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Ivanhoe Mines: een metaalgigant in wording

172 Posts
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  1. forum rang 6 nine_inch_nerd 14 juli 2021 16:23
    Goed bezig!

    Ivanplats to trial Epiroc battery-electric drills and LHDs at Platreef mine
    Posted by Daniel Gleeson on 14th July 2021

    Epiroc says it has won a significant order for battery-electric mining equipment from Ivanplats that will be used to develop its greenfield Platreef mine in South Africa in the “most sustainable and productive manner possible”.

    Ivanplats, a subsidiary of Canada-based Ivanhoe Mines, has ordered several Boomer M2 Battery face drill rigs and Scooptram ST14 Battery LHDs (pictured).

    These machines will be trialled during the Platreef underground mine’s initial development phase, Epiroc said, adding that Ivanplats has the ambition to use all battery-electric vehicles in its mining fleet at Platreef.

    The order exceeds ZAR150 million ($10.2 million) in value and was booked in the June quarter of 2021.

    Ivanhoe indirectly owns 64% of the Platreef project through its subsidiary, Ivanplats. The South Africa beneficiaries of the approved broad-based, black economic empowerment structure have a 26% stake in the project, with the remaining 10% owned by a Japanese consortium of ITOCHU Corporation, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation, and Japan Gas Corporation.

    The Platreef 2020 feasibility study builds on the results of the 2017 feasibility study and is based on an unchanged mineral reserve of 125 Mt at 4.4 g/t 3PGE+Au, project designs for mining, and plant and infrastructure as in the 2017 study; except with an increased production rate from 4 Mt/y to 4.4 Mt/y, in two modules of 2.2 Mt/y, for annual production of more than 500,000 oz of palladium, platinum, rhodium and gold; plus more than 35 MIb of nickel and copper.

    The initial plan is to start at a mining rate of 700,000 t/y before scaling up. An updated feasibility study on the plan is expected to be published before the end of the year.

    Helena Hedblom, Epiroc’s President and CEO, said it was “encouraging” that Ivanplats is considering going all battery-electric at Platreef.

    “Battery-electric equipment is increasingly embraced by mining companies as it provides a healthier work environment, lower total operating costs and higher productivity,” she said. “The technology is now well established, and Epiroc is driving this change toward emissions-free mining.”

    Marna Cloete, Ivanhoe Mines’ President and CFO, said: “We want to be at the forefront of utilising battery electric, zero-emission equipment at all of our mining operations. This partnership with Epiroc for emissions-free mining equipment at the Platreef Mine is an important first step towards achieving our net-zero carbon emissions goals while mining metals required for a cleaner environment.”

    Boomer M2 Battery face drill rigs and Scooptram ST14 Battery loaders are built in Sweden, and are automation-ready and equipped with Epiroc’s telematics solution Certiq.

    The equipment will be delivered early to Platreef in 2022. Epiroc will also provide on-site operator and maintenance training to Ivanplats, it said.

    Epiroc intends to offer its complete fleet of underground mining equipment as battery-electric versions by 2025, and its full fleet for surface operations as battery-powered versions by 2030.
  2. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 19 juli 2021 15:39

    easy56 schreef op 19 juli 2021 15:23:

    Kamoa-Kakula Begins Exporting Copper Concentrate Internationally as Production Ramps Up

    Kamoa-Kakula Begins Exporting Copper Concentrate Internationally as Production Ramps Up

    Kamoa Copper draws down US$300 million advance payment facility available under the offtake agreements; all future Phase 1 operating costs and majority of Phase 2 capital expenditures expected to be funded from copper sales and facilities in place

    Daily shipments of copper concentrate to local smelter to produce 99%-pure blister copper also continuing

    Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of Congo--(Newsfile Corp. - July 19, 2021) - Ivanhoe Mines (TSX: IVN) (OTCQX: IVPAF) Co-Chairs Robert Friedland and Yufeng "Miles" Sun are pleased to announce that Kamoa Copper SA - the operating company of the joint venture between Ivanhoe Mines, Zijin Mining Group, Crystal River and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) - has begun exporting its copper concentrate internationally. The first truckloads of copper concentrate destined for smelters outside of the DRC departed from the mine site on Saturday, July 17th, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing ramp-up of Kamoa-Kakula's Phase 1, 3.8 million-tonne-per-annum (Mtpa) concentrator plant.

    Kamoa-Kakula's copper concentrate for export is being transported in bags, with each bag containing approximately two tonnes of concentrate. The bags are independently weighed, sampled and sealed in the presence of representatives from the DRC's Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGDA), then loaded onto transport trucks. Once loaded, the trucks are weighed, sealed and parked in a dedicated holding area at Kamoa-Kakula awaiting inspection and export clearance from the DGDA. The customs approval process typically takes approximately five days. Once export clearance is received, the trucks may exit the DRC and proceed on their journey to the port of Durban, South Africa.

    Kamoa Copper began producing copper concentrate on May 25, 2021, and made its first delivery of bulk concentrates to the nearby Lualaba Copper Smelter, outside of Kolwezi, on June 1, 2021. Since then, deliveries of bulk concentrate from Kamoa-Kakula to the Lualaba Copper Smelter have been occurring on a daily basis. The first truckloads of Kamoa-Kakula's blister copper ingots, containing approximately 99% copper, are scheduled to be exported from the Lualaba Copper Smelter to international markets this week.

    Kamoa Copper received all necessary authorizations from the DRC government to export copper concentrate and blister copper on June 8, 2021. The mine is on track to produce between 80,000 and 95,000 tonnes of contained copper in concentrate in 2021.

    In June 2021, Kamoa Copper elected to draw the US$300 million advance payment facility available under the offtake agreements. The Kamoa Holding joint venture had cash and cash equivalents on hand of approximately US$288 million as at June 30, 2021. Going forward, all Phase 1 operating costs and the majority of Phase 2 capital expenditures are expected to be funded from copper sales and facilities in place at Kamoa. Ivanhoe's proportionate funding of Kamoa-Kakula's Phase 2 construction capital costs for the remainder of 2021 is expected to be only US$85 million.

    Marna Cloete, Ivanhoe Mines' President and CFO, commented: "As Kamoa-Kakula's Phase 1 concentrator plant ramps up toward steady-state production, the mine now is producing more concentrate than the nearby Lualaba Copper Smelter can process. As such, Kamoa-Kakula has begun exporting its ultra-high-grade copper concentrates to international smelters, converting the rich copper resources hidden beneath the Kalahari sands into long-lasting and meaningful benefits for all Congolese people."

    Kakula is projected to be the world's highest-grade major copper mine, with an initial mining rate of 3.8 Mtpa, ramping up to 7.6 Mtpa in Q3 2022. Phase 1 is expected to produce approximately 200,000 tonnes of copper per year, and phases 1 and 2 combined are forecast to produce approximately 400,000 tonnes of copper per year. Based on independent benchmarking, the project's phased expansion scenario to 19 Mtpa would position Kamoa-Kakula as the world's second-largest copper mining complex, with peak annual copper production of more than 800,000 tonnes.

    A 2020 independent audit of Kamoa-Kakula's greenhouse gas intensity metrics performed by Hatch Ltd. of Mississauga, Canada, confirmed that the project will be among the world's lowest greenhouse gas emitters per unit of copper produced.

    The Kamoa-Kakula Copper Project is a joint venture between Ivanhoe Mines (39.6%), Zijin Mining Group (39.6%), Crystal River Global Limited (0.8%) and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (20%).
  3. forum rang 6 nine_inch_nerd 2 augustus 2021 11:32
    Koperhandel in gedrang door dreigende stakingen in Chili
    De al krappe wereldwijde kopermarkt lijkt verder in de problemen te komen door dreigende stakingen in Chili. Het Zuid-Amerikaanse land is 's werelds grootste koperproducent met een kwart van de mondiale productie.

    Nu de vraag naar koper stijgt, voelen de mijnwerkers zich gesterkt in hun eis voor betere voorwaarden. De werknemers van de grootste kopermijn van Chili, Escondida, hebben het allerlaatste loonaanbod dat de werkgever deed in een stemming afgewezen. Twee kleinere Chileense mijnen zitten in dezelfde positie.

    De productie zal daardoor stilvallen, tenzij de werkgever en via een door de overheid bemiddeld gesprek tot een overeenkomst kan komen met de werknemers. Vorig jaar werd in Escondida 1,2 miljoen ton gewonnen. Mijnbedrijven willen de arbeidskosten laag houden nu de kwaliteit van kopererts achteruitgaat en de productiekosten stijgen.
  4. forum rang 6 nine_inch_nerd 11 augustus 2021 19:19
    TORONTO, CANADA ? Ivanhoe Mines (TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF) today announced its financial results for the three and six months ended June 30, 2021. Ivanhoe Mines is a Canadian mining company advancing its three mining projects in Southern Africa: the Kamoa-Kakula copper mining complex in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); the Platreef palladium-rhodium-platinum-nickel-copper-gold discovery in South Africa; and the extensive upgrading of the historic Kipushi zinc-copper-lead-germanium mine, also in the DRC. Ivanhoe also is exploring for new copper discoveries on its Western Foreland exploration licences in the DRC, near the Kamoa-Kakula Project. All figures are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated.


    Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 1 concentrator plant achieved commercial production on July 1, 2021. Kamoa-Kakula’s initial production guidance, on a 100%-project basis, is between 80,000 and 95,000 tonnes of copper in concentrate for 2021.
    Kamoa-Kakula’s Phase 2 construction is progressing slightly ahead of plan and remains on track for start-up in Q3 2022, which will see a doubling of mill throughput to 7.6 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa). Phases 1 and 2 combined are forecast to produce approximately 400,000 tonnes of copper per year.
    Study work to accelerate Phase 3 mine and concentrator expansion to at least 11.4 Mtpa is ongoing. Based on independent benchmarking, the project’s phased expansion scenario to 19 Mtpa would position Kamoa-Kakula as the world’s second-largest copper mining complex, with peak annual copper production of more than 800,000 tonnes.
    At the end of July 2021, Kamoa-Kakula’s surface ore stockpiles held approximately 3.54 million tonnes grading 4.77% copper, containing more than 168,000 tonnes of copper.
    Ivanhoe, together with its partner Zijin, is exploring the acceleration of the Kamoa-Kakula Phase 3 concentrator expansion, which includes optimization work to determine mining production capacity and costs at the various mining areas on the Kamoa-Kakula complex, including expanded facilities at the Kansoko Mine, Kamoa North (including the Bonanza Zone) and Kakula West. Kamoa Copper also is refining its longer-term downstream processing strategy, including the potential construction of a smelter or hydrometallurgical processing facility.
    In April 2021, Ivanhoe Mines Energy DRC entered into an agreement with the DRC’s state-owned power company Société Nationale d'Électricité (SNEL) to upgrade a major turbine at the Inga II hydropower facility. The upgraded turbine is expected to produce 162 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable hydropower, providing the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mine with sufficient, sustainable electricity for future expansions, including a copper smelter.
    In May 2021, Ivanhoe pledged to achieve net-zero operational greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2) at the industry-leading Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mine. Since the mine already is powered by clean, renewable hydro-generated electricity, the focus of the company’s net-zero commitment will be on electrifying the project’s mining fleet with new, state-of-the-art equipment powered by electric batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. Emissions-free underground mining equipment, at the size and scale required for Kamoa-Kakula’s bulk-scale operations, is at an advanced stage of development by several of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers.
    During Q2, Ivanhoe continued its 2021 copper exploration program on its Western Foreland licences that cover a combined area of approximately 2,550 square kilometres in close proximity to Kamoa-Kakula. Drilling in the quarter was focused on the western and eastern extensions of the Makoko Discovery, as well as the northern and western extensions of the Kiala Discovery. Good progress was made on construction of critical infrastructure to access high-priority, newly-acquired westerly exploration permits, including construction of a 60-kilometre spine road across the Western Foreland and a new bridge across the Lubudi River.
    In February 2021, Ivanhoe announced that its South African subsidiary, Ivanplats, is arranging project-level financing of up to $420 million to advance development of the world-scale Platreef palladium, rhodium, platinum, nickel, copper and gold project in South Africa.
    Ivanplats has signed a non-binding term sheet with Orion Mine Finance, a leading international provider of production-linked stream financing to base and precious metals mining companies, for a $300-million gold, palladium and platinum streaming facility. Ivanplats also has appointed two prominent, international commercial banks – Societe Generale and Nedbank – as mandated lead arrangers for a senior project debt facility of up to $120 million.
    Ivanplats’ proposed financings follow the November 30, 2020 issuance of the outstanding findings of an independent Platreef Integrated Development Plan 2020 (Platreef IDP20), which consists of an updated feasibility study (Platreef 2020 FS) and a preliminary economic assessment (Platreef 2020 PEA). The initial capital cost for the phased development plan under the Platreef 2020 PEA, starting at a mining rate of 700,000 tonnes per annum (700 ktpa), is estimated at $390 million.
    Detailed engineering is progressing on Platreef’s 700-ktpa initial mine design, 770-ktpa concentrator and associated infrastructure for the phased development plan, which is scheduled to be incorporated into an updated feasibility study by year end or early 2022. The Shaft 1 changeover is progressing well in preparation for permanent hoisting in early 2022. Construction activities on the Shaft 2 headframe also are advancing. In July 2021, Ivanplats ordered emissions-free, battery electric drill rigs and underground loaders from leading Swedish manufacturer Epiroc, for use in the mine’s underground development.
    Construction activities on Platreef’s Shaft 2 headframe also are advancing.
    At the Kipushi Mine redevelopment project in the DRC, the Kipushi Project’s draft feasibility study, and development and financing plan are being reviewed by Ivanhoe Mines together with its joint-venture partner and state-owned mining company, Gécamines. The project is maintaining a reduced workforce to conduct maintenance activities and pumping operations.
    Ivanhoe has made excellent progress in upgrading Kipushi’s underground infrastructure to allow for mining to quickly begin at the ultra-high-grade Big Zinc orebody. Resumption of production at the mine now requires the construction of a surface processing plant and other related production facilities. Discussions are continuing with Gécamines to advance a new era of production at Kipushi and it is anticipated that these discussions will be concluded with the finalization of the feasibility study and the agreement on the development and financing plan.
    At the end of Q2 2021, Kamoa-Kakula had reached 1.49 million work hours free of a lost-time injury, Kipushi had reached 3.44 million work hours free of a lost-time injury, and Platreef had reached 57,000 work hours free of a lost-time injury.
    Principal projects and review of activities
  5. forum rang 7 easy56 8 september 2021 18:54

    September 7, 2021
    Kamoa-Kakula Phase 1 concentrator plant approaching steady-state-design performance

    14,815 tonnes of copper produced in August, bringing the year-to-date production to more than 36,700 tonnes

    Installation of an additional concentrate filter expected by end of October 2021, further boosting copper production

    Phase 2 concentrator plant construction now 44% complete
  6. forum rang 6 nine_inch_nerd 10 september 2021 13:37
    Telefoongesprek tussen Biden en Xi stuwt metaalprijzen

    Soms is één telefoontje genoeg om de koersen in beweging te zetten. Dat gebeurde vrijdag, toen de prijzen voor belangrijke metalen omhoog gingen na een telefoongesprek tussen de Amerikaanse president Joe Biden en zijn Chinese ambtgenoot Xi Jinping.

    Koper, een metaal dat wel als de barometer van de wereldeconomie wordt gezien omdat het zeer veel toepassingen kent, werd vrijdagochtend 1,5% duurder met $9,387,50 per ton. Aluminium kostte $2839,50 per ton, een prijsstijging van 1,6%. Dat zijn nog geen heel heftige bewegingen maar wellicht wel een voorbode voor verdere prijsstijgingen.

    Beleggers hopen op een ontspanning in de verhoudingen tussen China en de Verenigde Staten. Die staan op scherp sinds de vorige Amerikaanse president, Donald Trump, een handelsoorlog begon. Een betere verhouding tussen de twee landen zou goed zijn voor de wereldeconomie en dus voor de vraag naar metalen.


    Officieel zijn de Verenigde Staten het beleid van Trump en de onder Trump ingevoerde importtarieven van $300 mrd nog aan het evalueren. Behalve economische argumenten spelen voor de regering-Biden ook de mensenrechten een rol in het buitenlandbeleid. In juni verbood de regering nog de import van materiaal voor zonnepanelen dat uit Xinjiang komt omdat productie daarvan waarschijnlijk tot stand komt met hulp van Oeigoerse dwangarbeid.

    Desondanks wordt het telefoongesprek, het tweede sinds het aantreden van Biden als president, als een toenaderingspoging gezien. De twee wereldleiders spraken anderhalf uur met elkaar. Uit de verklaringen die na afloop door beide regeringen werden afgegeven vallen nog geen concrete besluiten op te maken, maar het feit dat er rechtstreeks contact is werd positief ontvangen op de financiële markten. De koers van de Chinese munt, de renminbi, ging ook omhoog.

    Historisch hoge prijzen

    De prijsstijgingen van metalen komen in een markt waar de prijzen al historisch hoog zijn. De koperprijs brak in het voorjaar records en schuurt daar met de huidige prijs nog steeds dicht tegenaan. Deze week werd bekend dat de prijsstijging voor grondstoffen voor Chinese fabrieken in augustus het hoogste niveau in dertien jaar aantikte. Economen breken zich het hoofd over de vraag of de gestegen prijzen na de coronacrisis een tijdelijk fenomeen zijn of dat de wereld langer te maken krijgt met inflatie.

    De prijs voor aluminium staat op het hoogste niveau in tien jaar. Ook dit metaal is al langer aan een opmars bezig en de prijs kreeg eerder deze week ook al een impuls door een staatsgreep in het West-Afrikaanse Guinee. Dat land is een belangrijke leverancier van bauxiet, een grondstof voor aluminium. De staatsgreep maakt beleggers nerveus over de levering van dat bauxiet, en dus over het aanbod van aluminium.
172 Posts
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