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Ballard power systems BLDP

33 Posts
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  1. JoeyvdS 6 januari 2020 21:44
    Cold Weather Effects on Electric Bus Range

    Atlanta, GA, November 2019: The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) with the Midwest Hydrogen Center of Excellence (MHCoE), Cleveland State University (CSU), and the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) have released a study evaluating the relationship between ambient temperature and fuel economy for zero-emission buses. This study builds upon previous efforts by incorporating daily-level data into the analysis, allowing the team to capture extreme temperature values that would be masked in an evaluation of monthly data.

    All transit buses, regardless of fuel source, experience some loss of range in extreme weather. As transit agencies plan to replace their traditional diesel-fueled buses with zero emission buses, they will need to consider the effects of extreme weather on the new buses replacing their existing fleets. Andrew Thomas, Director of the MHCoE said "Transit agencies located in cold weather climates will need to consider the effects of winter on range when planning a transition to zero emission buses. Hydrogen fuel cell buses appears to offer cold weather ranges that will be most compatible with traditional route planning.” This paper attempts to compare both battery electric and fuel cell electric buses’ fuel economy in relation to varying temperature trends.

    “As someone who has relied on a bus year round in an area of the country with very cold weather – I haven’t forgotten standing outside in -30 degrees Fahrenheit last winter – it is important to me that we share these real-world range results of zero-emission buses under a wide range of temperature conditions to ensure that they are deployed successfully throughout the United States,” said Alison Smyth, Engineering Consultant at CTE.

    The Study Team collected data from eight transit agencies: four that deployed hydrogen fuel cell and four that deployed battery electric buses. The results of the analysis show that the loss in range during a temperature change from 50-60°F to 22-32°F was greater for battery electric buses (37.8% decrease) than for fuel cell electric buses (23.1% decrease). Since battery electric buses typically have a smaller range than fuel cell electric buses even under optimal conditions, this is an important consideration for transit agencies that are seeking one for one bus replacements.

    This study seeks to provide transit agencies with planning insights as they consider strategies for replacing existing fleets, and does not intend to recommend one technology over another. “As a transit agency operating in the Midwest it is our goal to provide the best service possible to our riders,” said Kirt Conrad, CEO of SARTA. “This includes being able to operate our fleet with the greatest efficiency possible. This study, and its findings, help to show that hydrogen fuel cells are a viable option for other transit agencies in addition to their success here in Stark County.”

    This effort was funded under a National Fuel Cell Bus Program grant provided by the Federal Transit Administration.
  2. forum rang 7 nine_inch_nerd 6 augustus 2020 16:56
    Ballard winst volgens verwachting, omzet lager dan voorspeld
    6 uur geleden (06.08.2020 10:20) - Ballard rapporteerde op donderdag voor het tweede kwartaal een winst die gelijk is aan de voorspellingen en een omzet die achterblijft bij de voorspellingen.
    Het bedrijf meldt een winst per aandeel van $-0,05 met een omzet van $25,8M. Analisten geraadpleegd door voorspelden een winst per aandeel van $-0,05 met een omzet van $26,24M.
    Dit jaar zijn Ballard aandelen vooralsnog 111% hoger uitgekomen, waardoor ze beter presteren dan de Nasdaq die 22% hoger is uitgekomen in het lopende jaar.
    Ballard in reeks belangrijke aandelen in de technologiesector deze maand
    Op 30 juli rapporteerde Apple voor het derde kwartaal een winst per aandeel van $2,58 bij een omzet van $59,69B, in vergelijking met een voorspelde winst van $2,05 en een omzet van $52,24B.
    Microsoft rapporteert op 22 juli voor het vierde kwartaal een winst die hoger is dan verwacht, namelijk een winst per aandeel van $1,46 bij een omzet van $38,03B. analisten verwachtten een winst van $1,34 en een omzet van $36,54B

    Aandeel zakt vandaag met ca 2%
  3. Rotel74 25 augustus 2020 07:11

    (24-08)Bernstein starts Ballard at Outperform as pure play on hydrogen economy Bernstein analyst Neil Beveridge initiated coverage of Ballard Power Systems with an Outperform rating and $22 price target. After many years of "false starts," the hydrogen economy has reached "prime time and is poised for exponential growth," Beveridge tells investors in a research note. The analyst says pure play fuel cell manufacturers are the most direct ways to invest in this theme. Hydrogen is now recognized by many governments and policy makers as essential to enable decarbonization of the energy mix, Beveridge points out.
  4. forum rang 7 nine_inch_nerd 15 september 2020 20:16
    Ballard introduces high-power density fuel cell stack for vehicle propulsion; signs MoU with AUDI

    Sep. 15, 2020 1:10 PM ET|About: Ballard Power Systems Inc. (BLDP)|By: Akanksha Bakshi, SA News Editor
    Ballard Power Systems (BLDP +4.6%) has announced the launch of its FCgen-HPS product, a high-performance, zero-emission, proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack.

    FCgen-HPS provides propulsion for a range of Light-, Medium- and Heavy-Duty vehicles in an industry-leading volumetric high-power density of 4.3 kilowatts per liter (4.3 kW/L).

    Ballard signed a non-binding MoU with AUDI to expand its right to use the FCgen-HPS in all applications, including commercial trucks and passenger cars. The FCgen-HPS was fully designed and developed by Ballard to stringent automotive standards in the company's Technology Solutions program with Audi AG.

    “The FCgen-HPS adds an important high-power density fuel cell stack to Ballard's current product line-up, supporting our efforts to penetrate these large addressable markets, while also improving our long-term positioning for future motive applications, including passenger cars and urban air mobility," commented Randy MacEwen, Ballard CEO.
  5. forum rang 10 voda 6 oktober 2020 15:36
    MAHLE & Ballard to Develop Fuel Cells for Commercial Vehicles

    MAHLE and Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power Systems Inc. have agreed to work together in the future on developing fuel cell systems for commercial vehicles of various weight classes. The long-term goal of the cooperation is to manufacture complete fuel cell systems for the European, North American, and Asian markets. During the first phase of the cooperation, Ballard will be primarily responsible for system design relating to the fuel cell stack. MAHLE is bringing its extensive experience in the areas of thermal management, power electronics, and packaging.

    MAHLE has been a series supplier for fuel cell vehicles for several years. The technology group based in Stuttgart/Germany holds a particularly strong position in the complex air intake system, the electronics, and the temperature control of fuel cell systems. The company consequently expandsits application portfolio for hydrogen for some time and also lobbies politically for support for fuel cell technology and hydrogen combustion.

  6. forum rang 6 'belegger'' 6 oktober 2020 16:25

    voda schreef op 6 oktober 2020 15:36:

    hydrogen combustion.

    Bij het eveneens Duitse BMW bleek dit geen succes, maar dat is van jaren geleden. Het zou wel een hele omslag zijn t.o.v. de nu gangbare toepassing van brandstofcellen waarmee waterstof en elektrische voertuigen veel techniek met elkaar delen. Ik lees voor dit gedeelte op zich geen link met Ballard. Misschien kan iemand met technische kennis dit beter duiden.
  7. forum rang 7 nine_inch_nerd 11 november 2020 18:31
    Ik heb dit hier gepland.


    evenaar schreef op 11 november 2020 18:18:

    Ik ben ook (nog) niet enthousiast over Ballard. In de beginjaren van 2000 is getracht met Tokyo Gas een fuel cell te ontwikkelen voor de residentiele markt. Heeft geen momentum gekregen.

    Voor nu wel interessant de samenwerking met HPS home power solutions (berlijn)

    Investeren kon wel in HPS, via crowdfunding.

33 Posts
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