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Ripple - XRP - nieuwe verdienmodellen noodzakelijk voor bancaire sector

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elwin 1980 zit te zoeken war hij ripple kan kopen

Zijn er onder u die hem kunnen helpen ?

PS; want elwin zit nu met de staart tussen de benen en is zenuwachtig mss?
Vinnie Colaiuta
Don't respond to an e-mail from

It's a SCAM!!

Onderwerp: Ripple coins data breach safety solution cy8q2ji
Datum: 14 februari 2020 om 05:53:22 CET

Dearest companion
As you likely know, we've encountered a attach in the middle of 2019, touching all of our 2.2 million clients. We've been instructed with ensuring our partners remain protected and no further damage is made. As of February 2020, breaches are not stopped. Consequently, we have created an innovative light wallet and account client to ensure that your Ripple will be safe.
We strongly recommend switching to the new Ripple wallet Viewer. You can either transfer your Ripple or import GateHub wallet straight into the new interface.
Perform these steps
1) register a new wallet
1.1 Create a new wallet in the Ripple Account Viewer.
1.2 Send your Ripple coins from Gatehub to the new account.

2) Import GateHub wallet info to Ripple Account Viewer
2.1 Access your GateHub account
2.2 Choose the Wallet tab
2.3 Next to the wallet address, hit Options
2.4 Select "Show secret key" & copy your Secret Key
2.5 Paste the Secret Key into the Ripple Account Viewer.

Ripple Account Viewer rn9w4qg ( link goes to this SCAM PAGE:

If you will have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
GateHub Team
Vinnie Colaiuta
I didn't fall for this scam, and I hope to warn others.

It does show that more and more people are aware of the possible gain in value of XRP.

Kind regards,
Frederik C.
Ripple and Coinbase Are Among 10 Biggest Fintech Companies in 2020
Let us start with Ripple. The company has shown good performance in 2019 and an incredible rise in value. After raising $200 million in an investment round, the company’s value surged to $10 billion. The company has also found new partners, including BitPay and Intermex, and introduced new features. Besides, Ripple has been named one of the best workplaces in the Bay Area.

Hopefully, Ripple will further keep its end up. In the nearest future, the company is planning to solve the major problems with remittance in the APAC region.
Frederik C.
Sologenic IEO Will Be Launched on CoinField Exchange on February 18th
Later this month CoinField will release the very first decentralized wallet app for SOLO, XRP and Tokenized Assets. Users will be able to add, access and manage multiple wallets, view live market prices, review their recent transactions and HODL and transfer all their digital assets from a single wallet. The app will be available to download globally for Mobile and Desktop via Apple Store and Google Play.
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