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Sopheon mei 2020

28 Posts
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  1. Bertus S 28 mei 2020 08:03
    New Sopheon Release Integrating Microsoft Teams

    Work-from-home has accentuated need for information transparency, connected decision making and ad hoc collaboration

    Sopheon, the international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for Enterprise Innovation Performance, today releases Accolade® version 13.1 and Accolade Connect for Microsoft® 365 turning simple meetings into true workstream collaboration events and advancing context-aware communication.

    Innovation and product development are highly cross-functional and collaboration-intensive activities. Now, for the first time, innovation teams in any industry can capitalize on their investment in Microsoft 365 (online and desktop) and Microsoft Teams in particular, to collaborate on Accolade-managed initiatives ranging from digital transformation to new product development and operational excellence.

    Accolade 13.1 and Accolade Connect for Microsoft 365 offer new capabilities for decision makers, product and project teams, and even external innovation partners who are physically distant, to communicate, share and understand key business and product innovation information. The addition of new, advanced roadmap planning capabilities in Accolade 13.1 enable the most complex product development programs to be planned and coordinated.

    Mike Metcalf, Sopheon VP of Business Strategy and Product Marketing stated: “Most innovative businesses have some level of digital or business transformation underway as they pursue increased speed and agility; COVID-19 has simply accelerated the move to digitized communication, work processes and collaboration. Our aim is to help these organizations quickly embrace and master this new way of working by combining the power of Accolade’s tools for strategy and innovation management with workstream communication and collaboration using Microsoft 365.”

    For Further Information Contact:

    Barry Mence, (Chairman)
    Arif Karimjee, (CFO) Sopheon plc + 44 (0) 1276 919 560

    Bertus S.
  2. tritace 28 mei 2020 12:06
    Innovation like never before

    COVID-19 continues to have a profound impact on virtually every industry, on a global basis. Enterprises of all types and sizes are racing to adapt their models to the “new normal”. The more thoughtful are looking not just to effect change, but to improve how change happens, to become more flexible and more nimble as organisations. Sopheon has today announced some major developments to its Accolade platform which look to assist the group’s customers in this endeavour. This note describes the changes to the product range, and draws on a recent customer webinar used by Sopheon to highlight the evolving challenges to enterprise innovation management

  3. tritace 28 mei 2020 12:22
    Finncap 28-5

    Accolade 13.1
    Sopheon has announced the release of Accolade v13.1 and Accolade Connect for
    Microsoft 365. The new functionality enabled by Accolade’s latest version is
    accompanied by deeper integration with Microsoft 365, representing an industry
    first, maximising client returns on investment in Microsoft (Office) 365, both
    online and desktop, and thus the collaborative tools many corporate
    environments are already comfortable with – but also bringing structure and
    order to otherwise potentially disparate documents. Accolade enables planning,
    execution and measurement of initiatives from corporate digital transformation to
    new product development, and v13.1 delivers advanced roadmap planning for the
    most complex programmes. As we’ve previously affirmed, Accolade manages
    proactive and reactive responses to disruption and change, which has never
    been so relevant during the long-term move to a digital environment and also the
    near-term requirements of COVID-19. We look forward to further news flow.
28 Posts
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