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  1. Galilee 31 maart 2022 08:39
    Top 25 Future Players of the Metaverse

    12. Sandra Helou, Head of Metaverse & NFTs, Zilliqa & Max Kantelia, Co-founder, Zilliqa

    Metapolis is the first ‘Metaverse as a Service Platform’ (MaaS) built and powered by a leading blockchain, Zilliqa.

    Metapolis has its sights set on becoming ‘The Next Internet’ and is set to launch publicly in April this year with hyper-realistic graphics and ability to engage through gamification and e-commerce and NFTs.

    Partners already include Agora, a global talent awards app; Swedish esports juggernaut, Ninjas in Pyjamas; Indonesian esports organisation, RRQ; and Spanish esports team, MAD Lions. Additionally, Metapolis will collaborate with new music NFT platform, TokenTraxx across all its music elements.

    Leading the project is Helou, Head of Metaverse & NFTs at Zilliqa and Zilliqa’s co-founder, Max Kantelia, a serial entrepreneur investing in tech ventures in blockchain, privacy, digital advertising and digital banking.

    Kantelia is currently focused on working with the Zilliqa ecosystem to create and grow a Metaverse for the rapidly growing NFT space, which is focused on creating digital products for luxury brands and all things automotive.

    “NFTs will become the digital products that will populate the Metaverse, an emerging new immersive version of the web, where we will be represented by digital avatars and be able to view and purchase digital assets as we do in the physical world but through our smartphones and laptops. Metapolis is a space which will allow luxury brands and enterprise clients to create new digital products.” – Max Kantelia

    Fun Fact: Kantelia is an avid collector of classic cars and fine wine and enjoys jazz
  2. Galilee 19 juli 2022 12:38
    Zilliqa integrates into WEYU’s diverse NFT ecosystem in a strategic push towards Web3 adoption

    Zilliqa Monthly Newsletter — June 2022 Newsletter

    Metapolis joins the Metaverse Standards Forum
    As a principal member.
67 Posts
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