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Aandeel Novacyt PSE:ALNOV.FR, FR0010397232

  • 1,342 15 aug 2022 17:35
  • -0,003 (-0,22%) Dagrange 1,340 - 1,400
  • 170.566 Gem. (3M) 401,8K

Novacyt de volgende biotech raket!

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  1. forum rang 4 HOBBYMAN 30 juni 2021 10:36
    Elk nieuws ( in dit geval afzien van bonus) hoe goed ook bedoeld wordt door beleggers als negatief ervaren en de koers wordt hierdoor omlaag geduwd. Dit soort acties van de directie zet weinig zoden aan de dijk. Ik zou zeggen los het dispuut met Uk maar op en zorg voor orders aan die kant van het water.
  2. forum rang 4 Ronster 30 juni 2021 10:56

    HOBBYMAN schreef op 30 juni 2021 10:36:

    Elk nieuws ( in dit geval afzien van bonus) hoe goed ook bedoeld wordt door beleggers als negatief ervaren en de koers wordt hierdoor omlaag geduwd. Dit soort acties van de directie zet weinig zoden aan de dijk. Ik zou zeggen los het dispuut met Uk maar op en zorg voor orders aan die kant van het water.
    Het dispuut lijkt inderdaad het enige waar de koers op dit moment van afhankelijk is. Daar moet gewoon z.s.m. duidelijkheid over komen, al is het ook belangrijk om de tijd te nemen en tot een goede oplossing te komen.
  3. snowhmr 30 juni 2021 14:21

    Ronster schreef op 30 juni 2021 10:56:


    Het dispuut lijkt inderdaad het enige waar de koers op dit moment van afhankelijk is. Daar moet gewoon z.s.m. duidelijkheid over komen, al is het ook belangrijk om de tijd te nemen en tot een goede oplossing te komen.
    Niet alleen het dispuut, maar ook waar gaan ze in de toekomst het geld mee verdienen. We weten dat de Corona gerelateerde inkomsten minder worden. Hoe zit het met overname plannen enz nog genoeg vragen anders dan het dispuut.
  4. Hercule Poirot 30 juni 2021 15:04

    Koepelorganisatie GGD GHOR heeft alle regionale GGD's geadviseerd om te stoppen met de snelle antigeentest en voortaan alleen nog de PCR-test aan te bieden, zo laat een woordvoerder woensdag weten. Volgens GGD GHOR is de PCR-test in deze fase van de bestrijding van de coronapandemie beter geschikt om het virus te blijven volgen.
  5. M c M 30 juni 2021 21:49

    HOBBYMAN schreef op 30 juni 2021 17:46:

    Ik ben eruit gestapt. Als na elk nieuw de koers omlaag gaat dan is vertrouwen geheel weg. Ik hoef geen 2e galapagos meer mee te maken. Succes aan de zittenblijvers
    Ik voel met je mee, aandeelhouder zijn van Novacyt is momenteel geen leuke HOBBYMAN..
  6. forum rang 4 Speculatie 1 juli 2021 15:16

    HOBBYMAN schreef op 29 juni 2021 19:08:

    Even recapitulatie van de laatste 2 weken.
    Vorige week publicatie jaarrekening 2020.
    Vandaag (conform eerdere toezegging) publicatie over nieuwe producten.
    Komende week nieuwe (positieve) berichten over afhandeling dispuut met UK en nieuwe orders. Laat maar komen.
    Koers zal volgens mij eind juli tussen 7 en 8 euro liggen. Watch my words!
    OK - dan snap ik waarom je nu bent uitgestapt om straks tegen 7 en 8 euro weer terug te kopen, contra-shorter.
  7. Biesaap 1 juli 2021 15:38
    Deel 1
    Dear Fellow Novacyt Shareholders

    Firstly thanks for your support in highlighting the concerns to the Novacyt IR Team last week. I have thought carefully about the response from Mandy and also what its implications is; I have summarised this below. I have also put forewards a plan of action at the end of the mail. I would ask you to consider supporting that moving forward.

    Response To Email From Novacyt On 29th June

    DHSC Dispute (Response Reminder):

    As you will be aware there are very strict stock exchange rules about disclosure and we simply cannot give one set of shareholders more information that the rest of the shareholders or the market generally do not possess. In addition, we have obligations of confidentiality with DHSC which limit severely what we can say*. Importantly, we do not wish to make public our strategy for resolving the dispute as that could undermine our negotiation leverage with DHSC. Whilst we appreciate that you would like to know more on an ongoing basis, and that you would like to support us with the dispute, we simply are not permitted to give you the detailed information you request (even yes/no answers). Again, please be assured that your questions are exactly the type of questions we consider with our legal team. As and when we have more information to give, we will update the market and all shareholders, as required and permitted by the market disclosure rules.

    * We are only likely to receive DHSC consent to disclosures when and if it suits them which most of the time would not in all likelihood be beneficial for the Company.
  8. Biesaap 1 juli 2021 15:39
    Deel 2
    FIRST REASON Why I am NOT buying the response:

    The wording in the contract explicitly carves out:

    37.1.2 the provisions of Clause 37 of this Schedule 2 shall not apply to any Confidential Information:


    (v) which the Recipient is required to disclose purely to the extent to comply with the requirements of any relevant stock exchange.

    And it's a requirement on Novacyt under AIM Rules

    General disclosure of price sensitive information

    11. An AIM company must issue notification without delay of any new developments which are not public knowledge which, if made public, would be likely to lead to a significant movement in the price of its AIM securities. By way of example, this may include matters concerning a change in:


    — the performance of its business; or

    — its expectation of its performance.

    In my opinion it is an inescapable fact that the past & current performance of the business & the expected performance of the business is significantly impacted by the facts surrounding the dispute with the DHSC. Therefore I don’t agree with the assertion in the mail from Mandy Cowling that this would put them in breach of the contract.

    SECOND REASON Why I am not buying the response

    Therefore for the same reasons above it is clear that the company is OBLIGED to inform the market of the most material facts concerning the dispute in as much as the strength of the case has a material impact on past, present and future performance of the business.

    THIRD REASON Why I am not buying the response

    Part of the rationale given is that it would undermine leverage they have with the DHSC with regard to the dispute. I not only disagree but this poses a significant question of the following:

    The Company has stated already that it has been advised already that it has a strong case to pursue its rights under the contract; and as such these things will have been factored into that assertion. It is entirely logical then to surmise that if the company is readily, and without undue delay pursuing its rights under the contract… then the verification of exactly these facts would have to be established in order to have reached that conclusion, and should already have been presented to the DHSC as to underpin the strength of the company’s position.

    These items SHOULD not be a secret to the DHSC and withholding them confers no benefit to the company, to the contrary it lengthens the delay. Unless of course the company has not adequately performed its duties with regard to these material facts, and the company is acting in the ‘hope’ the have gone unnoticed, and will continue to remain so by the DHSC. This is a concerning way to be conducting a dispute with so much at stake for the business.

    In which case these are still material facts which would without doubt have a significant impact on the outcome and therefore my second point above remains.

    FOURTH REASON Why I am not buying the response

    The CEO & CFO received significant financial benefits under the LTIP, they personally would have control over information provided to the markets; the company could conceivably have not disclosed information which had it been in the public domain would have had a material impact on the share price of the company and the net result of which would have been:

    Shareholders continued to buy & hold positions in the company with information which would have had an impact on the share price, having been withheld.

    The CEO & CFO potentially have benefited from inflated compensation from the materialisation of these events.

    We as shareholders are due transparency here; IT’S OUR MONEY. This is not an accusation, it is a request for transparency.

    FIFTH REASON Why I am not buying the response

    In my mail I gave the CEO/CFO the opportunity to show they would accommodate a not unreasonable request for them to voluntarily defer payments under the LTIP until the matter is resolved. Especially given their assertion of a high degree of confidence in the outcome There was no response on this.

    Plan Moving Forward

    I will send a letter to the IR Team & GM on Monday asking them to reconsider their response in light of the above points. I will also timeframe that response as being needed before the end of business day the following Monday.

    IF no response is forthcoming then I will evaluate the merits of attempting to initiate an EGM to force the issue further.

    In order to evaluate whether the latter is feasible; I am asking if you will continue to add your support to my pursuance of this matter and also give some detail at to the size of your holding as in order to initiate such an event we would need either

    5% or more of the total voting rights of all shareholders


    100 shareholders that hold shares that have been paid up with an average of at least GB£100 per shareholder.

    The number of shares represented would in any case strengthen our message. I am also deeply mindful of people’s privacy. Though I have kept communications in BC where possible; I can’t guarantee that Novacyt will do the same, (Mandy already failed that test). So to maximise support am asking if you could complete the form here:

    It will take less than a minute and your information will be held securely and not shared other than for the purposes intended now without your consent. If you do not wish to take part simply don’t complete.

    I hasten to add, at this stage I would initiate only step 1 above; also that this is not an accusation of any wrongdoing on behalf of Novacyt or any of its officers or employees; it is simply a group of shareholders asserting clarity on the position of the company under the auspices of what they believe to be their rights.

    An commentable version of the above positions is available at

    Also I hasten to add that I am no expert in these matters, I remain open to your advice and thoughts on the matter. Feel free to post to me either on the form or via email directly and I will share as appropriate. I would ask you please to use the form as there's over 50 people on this initial communications; I suspect the number to grow and please be mindful I am volunteering my time as SUPPORTER of Novacyt.

    Feel free to forward this email to other holders you may know; I will be posting on The Telegram Group I am a member of plus to some other shareholders, Ill hold back from LSE as its a place where trolls and derampers lurk. I am avoiding putting it on the main twitter feed at the moment, I would ask you to do the same. My sincerest hope is it does not come to that and we get the assurances we need, or even better the issue gets resolved, for which though I am not holding my breath but also nor am I happy to wait blindly for.

    Kind regards & GLA

  9. Biesaap 1 juli 2021 15:41
    Voor zij die hieraan willen meedoen, hier de link om in te schrijven :
    Just reminder please show your support here

    Great as it is to hear views I am also mindful of the Reply To All Function and our respective email boxes. I should have sent to all in BC first time and apologise for that mistake.


68.966 Posts
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