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Omega Diagnostics Group [ODX] - Ready to Launch the Rocket

452 Posts
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  1. forum rang 5 Prijsman 25 januari 2021 12:39

    DeZwarteRidder schreef op 24 januari 2021 15:00:

    Dat is brutowinst en bovendien slechts tijdelijk.

    DZW gebruikt echter andere definitief voor "tijdelijk" Zo betekent "tijdelijk" bij meneer DZR ca. 1-2 jaar met mogelijke verlening. Dit gold ook voor Novacyt. Zie aldaar, dat heeft mij geen windeieren gelegd;-)!
  2. TheBiG 26 januari 2021 08:09
    WOW dubbele RNS!!

    Omega Diagnostics Gp - Update re AbC-19 Rapid Test

    Omega (AIM: ODX), the medical diagnostics company focused on CD4, infectious diseases and food intolerance, notes today's update from Abingdon Health plc (AIM: ABDX) ("Abingdon Health") regarding the AbC-19TM Rapid Test, confirming their expectations for future supply arrangements with the Department of Health and Social Care, the ongoing efforts to obtain regulatory approvals in a total of 27 geographies, and the ongoing work to build data the set(s) around the use-case for the AbC-19TM Rapid Test alongside vaccines.

    In addition, Omega will today announce the launch of its COVID-19 antibody lab-based testing service in Littleport, Cambridgeshire (see separate RNS Reach for details), using the Mologic ELISA1 antibody test. This service will be offered to commercial occupational health partners, clinics and health care professionals in the UK.

    Launch of COVID-19 antibody laboratory-based testing service

    This follows the successful CE marking of the capillary blood sample collection pack which is sent to healthcare professionals who then send the patient's sample back to the Company's laboratory, where the test is then run. Test results are then sent back to each healthcare professional who informs the patient of their result and provides advice as necessary.
  3. TheBiG 26 januari 2021 08:13
    Abingdon Health PLC

    Half Year Trading Update

    Department of Health and Social Care
    Abingdon is pleased to report that it, along with UK-RTC consortium partners, completed the delivery of an order of 1 million AbC-19 anti-spike IgG devices to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) on 8 January 2021. Regarding the current DHSC contract, as noted previously, this will expire on 14 February 2021 and, in-line with the Government's shift to a dynamic purchasing strategy, the Board expects that any future orders will be received via an application by the Company to future DHSC tender notices.

    International approvals for the AbC-19TM Rapid Test
    The Company is continuing to manufacture the AbC-19TM Rapid Test in anticipation of additional orders and to that end Abingdon's regulatory department is currently working with UK-RTC partners on regulatory approval in a total of 27 territories. As part of this regulatory approvals process, the Company continues to provide data to the US FDA ("Food and Drug Administration) to allow regulatory approval and in consultation with the FDA has provided additional performance data of the AbC-19TM Rapid Test versus PCR testing via a re-submission. The FDA has asked for additional data relating to PCR testing versus on-site finger-stick blood samples to allow focus on remote, or point-of-care testing which the Company expects to submit within four weeks.

    AbC-19TM Rapid Test compatibility with vaccines
    The Company believes that as an IgG neutralising antibody test, the AbC-19TM Rapid Test has a key role to play in mitigating the impact of the pandemic. The Company continues to work closely with commercial and academic partners to build the data set(s) around the use-case for the AbC-19TM Rapid Test alongside vaccines, and these will be published in due course.

  4. TheBiG 2 februari 2021 09:16
    De stijging van gisteren zet weer leuk door! Inmiddels 0.70 GBX.
    Ben benieuwd waar we ergens gaan stranden dit jaar :-)

    This £912m tender is 200m tests to cover 1 MONTH!

    Fag packet:
    £912/200 = £4.56 a test
    50% margin = £2.28 GP
    £2.28 x 2m = £4.56m
    £4.56m x 52 = £237.1m
    Lowball PE x 4 = ~£950MCAP
    SP = £5.27
    Applying EBITDA to GP at ~85% = £201.5m
    Lowball PE x 4 = £806MCAP
    SP = £4.48
  5. Fluxx 2 februari 2021 10:00

    TheBiG schreef op 2 februari 2021 09:16:

    De stijging van gisteren zet weer leuk door! Inmiddels 0.70 GBX.
    Ben benieuwd waar we ergens gaan stranden dit jaar :-)

    This £912m tender is 200m tests to cover 1 MONTH!

    Fag packet:
    £912/200 = £4.56 a test
    50% margin = £2.28 GP
    £2.28 x 2m = £4.56m
    £4.56m x 52 = £237.1m
    Lowball PE x 4 = ~£950MCAP
    SP = £5.27
    Applying EBITDA to GP at ~85% = £201.5m
    Lowball PE x 4 = £806MCAP
    SP = £4.48

    Haha, ja ik lees veel Twitter. En als je dat leest, gaat de koers 100% naar de £5,00. Al ben ik al blij als we naar £1,20-1,50 gaan.
  6. forum rang 6 Louis7 7 februari 2021 09:38
    Three UK manufacturers selected to make rapid Covid tests.
    Push to develop domestic diagnostics industry and less reliance on foreign producers.

    February 7, 2021
    The UK government has selected three British companies to make rapid Covid-19 tests, as it seeks to shake off its reliance on foreign producers and create a domestic diagnostics industry that is prepared for future outbreaks of infectious disease.

    The department of health has selected Omega Diagnostics, SureScreen and Global Access Diagnostics to produce up to 2m lateral flow devices (LFDs) per week for the UK, according to two people briefed on the decision.

    The government has been intent on developing a domestic diagnostics industry since early last year when the Covid-19 crisis forced ministers to confront the lack of domestic sources of critical medical resources. In particular, it has been seeking to reduce its reliance on China for key imported goods as part of what has been dubbed “Project Defend”.

    Speaking in front of MPs on Wednesday, Baroness Dido Harding, the head of Test and Trace, said “there is very much an ambition to create a domestic UK manufacturing capacity” for LFDs, tests that provide results in under 30 minutes and have been the subject of fierce criticism.

    As part of this drive, the government last year paid the consulting firm PA Consulting £6.2m to find suitable British manufacturers of LFDs, and to help scale up manufacturing to reach 2m tests a day by April 2021.

    Unlike conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, which look for the virus’s genetic material and can take up to a day to process, LFDs do not need to be analysed in a laboratory. The tests look for protein antigens that live on a virus’s surface and work by adding a liquid reagent to a saliva or nasal swab sample.

    £170m Cost of air freight of lateral flow devices tests from China to the UK since the beginning of the pandemic

    A ferocious scientific row has broken out about the accuracy and safety of these tests after several studies found they miss up to 60 per cent of active infections. One group of researchers continues to trumpet the devices as the only viable way of identifying the large portion of the public that experience no symptoms of the disease, while another says they are likely to kill many more people than they save.

    The government, which has doubled down on its rollout of LFDs in spite of the debate, has been almost entirely reliant on limited supplies from the US and China and is desperate to scale up domestic production.

    According to publicly available contracts, it has so far spent at least £1.5bn on the tests — and last month closed a tender worth a further £912m. The bulk of the spending has gone to US company Innova, which has received £1bn in contracts to procure hundreds of millions of devices which are manufactured in China.

    The department of health has spent £170m on air freight of these tests from China to the UK since the beginning of the pandemic, the contracts state.

    Global Access Diagnostics, which currently has 70 employees but is planning to hire another 210 by April, is a high volume manufacturing enterprise in Bedfordshire, which spun out from the diagnostics firm Mologic last year. It has received close to £1m in funding from the UK government and around £10m in equipment, according to Mark Radford, the company’s executive director.

    The company aims to expand its annual production of lateral flow tests from 40m to 250m by early May.

    Why supply chain diversification isn’t all that easy
    SureScreen, a firm based in the east Midlands which has so far supplied 2m lateral flow tests to the UK government, has received £11.3m in funding, according to publicly available contracts.

    Omega Diagnostics, which has bases in Scotland and Cambridge, SureScreen and Global Access Diagnostics all declined to comment on contracts with the government.

    The health department said: “We now have the largest diagnostic network in UK history, and our procurement strategy for testing ensures the UK has the supplies needed to support both the existing symptomatic testing and the expanding programme of asymptomatic testing being carried out.”
452 Posts
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