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Aandeel Telenet Group Holding BRU:TNET.BL, BE0003826436

  • 20,500 28 mrt 2023 17:36
  • -0,120 (-0,58%) Dagrange 20,400 - 20,700
  • 260.388 Gem. (3M) 167,5K

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  1. schattenJager 27 maart 2023 12:24
    Guys, all of you accepting the offer of 22 EUR give the power to LG to squize out my shares (if aqcuire more than 95%), although I do not want to sell them.
    My plan is to either wait for much better offer in the future, or to keep the shares life long and get the dividends LG will distribute to themselves every year from now on.
    Considering the importance of the market for the LG's portfolio, available in LG cash targeting acquisitions, and limited alternatives (No other market in Europe with that low valuations as Telenet and Proximus have), I bet with all my shares LG will improve their offer. Because LG knows it is one time opportunity, because they already invested a lot in social media and different marketing channels to convince us as share owners to sell, because they know Telenet value is much higher.
  2. schattenJager 27 maart 2023 12:43

    varinvest schreef op 22 maart 2023 16:04:

    beste beleggers,

    verkoop niets, dit bedrijf is veel meer waard op termijn dan de povere 22 euro, een brutale overval.
    Indeed, the ownership of shares I posted is the one as of 28 Feb. The statistics for 31 Jan is now missing from Degiro (no clue why it is not displayed anymore), but if you can check it, you can figure out there is a significant increase in the positions for some of the players I indicated ;)
1.251 Posts
Pagina: «« 1 ... 58 59 60 61 62 63 | Laatste |Omhoog ↑

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Koers 20,500   Verschil -0,12 (-0,58%)
Laag 20,400   Volume 260.388
Hoog 20,700   Gem. Volume 167.521
28 mrt 2023 17:36
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