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  1. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:46
    NLMK Group Begins Commercial Deliveries of High-Strength Steel for Machine Building

    NLMK Lipetsk has started commercial deliveries of S500MC and S550MC high-strength HRC (yield strength 500 and 550 MPa) to the Russian market. These steel products are used in the manufacture of dump truck bodies, scrap trucks, truck chassis, cranes and other special purpose machinery. The use of high-strength steel in structures enables a 20% increase in carrying capacity, reduced weight, and lower fuel consumption per tonne of cargo. S500MC and S550MC steel grades are 40% stronger than general-purpose hot-rolled products, and are used in heavy-duty structures and components. The metal undergoes special thermomechanical treatment at NLMK's Hot Rolling Mill to acquire its strength properties.

    High-strength steel sheets come in the following dimensions: 4 mm to 8 mm thick, up to 1,500 mm wide, and up to 12 meters long. Customers can order in small batches of up to 20 tonnes with truck delivery. Customers also have the option of adding high-strength Quard© plates to their order, which NLMK supplies to Russia from its NLMK Clabecq plant in Belgium.

    As part of its high-strength hot-rolled steel development programme, NLMK plans to start pilot deliveries of S600MC grade before the end of the year.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  2. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:47
    APL Apollo Appoints Mr Anubhav Gupta as Chief Strategy Officer

    APL Apollo Tubes Limited announced the appointment of Mr Anubhav Gupta as Chief Strategy Officer. In this newly created position, Mr Gupta will focus on strengthening the Company's strategic capabilities, while also identifying and evaluating innovative opportunities for APL Apollo in the longer run. Mr Gupta will also be advising on corporate development, communications and marketing of the APL Apollo Brand, aimed at creating a strong positioning of the Company within the domestic and global markets.

    Prior to his appointment, Mr. Gupta served as Head of Mid-cap Research at the leading investment advisory firm Emkay Global. He brings over 12 years of experience in fundamental research and analysis in the investment world, including leadership positions across investment advisory and investment banking firms such as Maybank Group. In his previous roles, Mr. Gupta has extensively tracked metals, construction and building material space and is well-versed with the APL Apollo Group.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  3. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:47
    Mr Sergey Yaremchuk Appointed Cast Iron Production Director at Cherepovets Steel Mill

    Since November 1, Sergey Yaremchuk is appointed to the post of director of coke-agglomeration production at the Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works. Previously, he served as deputy director of coke production at technology and operations. Yevgeny Vinogradov, who led the production of pig iron from 2014 to 2019, will continue his activities as CEO of the Severstal Russian Steel division.

    Sergey Alexandrovich was born in 1976. In 1998 he graduated from Karaganda State University with a degree in metallurgical engineering (in the field of Ferrous Metals Metallurgy). Sergey Yaremchuk has been with Severstal for 20 years. He began his career with the profession of a batcher of charge of the 4th category in the sintering shop No. 2. Then he went the path of a foreman, senior foreman, head of the technological department, deputy head of production for technology. In 2013, Sergei Yaremchuk was appointed head of the agglomeration production. With the formation of coke production in May 2014, Sergey Yaremchuk headed the direction of technology and operational work of the entire first redistribution of CherMK.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  4. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:49
    GMS Market Commentary on Shipbreaking in Bangladesh in Week 43 - Contractions!

    Following a brief period of positivity that lasted all of about two weeks and even though the local market started to contract once again this week, several speculative large LDT fixtures have reportedly taken place with a Bangladeshi resale in mind. The BERGE BUREYA (37,818 LDT) was committed late last week at a massive USD 410/LT LDT basis an ‘as is’ Singapore delivery. Unfortunately for the Cash Buyer in question, news on the ground is that the vessel has since failed to find a home in Chittagong, especially at the asking levels at over USD 400/LDT. In comparison, the one Rina HKC certified yard in Bangladesh managed to pick up Vale’s Capesize bulker ORE BAYOVAR (22,248 LDT), which managed to fetch a comparatively modest USD 370/LT LDT, even with about 470 Tons of bunkers included in the sale upon arrival.

    On this particular unit, Indian HKC yards were struggling to compete, given that their levels were stranded by about USD 20/LDT below Bangladesh, as the gulf between the two markets (particularly for larger LDT vessels) is increasingly evident.

    Overall, despite being the highest-priced ship recycling destination in the world today, Bangladesh continues to present its own challenges for Ship Owners and Cash Buyers alike, as local offerings seemed to indicate a higher level, when the reality is ground is much lower, thanks to volatile local fundamentals, especially local steel plate prices, which declined a noteworthy USD 14/Ton this week alone.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  5. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:49
    AK Steel Announces Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    AK Steel has reported its financial results for the third quarter of 2019. Roger K Newport, Chief Executive Officer, said “Our third quarter results were essentially in line with our expectations despite a challenging environment. We continued to make solid progress in our strategy to focus on higher-value business during the quarter. As we look to 2020, we are excited about our prospects, particularly in automotive where we expect meaningful market share growth.”

    Third Quarter 2019 Highlights
    Net sales of USD 1.5 billion, a 12% YoY decrease
    Net income of USD 2.8 million
    Adjusted EBITDA of USD 86.9 million, or 5.7% of sales
    Results include unrealized mark-to-market derivative losses of USD 15.3 million

    It said “The other annual guidance items remain unchanged from the company’s July guidance, including the recently completed significant planned maintenance outage at Dearborn Works. This guidance excludes any future mark-to-market changes in iron ore derivatives or potential pension or other postretirement benefit plan corridor charges depending on year-end interest rates and pension plan asset values.”

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  6. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:50
    SAIL May Replace NMDC in JV with Australian Firm ECT for Steel Making

    Business Line reported that Steel Authority of India Limited may replace NMDC in a steel-making joint venture with an Australian technology company. It is now reliably learnt that SAIL could step in. SAIL and NLC India officials are in Melbourne today to see if the JV can be revived.

    In May 2018, NMDC and NLC India Ltd signed an agreement with Environmental Clean Technologies of Australia to use the Australian company’s Matmor technology to make steel with cheap lignite rather than costly coking coal. It was proposed that the joint venture company, in which ECT would hold a 49% stake with the other 51% shared equally between the Indian partners, would set up a pilot project at Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, to produce steel with lignite, investing approximately INR 150 crore. However, for over a year after signing the agreement, NMDC did not get it ratified by its Board, even as ECT kept waiting and sending reminders. NMDC had, in fact, decided not to proceed with the JV but never communicated this to the partners.

    ECT’s ‘matmor’ technology uses the wet, low-carbon and cheap lignite in the place of coking coal. Since lignite costs about a third of coking coal, the finished product, steel, is cheaper.

    Source : Business Line
  7. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:51
    NLMK Board of Directors approves Sustainable Development Policy

    The Board of Directors of NLMK Group has approved the Company’s Sustainable Development Policy. The Policy defines NLMK Group’s sustainability principles, goals and targets, as well as the mechanism for oversight of the Company’s ESG agenda by the NLMK Board of Directors. For example, NLMK’s Strategic Planning Committee has been tasked with identifying the Company’s strategy and objectives minimizing its environmental footprint, which includes reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as the review and approval of the relevant investment programmes. The Audit Committee will control the comprehensiveness of the Company’s ESG disclosure.

    Leadership in sustainable development and safety is one of the four main pillars of NLMK Group’s Strategy 2022. These implemented changes will contribute to the accomplishment of this objective. These changes are aligned with best global practices and stakeholder requirements, and underscore NLMK Group's commitment to the principles and goals of UN Global Compact, which the Company is a participant of.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  8. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:52 Named as Swedish Steel Prize 2019 Finalist

    For developing an innovative roofing product that successfully combines a highly effective solar panel with an architecturally attractive and environmentally friendly steel roof, has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2019. is nominated for its Roofit 2-in-1 solution, an innovative roofing product that successfully combines a highly effective solar panel with an architecturally attractive and environmentally friendly steel roof.

    For the manufacturing of the 2-in-1 solution decided to use sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steel. During the smooth process, GreenCoat Pural BT is combined with highly efficient photovoltaic modules in a way that prevents delamination. The solution looks just like a normal steel roof and allows both new and old buildings to produce their own electricity to be used, stored in a battery or contributed back into the electrical grid.

    In use, the Roofit 2-in-1 steel solution is highly efficient and produces 150 Watts of energy for every square meter, which is significantly more than the closest competing solution.

    Installing Roofit’s 2-in-1 panels is easy and follows the same procedures as standard standing seam metal roofs. Furthermore, the 2-in-1 steel panels are more durable than traditional solar panels and believes that the product will boost the sales of steel roofs in general since the technology shows that you can have an environmentally beneficial roof that is durable and long lasting, even in harsh climates, and still looks good.

    The Swedish Steel Prize jury’s motivation for selecting as a finalist for the Swedish Steel Prize 2019 is:

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  9. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:54
    Ternium Announces Q3 & 9 Months Results

    Ternium SA announced its results for the third quarter and first nine months ended September 30, 2019.Ternium’s operating income in the third quarter 2019 was SD 224.4 million, reflecting lower slab sales to third parties and slightly higher operating margin. Operating income in the third quarter 2019 decreased SD 11.0 million sequentially, mainly due to a 276,000-ton decrease in steel shipments and a $28 decrease in steel revenue per ton, partially offset by a SD 27 decrease in operating cost per tonne. Operating cost per ton decreased in the third quarter 2019 compared to the second quarter mainly reflecting lower purchased slab and raw material costs, lower maintenance expenses and lower labor costs. These changes included a net positive accounting effect on the cost per ton of Ternium Argentina (which uses the Argentine peso as its functional currency) as a result of a 26% depreciation of the Argentine peso and a 12% inflation rate recorded in the third quarter 2019. Steel revenue per ton decreased mainly reflecting lower steel prices in Mexico and Other Markets. The decrease in the company's shipments was mainly the result of a 331,000-ton decrease in Other Markets, mostly slab sales to third parties, partially offset by a 59,000-ton increase in Mexico.

    Compared to the third quarter 2018, the company’s operating income in the third quarter 2019 decreased S 484.6 million, due mainly to an year-over-year $157 decrease in steel revenue per ton and an 86,000-ton decrease in shipments. Revenue per ton decreased mainly as a result of lower steel prices in Ternium's markets after a strong pricing environment in the third quarter 2018. The year-over-year decrease in the company's shipments was mainly the result of a 147,000-ton decrease in Other Markets, mostly slab sales to third parties, and a 43,000-ton decrease in the Southern Region, partially offset by a 103,000-ton increase in Mexico.

    The company’s net income in the third quarter 2019 was USD 110.6 million. Compared to net income of USD 207.2 million in the second quarter 2019, net income in the third quarter 2019 decreased USD 96.5 million mainly due to a higher effective tax rate, lower financial results, lower results from the equity in Usiminas and slightly lower operating income. Financial results in the third quarter 2019 included a negative effect of the Argentine peso’s depreciation against the US dollar. Relative to the prior-year-period, net income in the third quarter 2019 decreased $450.1 million mainly due to lower operating income, a higher effective tax rate and lower results from the equity in Usiminas, partially offset by better financial results.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  10. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:54
    GMS Market Commentary on Shipbreaking in India in Week 43 - Avoiding Alang!

    As the lowest placed subcontinent market, it remains increasingly difficult for Indian Recyclers to secure any available tonnage for yet another week – despite even the one HKC vessel that was working firm and which ended up in Bangladeshi hands (much to the chagrin of Indian Buyers). Most Cash Buyers have started to avoid Alang altogether (diverting their vessels elsewhere) as some offensively low numbers are now emanating from Alang Recyclers, who seem to frustratingly test just how low they can go. Notwithstanding, this week’s performance on the part of Local Buyers could be justifiable, given the recent performance of key fundamentals. Not only did local steel plate prices crash about USD 10/Ton this week (having crashed by over USD 75/Ton since early July), the Indian Rupee continues to experience some noteworthy volatility, fluctuating between INR 70.70 to a low in excess of INR 71, finally settling back down at region Rs. 70.75 once again

    The onset of Diwali holidays this weekend / early next week will also see the Indian market spend some time on the sidelines, as the country celebrates the year’s most celebrated time with friends & families and work comes to a halt.

    It certainly does not seem to be the best of times for (probably) the largest recycling destination in the world today, as the number of local fixtures continue to dither.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  11. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 16:56
    Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co Reports Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co has reported its financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2019. Mr Jim Hoffman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Reliance, said “We continued to execute our strategy of focusing on high levels of customer service across diverse products and end markets with increasing levels of value-added processing which once again produced strong financial results during the third quarter of 2019. Demand was somewhat better than we had anticipated, which, along with outstanding performance by our managers in the field, generated quarterly net sales of $2.69 billion and a gross profit margin of 30.3%. Despite metal prices declining more than we had anticipated, our managers’ disciplined focus on high quality, high margin business, coupled with increased levels of value-added processing requested by our customers, enabled us to maintain a FIFO gross profit margin in-line with the second quarter of 2019 at 28.8%. We believe our third quarter 2019 financial results, including diluted earnings per share of $2.40, an increase of 18.2% year-over-year, further highlight our unique business model and improved earnings power as well as our increased resilience to fluctuations in metal pricing. Looking ahead, we will maintain our focus on maximizing earnings and delivering long-term shareholder value.”

    Voor cijfers, zie pdf

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  12. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 17:09
    MMK Expands Corporate Information System

    Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works has successfully completed the first stage of a large scale project to implement a unified corporate information system based on Oracle R12 for the Group's organizations. The two organizations transferred to MMK's unified corporate system were United Service Company (which provides a range of maintenance and repair services) and MMK-METIZ (one of the leading Russian manufacturers of hardware products). Within the first months of implementation, these companies were able to more clearly observe and manage production and material flows and top optimize their decision making.

    The project leader, Director of Economics at MMK Andrey Eremin said that “The aim of the project is to create a single information space for MMK Group’s key organizations, to introduce the world's best business practices, and to prepare a platform for the implementation of the Industry 4.0 strategic initiative.”

    The second phase in the implementation of the Oracle R12 project in two more MMK Group organizations was launched on October 1, in accordance with corporate system development plans: these were Mekhanoremontny Komplex (the producer of equipment and spare parts for metallurgical production) and MMK-Lysvensky Metallurgical Plant (a producer of coated rolled products).

    The new corporate system will unify business processes in these organizations and increase their efficiency and transparency. CIS will allow companies to rise to a new level of management, accounting and control in accordance with MMK's corporate standards. New IT technologies will help management to speed up the process of making optimal decisions and will improve business efficiency.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  13. forum rang 10 voda 1 november 2019 17:10
    NLMK Group Announces Q3 financial results under IFRS

    NLMK Group has announced its Q3 2019 financial results. NLMK Group CFO Shamil Kurmashov said “Q3 2019 saw the situation on the steel markets aggravate due to a weakening in demand and the resulting decline in steel prices, amid an economic growth slowdown in the Company’s key international sales regions. NLMK continued overhauling its blast furnace and basic oxygen furnace operations, which will enable the Company to grow its steel output by 1 million tonnes by 2021 to 14.2 million tonnes per year. The overhauls drove the Company’s steel product sales down by 6% QoQ. As a result, NLMK Group’s revenue dropped by 8% QoQ. EBITDA was down to USD 654 million, while EBITDA margin stood at 25%, or 1 p.p. down from Q2, caused by narrower price spreads.”

    Q3 2019 key highlights

    Revenue decreased by 8% QoQ (-18% YoY) due to lower sales volumes (-6% QoQ) against the backdrop of ongoing overhauls at NLMK Lipetsk blast furnace and basic oxygen furnace operations. Additionally, revenue was affected by the downward price movement on the international steel markets.

    EBITDA totaled USD 654 million (-11% QoQ; -36% YoY) against the backdrop of a decline in steel prices outstripping key raw material prices. EBITDA margin went down to 25% (-1 p.p QoQ).

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  14. forum rang 10 voda 4 november 2019 11:20
    'ArcelorMittal boekt flink lager resultaat'

    Gepubliceerd op 4 nov 2019 om 10:53 | Views: 1.092

    ArcelorMittal 11:04
    14,57 +0,54 (+3,86%)

    AMSTERDAM (AFN) - Staalconcern ArcelorMittal heeft naar verwachting in het derde kwartaal een flink lager bedrijfsresultaat behaald dan in de voorgaande periode. Dat blijkt uit een consensus van analistenschattingen die het bedrijf op de eigen website heeft geplaatst. De resultaten komen donderdag voor opening.

    De consensus voor het bedrijfsresultaat (ebitda), de belangrijkste winstgraadmeter bij ArcelorMittal, ligt op 930 miljoen dollar. In het tweede kwartaal was het resultaat bijna 1,6 miljard dollar. De grootste staalproducent ter wereld had toen gezegd last te hebben van uitdagende omstandigheden op de staalmarkt en concurrentie van goedkoop buitenlands staal in Europa. Ook kampt het in Amsterdam genoteerde bedrijf met hogere grondstofkosten.

    Volgens een analistenconsensus opgesteld door persbureau Bloomberg zou de omzet uitkomen op 17,2 miljard dollar. In het tweede kwartaal was dit 19,3 miljard dollar.
  15. forum rang 6 tukker51 4 november 2019 13:30
    ArcelorMittal wil alsnog afzien van Ilva - media
    Publicatiedatum: 13:14
    Staalgigant zou fabriek willen teruggeven aan Rome.
    (ABM FN-Dow Jones) ArcelorMittal zou op het punt staan om de Italiaanse staalfabriek Ilva terug te geven aan Rome. Dit schrijft de Italiaanse krant Il Sole 24 Ore maandag op basis van verschillende bronnen.
    Volgens de krant staat "de bom op ontploffen".
    ArcelorMittal kocht de noodlijdende fabriek en kreeg daarbij de nodige garanties mee. Het reorganiseren van de fabriek verloopt evenwel lastig en vakbonden roeren zich regelmatig. Ook zou Rome inmiddels de afgegeven garanties hebben ingetrokken.
    Door: ABM Financial News.
  16. forum rang 10 voda 4 november 2019 14:17
    Arcelor wil Ilva-fabriek teruggeven aan Italië

    Gepubliceerd op 4 nov 2019 om 14:04 | Views: 208

    ArcelorMittal 13:57
    14,38 +0,35 (+2,52%)

    TARENTE (AFN/BLOOMBERG) - ArcelorMittal wil de Ilva-fabriek in Tarente binnen een maand teruggeven aan de Italianen. Het staalbedrijf heeft daarover brieven naar de buitengewone administrateurs van de fabriek en de bonden gestuurd. ArcelorMittal wil het huurcontract en de daarop geplande aankoop van de fabriek en zijn aanverwante onderdelen verbreken.

    ArcelorMittal kwam in 2017 als beste partij uit de bus voor de redding van de fabriek en de sanering van de omgeving. De afspraak met de Italiaanse overheid was dat de fabriek eerst verhuurd wordt aan het staalconcern en pas over een paar jaar zou ArcelorMittal de volledige eigenaar worden.

    Het bedrijf wijt zijn besluit aan de recente stap van de Italiaanse regering om een belangrijke milieugarantie voor de fabriek in te trekken. Die garantie gaf ArcelorMittal juridische bescherming tegen vervolging voor het vervuilende milieueffect. Volgens het bedrijf was de garantie een belangrijke voorwaarde in het huur- en aankoopcontract.

    llva, de grootste staalfabriek van Europa, is al decennialang verwikkeld in schandalen wegens vervuiling van de omgeving en gezondheidsklachten bij omwonenden.
  17. forum rang 10 voda 4 november 2019 15:54
    Update: ArcelorMittal ziet alsnog af van Ilva

    14,608 0,58 4,13 % Euronext Amsterdam

    (ABM FN-Dow Jones) ArcelorMittal heeft besloten af te zien van de overname van de Italiaanse staalfabriek Ilva. Dit maakt de staalreus maandag bekend, nadat de Italiaanse krant Il Sole 24 Ore op basis van verschillende bronnen dit al aankondigde.

    Volgens de krant stond "de bom op ontploffen".

    ArcelorMittal had het als koper het recht om alsnog af te zien van de deal, indien een nieuwe wet het implementeren van de plannen zou dwarsbomen. En dat is volgens de staalreus nu het geval.

    ArcelorMittal kocht de noodlijdende fabriek en kreeg daarbij de nodige garanties mee. Die garanties heeft Rome evenwel laten vallen.

    Maar ook een rechterlijke uitspraak in Tarento maakt de uitvoer van de plannen lastig, voegde ArcelorMittal nog toe.

    Door: ABM Financial News.
    Redactie: +31(0)20 26 28 999

    © Copyright ABM Financial News B.V. All rights reserved.
  18. forum rang 10 voda 4 november 2019 15:57
    Beursblik: zwak derde kwartaal Aperam verwacht

    24,24 0,32 1,34 % Euronext Amsterdam

    (ABM FN) Aperam zal in het derde kwartaal een zwakke winstontwikkeling hebben gekend. Dit zei analist Stijn Demeester van ING in gesprek met ABM Financial News.

    Volgens Demeester zal de EBITDA in het derde kwartaal 69 miljoen euro bedragen, tegenover 123 miljoen een jaar eerder. De consensus mikt op 70 miljoen euro.

    Het resultaat zou daarmee ook minder zijn dan in het tweede kwartaal, toen Aperam nog een EBITDA van 95 miljoen euro behaalde.

    Bij de halfjaarcijfers zei Aperam zelf al te rekenen op een daling van de EBITDA in het derde kwartaal.

    Demeester meent dat de winstontwikkeling van de fabrikant van roestvast staal negatief beïnvloed werd door seizoenseffecten en een lagere vraag, zeker in Europa en Brazilië, de twee belangrijkste markten voor Aperam.

    Verder benadrukte de analist van ING dat de Aperam kampte met een hoge import van roestvaststaal in Europa. De verlichting die importbeperkingen moeten bieden, was volgens Demeester in het derde kwartaal nog niet merkbaar. Die traden ook pas in oktober in werking.

    Demeester mikt daarnaast op een stijging van de nettoschuld in het derde kwartaal tot iets onder de 200 miljoen euro. Aan het einde van juni stond de teller op 176 miljoen euro.

    Voor heel 2019 rekent de analistenconsensus op een EBITDA van 331 miljoen euro, terwijl Demeester zelf op 335 miljoen mikt.

    ING hanteert een Houden advies voor Aperam met een koersdoel van 25,00 euro.

    Aperam opent woensdag de boeken.

    Door: ABM Financial News.
    Redactie: +32(0)78 486 481

    © Copyright ABM Financial News B.V. All rights reserved.
  19. forum rang 10 voda 4 november 2019 16:24
    thyssenkrupp Lays Foundation Stone For New Hot-Dip Coating Line in Dortmund

    The new state-of-the-art hot-dip galvanizing line FBA10 at thyssenkrupp Steel’s Dortmund site is taking shape. Following approval by the district government in Arnsberg, the symbolic laying of the foundation stone took place last week. Together with Armin Laschet, state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, thyssenkrupp Steel thus prepared the way for the tenth line of its type in the Ruhr, scheduled to start operation in 2021. Mr Premal Desai, CEO of thyssenkrupp Steel said that “There is a substantial shift in the automotive industry from electrogalvanized to hot-dip galvanized steels. Our new hot-dip coating line will support this trend and exploit market potential. The line is a key element of our strategy to differentiate ourselves from the competition through high-tech products. So, FBA10 is an important step in the successful and sustainable development of thyssenkrupp Steel.”

    FBA10 will produce steels for interior vehicle parts and outer panel applications as well as highly innovative zinc-magnesium products with low coating thicknesses that save material and costs while ensuring high durability.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  20. forum rang 10 voda 4 november 2019 16:25
    United States Steel Corp Completes Strategic Investment in Big River Steel

    United States Steel Corporation announced that it has completed its acquisition of a 49.9% ownership interest in Big River Steel for approximately USD 700 million, which implies an enterprise value of USD 2.325 billion. Mr David B Burritt, President and Chief Executive Officer of US Steel, said that “This is a true milestone for our 118-year old company. The closing of our investment in Big River brings us one step closer to creating a differentiated, world-competitive company that can offer our customers, employees and stockholders the ‘best of both’ integrated and mini mill steel making technology. We have done more than make an investment in the newest and most advanced flat-rolled mill in North America … we have invested in the future of U. S. Steel. We are gratified by the positive response we have received from our stakeholders recognizing the strategic rationale of this transaction since we announced it on October 1. We now look forward to executing the next phase of our strategy with our new partners at Big River.”

    As announced on October 1, 2019, the transaction includes a call option that gives US Steel the right to acquire the remaining 50.1% of Big River within four years at an agreed-upon price formula. Until that time Big River will operate independently. As previously mentioned, KM BRS LLC, a subsidiary of Koch Minerals LLC, and TPG Furnace LP, an affiliate of TPG Growth, remain preferred equity holders of Big River along with the majority common ownership position held by company management and the Arkansas Teachers Retirement System.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
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