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  1. forum rang 6 Ed Verbeek 15 april 2020 12:57
    In navolging van het draadje met de titel "TRUMP", hier wat berichten over Joe Biden, met de vraag of Democrats (en de rest van de wereld) hier nu zo blij mee moeten zijn.

    "How Joe Biden’s privatization plans helped doom Latin America and fuel the migration crisis"

    “I was one of the architects of Plan Colombia,” Biden boasted in a July 5 interview with CNN, referring to the multi-billion dollar US effort to end Colombia’s civil war with a massive surge of support for the country’s military. According to Biden, the plan was a panacea for Colombia’s problems, from “crooked cops” to civil strife.

    But Biden’s plan for Colombia has contributed directly to the country’s transformation into a hyper-militarized bastion of right-wing rule, enhancing the power and presence of the notoriously brutal armed forces while failing miserably in its anti-narcotic and reformist objectives.

    This year alone, more than 50 human rights defenders were killed in Colombia in the first four months of 2019, while coca production is close to record levels. And as Colombian peace activists lamented in interviews with The Grayzone, the US is still in complete control of Bogotá’s failed anti-drug policy, thanks largely to Plan Colombia.

    Marketed as an answer to the crisis of child migration, Biden’s brainchild channeled $750 million through a right-wing government installed by a US-orchestrated military coup to spur mega-development projects and privatize social services.

    In recent months, teachers, doctors, students, and rural campesinos have been in the streets protesting the privatization plans imposed on their country under the watch of Biden and his successors.

    The gutting of public health services, teacher layoffs, staggering hikes in electricity prices, and environmentally destructive mega-development projects are critical factors in mass migration from Honduras. And indeed, they are immediate byproducts of the so-called “Biden plan.”

    With the arrogance of a pith-helmeted high colonial official meting out instructions on who to hire and fire to his docile subjects, Biden presided over a plan that failed miserably in its stated goals, while transforming Colombia into a hyper-militarized bastion of US regional influence.

    The original spirit of peace-building was completely sapped from the document by Biden, whose vigorous wheeling-and-dealing ensured that almost 80 percent of the $7.5 billion plan went to the Colombian military. 500 US military personnel were promptly dispatched to Bogota to train the country’s military

    Plan Colombia was largely implemented under the watch of the hardline right-wing President Álvaro Uribe....Under Uribe’s watch, toxic chemicals were sprayed by military forces across the Colombian countryside, poisoning the crops of impoverished farmers and displacing millions.

    A UN Office of Drugs and Crime report found that coca cultivation reached record levels in Colombia in 2018. In other words, billions of dollars have been squandered, and a society already in turmoil has been laid to waste.

    The depravity of the country’s military was put on bold display when the so-called “false positives” scandal was exposed in 2008. The incident began when army officers lured 22 rural laborers to a far-away location, massacred them, and then dressed them in uniforms of the leftist FARC guerrillas.
    It was an overt attempt to raise the FARC body count and justify the counter-insurgency aid flowing from the US under Plan Colombia. The officers who oversaw the slaughter were paid bounties and given promotions.

    Colombian academics Omar Eduardo Rojas Bolaños and Fabián Leonardo Benavides demonstrated in a meticulous study that the “false positives” killings reflected “a systematic practice that implicates the commanders of brigades, battalions and tactical units” in the deaths of more than 10,000 civilians. Indeed, under Plan Colombia, the incident was far from an isolated atrocity.

    In an interview in Bogotá this May, The Grayzone’s Ben Norton asked Colombian social leader Santiago Salinas if there was any hope for progressive political transformation since the ratification of Plan Colombia.
    An organizer of the peace group Congreso de los Pueblos, Salinas shrugged and exclaimed, “I wish.” He lamented that many of Colombia’s most pivotal decisions were made in Washington.

    But Biden was not finished. After 15 years of human misery and billions of wasted dollars in Colombia, he set out on a personal mission to export his pet program to Central America’s crime and corruption-ravaged Northern Triangle.
    In his July sit-down with CNN, Joe Biden trumpeted his Plan Colombia as the inspiration for the Alliance for Prosperity he imposed on Central America. Channeling the spirit of colonial times once again, he bragged of imposing Washington’s policies on the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.


    In Honduras, the government had no capacity or will to resist Biden’s plan. That is because the country’s elected president, Juan Manuel Zelaya, had been removed in 2009 in a coup orchestrated by the United States. [jaja, onder Obama/Biden dus] ...

    Since the implementation of that component of “Plan Biden,” [national electricity company be privatized] energy costs have begun to surge for residential Honduran consumers. In a country with a 66 percent poverty rate, electricity privatization has turned life from precarious to practically impossible.
    Rather than languish in darkness for long hours with unpaid bills piling up, many desperate citizens have journeyed north towards the US border.

    enz enz enz

    Met speciale dank dus aan Jo Biden.
    Het lijkt nog wel zo'n aardige, fatsoenlijke vent.

    Democrats zeggen het misschien mooi, maar dit is wat ze doen.
    En dan zijn er hier in Nederland ook nog Trumptards en FvD-aanhangels die denken dat de Democrats 'links' zijn. :-)
  2. forum rang 4 Barren Wuffet 15 april 2020 14:24
    Biden is niet een probleem, komt mentaal ook niet sterk over op mij.
    Ik heb het gevoel dat als ik Boeeee roep hij hard wegholt.

    Trump is een echte straatvechter.
    En de maatjes van Trump zijn allang aan het zoeken naar zwakke punten van die arme man.
    En er is ook wel het een en ander te vinden denk ik.
    Voor Bernie hoeven ze niet meer te zoeken, dus blijft alleen Biden over.
    En dat komt straks, op het juiste moment naar buiten.

    Jemmig wat is die Trump goed, niet voor de USA ofzo maar met trukjes om de boel te manipuleren.
    Iedere keer weer een maatregel, tweet of bericht, en iedere keer PRECIES op het juiste moment.

    Dus ik denk dat Trump wint.
    (Als de boel daar niet ploft tenminste)
  3. forum rang 6 Ed Verbeek 17 april 2020 17:48

    Barren Wuffet schreef op 15 april 2020 14:24:

    En de maatjes van Trump zijn allang aan het zoeken naar zwakke punten van die arme man.
    En er is ook wel het een en ander te vinden denk ik.
    Helaas inderdaad.
    De Democrats hebben helaas niets geleerd van hun verlies in 2016. Onbegrijpelijk.
    Hier het bewijs:
    Trump gaat hem gruwelijk in de pan hakken. En ik zeg dat niet met leedvermaak, want het is gruwelijk om aan te zien.
    Vooral omdat dat anti-Biden spotje wat je bovengenoemde video vanf ca 4:00 ziet, gewoon waar is.
    En no working class appeal

    Alleen een asolute total economic collapse waar Trump zich in verslikt, kan Biden nog helpen.
    Daar hoop ik dan ook maar op :-)
  4. forum rang 6 Ed Verbeek 19 april 2020 08:25

    luchtschip schreef op 19 april 2020 01:22:

    Damn, this ad by Joe Biden is brutally effective. Trump can run, but he can’t hide.

    video 1:43 minuut
    Dat is inderdaad een sterke, luchtschip.

    Hier Trump’s new devastating ad on Biden:
    Ook niet mis.
    Biden is Hillary Clinton 2.0
    Trump can do to Joe Biden what the Obama campaign did to Mitt Romney in 2012.

    De enige hoop voor Biden is dat in november Corona nog even erg is en de economische recessie nog groter.
  5. forum rang 6 Ed Verbeek 19 april 2020 21:04

    JP Samosa schreef op 19 april 2020 19:37:

    Een verkiezingsstrijd om t presidentschap van de USA, gaat tussen twee mannetjes van 74 en 78jaar oud

    Dit valt toch onder het kopje “ je gelooft het niet en toch het waar
    Kan nog iets worden a la Brezjnev - Andropov - Tsjernenko - Koeznetsov - Gromyko
    (maak je niet ongerust; dat is niet uit mijn hoofd)
  6. forum rang 10 luchtschip 19 april 2020 23:32

    Joe Biden :

    To everyone working on the front lines of this crisis, thank you. We truly couldn't get through this without you.

    video 1:01
    Ik heb Trump nog nooit zijn respect horen uiten voor de werkers aan de frontlinie.

    Wel dat Trump zichzelf ziet als de enige die het virus voortvarend aanpakt.

  7. forum rang 10 luchtschip 21 april 2020 00:29

    Joe Biden
    The office of the presidency comes with the ultimate responsibility for the biggest decisions in the world. Every great president throughout our history has met that duty with the leadership it demands. Donald Trump has not.

    video 0:46 minuut
  8. forum rang 10 luchtschip 21 april 2020 22:49

    United Auto Workers union endorses Biden for president

    - The 400,000-member United Auto Workers union endorsed Joe Biden’s U.S. presidential bid on Tuesday, giving the Democrat a potential boost in his efforts to win over working-class voters in states that will decide the Nov. 3 election.

    President Donald Trump, a Republican, has heavily courted auto workers in battleground states like Michigan and Ohio, while Biden has touted his support for auto workers when he served as vice president and his support of policies championed by unions.

    The endorsement comes at an opportune time for Biden, who has struggled to maintain a high profile during the COVID-19 pandemic and sustain the momentum he had built up in his lightning-quick run toward becoming the Democratic nominee.

    “In these dangerous and difficult times, the country needs a president who will demonstrate clear, stable leadership, less partisan acrimony and more balance to the rights and protections of working Americans,” UAW President Rory Gamble said in a statement.
  9. forum rang 10 luchtschip 24 april 2020 06:20

    Joe Biden :
    26 million people unemployed. That's not just a statistic? — every one is a life thrown into uncertainty. Every worker left wondering when they will next see a paycheck is part of this American crisis? —? and Donald Trump isn't doing enough for them.

    Statement by Vice President Joe Biden on the Latest Unemployment Filing Numbers

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