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Waterstof auto, redding van de autobranche?

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  1. forum rang 10 voda 16 juli 2021 11:52
    Hyzon Motors to Participate in HyTrucks Program

    Leading global supplier of zero-emission hydro gen fuel cell-powered heavy vehicles Hyzon Motors announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to participate in the newly established HyTrucks consortium in Europe. The HyTrucks consortium, founded by Air Liquide, DATS 24, the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Antwerp and the Port of Duisburg, is one of Europe’s largest initiatives aiming to deploy zero-emission heavy vehicle fleets into the continent’s busiest transportation corridors.

    By entering into the agreement, Hyzon will support the HyTrucks program’s goal to have 1,000 heavy hydro-gen-powered trucks on the road, as well as establishing 25 new hydrogen refueling stations, by 2025, ena-bling emissions-free road travel between Belgium, the Netherlands and western Germany. More than 100,000 tons per year of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 110 million kilometers (68 million miles) driven, could be avoided from successful deployment of FCEVs such as those that Hyzon manufactures.

    Through its participation in HyTrucks, Hyzon joins yet another powerful and growing ecosystem of hydrogen partners that represent the entire mobility value chain: truck manufacturers, transport companies and fuel cell suppliers. As previously announced, Hyzon has joined the Covenant on Hydrogen in Mobility in Utrecht, which plans to bring 1,800 hydrogen vehicles to the Netherlands, and is a member of a European consortium of automotive companies that specified a joint target to deploy up to 100,000 hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks from 2030 onwards.

    Notably, Hyzon has also taken on the role of a hydrogen ecosystem convener through the establishment of the Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance, an international effort to advance hydrogen ecosystems. With founding members such as AXA, Bank of America, Raven SR, ReCarbon, and Total, Hyzon has aligned the supply and demand side of the sector, pooling collective expertise to make zero-emissions hydrogen mobility a reality.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  2. forum rang 10 voda 19 juli 2021 09:46
    GAZelle NEXT Based Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles for Germany

    GAZ Group, together with ElektrofahrzeugeStuttgart, are implementing a project to develop and put into operation fuel cell electric vehicles, based on GAZelle NEXT in Germany. In 1HY 2022, Road Maintenance and Construction Department of Esslingen will get two GAZelle NEXT-based fuel cell electric vehicles. The new fuel cell electric vehicle will be based on the 4.6t double-cabin GAZelle NEXT platform. AZ vehicles will get fuel cells, hydrogen storage and feeding systems, traction batteries and an electric motor. The main advantage of fuel cell electric vehicles is the autonomous range, increased from 200 to 500 km.

    The first prototypes of GAZelle NEXT-based fuel cell electric vehicles are to be tested and certified in Europe in the next few months to go into road maintenance and construction operation in Esslingen in 1HY 2022. The fuel cell electric vehicles based on “GAZelle NEXT” will be manufactured in Germany.

    GAZ Group and EFA-S have been partners since 2019. Conversion of “GAZelle NEXT” trucks, vans and buses into electric vehicles was organized in Germany as a co-project. After the fuel cell electric vehicles based on GAZelle NEXT become available in Germany, the complete concept of commercial electric vehicles will offer the customers a choice between traction batteries or fuel cells.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  3. forum rang 10 voda 21 juli 2021 09:20
    Hyzon Hydrogen Powered Trucks for Coregas in Australia

    Leading global supplier of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy vehicles Hyzon Motors Inc announced that its Australian subsidiary has signed a definitive vehicle supply agreement with Australian industrial gases company Coregas Pty Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australian Securities Exchange-listed conglomerate Wesfarmers to deliver two hydrogen fuel cell-powered prime movers to New South Wales in Australia. The Hyzon Hymax-450 prime movers are expected to be delivered in the first half of 2022 and to mark the first hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles to operate in Australia.

    The prime movers should be immediately deployed upon arrival from Hyzon’s manufacturing facility in the Netherlands, replacing Coregas’ existing diesel fleet and transporting speciality gases, including hydrogen, to Coregas customers in Sydney and wider New South Wales. Decarbonization opportunities will be immediate with the project expected to deliver emissions reductions of 50% in comparison with trucks currently in use.

    Coregas, a Wesfarmers company, is a leader in industrial gases with a 40-year history in the generation and distribution of industrial gases, including operating Australia’s largest merchant hydrogen plant in Port Kembla, which supplies customers across various sectors including manufacturing and mobility. Coregas is actively pursuing hydrogen as an energy source through participation in projects aimed at accelerating the energy transition across Australia.

    Coregas is also in the process of developing Australia’s first commercial vehicle hydrogen refuelling station at its Port Kembla facility to support both the Hyzon hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles and the refuelling of trucks and buses operators by third parties.

    The project represents a strategic first step in developing a broader hydrogen ecosystem. Port Kembla and Illawarra-Shoalhaven are primed to be an epicentre of the emerging hydrogen sector possessing several advantages to foster the development of the thriving domestic and export hydrogen sector.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  4. forum rang 10 voda 22 juli 2021 08:52
    Hyzon Motors Hydrogen Truck Dairy Operations

    Leading global supplier of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles Hyzon Motors Inc announced that it has delivered its first 55-tonne milk truck to Transport Groep Noord, a carrier providing transport for multinational dairy company Royal FrieslandCampina NV. The 55-ton vehicle supplied by Hyzon, a HyMax 450 Puller built on a Class-8 DAF truck chassis, is expected to have up to 520 kilometer range with motor power up to 550 kilowatt capacity. Transport Groep Noord plans to operate the truck on specific routes in the North of the Netherlands, where the first hydrogen-powered milk delivery took place last week in a Hyzon truck.

    Transport Groep Noord operates 25 trucks for FrieslandCampina, leading decarbonization in its industry. This order lays the foundation for FrieslandCampina in the transition of its entire fleet to zero-emissions vehicles.

    With branches in 38 and brands in over 100 countries, as well as over 20,000 employees, FrieslandCampina is one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  5. forum rang 10 voda 23 juli 2021 08:41
    Hyzon 154 Tonne Hydrogen Truck for Ark Energy in Korea

    Hyzon Motors Inc announced the signing of a Heads of Agreement with and targeting delivery of five hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks to Ark Energy Corporation, the Australian subsidiary of the world’s largest zinc, lead, and silver producer, Korea Zinc Ltd. Hyzon, a leading global supplier of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, expects, subject to execution of a definitive vehicle supply agreement, to deliver five 154-ton hydrogen truck, to be used in road train configurations to Ark Energy for use by sister company Townsville Logistics. By replacing their diesel equivalents, these trucks are expected to reduce C02 emissions by over 1,400 tons per year.

    The trucks are expected to be fueled by Ark Energy’s own hydrogen refilling station, with hydrogen produced through a solar farm and electrolyzer. By generating hydrogen from a renewable energy source, Hyzon and Ark Energy aim to create a green solution for both supply and utilization, enabling the first refinery to produce green zinc.

    This is the second announced interest in Hyzon’s 154-ton class ultra-heavy-duty trucks, received within weeks of the first Memorandum of Understanding with a European customer. As the world’s first and the only ultra-heavy-duty hydrogen truck, the Hyzon 154-ton class hydrogen truck is winning market momentum.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  6. V5 23 juli 2021 12:45
    Goed om te weten dat er een draadje is over waterstof, ik moet hier wel voor zoeken.

    Voor mobiliteit (vrachtauto, boot en vliegtuig, heftruck ed, maar uiteindelijk ook personen auto's) verwacht ik veel van waterstof.
    Zelf beleg ik via VanEck Vectors Hydrogen Economy UCITS ETF (HYDRO) - lekker gespreid in 25 top waterstof aandelen (helaas is Nikola Corp hier ook onderdeel van).

    en sinds kort ook in HYZON MOTORS INC. (HYZN)

    Van Hyzon verwacht ik veel, omdat zij daadwerkelijk vrachtauto's verkopen en al hebben rijden en het orderboek groeit hard. Mijn mening is dat Nikola en Hyundai achterlopen op Hyzon.
    Daarbij heeft Nikola slecht management (zelfverrijking is belangrijker voor bestuurders dan een goed bedrijf) en Hyundai heeft een te brede scope (een daardoor minder duurzaam)

    Hyzon heeft een korte termijn koersdoel van 15 dollar en is te koop voor onder de 8 dollar
  7. forum rang 10 voda 26 juli 2021 09:05
    Hyzon Unveils New Hydrogen Storage System

    Leading global supplier of zero emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles Hyzon Motors Inc has developed new onboard hydrogen storage system technology capable of reducing the weight and manufacturing cost of commercial vehicles powered by Hyzon’s hydrogen fuel cells. The new patent-pending onboard hydrogen storage system technology integrates lightweight composite materials with the system’s metal frame. It has the potential to reduce the overall weight of the system by 43%, storage system costs by 52% and the required manufacturing component count by 75%, based on a single-rack system with capacity to store five hydrogen cylinders.

    In addition to reducing the weight and costs, the storage system can be configured to hold varying numbers of hydrogen tanks. The smallest version can hold five tanks, and can be extended to seven tanks because of its modular design. A separate version can hold ten tanks, appropriate for trucks driving longer distances. While these two options are mounted behind the cab, a third storage system allows for an additional two tanks to be mounted to each side of the truck, extending the vehicle’s range without diminishing the size of the trailer.

    The development of this technology was a cross-Atlantic collaboration between Hyzon Europe and Hyzon US, with the company planning to produce this new system in its Rochester, NY, and Groningen, the Netherlands, facilities. The technology will be implemented in Hyzon’s vehicles world-wide.

    Hyzon also expects to license this new system to other commercial vehicle companies. As part of the Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance, a global consortium of companies active along the hydrogen value chain, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to have access to the technology.

    The new technology has already been installed in pilot trucks in Europe and is expected to be deployed across all vehicles beginning in Q4 2021.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  8. forum rang 10 voda 26 juli 2021 09:09

    V5 schreef op 23 juli 2021 12:45:

    Goed om te weten dat er een draadje is over waterstof, ik moet hier wel voor zoeken.


    Er zijn ook andere waterstof draden, o.a.:

    en meer:
188 Posts
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