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XpresSpa - Tijd voor een eigen draadje

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  1. Gertho 5 juni 2020 12:06
    ik heb gisterenavond toch het grootste stuk van mijn pakket verkocht aan $1.99

    nu nog maar 2000 stuks in port voor de fun

    staan pre market weeral hoger vandaag

    heb zowat hetzelfde gevoel als Chipmunk85, hoe serieus moeten we dit nemen?

    is geen aandeel waarin ik grote bedragen durf te investeren gezien de volatiliteit (ik slaap graag nog gerust...:-))
  2. Gertho 5 juni 2020 12:57

    Cézan schreef op 5 juni 2020 12:46:

    After markets oogt het leuk ja.
    Idd tijdig winst nemen. Kan zo je neus voorbijvliegen.

    Lees hier..'zorgwekkend dat beleggers blijven toestromen' aldus een Aegon vertegenwoordiger. Anderzijds go with the flow. De grote jongens wss ook en er ligt veel geld aan de zijlijnen.
    mooi verwoord
  3. chipmunk85 5 juni 2020 18:07
    NEW YORK, June 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- XpresSpa Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:XSPA) ("XpresSpa" or the "Company"), a health and wellness company, today announced that it has partnered with HyperPointe in connection with, XpresCheck, its newly formed business unit that will provide COVID-19 screening and testing in U.S. airports.
    Ezra T. Ernst, HyperPointe CEO, said, "We are extremely proud and excited to be working with XpresCheck in combatting this global pandemic and doing our part to help get the country back to normal. Airports serve as the gateway to our country, and ensuring their safety is a key step in getting us back to business as usual."
    HyperPointe is providing a full range of support that extends far beyond marketing, according to Mr. Ernst.
    "We like to think of ourselves as co-pilots in helping XpresCheck launch this exciting new initiative. Our strategists have helped them design a workflow with the capacity to test thousands of people each week with minimal disruption to the workday. Our creatives have produced comprehensive promotional, educational and digital solutions to facilitate a successful rollout. In addition, our technology team is integrating the XpresCheck workflow with AdvancedMD's Practice Management and EHR solution for online appointment scheduling, patient intake, lab integration, medical billing and reporting analytics."
    In addition, the robust set of blind data generated by the testing program can be used to inform COVID-19 surveillance programs and drive future measures that will help ensure the safety of U.S. borders. Based on the development of the partnership with HyperPointe, the Company has decided not to move forward with any further engagements with Relevant Cost Containment Healthcare® and Healthalytica, LLC.
    XpresCheck has begun construction and intends to start a pilot program at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 4 by the end of June, offering testing for airline employees, contractors and workers, airport concessionaires and their employees, TSA officers, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.
    XpresCheck also plans to expand with locations in additional airports to serve travelers as well as industry personnel.
    Doug Satzman, XpresSpa Group CEO, said, "We believe we have a significant role to play in the fight against COVID-19 given our airport relationships, infrastructure, workforce, and strong desire to keep travelers and the entire airport community safe. HyperPointe has been an indispensable partner in that mission. Their expertise in the healthcare space has helped


    Dit is een beetje het nieuws waar ik op aan het wachten was.
    Iemand bekend met Hyperpointe?
63 Posts
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