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  1. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 12:32
    Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission. :

    Gazprom's announcement is another attempt by Russia to blackmail us with gas.

    We are prepared for this scenario. We are mapping out our coordinated EU response.

    Europeans can trust that we stand united and in solidarity with the Member States impacted.

    statement :
  2. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 12:38
    Russia's biggest state-run oil producer failed to sell 37 millions of barrels of crude as companies self-sanction amid war in Ukraine

    Russia's Rosneft PJSC took bids for 37 million barrels of oil but no European customers participated, Reuters reported.

    The state-run oil producer received some bids from Asian refiners, while others were deterred by its 100% prepayment policy.

    The ratio of outgoing Urals seaborne exports to Europe has dropped from 90% to 50%, Bloomberg reported.
  3. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 12:44
    Demonstratie in Kherson tegen een te houden nep-referendum wordt later door Russische militairen met schoten verstoord

    Amazing courage: in Russian-occupied Kherson, Ukrainians took to the street today in protest against occupation and in support of Ukraine. Russians are planning a bogus referendum to create a proxy 'Kherson republic'. All these people risk persecution, torture for their stance

    video 0:11 minuut

    Rally today in Kherson against holding of sham referendum to create "Kherson People's Republic" dispersed by occupying Russian troops.

    A peaceful rally was dispersed in temporary occupied Kherson (04/27/22). Some people were injured.

    video 1:30 minuut
  4. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 12:50
    Krachtige video statement van het Oekrainse ministerie van buitenlandse Zaken

    It's time to de-Putinise the world

    Putin has tried to reshape the world in his own image.

    He's tried to destabilise democracies because they prove there’s better alternative & now he is committing war crimes in an attempt to break #Ukraine’s spirit.

    It’s time to de-Putinise the world.

    video 1:36 minuut
  5. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 12:54
    Ghost drones

    Eurmaidan Press :

    Pentagon said it is sending Ukraine 121 "Phoenix Ghost" drones as part of a $800mn arms package.

    The drones have never been heard of before, and little is known about their precise capabilities, but spox said they are well-suited to open terrain of Donbas

    US Defense official :

    The Phoenix Ghost is similar to Switchblade previously delivered to Ukraine :

    a cheap single-use suicide drone that behaves like a loitering munition, flying around before ramming itself into target. However, there are classified differences
  6. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 13:22

    luchtschip schreef op 27 april 2022 11:32:

    Munitie depot in Belgorod, Rusland, in brand

    BBC report regional Russian governor confirms - explosions heard near the city of Belgorod. Said he was woken up at around 03:35 on Wed by the sound of an explosion & preliminary reports indicated an Ammo depot was on fire in a rural settlement.

    Vannacht, 27 april, brak in het dorp Staraya Nelidovka, gelegen in de buitenwijken van Belgorod, brand uit bij een munitiedepot

    The governor of Belgorod said there is a fire at an ammunition depot near Staraya Nelidovka. A CCTV video shows a flash in the sky, possibly from anti-aircraft missiles.

    video 0:15 minuut
  7. Derwing 27 april 2022 13:34

    luchtschip schreef op 27 april 2022 12:04:

    Hilarisch, hoe de Russische geheime dienst FSB bewijs levert voor het plannen van een moord op een Russische TV presentator
    Nota bene Putin houdt in een toespraak het publiek voor dat het harde bewijs in handen is

    If you need a good laugh, please watch this. Putin's desperate attempts to portray #Ukrainian people as a bunch of Nazis, fails BIG time.

    Putin's regime is a clown show from top to bottom.

    video 2:17 minuut

    voor wie het Engels niet machtig is

    De FSB ( Russische Geheime Dienst ) moest bewijs leveren dat zij een moord complot op een TV journalist hebben opgerold en de daders opgepakt

    Zij kregen opdracht bewijsmateriaal bij elkaar te verzamelen om het hard te maken

    Het bewijsmateriaal moest zijn : de arrestatie, nazi symbolen, een boek met voorin een handgeschreven extreme tekst met een geloofwaardige handtekening, een pruik en sim kaarten ( bedoeld zijn sim kaarten voor de mobiele telefoon )

    Het getoonde bewijs dat ze lieten zien waren een arrestatie waarbij men geen gezichten ziet, nazi symbolen en een pruik
    tot zover nog goed

    maar dan
    Het boek met extreme handgeschreven tekst ondertekend met letterlijk "geloofwaardige handtekening"
    En voor de sim kaarten kwamen ze met "The Sims", het populaire video game in de US
    Ik las het, best bizar verhaal.

    Ik kan me haast niet voorstellen dat dit een fout is overigens, ik vermoed dat dit gewoon een soort 'fuck you' is van de inlichtingendienst. Er zijn er de laatste tijd een hoop uitgeknikkerd door Putin, de loyaliteit daar is waarschijnlijk maar matig. Dit lijkt me eerder een soort protestactie, die door de gemiddelde Rus waarschijnlijk toch niet opgepakt gaat worden.
  8. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 14:29
    UK Ministry of Defence :

    President Putin sent many young conscripts ( dienstplichtigen ) into Ukraine to fight an illegal and unprovoked war.

    It is likely many of them were unaware they were going to war until the day of the invasion.

    video 1:04 minuut
  9. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 14:41
    fosfor bommen

    Governor of Donetsk Oblast : Russia uses white phosphorus bombs again.

    Russians attacked Avdiivka with white phosphorus bombs, hitting the area near a coke-chemical plant on April 26, and the town’s center on the morning of April 27, according to Pavlo Kyrylenko, the governor of Donetsk Oblast.

    Using such bombs against civilians is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions. Russians also launched an airstrike on Avdiivka on April 27, targeting the multi-storied building. At least one person is injured, according to Kyrylenko.
  10. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 14:43
    General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces : Russian forces capture settlements in Donbas.

    An update on April 27 by Ukraine’s Armed Forces said that Russia has seized the village of Zavody and the outskirts of Kamyshevakha near Izium, Kharkiv Oblast.

    Russian forces have also occupied the villages of Zarichne, Donetsk Oblast and Novotoshkivske, Luhansk Oblast, and are advancing toward the nearby settlements of Nyzhnie and Orikhiv.
  11. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 14:51
    The Kyiv Independent

    Transnistria claims drones, shots fired from Ukraine.

    The interior ministry of the Russian-occupied region of Moldova published a statement on April 27 alleging it was attacked by Ukraine.

    Transnistria claims drones were seen overnight above the Moldovan village of Kolbasna and shots were fired from Ukraine near the village in the morning. The statement said Kolbasna houses “the largest ammunition depot in Europe.”

    Transnistrie is een provincie van Moldavie, die zich losgemaakt heeft van Moldavie en gesteund wordt door Rusland met aanwezigheid van 3.000 Russische troepen
  12. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 14:58
    The Kyiv Independent

    Russian missiles hit bridge in Odesa Oblast for second time.

    The missiles targeted a bridge crossing the Dniester estuary near the town of Zatoka, according to the CEO of Ukraine’s railway operator Ukrzaliznytsia, Oleksandr Kamyshin, on April 27.
  13. forum rang 10 luchtschip 27 april 2022 15:06
    UK Intelligence: Ukraine retains control over the majority of its airspace.

    According to a UK Defense Ministry update on April 27, Russia has failed to effectively destroy Ukraine's Air Force or its air defenses, while Ukraine continues to hold Russian air assets at risk.

    Russian air activity is primarily focused on southern and eastern Ukraine to provide support to Russia’s ground forces, the update said.

    The update also said the majority of Russia’s airstrikes in Mariupol are likely being conducted using unguided free-falling bombs, which are ineffective at hitting targets and increase the risk of civilian casualties.
45.153 Posts
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