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is HYPERLOOP serieus ?

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De volgende Hyperloop Wedstrijd komt in juli dit jaar. En de Universiteitsploeg uit Delft is wederom geselecteerd : .
Hyperloop One To Start Building Mumbai-Pune Route In 2019 - Mr Dhaliwal

Mr Harj Dhaliwal group’s managing director for the Middle East and India told Construction Week that Virgin Hyperloop One is looking to start Phase 1 work on its proposed Mumbai-Pune ultra-high speed hyperloop route in India before the end of 2019, effectively the 140km journey's travel time from 3.5 hours to 25 minutes. He said that “We signed the [memorandum of understanding] with Maharashtra state in November 2017. We then did a pre-feasibility study to demonstrate the economic financial case to the state, federal authorities, and our investors,” noting that the process concluded in February 2018 with the signing of a binding framework agreement.

Mr Dhaliwal explained his agreement set out a pathway to move from pre-feasibility into the development, procurement, and construction stages. He said that “Phase 1 will be dedicated to building out the initial part of the project – so it’s not something that stands alone in a test facility, but part of the permanent alignment and route. We will then do all of our demonstration to prove to the regulators that [our] system is reliable, safe, and certified for use by the public. Our timeline is that by the end of 2019 we want to commence construction on Phase 1, which is the 'demonstrator phase', as we call it."

He added that “We have really been focusing on putting a detailed project report together [to cover] preliminary engineering, costing, finalising, and more importantly, what a concession agreement would look like. We are hoping to have all of that concluded in the next two-three weeks.”

Meanwhile, Virgin Hyperloop One plans to get certification work completed between end-2023 and early-2024, which would allow the firm to move into Phase 2, including construction work.

Hyperloop One’s Indian route will link Navi Mumbai International Airport in Mumbai to the city of Pune, and is expected to benefit the combined population of 26 million of both cities.

Source : Construction Week Online

Arie de Beuker schreef op 3 jun 2019 om 18:05:

Hoeveel personen kan een hyperloop per uur vervoeren?

Arie de Beuker

volgens deze info 840 per uur.
Hyperloop getest in Delft. Nu op zoek naar langer test-traject ;

Een revolutionaire zweeftrein, een zogeheten hyperloopsysteem, heeft in Delft een eerste serieuze test doorstaan, in het bijzijn van minister Van Nieuwenhuizen van Infrastructuur (VVD) en Eurocommissaris Bulc van Mobiliteit.

bron : .
Tata Steel unveils contribution to high-speed hyperloop transport system

Tata Steel has unveiled that how it is helping Hardt Hyperloop to create a high-speed sustainable transport system which could slash travel times in the future. At an event hosted by Hardt Hyperloop, Tata Steel showcased how it has helped to develop the tube technology required to allow passengers in the hyperloop to be carried at speeds of up to 1,200 km/h while reducing weight and construction costs by more than 50%. Hans van den Berg, Director of Tata Steel’s IJmuiden steelmaking site, said: “We are committed to having a positive impact in the world we live in. We believe that hyperloop technology can help to achieve this by contributing to new, fast and sustainable mobility. Steel is a vital component for hyperloop. We are pleased to be able to share our high-tech innovation skills and materials expertise to contribute to its future success.”

Other developments being showcased at event include lane-switching technology, which allows hyperloop vehicles to change from one lane to another at high speed. Tata Steel supplied the tracks and the motor components, which are both made of steel.

The development of the hyperloop lane switch marks the end of the first test phase at the low-speed test facility at Delft in the Netherlands, which assessed fundamental hyperloop technologies including magnetic levitation, a low-pressure environment, a propulsion system, and cargo / passenger weight simulations. The steel components, which have now been successfully tested and proven to be functional, serve as the basis for future projects planned by Hardt Hyperloop, Tata Steel and other partners.

Hardt Hyperloop also revealed the next stage in development, which includes a 3km track which will allow for the high-speed testing of vehicles and will provide the basis for the standardisation in European hyperloop infrastructure and technology.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Geen hyperlooprecord voor Delftse studenten door pech met noodrem

Het snelheidsrecord voor een hyperloop gaat niet naar Nederland. Een groep studenten uit Delft wilde het wereldrecord breken door hun capsule, een soort vacuümtrein, harder te laten rijden dan 467 kilometer per uur.

Binnenlandredactie 22-07-19, 02:14 Laatste update: 04:59

In tests leek hun capsule Atlas 02 boven de 600 kilometer per uur te kunnen komen, maar de recordpoging mislukte. De noodremmen sloegen meteen na het vertrek al aan en daardoor bleef het vaartuig steken bij 'slechts' 188 kilometer per uur. ,,We hebben helaas niet kunnen laten zien waarop we hadden gehoopt, maar we zijn trots op alles wat we dit jaar hebben bereikt’’, zo twitterde het team na afloop.

Lees ook
Studenten TU Delft positief over hyperloopfinale: ‘We kunnen harder dan 600 kilometer per uur gaan’
Lees meer
Delftse hyperloop moet wereldrecord ‘verpulveren’

De studenten deden mee aan een speciale wedstrijd die was georganiseerd door SpaceX, het ruimtevaartbedrijf van zakenman Elon Musk. Hij is ervan overtuigd dat mensen over enkele tientallen jaren rondreizen in hyperloops. Ze schieten als buizenpost door het land en zouden bijvoorbeeld in een half uur van Amsterdam naar Parijs kunnen reizen.

Topsnelheid 463 km/uur
Ongeveer twintig studententeams hadden zich aangemeld voor de Hyperloop Pod Competition. Delft en drie andere teams kwamen door de 122 veiligheidskeuringen en mochten daadwerkelijk meedoen. Ze moesten hun capsule door een vacuümbuis van ruim 1 kilometer laten schieten. De overwinning ging naar het team van de Technische Universiteit München. Hun capsule bereikte een topsnelheid van 463 kilometer per uur, net geen nieuw record.

Vorig jaar deed het Delftse team ook mee aan de Hyperloop Pod Competition. Ook toen greep het team door technische problemen naast de overwinning en naast een record. Hun vaartuig kwam niet verder dan 142 kilometer per uur, desondanks goed voor zilver. Delft had wel de eerste editie van de wedstrijd gewonnen.

Zie link voor meer informatie:

Saudi Arabia Mulls World’s First Long-Range Hyperloop Test Track

Global Construction Review reported that Virgin Hyperloop One is partnering with Saudi Arabia’s Economic City Authority to begin a study on whether to build the world’s longest test and certification hyperloop track. If built, the 35km track will be based in King Abdullah Economic City, 100km north of the Red Sea port of Jeddah, and will focus on developing local expertise that could be commercialised and developed in the future. The study will focus on the development of hyperloop supply chains across Saudi Arabia. The team also plan to build a research and development centre and a hyperloop manufacturing facility.

Mr Mohanud Helal, The ECA’s secretary general, said that “Technology transfer and the high-tech job creation opportunities that this relationship will bring are fundamental to our progress as a nation and our efforts to create opportunities for our bright young people. Having hyperloop at King Abdullah Economic City is going to act as a catalyst for a Saudi Silicon Valley effect and galvanize our software development, high technology research, and manufacturing industries.”

Source : Global Construction Review
India Advances World’s First Passenger Hyperloop System

The Government of Maharashtra has deemed hyperloop a public infrastructure project, setting it up to be the first hyperloop project in the world. The MahaIDEA Committee has also earlier approved Virgin Hyperloop One-DP World Consortium as the Original Project Proponent. This is a landmark announcement for building the Pune-Mumbai hyperloop transportation system, recognizing hyperloop technology alongside other more traditional forms of mass transit. The hyperloop project will link central Pune to Mumbai in under 35 minutes, as opposed to the current 3.5+ hours by road. The project will generate hundreds of thousands of new high tech jobs, create over USD 36 billion USD in wider socio-economic benefits, and create new hyperloop component and manufacturing opportunities for Maharashtra to export to India and the rest of the world.

Mr Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, said, “Inspired by the new India vision of Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, Maharashtra will create the first hyperloop transportation system in the world and a global hyperloop supply chain starting from Pune. We have just named DP World – Virgin Hyperloop One consortium as the Original Project Proponent for the Mumbai-Pune hyperloop project and preparing to start the public procurement process. Maharashtra and India is at the forefront of hyperloop infrastructure building now and this is a moment of pride for our people.”

Mr Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Group Chairman and CEO of DP World and Chairman Virgin Hyperloop One, said that “Support for hyperloop transportation systems is mounting across the world and India has led the charge to bring hyperloop to fruition since the early stages of development. To be named OPP is an incredible vote of confidence in our ability to deliver this advanced technology to the people of India and enhance their lives.”

Source : Strategic Research Institute
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