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Aandeel Advanced Metallurgical Group AEX:AMG.NL, NL0000888691

  • 28,820 19 okt 2021 14:14
  • +0,340 (+1,19%) Dagrange 28,760 - 29,240
  • 94.926 Gem. (3M) 253,3K

Draadje met INHOUD! geen toogpraat a.u.b.

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  1. Gerard M. 19 mei 2021 22:05

    11 May 2021

    Invinity Energy Systems plc

    ("Invinity" or the "Company")

    Joint Development of Grid-Scale Flow Battery

    Invinity Energy Nexus Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Invinity Energy Systems plc (AIM:IES) is pleased to announce it has entered into a Joint Development and Commercialization Agreement ("JDCA") with Gamesa Electric S.A.U. ("Gamesa Electric"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy ("SGRE"), to:

    · jointly develop a grid-scale vanadium flow battery ("VFB") based on Invinity's proven technology and incorporating Gamesa Electric's advanced power conversion systems;

    · cooperatively manufacture the VFB upon achieving a jointly validated design; and

    · commercialize the VFB through each company's sales channels.

    The JDCA sets out a detailed development program for the next-generation VFB that is expected to take approximately two years to reach commercialisation. Over this period, Gamesa Electric has agreed to fund an aggregate US$4.62 million of Invinity's activities within the joint development program, payable as development milestones are met. The JDCA may be terminated by Gamesa Electric should there be a failure to advance through development stages. In addition to the joint activities, each company will independently advance their core technology to support program deliverables.

    Invinity and Gamesa Electric have also entered into an Option Agreement granting Gamesa Electric or its nominee within the SGRE group an option for 9.99 per cent. of Invinity's issued share capital as at the date of this announcement (the "Option", the "Option Shares") at £1.75 per share, the same as Invinity's most recent placing in December 2020. If the option were to be exercised, Gamesa Electric or its nominee would have the right to appoint a director to Invinity's board subject to Gamesa Electric or its nominee maintaining a minimum 5% shareholding in Invinity. The ability to exercise the Option is subject to Company shareholders' approval. Further updates will be provided to shareholders in due course.

    Invinity will continue to vigorously pursue development and commercialization of its current VFB products in response to robust and growing demand.

    "We are delighted to enter into this JDCA with Gamesa Electric," said Larry Zulch, Invinity CEO. "Delivering a next-generation VFB to meet the need for safe, dependable and economical energy storage requires deep expertise in both energy technology development and commercialization, making Gamesa Electric an ideal partner for us in that effort. We appreciate this validation of VFB's potential and the implications for our existing products."
  2. wesmail 20 mei 2021 20:22
    Het zal wel niets te betekenen hebben ....., al eerder gepost. In de presentatie van 20 april is de afnemer van AMG nog confidential. De trend is dat steeds meer autofabrikanten rechtstreeks deelnemen in batterij-producenten. De volgende trend is ook de volgende schakel in de supplyketen zekerstellen. Tesla gaat al met mijnbouwbedrijven samenwerken.

    Succes allen.

    Het lithiumhydroxide uit de AMG-fabriek kan in de toekomst rechtstreeks op het chemiepark verder worden verwerkt. In mei 2019 kondigde Daimler-partner Farasis Energy uit China aan dat het daar een batterijfabriek zou bouwen . De installatie, die volgens de informatie op dat moment eind 2022 in bedrijf zal gaan, zal niet alleen cellen maar ook modules en packs gaan produceren - aanvankelijk met een capaciteit van 6 GWh, later met 10 GWh per jaar. In het midden van februari 2021 , echter, werd bekend dat er geen bouwvergunning nog niet was verleend.

    Tesla - Panasonic
    Toyota - Panasonic
    GM - LG Chem
    VW - Northvolt
    VW - Guoxuan
    PSA - SAFT
    Daimler - Farasis

  3. forum rang 9 ff_relativeren 21 mei 2021 14:42
    Norges Bank verlaagde op 19 mei haar Long positie in AMG, van 3,29% naar 2,55%.
    Bron : .

    Norges Bank als trader in Long posities in plaats van Buy and Hold.
    Ik blijf het een raar verschijnsel vinden, maar blijkbaar zijn ze er goed in ..
  4. Aandachtige lezer 24 mei 2021 19:52

    ff_relativeren schreef op 21 mei 2021 14:42:

    Norges Bank verlaagde op 19 mei haar Long positie in AMG, van 3,29% naar 2,55%.
    Bron : .

    Norges Bank als trader in Long posities in plaats van Buy and Hold.
    Ik blijf het een raar verschijnsel vinden, maar blijkbaar zijn ze er goed in ..

    Als Norges klaar is kunnen de koersen weer gemakkelijker omhoog. Zeker als Norges weer gaat kopen.
  5. forum rang 9 ff_relativeren 26 mei 2021 15:15

    ff_relativeren schreef op 24 mei 2021 18:20:

    Shorter Societe Generale gaat van 2,57% bruto short positie ( )
    naar 2,54% bruto short positie ( ).

    Shorter Societe Generale gaat van 2,54% bruto short positie ( )
    naar 2,53% bruto short positie ( ).
  6. herbie bel 27 mei 2021 18:32
    Ryan notes 27.5

    European FeV prices climbed to near $40 per kg, compared to $35-35.50 a week ago. The price rise seems predominantly trader-driven, with two trading firms successfully bidding up prices from $36 to $38. Consumer sales, meanwhile, were reported at $36.50 per kg.

    While prices for FeMo and other commodities shot up this month, European FeV prices were slow to increase. “Some of the FeV price rise is feeding off the rise in other metals,” said a source.

    Chinese FeV prices have been firming since the end of the Spring holiday in early May. Chinese FeV producers have increased their guidance price for June to $35 per kg, sources say, in order to take advantage of the last strong month for construction prior to the summer.

    A 15% increase in FeNb prices from $41 per kg to $47 also has put upward pressure on FeV prices.

    “The higher prices go, the bigger the fall,” said one trader. He doubts current prices can be sustained, and he is concerned that if prices rise to $50, there will be a backlash.

    US FeV sellers note that there has been no spot business in two weeks. Prices remain on either side of $16 per lb, but sellers agree that any new tender will attract competitive offers below $16.

    Given demand levels, FeV suppliers have been surprised by the lack of activity in the US market. Producers confirm that contract customers are taking full allotments.
  7. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 31 mei 2021 06:55

    ff_relativeren schreef op 31 mei 2021 00:03:

    Shell bouwt een enorme 100 MW-200 MWhr energie-opslag. Dat soort projecten lijken me ideaal voor de Shell-AMG Joint Venture. . Iemand een mening ?

    AMG kan daar geen bijdrage aan leveren, want dat is geen business voor AMG.
  8. radfahrt 31 mei 2021 10:34

    wesmail schreef op 30 mei 2021 17:51:

    “They say no fossil fuel cars after 2035. In the U.S. we drive 3.2 trillion miles per year. Electric cars use ~0.3 kwh/mile.

    We'll need to build a 1 GW nuclear plant every three weeks starting tomorrow JUST for the extra electricity to charge the cars.”

    - Dr. Robert Rohde

    Since I have been roped into this, let me say that there is a real issue. Electrifying everything, including cars, will require more electricity.

    However, the numbers in the falsely-attributed quote above are not accurate and I don't agree with the implication.


    Altogether, one needs to add ~1 GW of generation every 4 months to meet what's needed for replacing USA cars with EVs (not every 3 weeks as claimed above).

    Most modelers believe a majority of that will come from renewables rather than nuclear.

    Dr. Robert Rohde
2.310 Posts
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Koers 28,820   Verschil +0,34 (+1,19%)
Laag 28,760   Volume 94.926
Hoog 29,240   Gem. Volume 253.323
19 okt 2021 14:14

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