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Aandeel Nokia PSE:NOKIA.FR, FI0009000681

  • 3,585 25 sep 2023 17:35
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Nokia 2019

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  1. [verwijderd] 28 november 2019 15:55

    moneymaker_BX schreef op 28 november 2019 14:42:

    Ik had in mijn portefeuille bij ING heel lang staan 200 Euro dividend tegoed (4000stuks)
    Vanmorgen was dat ineens weg. Hebben jullie 0.05 dividend ontvangen na de laatste cijfers of loopt de ING me te naaien?
    Dank bij voorbaat voor antwoord
    haha, die ING, die draait nog steeds op oude systemen.... Nee, er is geen dividend uitgekeerd na de laatste kw-cijfers.
  2. jessebrown 2 december 2019 11:55
    6,000 public data points confirm that Nokia’s networks are better than the rest
    Sponsored by Nokia | May 20, 2019 8:00am






    As network operators worldwide commercialize their 5G in non-standalone architecture, it becomes evident that great 5G runs on top of great 4G. In non-standalone architecture, the 5G control information goes through the LTE eNodeBs and the throughput can tap the resources of 5G and 4G through dual connectivity. This means, if you have the best performing 4G network, you are already ahead of the game in 5G.

    RootMetrics is an independent network performance testing company. Every six months it publishes 3,000 RootScores for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in 125 US metro markets. (The latest complete data set is for the second half of 2018.) It uses these RootScores to build rankings of network performance data across six dimensions of network performance: network reliability, network speed, data performance, call performance, text performance and overall performance. From the analysis, Nokia came out as #1 in all six categories. Overall this data shows that networks supplied by Nokia gained higher rankings versus Ericsson and Samsung.

    In fact, in this study, in overall performance 62% of the Nokia-powered networks operated by one of the Big Four (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) finished #1 or #2. That is 12 percent points ahead of Ericsson, the next ranked network vendor. Samsung did not achieve any #1 rankings. One of the Big Four is ranked #1 in 90% of all of the metro markets, where its network is supplied by Nokia. This outstanding performance is aligned with their large-scale rollout of Nokia’s AirScale base stations. The overall performance of networks supplied by Nokia improved year on year, by 11%, while Ericsson’s network performance degraded by 5%.

    Coming back to 5G, the RootScore metric Network Speed is highly relevant in the near term, as it has a direct impact on the network speed experience of 5G users. RootMetrics Network Speed Testing provides a holistic look at the speed performance across data testing. Let’s remember, that 5G-4G dual connectivity allows to pool in the 4G data capacity into the 5G user experience, a capability fully supported by Nokia AirScale. In the network speed category, 38% of networks powered by Nokia have a # 1 ranking. This number is 70% better than that of Ericsson. From 2H2017 to 2H2018 Nokia helped operators to win the #1 rank in another 20% of Nokia supplied markets. At the same time, operators lost 15% of the #1 ranks in the markets supplied by Ericsson, the second network vendor.
    RootMetrics is finalizing the 1H2019 measurements and we can already see further improvements in Nokia-supplied networks across many metro markets. It’s clear that having the best performing 4G network is a must to deliver the best 5G network.
    Share your thoughts on this topic by joining the Twitter discussion with @nokianetworks or @nokia using #5G, #4G and #innovation.
    About Arne Schaelicke
    As part of Nokia’s marketing team for mobile networks, Arne focuses on the transition of 4G networks into the 5G era. He has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and over 21 years of experience in telecommunications.
  3. jessebrown 3 december 2019 14:29
    Dit artiekel veroorzaakte de spike omhoog,pleidooi voor Nokia en Ericsson

    U.S. to Tap $60 Billion War Chest in Boon for Huawei Rivals

    Alistair Barr
    ,Bloomberg•December 3, 2019

    (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. has been warning other countries not to buy telecommunications gear from China’s Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. The government will soon put real money behind the effort.
    A new agency, called the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, plans to tap some of its $60 billion budget to help developing countries and businesses purchase equipment from other companies.
    “The U.S. is very focused on ensuring there’s a viable alternative to Huawei and ZTE. We don’t want to be out there saying no. We want to be out there saying yes,” Adam Boehler, the first chief executive officer of the DFC, said in a recent interview.
    He declined to discuss specific company talks or how the money would be spent. However, the plans would be a welcome boost for Sweden’s Ericsson AB and Finland’s Nokia Oyj, which have struggled to compete with Huawei and ZTE equipment that’s often cheaper and at least as capable. The U.S. could bankroll Huawei alternatives through loans or loan guarantees to developing nations and companies, or even acquiring minority stakes in emerging makers of competing gear.
    The U.S. government is concerned about these Chinese companies dominating the rollout of faster wireless networks known as 5G. The Trump administration has said Huawei and ZTE gear could be used for spying, an allegation the companies have denied. Many countries, including Germany and France, are reluctant to ban individual vendors like Huawei.
    How Huawei Became a Target for Governments: QuickTake
    Huawei and ZTE “are state-owned enterprises or government-driven companies that subsidize their gear in some cases. The price is decent,” Boehler said. “Longer term, what is the cost of that? You shouldn’t think as a sovereign country from a short-term pricing perspective. Our focus is having people understand what they’re giving up and whether it’s worth it to save some money in the short term. It’s not.”
    The DFC was created last year to provide development financing to lower income and middle-income countries, which covers about half the world. It’s charged with “helping to advance U.S. foreign policy by countering the growing influence of authoritarian regimes” and expects to be fully authorized and funded by Congress in coming months.
    The DFC’s $60 billion investment cap is more than twice the size of its predecessor. The new agency can take minority equity stakes in companies, a new tool beyond existing capabilities that includes loans, loan guarantees and political risk insurance.
    Boehler wouldn’t discuss which DFC tools might be used to support purchases of non-Chinese telecom equipment. However, the Financial Times reported in October that U.S. government officials have suggested issuing credit to Huawei’s European rivals.
    Ericsson and Nokia didn’t respond to requests seeking comment.
    Another senior government official recently told Bloomberg News that the U.S. is considering funding mechanisms through the DFC that will decrease the cost of alternative commercial 5G gear. The person asked not to be identified discussing unannounced plans.
    The DFC is also considering whether to become a founding investor in a new technology infrastructure fund that will back emerging companies in 5G, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and other areas, Boehler said. The fund won’t invest in Chinese companies, he noted.
    “This could support bids on spectrum, investments in infrastructure or the development of a component for 5G,” he said. “We want to make sure that the next crop of companies, if they’re not U.S.-based, that they at least adhere to the principals we care about -- the rule of law and data protection.”
    “The real issue about Huawei is not China, it’s security of data,” he added. “We want to ensure that companies adhere to certain data-security standards and the protection people’s information.”
    Ethiopia is in the midst of privatizing its telecom industry and is auctioning spectrum and licenses. Vodacom Group Ltd., majority owned by British wireless giant Vodafone Group Plc, is planning a joint bid with Kenyan operator Safaricom Plc.
    “That is a live example that we can play in,” Boehler said. “There are no U.S. companies involved at this point, but the British are bidding.”
    To contact the reporter on this story: Alistair Barr in San Francisco at
    To contact the editors responsible for this story: Tom Giles at, Molly Schuetz, Andrew Pollack
  4. [verwijderd] 3 december 2019 14:30
    Nokia (NYSE:NOK) chairman Risto Siilasmaa will step down after eight years in the role and 12 years on the board.

    The board proposes vice chair Sari Baldauf as the new board chair, subject to her re-election to the board at the annual meeting on April 8.

    NOK shares are up 1.5% pre-market to $3.51.
579 Posts
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