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Energie in EU: produktie, bronnen etc

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SolarPower Europe: Nederland installeert 16 gigawattpiek zonnepanelen tot en met 2023

SolarPower Europe heeft bij de start van Intersolar Europe de jaarlijkse Global Market Outlook gepresenteerd. De organisatie verwacht dat Nederland tot en met 2023 bijna 16 gigawattpiek zonnepanelen installeert.

De Global Market Outlook 2019-2023 bevat ook de marktcijfers van 2018. Volgens SolarPower Europe is er wereldwijd in 2018 exact 102,4 gigawattpiek aan zonnepanelen geïnstalleerd. Een toename van 4 procent ten opzichte van een jaar eerder. Afgelopen jaar installeerden 11 landen, waaronder Nederland, meer dan 1 gigawattpiek aan zonnepanelen. Europa verwelkomde 11,3 gigawattpiek aan zonnepanelen.

3 groeiscenario's
?In het marktrapport heeft SolarPower Europe 3 groeiscenario’s opgenomen: Low, Medium en High. In het scenario Medium voorziet men een groei van de Europese zonnepanelenmarkt van 80 procent in 2019 tot 20,4 gigawattpiek en een groei van 18 procent in 2020 tot 24,1 gigawattpiek. Daarmee zou het oude recordjaar (red. 22,5 gigawattpiek in 2011) komend kalenderjaar uit de boeken gaan.
Volgens de scenario’s Low en High van SolarPower Europe behoort Nederland in 2023 tot de 6 landen die wereldwijd over het grootste vermogen aan zonnepanelen beschikken.

Zie pdf, voor cijfers

In het scenario Medium zou Nederland per eind 2023 over 20.059 megawattpiek aan zonnepanelen beschikken, wat betekent dat Nederland tot en met 2023 bijna 16 gigawattpiek aan zonnepanelen zal verwelkomen. Komende herfst publiceert SolarPower Europe de eerste editie van de European Solar Market Outlook en de organisatie zal hierin uitgebreider stil staan bij de marktontwikkeling in Nederland, which we will publish in autumn.

België: 2,3 gigawattpiek groei
?Voor België voorspelt SolarPower Europe een groei van 2,3 gigawattpiek van het pv-vermogen tot en met 2023. Dat betekent een jaarlijkse marktgroei van circa 9 procent en een geïnstalleerd vermogen van zo’n 6,4 gigawattpiek per eind 2023.

Door Edwin van Gastel
Enel, Enertrag, Leclanche inaugurate 22 MW Cremzow battery energy storage system in Germany

Enel’s subsidiary Enel Green Power Germany (EGP Germany), the German renewable energy company ENERTRAG and the Switzerland-based energy storage solutions company Leclanché inaugurated the 22 MW Cremzow Battery Energy Storage System located in Cremzow, in the German state of Brandenburg. The system, which involved a total investment of approximately 17 million euros, is supporting the stability of the German electricity network by providing frequency regulation services to the country’s Primary Control Reserve market.

Mr Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Enel Green Power said that “The Cremzow project demonstrates how storage is increasingly becoming an integral part of renewable energy systems due to its enabling role in making them more reliable, flexible and stable. Leveraging on our expertise in the storage segment and the fruitful collaboration with our project partners, we launched this innovative storage system which allows us to contribute to the stability of the electricity transmission network around the clock in Germany, the heartland of the European PCR market.”

Mr Jörg Müller, CEO of ENERTRAG, highlights not only the project’s daily contribution to the primary balancing purposes but also its possible contribution to security of supply. “Cremzow BESS allows us to back up the renewable energy system in case a black start is necessary. Our consortium demonstrates that battery energy systems are profitable without subsidies. Renewable energy systems are mature.”

Mr Anil Srivastava CEO of Leclanché said that “Cremzow is a landmark project which clearly demonstrates how energy storage solutions are solving some of the key challenges faced by our electricity grids today. We are delighted to be working with forward looking partners Enel Green Power and ENERTRAG, to deliver this important energy storage project which ensures the grid’s stability and reliability, with the ambition of increasing the level of renewables in the grid and reducing curtailment.”

The Cremzow BESS is providing the grid with a real-time primary frequency regulation service contributing to its stability. When the grid’s frequency decreases due to high power demand, the battery is able to deliver its stored energy within 30 seconds, while in response to frequency increases due to low demand, the battery is charged with the surplus energy. Furthermore, the possibility to integrate the BESS with ENERTRAG wind farms, using the wind energy surplus to charge the batteries avoiding curtailments, is currently being studied.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
ACCIONA developed pioneer solar panels with wind power towers

The Energy Division of ACCIONA has developed a pioneering solution at global level in the field of hybridization between wind and photovoltaic power. It consists of covering a wind turbine tower with flexible organic panels to produce energy for the internal electricity consumption of the turbine. The innovative project will allow the study of the performance of the organic panels -an emerging photovoltaic technology- and their application to improve wind turbine efficiency. The system has been installed in one of the turbines of the Breña Wind Farm (Albacete, Spain), which ACCIONA owns and operates. The turbine is an AW77/1500 of Nordex-Acciona Windpower technology, mounted on an 80-metre-high steel tower (hub height).

Installed on the tower are 120 solar panels facing southeast-southwest to capture the maximum of the sun's rays throughout the day. They are distributed at eight different heights, occupying around 50 metres of the tower's surface area. The photovoltaic modules, with an overall capacity of 9.36 kilowatts peak (kWp), are of Heliatek technology (HeliaSol 308-5986 model). They are only 1 millimetre thick, and each one has a surface area of 5,986 x 308 mm.

In contrast to the conventional technology used in the manufacture of photovoltaic models based on silicon, these organic panels use carbon as raw material and are characterized by their structural flexibility, which makes them adaptable to very different surfaces. Other key features are lower maintenance costs, less energy consumption during manufacture, easier logistics and the complete recycling of the materials used, although their efficiency is still below that of silicon modules.

Mr Belén Linares, Energy Innovation Director in ACCIONAsaid that “The hybridization project in Breña means the optimization of the use of space for renewable energy production and it will enable us to test the efficiency of organic photovoltaics, a technology that we believe has one of the best improvement curves in terms of technological efficiency. That is why we have decided to pilot it.”

The immediate application of the Breña project is to produce part of the energy that the internal systems of the wind turbine need. When the turbine is running, some of the energy generated is used to power the auxiliary systems. In shutdown mode, certain systems need to continue functioning so they are fed from the grid, which means that the wind turbine is registering a net consumption of energy.

The new photovoltaic system with panels on the tower will be able to cover, completely or partially, the energy demand related to the operation of the wind turbine when there is solar radiation, or even -in a possible later phase of the project- when the sun is not shining. This would be done through a battery storage system, leading to an improvement in the net production sent to the grid.

The organic panels are connected to two inverters that convert DC into AC for later connection to the grid which supplies the electrical equipment of the wind turbine.

The entire system is monitored with a view to evaluating it under real conditions, both from the point of view of energy production and degradation of the solar modules. Conceptually, it is a very innovative design in relation to previous experiences in wind power-photovoltaic hybridization, based on panels installed on the ground.

The idea is part of a wide-ranging innovation project driven by ACCIONA to study a number of emerging photovoltaic technologies, with the aim of pioneering the adoption of more efficient solutions in each case and consolidating its leadership as a PV developer. The company currently has over 1,200 MWp in operation or under construction in different parts of the world.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Vattenfall and GE Renewable to develop largest offshore wind turbine in Europe

Vattenfall and GE Renewable Energy plan to join forces in the deployment of GE’s new wind turbine, the Haliade-X in Europe. With a capacity of 12MW, it is the largest offshore wind turbine on the market to date. Development and production of the new 12MW turbine will mostly take place in France.

Mr Gunnar Groebler, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Wind said that "As a leader of the wind industry, we are constantly striving for top notch technology. The cooperation with GE Renewable Energy enables us to remain one step ahead in wind turbine technology developments. The size and performance of Haliade-X 12MW will support us to further improve the competitiveness of offshore wind energy production. Due to a lower number of turbines needed for future windfarms, there is also a positive impact on the environmental footprint.”

This cooperation is the result of 12 months of intensive exchanges, during which Vattenfall conducted an in-depth technical due diligence and both companies jointly worked on the customization of the platform. The final details of the cooperation will be defined by summer and the organizations will deep dive on specific projects within Vattenfall offshore wind pipeline in the fall.

Mr Gunnar Groebler said that "Vattenfall wants to achieve fossil free living within one generation. By doing that it is also our role to use our capabilities to contribute to the development and reinforcement of the supply chain in Europe and in this particular case, in France.”

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Austria's will be able to implement Nord Stream 2 project - Mr Kurz

Sputnik reported that Austrian Chancellor said at a press conference with Rainer Seele, the head of the Austrian oil and gas company OMV, his confidence that Vienna and its partners would manage to implement the Nord Stream 2 project. As a committed European, I personally treat this project as positive, just as the German government and many other countries in the European Union do. I think that together we will be able to implement this project.

Russian company Nord Stream 2 AG, which oversees the laying of the pipeline, said that the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction and the start of its operation can be delayed until the second half of 2020 as Russia has so far failed to secure a construction permit from Denmark.

The summary of the company's application to Denmark, published by the Danish Energy Agency, said "[Construction] permits have been granted in Sweden, Germany, Finland and Russia. Onshore and offshore construction preparatory works have begun in 2018 in all four aforementioned countries. The pipeline system is planned to be completed and ready for gas transport within the second half of 2020."

Meanwhile, the two previous applications submitted by the company suggested that the route should lie either south of Bornholm in Denmark's territorial waters or to the north-west of the island through the country's EEZ. The first application was filed back in 2017 and is still pending.

Source : Sputnik
Nord Stream 2 AG submitted 3rd permit application and EIA to DEA

Nord Stream 2 AG submitted a third permit application and an EIA to the DEA on 15 April 2019 in order to secure the interests of our shareholder and financial investors, despite our legal reservations. This south-eastern route runs through an area that was previously disputed between Poland and Denmark, and therefore not available for any project developer. The permit application and EIA were submitted following a decision made by the DEA on 26 March. Nord Stream 2 AG, however, appealed the DEA’s decision on 17 April as we consider its request for a third permitting and consultation procedure disproportionate and illegal.

Nord Stream 2 AG already has two other separate route applications pending with the DEA. The first, applied for in April 2017, is based on the guidance received from the Danish authorities for the existing Nord Stream Pipeline and crosses Danish territorial waters. The second application, applied for in August 2018, is an alternative route in Danish EEZ passing north-west of Bornholm. At this time, the north-western route was the environmentally preferred route within the Danish EEZ.

In accordance with the permits already granted in four countries, work on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline is ongoing in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Germany. More than 1,200 kilometres of the two lines – more than half of the total distance – have already been laid.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
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