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Aandeel Novacyt PSE:ALNOV.FR, FR0010397232

  • 1,345 12 aug 2022 17:35
  • -0,026 (-1,90%) Dagrange 1,345 - 1,390
  • 136.591 Gem. (3M) 405,3K

Novacyt de volgende biotech raket!

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  1. platteey 18 augustus 2021 16:57

    DeZwarteRidder schreef op 18 augustus 2021 16:14:

    Het is een waardeloos contract want de minimum-afname is nihil.
    Zwarte ridder alles wat jij zegt is negatief en was goed dat je zolang weg was
    Trek terug met je paard ten strijde en laat de mensen hier gerust aub
    Jij bent tegen dit aandeel en je hebt er geen geloof meer in, anderen wel dus …… wtf is jouw probleem samen met enkele van je vriendjes
  2. forum rang 10 voda 18 augustus 2021 17:00
    Novacyt sees 1H21 revenue jump by over 50%
    Francesca Morgan
    Vox Newswire
    12:21, 18th August 2021

    In an update for the six months to 30 June 2021,
    Novacyt (NCYT ) said it expects to witness continued strong growth in private testing as markets and travel re-open across the world.

    The Group, an international specialist in clinical diagnostics, reported a revenue increase of over 50% for 1H21 to £94.7 million, compared to £63.3 million for the first half of 2020.

    Of this total revenue, £54m came from a mixture of overseas sales as well as ‘a growing UK private testing market,’ leading to non-DHSC revenue growing 20% year-on-year, it said.

    Overall, UK private market sales, which currently includes COVID-19 testing in film, media, travel and corporate industries, increased significantly in 2Q21 compared to 1Q21. Novacyt believes it is ‘well placed’ to continue to support this growth during the second half of the year.

    As part of its expansion in private testing, Novacyt has also signed a supply contract initially for genesig® COVID-19 products with Excalibur Healthcare Services, who have invested in new laboratory services in Cambridge, UK, to support COVID-19 testing of private clients.

    A key product expected to support 2H21 growth in private testing will be the Company’s PROmate® COVID-19 2G (2 gene) test which can identify the SARS-CoV-2 ORF1ab gene.?

    Due to an emerging need in some countries, the Company launched a second CE-IVD PROmate® COVID-19 test to identify both the SARS-CoV-2 ORF1ab gene and nsp16 gene.

    Novacyt said its wholly owned subsidiary, Primerdesign has won a new contract valued at up to £4.7m which will last until March 2022 under the PHE National Microbiology Framework, effective immediately, for the supply of PROmate® COVID-19 tests to the NHS.?

    The PROmate® COVID-19 tests have been developed to run on the Company's q16 and q32 PCR instrument platforms. The q16 and q32 near patient PCR instrument platforms using the PROmate® COVID-19 test have been validated and can be used at select NHS hospitals.

    Novacyt, which said NHS testing demand has remained its “key priority” during the pandemic, said it views the framework as “a testament to its continued commitment.”

    Meanwhile, Novacyt entered into a two-year Long-Term Agreement (LTA) with the World Health Organization (WHO) for the supply of the Company’s genesig® COVID-19 tests.?

    In addition, its existing LTA with UNICEF has been extended by 12 months to July 2022. To date, it has shipped orders to eight countries under the UNICEF LTA since September 2020.

    Shares in Novacyt were trading 11.18% higher this morning at 334.4p following the update.

    Novacyt S.A.
    Novacyt S.A.
    GBX 350.40
    47.01 (15.57%)
    Last updated 16:42

    Looking ahead, the Company told investors that it expects continued strong growth in private testing as markets and travel reopen and, as the Northern Hemisphere heads into winter, the potential for higher infection rates will increase the need for COVID-19 testing.

    Since the start of 2020, Novacyt has launched 16 new CE-IVD products and expects to launch a further 10 by the end of 2022. As a result of its trading, Novacyt has reiterated its revenue guidance of £100m for FY21, excluding DHSC revenues, as announced in June.

    CEO, Graham Mullis, commented: "Novacyt is continuing to address COVID-19 testing for both current and future demand. We continue to ensure that innovation is at the centre of our strategy and that our growing portfolio of COVID-19 tests are available to customers in both private and public health settings to expand existing, and support new, partnerships.”

    He added, “We believe our long-term strategy also supports the growth of Novacyt post-COVID-19. In particular, our progress and growth potential in the private sector will not only help us maximize the COVID-19 testing opportunity but also ensure we are well placed, with both technologies and partners, for sustainable growth beyond COVID-19. We therefore believe Novacyt is well positioned to continue to build on its business transformation."

    Back in June 2021, Novacyt described the full year ended 31 December 2020 as “a year of transformation” as the Company saw revenue increase by over twenty times from 2020.

    The clinical diagnostics specialist reported a more-than-twentyfold increase in consolidated revenue to £277.2m as the group’s gross margin rose to 76.3% in FY20 from 64% in FY19.?
  3. forum rang 6 Louis7 18 augustus 2021 17:47
    Novacyt aims high.
    18th August 2021 13:20

    On AIM, there was relief for Novacyt supporters after the stock bounced off recent lows — lifting 12%, or 35p, to 337p — thanks to an encouraging half-year trading update.

    With the company still in a contract dispute with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) over sales worth £40.8 million, there was encouragement in the figures showing the generation of £54 million sales from overseas and the growing UK private market for Covid-19 testing in film, media, travel and corporate industries.

    Novacyt reiterated its guidance for £100 million of revenues this year, excluding the DHSC contract, and said the potential for higher infection rates as winter approaches in the northern hemisphere should increase the need for Covid-19 testing.

    It also announced new contract agreements, including one with DHSC worth £4.7 million for the supply of its PROmate Covid-19 tests to the NHS.

    Novacyt's shares were 1,190p in January, having risen from 13p at the start of 2020 on the back of its early mover advantage on testing. But they fell below 300p last week due to the impact of the DHSC dispute and the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine programme.
  4. Cum infamia 18 augustus 2021 18:04
    Van harte Hans en iedereen natuurlijk, het is een mooie dag geworden en hopelijk met winsten en/of een koers wat meer in de richting van de gemiddelde inkoop. Volg het aandeel nog steeds ondanks dat ik in een eerder stadium verkocht heb. Ook ik heb in het verleden hele grote winsten zien verdampen en de klappen van de, zweep gevoeld. Dus leef nog altijd mee.
68.966 Posts
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