specific topics, including how the local government facilitate the construction of a giga factory,” says Espeseth.

    THM has a long-standing history of producing electrolyser components, parts, and systems as a supplier to the electrolyser industry in China and has over the past years expanded into assembly and sales of complete electrolysers.

    “The production facility, which will be located in Tianjin, will be equipped with new machines which have already been purchased. It is expected to be ready for pilot production by the end of this month. We are very excited about this project, and we look forward to cooperating with the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce,” Espeseth concludes.

    The HydrogenPro team wishes to send its best regards to Mr. He and his team for a warm welcome and intentions of strong support.

    HydrogenPro in brief:
    HydrogenPro designs and supplies customized hydrogen plants in cooperation with global partners and suppliers, all ISO 9001 certified.

    The Company was founded in 2013 by individuals with background from the electrolysis industry which was established in Telemark, Norway by Norsk Hydro in 1927. We are an experienced engineering team of leading industry experts, drawing upon unparalleled experience and expertise in the hydrogen and renewable energy industry.

    Our core product is the alkaline high-pressure electrolyser. With our new electrode technology, we are able to increase the efficiency of each unit by 14% to reach 93% of the theoretical maximum. This is a significant step forward as the cost of electric power, depending on market prices, amounts to 70-90% of the cost of producing hydrogen, the value of such increased efficiency equals approximately the investment cost for the entire plant in a Total Cost of Operation perspective. The Company is targeting a production cost for green hydrogen of USD 1.2 per kg in 2022.
  5. Radikal 31 december 2021 11:48
    Dit post ik hier omdat Mitsubishi wel aandelen heeft in HydrogenPro

    Shareholder Shares Share of capital
    Richard Espeseth 11 424 125 19,76%
    TM Holding AS 9 635 182 16,67%
    Clearstream Banking S.A. 5 828 851 10,08%
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD 5 381 165 9,31%
    Vivian Yanjin Chen Espeseth 3 173 571 5,49%

    Mitsubishi Heavy aims to lift shares with shift to hydrogen

    TOKYO -- The CEO of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said on Friday he aims for a turnaround in his company's share price with a push toward hydrogen energy.

    "Reducing carbon gas emissions into the atmosphere and achieving carbon neutrality is a common human challenge," said CEO Seiji Izumisawa in an interview with the media. "Carbon gas emissions have to be reduced as much as possible, and if emissions have to be made, then they have to be captured from the atmosphere."

    About 35 billion tons of CO2 were emitted globally last year. Emissions are projected to increase nearly 5% to a record level this year.

    "Emissions cannot be reduced to zero in one day. We need to work toward a target by using existing facilities," Izumisawa said. "This doesn't mean emissions are allowed the same as before. The facilities need to be made more efficient and reduce their emissions."

    The Japanese industrial conglomerate is under investor pressure to revamp a corporation model that depends heavily on fossil fuels -- the manufacture of turbines and boilers for thermal power plants -- for 40% of revenues. To increase corporate value, the company feels it is imperative to accelerate a shift away from fossil fuels.

    Mitsubishi Heavy is the world's top manufacturer of carbon capture systems and is also pioneering the use of hydrogen for thermal power generation and steelmaking. These technologies may promise a smooth transition to zero emissions without incurring too large an investment.

    But the emerging technologies also have issues. Capturing carbon emissions does not make sense unless there is a place to store them, which is usually deep underground. Nor is hydrogen fuel a viable option unless it can be produced inexpensively and without using fossil fuel.

    Under MHI's vision of future power, hydrogen will be mixed with natural gas in the initial stage, before transitioning to hydrogen-only generation in the future.

    Climate groups are largely skeptical of these technologies, saying they could be used to perpetuate reliance on fossil fuel.

    Due to these concerns, MHI's market capitalization has stayed below 900 billion yen and is expected to end the year below the 1-trillion-yen mark for the first time since 2004.

    Since Izumisawa assumed leadership in April 2019, the share price has fallen over 40%.

    Izumisawa apologized for the lackluster performance of the company. "Investors may have difficulty understanding where we are headed. We need to do more to explain what we intend to do," he said.

    Analysts see Mitsubishi Heavy as one of the top energy transition plays in Japan. "MHI is the most exposed to energy, with its product range the most diverse among the heavies," CLSA analysts Edward Bourlet and Morten Paulsen say in a research note. They point out, however, that there is still uncertainty about how big a role hydrogen will play in the global low carbon shift. "While coal-fired hydrogen capacity may be ready for rollout by the mid-2020s, hydrogen-only generation will only be ready for commercial use from 2030," they say.

    The sluggish share price also reflects challenges facing MHI's aviation business. MHI is a tier-one supplier for Boeing, manufacturing the wings of the 787 Dreamliner and fuselage of the larger 777.

    MHI's program to develop SpaceJet -- Japan's first Indigenous passenger jet program -- has been put on hold since last year, despite massive investments over a decade as demand for air travel tanks due to the pandemic. Flight tests for SpaceJet have been suspended, without which the aircraft cannot receive regulatory approval.

    Izumisawa said MHI is working on documentation for regulatory approval. Efforts are also underway to digitize the aircraft manufacturing process to make it more efficient and avoid the kind of production delays that previously plagued the project.

    "The SpaceJet program for next year is still under discussion," he said, adding that it depends on market conditions.

    Izumisawa states that the company will have to hold discussions with other stakeholders about how to develop the aviation industry in Japan -- a market that is dominated by Boeing and Airbus.
  6. Radikal 12 januari 2022 13:07
    Hierbij nog wat randinformatie.

    Shipping giant Maersk to become major green hydrogen consumer as it embraces methanol fuel

    Danish company has ordered 12 methanol-powered container vessels from shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries

    It has largely gone under the radar in the hydrogen sector, but shipping giant AP Moller-Maersk could soon become one of the world’s largest consumers of green H2 after ordering 12 methanol-fuelled container vessels from Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries.

    The Danish company says it will reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 1.5 million tonnes when the dozen ships — due to be delivered in 2024 and 2025 — are powered by “carbon-neutral” green methanol produced either from biogas/biomass or renewable hydrogen combined with captured carbon dioxide.

    The global maritime sector currently emits 940 million tonnes of CO2 per year — 2.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions — according to the International Maritime Organization, as the bunker fuels it relies upon are among the most carbon-rich fossil fuels out there.

    If the world is to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, this dirty fuel needs to be replaced with carbon-free or carbon-neutral alternatives, with three potential fuels now under consideration: hydrogen, ammonia (NH3) and methanol (CH3OH).

    Maersk has been the first major shipping company to take the green plunge, opting for methanol — a decision that could have far-reaching consequences.

    “It's a wise move if you're looking at what's the path of least resistance from a ship design perspective,” says Bryan Comer, marine programme lead at non-profit International Council on Clean Transportation
115 Posts
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