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Ivanhoe Mines: een metaalgigant in wording

172 Posts
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  1. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 28 november 2017 15:24
    Potential initial six Mtpa mine at Kakula

    The PEA analyzes the potential development of an initial six Mtpa Kakula Mine at the Kakula Deposit in the southerly portion of the Kamoa-Kakula Project’s discovery area. For this option, the PEA envisages an average annual production rate of 246,000 tonnes of copper at a mine site cash cost of US$0.45/lb copper and total cash cost of US$1.08/lb copper for the first five years of operations, and copper annual production of up to 385,000 tonnes by year four.

    An initial capital cost of US$1.2 billion for this option would result in an after-tax net present value at an 8% discount rate (NPV8%) of US$4.2 billion. The internal rate of return of 36.2% and project payback period of 3.1 years confirm the compelling economics for Kamoa-Kakula’s initial phase of production.

    Kakula benefits from an ultra-high, average feed grade of 6.4% copper over the first 10 years of operations, and 5.5% copper on average over a 24-year mine life.

    A six Mtpa Kakula PFS is underway, with completion targeted for the second half of 2018. Kakula’s surface box cut was completed on October 26 this year. Development of twin underground declines, similar to those at the nearby Kansoko Mine, has begun and is expected to take about a year to complete. The first blast for the declines was completed on November 16.

    Modular, integrated potential development of Kakula and Kamoa deposits,
    mining a combined total of 12 Mtpa

    The PEA also presents the development of a two-phase, sequential operation on Kamoa-Kakula’s high-grade copper deposits.

    Initial production would occur at a rate of six Mtpa from the Kakula Mine, before increasing to 12 Mtpa with ore from the Kansoko Mine. As resources at Kakula and Kansoko are mined, the PEA envisages that production would begin at Kamoa North to maintain 12 Mtpa throughput over a 44-year mine life.

    For the two-phase sequential operation, the PEA envisages US$1.2 billion in initial capital costs. Future expansion at the Kansoko Mine and subsequent extensions could be funded by cash flows from the Kakula Mine, resulting in an after-tax net present value at an 8% discount rate (NPV8%) of US$7.2 billion and an internal rate of return of 33%.

    Under this approach, the PEA also includes the construction of a direct-to-blister flash copper smelter with a capacity of 690,000 tonnes of copper concentrate per annum to be funded from internal cash flows. This would be completed in year five of operations, achieving significant savings in treatment charges and transportation costs.

    The 12 Mtpa scenario delivers average annual production of 370,000 tonnes of copper at a total cash cost of US$1.02/lb copper during the first 10 years of operations and production of 542,000 tonnes by year nine. At this future production rate, Kamoa-Kakula would rank among the world’s five largest copper mines.

    A pre-feasibility study for a six Mtpa mine at Kansoko also has been examined

    In addition to the Kakula PEA, a PFS also has been completed for the development of a six Mtpa Kansoko Mine at the Kamoa Deposit, the project’s original discovery area. For this option, the PFS envisages an average annual production rate of 178,000 tonnes of copper for the first 10 years of operations, and annual copper production of 245,000 tonnes by year seven.

    The initial capital cost of US$1.0 billion to develop this mine would result in an after-tax NPV8% of US$2.1 billion – an increase of 109% compared to the after-tax NPV8% of US$986 million that was projected in the March 2016 Kamoa PFS. The internal rate of return is 24%, with a project payback period of five years.

    Potential phased mine developments to 18 Mtpa and beyond currently
    under evaluation for Kamoa-Kakula

    Ivanhoe is continuing to explore options to increase Kamoa-Kakula production to 18 Mtpa and beyond. In light of the successful step-out drilling at Kakula West, as well as the potential to find additional resources in high-priority targets located in the untested parts of the Kamoa-Kakula Project, development plans will be reassessed and amended as the project moves forward.

  2. forum rang 4 maurice73 1 februari 2018 16:35

    easy56 schreef op 31 januari 2018 22:58:

    Congo shocker fells Ivanhoe Mines stock
    Ben eruit,mischien onnodig maar keuze gemaakt.

    Helaas laatste posities met verlies,thats all in the game.

    Kunnen de Chinezen hier nog druk uitoefenen?
  3. forum rang 7 easy56 1 februari 2018 16:45

    KabouterUbu schreef op 1 februari 2018 16:35:


    Kunnen de Chinezen hier nog druk uitoefenen?
    zou je wel denken ja.

    Maar voorlopig is t vertrouwen weg lijkt t.

    Weer mooi voorbeeld van dat je moet oppassen met beleggen in dit soort landen.

    Heb t beste rendement ooit gehad met IVN,maar nu effe weg.

    Ga meer in royalty/streaming companies,veel safer door meer spreiding en voordat hun ergens geld instoppen doen ze eerst goede dd.

    Laatste maanden zeer veel edelmetalen/grondstof fondsen door t putje,en als je net de verkeerde hebt en teveel geld in hebt zitten kan t drama worden als je niet optijd uitstapt.


    Zelf nu SANDSTORM GOLD maar er zijn ook andere,mooie spreiding en veel lager risico.

  4. forum rang 4 maurice73 9 februari 2018 10:02

    Canadian billionaire Robert Friedland, founder and executive chairman of Ivanhoe Mines (TSX:IVN), has joined the debate over the Democratic Republic of Congo’s imminent hike to mining taxes by saying his company would pay higher royalties and taxes, but only if that money benefits locals.

    The Vancouver-based company, which is developing the Kamoa-Kakula copper deposit in the Central African nation in partnership with China's Zijin Mining, told investors attending a mining conference in Cape Town that he was not opposed to updating the country’s 16-year-old mining code.

    However, he said the mining industry needed stability, transparency and prove the new taxes collected by Congo goes to “develop, help and empower local people.”

    “I’m not concerned about the level of taxation, that’s not the fundamental issue,” he said according to “The issue is the mining industry needs stability and we absolutely need transparency.”

    Ivanhoe is also building a new operation at Kipushi, a past producing zinc-copper mine in partnership with Congo's state-owned Gécamines. The company's most advanced project, however, is Platreef platinum, located in South Africa.

    The revised mining code, approved by the country’s parliament last week, would increase copper royalties from 2% to 3.5%, creating also a 50% "super-profits" tax if commodity prices rise much faster than expected.

    But what really has miners up in arms against the new rules is a move to eliminate a clause that would have protected resources companies present in the country from tax increases for 10 years.

    While the legislation has yet to be signed into law by President Joseph Kabila, some such as Congo’s state-owned miner, Gécamines, are already seeking to take advantage of the new rules.

    Last week, the miner said it would revise all contracts with its international partners, claiming the old rules meant those firms benefitted more from the country’s riches than Gécamines itself.

    Revisions should to start in the second quarter and be completed by the end of this year or beginning of 2019, it said.

    Other international mining companies operating in Congo include Glencore, Randgold Resources, China Molybdenum, Eurasian Resources Group, and MMG. All of them have already seen their shares dive in the last week and said they will challenge the new law through international arbitration while they lobby Kabila not to sign it.

    The nation is world’s main supplier of cobalt, a key component in the lithium-ion batteries that power electric cars and mobile phones, and Africa’s largest copper producer.
172 Posts
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