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Aandeel ProQR Therapeutics NV OTC:PRQR.Q, NL0010872495

  • 1,330 28 sep 2023 22:00
  • -0,050 (-3,62%) Dagrange 1,330 - 1,420
  • 203.014 Gem. (3M) 192,8K

ProQR Therapeutics 2019

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  1. forum rang 6 Tom3 28 juni 2019 21:56

    Guy-vdk schreef op 28 juni 2019 20:27:

    Na eindelijk nog eens een dagje groen gisteren is de daling weer begonnen,er komt maar geen eind aan..Ik wacht rustig af tot het najaar om weer te kopen.Wie weet staan ze dan weer 3 dollar.
    De $9 hebben we in ieder geval al gezien, ik denk dat veel hedge funds, die voornamelijk letten op het momentum en triggers hun verlies pakken ( naar schatting zit er maar een klein deel van de float bij particulieren).
  2. [verwijderd] 28 juni 2019 22:02
    i dont have ties to the company no Tom. just trying to read into the future like the rest of us here. simply the RNA editing is a must develop area and Proqr doesnt have internal resources to do it it has to leverage itself . how ? i dont know but it will happen via some type of business development.

    proqr has otherwise cash until 2021 .. a partnership has not been closed but I only suppose its looking for the right one! there have been many companies that sunk because they had partnerships that where not a good fit ..

    with this said I think something is due very soon on the business development front with either 1 or more of the following
    a) CF product
    b) huntington
    c) rna editing in some capacity. could be proqr+ a team from germany + funds from a big company .. all 3 setting up a specialized company focusing on rna editing.

    as the XBI index is close to break out.. above 90-100 .. proqr will come up with something that has been cooking for 1-2 years already
  3. forum rang 6 Tom3 28 juni 2019 23:27
    @Joel, De Boer has confirmed (at the general shareholders meeting) that:
    1) the huntington expenses would be paid by a third party (kind of a research grant from a "huntington" society).
    2) CF is not commercially viable,
    3) Axiomer is still to be validated. This could be outsourced however. Have you any evidence for this? Without this we could well sink to the $ 8 levels. Over- promissing and underperforming is a deadly sin in biotech.
  4. [verwijderd] 29 juni 2019 06:21
    btw just to be fair. Proqr is the company that has never ever overpromised. never. it barely goes to any conferences , it barely helds any marketing events.

    more so, Proqr has been the fastest to bring drugs to market ever in the history of biotech. to claim that it has overpromised, underdelivered its the most unfair statement in regards to them and tells me that despite the fact that you have watched the company for a while cant judge them fairly or more so dont fully understand it.
  5. [verwijderd] 29 juni 2019 09:40
    i have lots to write as a response .. for example I could list out the endless biotechs that have gone public recently .. not to mention Moderna and Stoke in the RNA space.. all have taken away focus and money from the older companies including proqr.

    not to mention that many (most) small/mid biotechs have been butchered recently including just a few known and beautiful technology companies like
    fprx, clvs, alny, ptla, itci, mrus, fomx, lxrx, cala, afmd

    the list doesnt end. all these companies and more .. actually within the biotech space OVER HALF of the companies have suffered 20% or more losses within the last year meaning that the biotech space is in a deep correction area. that despite the XBI going up.. it has been a tricky and confusing market... hopefully we are coming closer to the end of it.

    but as to the CF product.. the CEO may had said that its not viable.. for sure that not hyping the product, rather the opposite. but look what has been written about the product in the last year, even YESTERDAY!

    BTW, take a look "Importantly, these data show that the lung is also a portal of entry for systemic delivery of eluforsen to other extrapulmonary organs that are affected by CF." so it goes to the kidney and other organs!






    i read these and I make my own judgement as to the potential of this particular product. no one can promise but for sure the CEO underpromised .. he could had very easily flag this product as many other do and hype up the price of the stock but he didnt why? .. for the why need to think through ..

  6. forum rang 6 Tom3 29 juni 2019 11:05

    joel12 schreef op 29 juni 2019 06:17:

    Obviously Tom you dont believe in the company and its CEO.
    at 9 dollars probably you are still in the green. better than AFMD i suppose where you are probably in the red
    what to advise y? sell Proqr while in the green and buy AFMD

    good luck.
    I still believe in the company, otherwise I wouldn't have that many shares. I won't sell anything soon. Well De Boer promissed to come up with the DEB trial results in January and the Usher interim results in July but could not deliver. Many funds and hedgefunds decided to quit or to decrease their exposure. AFMD is no alternative for me because I have plenty of them too. What other companies so you favour at the moment? Arrowhead is a third pillar in my portfolio already.

  7. [verwijderd] 29 juni 2019 11:22
    i dont think there is a company that has the potential of proqr to absolutely
    disrupt the biotech space . crsp, edit maybe sgmo are also high there but at much higher valuations. proqr in essence is currently the sole competitor to the DNA editing space.

    arct is interesting but still preclinical

    i like mrus but dont have enough of it. i like rgls potential as well, its currently going through a company overhaul but could come out of it very strong.

    but none is close to what proqr could do in the future. imo.
  8. [verwijderd] 29 juni 2019 11:51
    sorry Tom.. you took a ride on proqr without understanding its play. but thats ok. however talking badly about its outstanding CEO is slapping the hand that feeds you..

    listen. about the DB .. PROQR did something marvelous.. for long term investors and for sure for patients. it created an organization with top people funded by the EB association to tackle the disease

    the best and the brightest in the field came to turn the drug into medicine. the results will be known in September but it has long be known that skipping that exon it resolves the disease. Proqr has tested its drug in iPSC and knows it works, and the best and the brightest in the field of DB partenered with it to bring medicine as quickly as possible to market.

    you an impatient retail investor which claims to have lots of shares, which in fact lots its very subjective .. got hit maybe that the price went down as expected news didnt come out .. but proqr came with the news and even better news but the true long term investor which has patience listens ... carefully. and proqr i am sure is not interested in a given retail investor making money,, rather ultimatately
    1/) ITS DRUGS to go to market as soon as possible
    2) its drugs taking as much market share
    3) and its long term investors get rewarded

    to go to market as soon as possible and be the first to do so , not revealing the intermediate results was the BEST decision why?
    1) once it had revealed good results other players like WAVE and others would immediately jump to .. .ALSO WE DO IT.. similarly to how WAVE did after proqr announced the results from LCA.

  9. [verwijderd] 30 juni 2019 12:07
    Hey you guys i am scratching my head with the following
    Proqr removed from the May presentation going into June at JMP from the pipeline the CF product, but research papers on it intensified up to even last week.
    in the third quarter the results of TBIO which Delivers of CFTR mRNA will be known. this product replaces vs qr-010 which fixes.. and thus together they could "fix and replace" the CFTR mrna and provide a functional cure.

    the price of the stock was brought down by insiders .. 1 hour before JMP I saw it going down .. pushing the results of the Usher trial into next year was an additional reason for the drop.

    ok.. I hope someone can come up with some possible scenarios of whats going on. I am thinking of some but wanted to browse other ideas as well. thanks
  10. [verwijderd] 30 juni 2019 17:24
    The problem is that he will not say and actually I think he set the expectations so low even completely mislead the market of the companys true intentions .. especially with its cystic fibrosis drug.

    last year however at JMP conference, when his presentation was over , the mike was on for few more minutes and he told the interviewer that people dont realize the great value of the CF drug.

    what is clear to me that this quarter will be interesting and the price was brought down strategically either for insiders accumulation or business development purposes. something is brewing and Monday there is a chance the XBI will break 90 a strong resistance.,, while PROQR performance from 1 of the best turned to be in the bottom 35% of ALL stocks. bottom 35^percent from top 10percent

  11. Wolfgang 30 juni 2019 22:32

    nmgn schreef op 30 juni 2019 21:53:

    With all respect. I think you are thinking to many things. Better focus on the facts. They did not deliver twice, because the could not. Lets hope they will do in the future.
    Ben ik mee eens. We kunnen 1000 theorieën uitwerkingen. Soms zijn de dingen wat ze zijn.
  12. rbot 1 juli 2019 19:32
    Goedenavond. Hier een nIeuwe potentiële belegger in ProQ die zich wat ingelezen heeft nadat ik ProQ al een tijd in mijn favorietenlijst heb staan.

    Ik constateer dat ProQ sinds de publicatie van de indrukwekkende fase 1/2 resultaten (LCA10) eind september alleen maar progressie heeft geboekt:

    - Succesvolle emmissie waarbij 100 miljoen is opgehaald tegen $15,75 (!)
    - Behandeling eerste patient in fase 3 studie (LCA10) is reeds gestart. Deze studie is vervroegd gestart na overleg met FDA
    - In januari is er ook een fast track ontvangen voor het kandidaatsmedicijn tegen Usher Syndroom. Momenteel in fase 1/2 als ik het goed gelezen heb.
    - Verder zie ik het de kwartaalrapporten niks verontrustends. Cashburn iets verhoogd, maar dat was te verwachten gezien de fase 3 studie die is gestart.

    Ik heb geen negatief nieuws kunnen vinden en de koers heeft zelfs even op 22 gestaan. Momenteel staat de koers ruim 40% onder de emmissie prijs.

    Ik vraag mij af wat ik over het hoofd zie? Is er wellicht een concurrent die grote stappen heeft gezet of is deze daling simpelweg niet inhoudelijk te verklaren?

    Ik hoor graag jullie mening want dit lijkt een buitenkans. Nog even en we zijn weer terug op de koers van voor de publicatie van LCA10...... Dat zou wat zijn
2.656 Posts
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28 sep 2023 22:00
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