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GT Advanced technologie

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  1. bmwr1200gs 26 april 2013 12:22
    ben heel erg benieuwd naar de vooruitzichten die op 2 mei nabeeurs door GTAT gepresenteerd gaan worden.
    Cijfers over het afgelopen kwartaal zullen echt slecht zijn maar wat belangrijker is zijn de vooruitzichten en de wanneer de nieuwe producten op de martkt komen en de daaruit volgende orders.
    Ik verwacht pas in de loop van 2014.
    Maar als het dan gaat lopen krijgen we echt vuurwerk.
    En dan niet allen om de goede performance maar ook omdat de shorters dan volledig op tilt slaan en met grote spoed 40 miljoeen stukken moeten kopen.
    Kan haast niet wachten tot het midden 2014 wordt.
    Heb een groot deel van de portefeuille met GTAT.
    Als we boven de all time highs komen ben ik echt spekkoper.
  2. bmwr1200gs 28 april 2013 20:43
    cali_sun99 • 53 minutes ago Flag
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    GTAT- How to show people the money
    -2014-2015- Phone Market penetration at 5% for 3K furnaces- estimate worth $1.2 billon
    -2014-White Paper Middle East sale for Solar- $400 million
    -2014 Power Tech phase 2 and 3 Poly add on- $400 million
    -2014 HPVE agreement with Soitec Germany- Value unknown
    -2014 Sapphire Inspection agreement with Intego GMBH France-Value unknown

    -New Sales worth potential $2 billion here for only 2 customers plus cell phone adoption. This includes nothing else.

    Current Backlog as of March 2013, 30 days ago
    Sapphire-$716 Million
    Poly- $529 Million
    PV- $3 Million

    -1.2 billion current backlog. After this year assuming no new sales and potential debooking of $300 million, old backlog on a conservative view heading into 2014 is $400-$500 mil.

    New Business segments getting released
    Sic Technology for Silicon Carbide getting released 2H 2013.
    Hicz Technology for Solar getting released 1Q 2014.
    HPVE Technology with Soitec partnership getting released 2H 2014
    Hyperion Technology getting released 2h 2014 or 1H 2015.

    -GTAT said in previous cc power electronics field in future could be biggest sales driver yet. Sapphire under GT a few years ago did not exist. Now GTs sapphire segment is just under a billion and their biggest sales driver. Sic business supposed to net 1-2% in 2013 with potential major growth ahead. SIC-RD beta tool set to launch 2Q 2013.

    - New customers in U.S.A for MOVCD tools with the new HPVE N Gan for 25% reduction in slack cost with better quality.

    -2014-2015-Hyperion Ion allows further diversification into Consumer electronics for all cover and touch screen, watches, camera covers, smart phone, tablets, and point of sale devices with reduction of cost . Tool can also be used for solar wafers, sic exfoliates, and sapphire laminate cost reduction.

    Tom Gutierrez-CEO- “Im going to tell you right now we have a few tricks up our sleeve”

    -A few tricks alright Less
    Sentiment: Strong Buy
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  3. bmwr1200gs 29 april 2013 12:28
    GTAT and Motorola.I found it interesting the connection between Gtat, Bank of America, and Blackrock between the BAC credit line and increased share position by these two companies buying up GTAT stock.

    I find this very interesting too. I knew Gtat was working directly with Motorola and had signed a contract, I just couldn't remember the details as it was small from late last year and I didn't save the link. GTAT recently hired Linda Reinhard as vice president, new business development and product management for the company's sapphire segment. Reinhard comes from Motorola to GTAT.

    Then I remember reading this quote from GTAT's sapphire demonstration in Spain from digitrends.

    “We’ve only just mounted the effort to sell it into the mobile space,” said Dan Squiller. “We have won contracts with point-of-sale people like Motorola; they’ll be using it in their point-of-sale scanners. We didn’t realize what we had here, but the mobile industry has a huge problem with broken screens. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who come by the booth and take out their phone and show us their shattered phone.”

    “Based on the conversations we’ve had with OEMS [Original Equipment Manufacturers], they’re willing to pay up to $15 or $20 for a better screen,” explained Squiller. “This will be $10 to $15 more expensive than Gorilla Glass. I think that [Gorilla Glass] display – that display that you just ruined – I think that was about $5 or $6 and we’re going to be at about $15 or so.”

    -Motorola is behind the google X phone, with heavy rumors the phone will be released with Sapphire Crystal phone cover. The release date was pushed back for August 2013 product launch.

    -I love piecing things together. The internet, what a beautiful thing. This will put heavy pressure on Apple to respond if true, who is partnered up with Corning. When Apple's stock launched, so did Corning. After a 2 year correction, Corning went from $8 bucks a share to over $300 a share by tight flag.

  4. bmwr1200gs 1 mei 2013 18:14
    Vanavond nabeurs cijfers eerste kwartaal.
    Morgen persconferentie.
    Cijfers zullen ronduit slecht zijn.
    Echter war het om gaat is de outlook voor 2013 en nog belangrijker 2014.
    Als we dan echt op stoom komen met alle nieuwe producten gaan de dollars rollen en is een koers ver boven de 20 echt niet vreemd.
    Als het gaat zoals verwacht kan een wpa van een dollar of 5 a 6 mogelijk zijn.
    Vermenigvuldigt met 10 a 15 keer zien we een koers van 50 tot 100 zien.
  5. bmwr1200gs 3 mei 2013 18:34
    Phone 6 rumor du jour: sapphire to replace bulletproof glass body
    Posted by Jake Robison on May 2, 2013 in News, Tech | 0 comments




    Apple is replacing the bulletproof “Gorilla Glass” with more durable sapphire on its iPhone 6 due to falling prices of the once-expensive gemstone, says the latest rumor du jour coming from the tabloid nether regions. And there may be more legitimacy to the storyline than the nature of its sources suggests. Apple has used the all glass iPhone design for three consecutive generations, the first time it’s remained with one material for such a prolonged period of time during the phone’s six year tenure. With the iPhone already defeating competitors in durability testing, moving from a durable material to a nearly indestructible one would give the iPhone 6 the kind of marketing muscle which the last two iterations have lacked.

    Sapphire is most commonly thought of as a blue stone, but comes in several color variations including one that’s perfectly clear, making it usable for mobile device screens. Apple has been building its recent iPhones out of nearly all glass, with slabs of metal here and there, as it’s come to learn that the bulletproof glass holds up better than the plastics it had been using for iPhone generations one and two. That kind of glass doesn’t come cheap, and initially held up iPhone manufacturing due to the difficulty in cutting it. So moving to a gemstone like sapphire for the iPhone 6 isn’t much more of a challenge for the company, particularly with sapphire prices plummeting.

    The material is most commonly thought of as a form of diamond. But sapphire is instead an aluminum oxide, technically making it a metal variant – albeit a clear one which looks like a diamond. Using the material on the iPhone 6 would mean Apple moving to a metal body which looks like glass but markets like a gemstone, the kind of ambitious move which tends to be right up the alley. So we’ll place this rumor in the “plausible” category. And it would also explain why Apple is said to be producing a lower cost iPhone 6 variant made of plastic, as a sapphire flagship iPhone 6 would have a high enough cost of materials that it would need to retain the current pricing scheme amid increasing industry pricing pressures.
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