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3D printing

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  1. forum rang 7 haas 30 november 2018 13:18
    SMA Solar hat zum zweiten Mal innerhalb weniger Monate seine Prognose für das laufende Geschäftsjahr gekappt.
    SMA Solar AG
    17,83 EUR -19,32%

    A0DJ6J Chart
    Alle anzeigen
    Der Geschäftsrückgang habe sich im November entgegen den Erwartungen fortgesetzt, teilte das Unternehmen am Freitag in Niestetal mit. Die Restrukturierungsmaßnahmen würden nun verstärkt, hieß es ohne nähere Details. Dem Unternehmen machten in diesem Jahr bislang ein Preisdruck im Geschäft mit Solaranlagen sowie ein Markteinbruch in China zu schaffen.
  2. forum rang 10 voda 6 december 2018 19:45
    Shanghai Mechanized Construction & Polymaker partner for 3D print a pedestrian bridge in Shanghai

    3D Printing Industry reported that Shanghai Mechanized Construction Group Co (SMCC), a Chinese construction company, and Polymaker, a 3D printing filament manufacturer, have partnered to 3D print a pedestrian bridge in Shanghai. The bridge will be installed in the Taopu Smart City, Putuo District. The Taopu Smart City was designed by a German architectural firm, HPP Architekten, and covers 4.2 square km of northwest Shanghai region.

    3D printed architectural feats
    Even though a lot of applications of 3D printing are in the manufacturing sector, such as parts for automotive and aerospace, the technology has also shown architectural potential. Currently, NASA is exploring a Martian sustainable habitat made using automated 3D printers. On the Earth, this year in July a French family moved into a 3D printed house. Currently, a Dutch robotic and AM company MX3D is working on a 3D printed steel bridge in Amsterdam, something the company has done before.

    In China too, Tongji University laid two 3D printed bridges in Shanghai, but only as a model. But the latest Shanghai project, the motivation behind constructing a 3D printed bridge is urban renewal. According to HPP the idea behind Taopu Smart City is creating a “compact energy-saving city”, as Taopu is among the three heavily polluted areas in Shanghai.

    The 3D printed bridge is a demonstration of a pollution free construction, and use of ‘smart’ technology.

    3D printed bridge
    The total weight of the bridge is 5800 kgs and it is 15.25 meters long and 3.8 meters wide. The 3D printer responsible for this construction itself is mammoth. It has a build volume of 24 meters length and 4 meters width and 1.5 meters high.

    The bridge was printed using Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA), a robust plastic. ASA is resistant to heat and water, therefore, is an ideal choice for a structure meeting various weather conditions. For the bridge, the ASA was mixed with glass fibers to add strength.

    Source : 3D Printing Industry
  3. forum rang 10 voda 13 december 2018 20:08
    Volkswagen opens highly advanced 3-d printing centre

    The Volkswagen brand’s Toolmaking unit is adding a highly advanced 3-D printing centre to its facilities in Wolfsburg. With the opening of the centre, the unit is bringing the most highly advanced generation of 3-D printers to the Volkswagen Group, which will allow the production of complex vehicle parts in the future. In addition, with the new centre, Toolmaking is implementing a key point of the pact for the future concluded in 2016 and expanding its production competences with subsidies from the Innovation Fund II.

    The new generation of 3-D printers developed in cooperation with the US manufacturer HP is the most modern within the Volkswagen Group and is based on the binder jetting process, which supplements the previous selective laser melting (SLM) process. Binder jetting not only makes metallic 3-D printing considerably easier but also faster. In future, it will be possible to manufacture production parts in addition to prototypes.

    At the 3-D printing centre, which has a floor space of 3,100 m², toolmakers, planners and research team members cooperate closely on the development of new products and processes. Within the framework of the pact for the future, a new additive manufacturing unit providing 11 future- oriented jobs has been established.

    Source : Strategic Research Institute
  4. Danielvdv 27 december 2018 10:05
    helaas deze pump gemist voor materialise.
    Ben al enige tijd op zoek naar een instap.
    Slim om nu nog long te gaan??
    Of denken jullie dat nog behoorlijk wat terug zakt. (weet het niemand heeft een glazen bol)
    Baal beetje dat mijn buy orders niet gevuld zijn -_-.

    Fundamenteel is er niets veranderd toch wat deze pump veroorzaakte?
    Misschien het YouTube filmpje?
  5. Danielvdv 27 december 2018 11:47
    dank voor de snelle reacties.
    Denk dat MTLS wel wat terug zakt dan bekijk ik hem weer opnieuw.
    Nieuwe buy orders gezet maar..

    IBAB en AMG ga ik bekijken!

    IBAB (Ion Beam Applications) op laagste punt dit jaar zie ik?
    AMG(Advanced Metallurgical Group) ook 50% down sinds laatste ATH.
    Te maken met de huidige bear market? of bepaald nieuws geweest wat deze drop heeft veroorzaakt?

    Misschien tijd en zijn om kort wat over deze bedrijven te vertellen?
    Ga uiteraard zelf ook op onderzoek uit!

    Nogmaals bedankt voor de reacties!
  6. forum rang 10 voda 31 december 2018 12:17
    Scientists create new 3D printing equipment for industry

    Researchers from Portugal and Norway have developed a first-ever robotic system for 3D printing with six movement axes which allow the printing of large-scale metal parts in various angles and planes. This was announced by Portugal's Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra. The new system represents a new generation of 3D printing for the entire industry and has already attracted the interest of the Indian multinational Tata Steel, one of the largest metal suppliers in the world. The new system represents a new generation of 3D printing for the entire industry that uses large metal materials (aeronautical and oil industries, for example), with relevant impacts on time reduction and production costs..

    In addition to enabling double the performance of traditional 3D printers (using three axes), “the added value of this new robotic system” is, according to the faculty, its flexibility, allowing “to engage a set of tools never achieved before,” especially real-time simulation software.

    To obtain this robotic configuration, researchers had to overcome various challenges, the first of which was to “realise whether the current robotic technology was available to absorb a system of this complexity.”

    The entry of this solution into the market depends on the high investment, according to Norberto Pires, the faculty’s researcher and professor from the mechanical engineering department, estimating a value of €2 million. For this reason, Pires formed and leads a Consortium that brings together research centres of New University of Lisbon and several universities in Germany, Austria, Spain and Norway, as well as companies from different branches of activity.

    The results of the research, funded by the community support programme PT 2020 (Portugal 2020) and by ignition grants, were published in the scientific journal Emerald.

    Source : The Portugal News
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