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  1. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 01:43
    The Ukrainian Air Force is still active on the Eastern front - this Su-25 jet with interesting weaponry was captured flying over somewhere in the East recently.

    It is loaded with 4 B-13L rocket pods each with 5 S-13 122mm unguided rockets, and 2 PTB-800 drop tanks.

    video 0:18 minuut
  2. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 01:45
    A Russian T-72B3 tanks and two MT-LBVM armored personnel carriers which were captured by the Ukrainian forces during the ongoing counter offensive in #Kharkiv Oblast.

  3. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 01:50
    Further destroyed Russian armour in the vicinity of #Izyum: a T-80BVM tank, and 3x BMP(-2) IFV. They were reportedly hit with NLAW ( Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon )

  4. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 02:06
    The Kyiv Independent

    Zelensky: Authorities preparing evacuation of wounded soldiers, medics at Azovstal.

    Together with the UN and International Committee of the Red Cross, the Ukrainian authorities are planning to evacuate wounded soldiers, medics and remaining military personnel

    The first phase of evacuating civilians has been completed and though the second phase is “extremely difficult,” Zelensky said that “we do not lose hope.”
  5. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 14:53
    Russische helikopter hangt boven Snake Island en manschappen dalen af naar de grond
    De Oekrainse Bayraktar drone hangt er echter boven en laat een MAM raket vallen

    MAM-L lightweight Smart Micro Munition has been developed for unmanned aerial vehicles [UAV], light attack aircraft and air-to-ground missions.

    Snake Island, a Ukrainian TB-2 ( Bayraktar drone ) hits a Russian Mi-8 ( helikopter ) as troops are unloading

    video 1:11 minuut
  6. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 15:21
    Exclusief concert van U2 in de metro van Kyiv

    U2 op twitter :

    President Zelensky invited us to perform in Kyiv as a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people and so that’s what we’ve come to do. --

    Bono and The Edge #StandWithUkraine

    video van optreden 0:44 minuut uiteraard geluid aan
  7. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 15:23
    Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission :

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine reminds us why we are celebrating Europe Day tomorrow.

    The day when a peaceful, prosperous Europe was born.

    72 years later, Europe is united in solidarity with our Ukrainian friends, who aspire to a future of freedom.

    A European future.

    video 2:21 minuut
  8. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 15:31
    "Never Again"

    Ukrainian mission to NATO :

    77 years ago the world stated : “Never Again”,

    when commemorating all victims of the WWII.

    Now the tragedy has been repeated. #Russia unleashed a bloody war in the heart of Europe.

    History repeats itself.

    video 2:20 minuut
  9. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 15:44
    Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken van Oekraine :

    President Zelensky :

    We will overcome everything. We know this for sure, because our military and all our people are descendants of those who overcame Nazism. So we will win again. And there will be peace again. Finally again!

    Zelensky spreekt :

    video 9:05 minuut Engels ondertiteld
  10. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 18:06
    US first lady Jill Biden, Flotus ( First Lady of the USA ) made a surprise visit to Ukraine.

    Met Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelensky at a school in border town of Uzhhorod - currently used as temp shelter for displaced people.

    Said she wanted to show that the US stands with Ukraine.
  11. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 18:08
    BBC :

    In Mariupol, Ukraine's valiant warriors fight on.

    "Surrender for us is unacceptable because we can’t grant such a big gift to the enemy," said a deputy commander.

    "We are basically dead men. Most of us know this. It’s why we fight so fearlessly."
  12. forum rang 10 luchtschip 8 mei 2022 18:11
    8 Mei Victory in Europe Day

    Herinnering aan de capitulatie van de Duitsers in 1945

    Dmytro Kuleba, Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken van Oekraïne :

    On the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, Victory in Europe Day, Secretary Blinken ( US Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken ) and I coordinated steps to bring the day of Ukraine’s victory closer

    . New stiff U.S. sanctions on Russia are coming.

    Discussed ways to unblock Ukraine’s food exports and ensure global food security.
16.216 Posts
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